PIR Sandwich Panel

  • Better Thermal Insulation Panel
  • High Fire Resistance
  • High Strength Panel
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Fire Rating of B1
  • PIR Sandwich Panel
  • PIR Sandwich Panel
  • PIR Sandwich Panel

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PIR sandwich panel is also called Polyisocyanurate panel. Compared to the PU panel, it features better thermal insulation, higher strength, as well as higher fire resistance. PIR panel is an upgrade of the PU panel. It is widely used to make cold room walls and ceiling. The same is good for making building which need to keep warm and offer better heat proofing.

Zonsteel PIR sandwich panel specifications.

  • Fire rating: B1
  • Thickness: you can choose include 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm and 180mm
  • Width: 1120mm
  • Length: could be any length, for 40HQ convenient loading will be less than 11.85m
  • PIR Density: 42kg/m3
  • Surface color steel thickness: 0.4 mm to 0.8 mm
  • Color: any RAL color
Contact us to customize your PIR Sandwich Panel now!
Available Thickness0.4, 0.5, 0.6mm, or custom made 0.8, 1mm
Panel LengthMinimum of 1.5m up to a maximum of 11.85m
Panel Width 1120mm/wall  1000mm/roof
Groove Height 0.5mm/wall    36mm/roof
Available Materials Aluminium, AluZinc, P.P.G.I
ColorAny RAL color
K Value (Thermal Conductivity)0.018 W/mK
PIR Density44-45 kg/m3
Fire PropertyB1
Tensile Stress220kPa
Bonding Strength50kPa
Peel Strength100kPa
Wall & Roof
Thickness:  50-200mm
Width: Wall 1120mm, Roof 1000mm
Application: Cold room, commercial building
Feature: Excellent thermal insulation, No fluorine, Eco-friendly, Anti-corrosion, Mildew resistance
Operating temperature range: -200 ° C ~ +205 °Loading: For 40HQ
50mm – 1327.2 m2
75mm – 875.95 m2
100mm – 663.6 m2
125mm – 530.88 m2
150mm – 424.7 m2
200mm – 318.53 m2Roof:
50mm – 853.2 m2
75mm – 616.2 m2
100mm – 497.7 m2
125mm – 201.45 m2
150mm – 321.8 m2
200mm – 260.7 m2
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PIR Sandwich Panel: The Complete Guide

Zonsteel can offer custom made PIR panels suitable for your cold room needs. So, the surface could be 0.5mm or 1mm stainless steel 304 material. The color steel sheet could be PVDF or PVC painting. Another option for the color is white or any other RAL color. The surface could be smooth or grooved. The small groove shape makes the PIR sandwich panel higher strength.

The Zonsteel PIR sandwich panel production line has a high output capacity of 3500m2 or double with two shifts. This high output ensures Zonsteel’s delivery time is 7-10 days.

It is easy to install the PIR panel, as it comes with tongue and groove joint. The connection of two panels does not the need to use bolts, but PU foam and sealant. When cold room designed with subzero temperature specifications, the PIR sandwich panel must go down into the ground to prevent air release, and limit heat transfer.

Zonsteel PIR sandwich panel surface is protected with PE film. This prevents scratches and dents. The panels are packed well on pallets and then wrapped with foam and bubble film.

Our installation manual or installation team is available to support your cold room installation.

Zonsteel is your reliable PIR sandwich panel manufacturer. Contact us today to order your PIR sandwich panel!


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