Steel Coil

Zonsteel specializes in producing all kinds of steel coil, GI, GL, PPGI, PPGL, and stainless steel coil. With advanced production line, Zonsteel has 20 years’ experience manufacturing and 12 years overseas market experience.

We know the best production process, we know the quality control, and we know your needs on cost-effectiveness. Contact us and let us help you explore new markets, new opportunities, and more business!

  • Steel Coil Custom Made Color and Specification
  • SS Coil grade 304 316
  • How Steel Coil Packed in Container

Steel Coil

Specializes in Steel coil, GI, GL, PPGI, PPGL, and stainless steel coil
GI Coil no Paint

GI coil in Thickness 0.4-2 mm

GL Coil no Paint

GI coil in Thickness 0.4-2 mm

PPGI Coil Customized Specification

Custom Made Specification of PPGI

Seaworthy Packing PPGL Coil in Stock for Shipping

40-220gsm PPGL coil, Customized Specification

SS Coil Grade 304 316

Customized SS Coil, Grade 304 316

Steel Sheet Cut to Size Sheet

Steel Sheet Customized Specification, Cut to Size

No Treat Diamond Steel Sheet with Anti-slip Pattern

With Anti-slip Pattern Diamond Steel Sheet

Corrugated Sheet 840 Type for Roof

Corrugated Sheet for Roof and Wall, Different Size Options

Why Zonsteel Steel Coil

  • 20 Years of Manufacturing Experience
  • ISO9001, ISO94001 Factory
  • Raw Material Stock Sufficient
  • Fast Delivery
  • In Time Sales & Tech Support

Your Primer Steel Coil Manufacturer

Zonsteel is specialized in producing all kinds of steel coil, carbon steel coil or stainless steel coil. As per applications, steel coil has different process. For steel coil GI Zinc ranges from 40-275gsm, and GL Zinc/Alu ranges from 40-220gsm. For steel coil PPGI/PPGL Zinc or Zinc/Alu ranges from 40-180gsm and paint we can do max 28/20um. Width of steel coil is 700-1250mm, the thickness of steel coil is 0.4-2mm. Any RAL color of steel coil is possible to customize.

Zonsteel stocks sufficient raw materials to ensure steel coil colors are consistent between lots. And our line can control steel coil weight tolerance between each roll in 50kg so that if your machine can handle maximum 5T rollers, we can do the exact coil for you! Some clients have high requirements on steel coil flatness to make sandwich panel flat, like lean room panel, that’s another advantage of Zonsteel steel coil.

Zonsteel steel coil surface treatment could be printing, frosting, flocking, or hammering
  • Construction industry: Sandwich panel wall surface, Sandwich panel roof surface, Building enclosure, Z/C steel, gutter, accessories for steel structure
  • Household appliance industry
  • Electrical appliance industry: Electric cabinet, electric box
  • Furniture
  • Transportation industry: Car


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Steel Coil: The complete FAQ Guide

Zonsteel steel coil surface treatment could be printing, frosting, flocking, or hammering.

Zonsteel coil is widely used in the construction industry, household appliance industry, electrical appliance industry, furniture, and transportation industry. Paint used for steel coil features PE, RMP, HDP, RMP or PVDF.

Zonsteel steel coil delivery time is usually 15-20 days, even special custom made coil. We ship to any port all over the world. Our steel coil packing is fit for sea conditions, and according to shipping line standard. We use wood pallet underneath to protect steel coil from moving.

Zonsteel as a group owns 26,000m2 workshop, certificate with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. With 20 years of manufacturing and 12 years overseas market experience, we can offer you stable high quality on steel coil, and excellent service 24/7.

Welcome to visit our facilities and our 300 employees will support your order.

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