Clean Room Installation Service

Zonsteel has a professional clean room installation team that can help you complete your clean room in a safe and fast way. We can send two engineers to help or send full team to directly do the work. Whether it is complicated clean room or super high clean room, we have rich experience in both.

Zonsteel clean room installation service ranges include purification furnishing system, HVAC system, electrical and plumbing system, light current system, and fire system, etc. Contact us today to start your project!

  • Clean Room Installation
  • Clean Room Installation
  • Clean Room Installation

Clean Room Installation

Specializes in Clean Room Installation 20 Years

Why Zonsteel Cleanroom Installation Service

  • Professional Clean Room Installation Team
  • Service Range Clean Room Material, Equipment, Furniture, and Other Facility Installation
  • With Super High Clean Room Wall Installation Experience
  • Oversea Projects Installation Service
  • Ship Installation Tools with Your Clean Room Products

Your Primer Clean Room Installation Team

Zonsteel not only provides you excellent products, but professional clean room installation service. Our full service range includes clean room design, cost comparison of clean room different plans, equipment energy saving advice, clean room and its equipment and furniture manufacture, shipping, installation and after-sales service. Zonsteel has the qualification to provide you EPC project for clean room classification 10-100,000 equal ISO 4 to ISO 8. We can provide clean room one stop service.

Zonsteel has years of clean room installation service experience, with the ability to install cleanroom purification furnishing system, HVAC system, electrical and plumbing system, light current system, and fire system etc. We provide installation drawing before materials and equipment arriving at site so that both of us get the time to prepare.

20 Years Professional Clean Room Installation Service
  • Clean Room Installation Service
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Clean Room Installation: The Complete Guide

Zonsteel can send clean room installation engineers or full installation team to support, or directly take the installation work. Usually, we send two engineers for small project support, or more than 10 engineers and workers for bigger, exact team member number depends on the project.

Zonsteel also sends tools list before clean room installation whereby each list is special based on real project. Zonsteel can help to provide tools from market and ship in container together with clean room products.

Zonsteel has the experience on super high wall clean room installation, 13.9m high, and columns distance 9m. This high wall requires high standard on structure security and stability. Zonsteel uses aluminum H channel to connect up and down sandwich panel wall, and uses square tube and L steel to reinforce horizontally. Welded square tube and L steel to brace, and screw this brace to steel column.

On vertical direction each 3 meter be put one tube to reinforce, and weld this vertical tube to horizontal tube, make structure and wall panels to one piece overall. To make sure structure strength, we advise you use H channel more than 5m long. Incorporate other measures to make whole structure more strong.

Contact us today to start your clean room and clean room installation!

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