Clean Room Installation Service

Zonsteel has a professional clean room installation team that can help you complete your clean room in a safe and fast way. We can send two engineers to help or send full team to directly do the work. Whether it is complicated clean room or super high clean room, we have rich experience in both.

Zonsteel clean room installation service ranges include purification furnishing system, HVAC system, electrical and plumbing system, light current system, and fire system, etc. Contact us today to start your project!

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  • Clean Room Installation
  • Clean Room Installation

Clean Room Installation

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Clean Room Installation

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Clean Room Installation

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Why Zonsteel Cleanroom Installation Service

  • Professional Clean Room Installation Team
  • Service Range Clean Room Material, Equipment, Furniture, and Other Facility Installation
  • With Super High Clean Room Wall Installation Experience
  • Oversea Projects Installation Service
  • Ship Installation Tools with Your Clean Room Products

Your Primer Clean Room Installation Team

Zonsteel not only provides you excellent products, but professional clean room installation service. Our full service range includes clean room design, cost comparison of clean room different plans, equipment energy saving advice, clean room and its equipment and furniture manufacture, shipping, installation and after-sales service. Zonsteel has the qualification to provide you EPC project for clean room classification 10-100,000 equal ISO 4 to ISO 8. We can provide clean room one stop service.

Zonsteel has years of clean room installation service experience, with the ability to install cleanroom purification furnishing system, HVAC system, electrical and plumbing system, light current system, and fire system etc. We provide installation drawing before materials and equipment arriving at site so that both of us get the time to prepare.

20 Years Professional Clean Room Installation Service
  • Clean Room Installation Service
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Clean Room Installation: The Complete Guide

Zonsteel can send clean room installation engineers or full installation team to support, or directly take the installation work. Usually, we send two engineers for small project support, or more than 10 engineers and workers for bigger, exact team member number depends on the project.

Zonsteel also sends tools list before clean room installation whereby each list is special based on real project. Zonsteel can help to provide tools from market and ship in container together with clean room products.

Zonsteel has the experience on super high wall clean room installation, 13.9m high, and columns distance 9m. This high wall requires high standard on structure security and stability. Zonsteel uses aluminum H channel to connect up and down sandwich panel wall, and uses square tube and L steel to reinforce horizontally. Welded square tube and L steel to brace, and screw this brace to steel column.

On vertical direction each 3 meter be put one tube to reinforce, and weld this vertical tube to horizontal tube, make structure and wall panels to one piece overall. To make sure structure strength, we advise you use H channel more than 5m long. Incorporate other measures to make whole structure more strong.

Contact us today to start your clean room and clean room installation!

Clean Room Installation:The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Clean room installation can only be swift if you have the right people doing it and you also have the right supplies to install a clean room.

Are you in the market for a clean room installation service? If that is the case, we discuss some of the things you should know below to help you understand the clean room installation process.

Why Should You Choose Zonsteel for Clean Room Installation?

Assembling various parts of a cleanroom

Figure 1: Assembling various parts of a cleanroom

Since Zonsteel is a clean room manufacturer, it is expected to have the expertise necessary for clean room installation.

With many other companies out there offering a similar service, why would someone still opt for Zonsteel? Here are the reasons.

Professional Clean Room Installation Team

When you are looking to install a clean room, then you would want a professional clean room installation team. This is something that Zonsteel can offer.

The company will send a team of engineers and installation support team to the site to help with the whole process.

Depending on the job’s scope, the team can be two engineers or up to 10 engineers. It is easy to see that with more engineers on board, then it is easier to handle all the project in time.

Zonsteel Has a Full Range of Clean Room Services

Other than clean room installation, Zonsteel has experience in handling other important clean room services to make it operational.

Such services include installing of wall, ceiling, floors, windows, doors, air purification and ventilation system, electrical&water system, fire system and so much more.

Considering that Zonsteel is the one that makes the equipment, their engineers will have an easy time installing the cleanroom plus the different devices necessary to run the clean room.

Overseas Projects Installation Service

Yes, Zonsteel can also perform overseas clean room installation. Just because the company is based in China, it does not mean it will not do installations in different countries.

When you are purchasing the clean room, make sure also to get the installation package too. This allows for proper logistics arrangement to get the team to where you are for the installation part.

It does not matter where you are as the company can easily send a team to handle the installation.

Affordable Installation Service

When you get the installation package as part of buying a clean room, you will quickly realize it is cheaper to get installation from Zonsteel.

Sometimes it is always good to compare the clean room installation prices from different companies to see who gives you the best deals. You are likely to notice that Zonsteel stands out as the best and affordable among many companies offering similar services.

Experience in Handling Complicated Projects

The experience is always important to keep in mind when choosing a clean room installation service. The last thing you want is a company that might not install the clean room appropriately.

Zonsteel has been part of highly complicated projects in the past. It should be easy to see that this company can help install the clean rooms better.

The best part is that Zonsteel sells you even the installation tools when you get the company’s clean room. It is easy to see that you will have all the necessary installation tools to help finish the process faster.

How Long Does It Take to Install a Clean Room?

Installing a clean room

Figure 2: Installing a clean room

The clean room installation period will largely vary based on the size and complexity of the project.

Typically, the installation can take two to four weeks. The smaller clean rooms can take even less time. Well, the large clean rooms might have to take more time to install them correctly.

When you involve professionals from Zonsteel for clean room installation, the process will be faster and have less faults.

How Much Will the Clean Room Cost Plus the Installation?

Clean room cost and clean room installation cost

Figure 3 :Clean room cost and clean room installation cost

The clean room installation service will vary from one company to another and primarily based on the clean room size that you need to install.

To get an accurate cost of clean room installation, talk to Zonsteel customer support team to get a detailed report of what you can expect to pay in terms of clean room installation.

Can a Clean Room Be Relocated or Reused after Installation?

Most of the clean rooms will have a modular design. This means that they can be relocated or reused on demand.

Other than clean room installation, Zonsteel can still offer such a service. A team will be sent to your location to take down the existing clean room and take it to the new location. This ensures that you can enjoy using the clean room without spending too much getting a new one.

Are Permits Necessary for Clean Room Installation?

Figure 4: A sample of building permit approval

It will depend on your location. In most cases, the small cleanrooms that might be within other buildings or part of buildings might not require permits to install them.

As for the large clean rooms, you might need a permit in some places. It is then best to consult your local building codes just to make sure there is nothing you are violating.

When you find that a permit is necessary, take the necessary steps to get the permit before the clean room installation process starts.

Luckily, the process of getting permits in most places is simple and straightforward.

Should You Expect Quite a Mess During Clean Room Installation Process?

After clean room installation leave a good condition

Figure 5: After clean room installation leave a good condition

You can take clean room installation as being like any other construction process. You are likely to end up with some mess here and there.

Do not worry as the Zonsteel clean rooms will not have too much packaging that leaves you with a lot of mess. Also, once the team is done with the installation part, they will do the clean up process.

All you have to do is relax and let the team take care of everything. Your job is only to come in later and start using the clean room for its intended purpose.

Can a Clean Room Installation Be Done in An Existing Building?

Clean room in existing building

Figure 6: Clean room in existing building

Yes. It is possible to perform a clean room installation in an existing building. It often depends on what the clients wants to achieve.

To be sure that the building is right for clean room installation, Zonsteel will send someone for a site survey. During this site survey, you can get all the essential information you need to install the clean room.

The technician will also further advice on any modifications that might have to be done to make the location ideal for clean room installation.

Zonsteel produces lining panel 17.5mm and accessories, it can be attached to existing building wall and ceiling, to upgrade your current workshop to achieved higher cleanliness. This is good news if you upgrade current products or produce new products.

What Is the Construction and Installation Process of a Clean Room?

A skilled worker working on a cleanroom installation process

Figure 7: A skilled worker working on a cleanroom installation process

The clean room installation and construction process requires proper management of the whole process if you want to end up with a working clean room.

Some projects might be taken as DIY projects, but that does not apply to clean rooms. This is because they need more experience and expertise in handling the project.

As part of the clean room installation, several technicians of different qualifications will be necessary to make the whole process seamless. Such include the clean room designer, validation manager, senior project manager, superintendent, and more. It all depends on the project’s scope and how many people it will need to complete and commission it fully.

The construction process will involve the following stages of clean room installation.

Regular Construction

This is a common construction stage that any contractor can handle during the clean room installation process.

During this part, the contractors will prepare the area where the clean room needs to be set up and make any necessary changes to accommodate the clean room.

All the workers need to have their personal protective equipment set up so that they do not end up with injuries when such can all be avoided. This will include vests, safety glasses, and hard hats.

Clean Construction

During the previous stage, cleanliness was not a big deal. Here, cleanliness starts to be a major consideration as you are setting up the clean room now.

Depending on the project, there might be the need to do daily cleanups with vacuums to maintain the construction area’s cleanliness.

The team also ensures no debris or trash is left behind after the day’s work is complete. Sometimes it is advisable to use sticky mats and rugs to help keep the dirt outside.

Pre-clean Room Construction

At this point, additional cleanliness is necessary by the team getting into the construction section. There might be the need to have the workers wear botties or use sticky mats to keep the dirt to a minimum.

The installation team can also install the air purification and filtration systems at this point.

Clean Room Construction

Locks in a installed clean room

Figure 8: Locks in a installed clean room

This is the most restrictive stage as the clean room is in its final stages. At this point, everyone entering the room needs to be clean and wearing coveralls or lab coats, hairnets, and gloves.

Also, the air circulation system is turned on to maintain the overall clean room integrity.

Once everything has been tested, and it is working as expected, the clean room is ready for validation before handing over to the new owner.

What Should You Consider When Setting up a Clean Room?

Figure 9: Wiping the surface of a clean room equipment

When you perform clean room installation, there are some things to keep in mind if you want your clean room to work as expected. We look at them below to help you learn more about the clean room supplies.

✧   The HEPA filter is an integral part of owning a clean room. It is essential for filtering the small particles to the size of 0.3 microns. At this point, it is not easy to get contaminants in your clean room. Make sure to pass the air through the HEPA filters to remove any contaminants before the air gets into the clean room.

✧   As much as HEPA filters are essential, ventilation is also crucial. Ventilation is necessary for maintaining the air quality and removing the used air from the clean room. Depending on the clean room needs, you might have to include a lot more ventilation devices and techniques.

✧   The air pressure also needs to be maintained within the right range. This is because clean rooms require a static pressure higher than what you get with the atmospheric pressure. The aim is to prevent infiltration by the wind. Sometimes there is the need for airlocks to minimize compromising the process.

✧   Of course, you also have to consider the temperature and humidity you get with the clean room. When maintained in the desired range, these two mean that you end up with consistent conditions for the equipment and materials inside the clean room. Also, they can affect the comfort and safety of the people working in the clean room.

✧   The architecture of the clean room needs to allow for consistent air flow in the whole cleanroom. Before you can get to clean room installation, there is the need to test the architecture to see if it will offer the best air flow in the clean room.

✧   To ensure that the clean room is working correctly, you have to install measuring equipment during the clean room installation process. You need equipment to measure aspects such as humidity, temperature, air flow, particle count, cleanliness, and much more. The measurement is important to ensure that these factors remain within the right levels.

That is not all as the list can keep going. As Zonsteel performs clean room installation, the team will give you additional tips on how to make your clean room better. This should leave you with a clean room that can handle the different applications you had planned for.

How Do You Get a Clean Room Certified?

Hepa filter test equipment

Figure 10: Hepa filter test equipment

Before a clean room can be used for various applications, it will need to be certified to meet the laid-out regulations. This comes after the clean room installation process is over and you are ready to use the clean room.

There will be some tests that need to be carried about to ensure that the clean room is working correctly. Here are some of the tests.

Airborne Particle Count

Airborne particle count testing as part of clean room installation and maintenance helps to ascertain the clean room’s cleanliness. Using your naked eye, you would not know if the room is having particles.

The use of air bone particle count gives the user vital information about the level of cleanliness. It also helps you know when it is time to change the filters or if the new filters are not sufficient in their performance.

Airflow Reading

This test is all about determining that there is proper air flow patterns in the clean room. It is not just about flowing, but also achieving the right volume for the desired air change rate.

Sometimes, there might be the need to make a few changes to the air flow until it meets your desired performance. Each type of clean room installation will have its desired airflow readings it has to maintain.

Hepa Filter Integrity Testing

The HEPA filter is an essential part of clean room installation. If the filter is correctly installed, then you will experience the best air quality in the clean. It is why you need this test to ascertain that the HEPA filter is working correctly as expected.

Air Pressure Differential

The air pressure differential is crucial for helping control the contamination and other particulates in a clean room. Depending on the type of clean room, the air pressure might have to be high to keep the contaminants from affecting the product. So, several tests have to be carried out based on the clean room types to ensure contaminants are kept to a minimum as much as possible.

Air Volumes and Changes

This test is important for calculating the number of times air exchanges occur in the clean room per hour. The same test is carried out to determine the air volume changes too. The aim is to have the clean room working at the desired air volume and changes for its type.

It might be necessary to perform some changes to the filtration system to ensure the air volume and changes are within the stipulated range for a clean room of its type.

The number of tests that have to be done after a clean room installation are many. Additional tests include containment leak test, smoke visualizing test, safety cabinet assessment, ambient comfort test, and recovery rate testing.

The tests can be more or less depending on the type of clean room and the level of cleanliness you are trying to achieve.

What Equipment Should You Include in a Clean Room after Installation?

Several types of clean room equipment

Figure 11: Several types of clean room equipment

When you decide to have Zonsteel for clean room installation, you also have to consider having additional clean room equipment. This type of equipment is necessary for the proper functioning of the clean room on overall. Here is a list of the equipment you might want to consider adding to your clean room.

  1. Air shower
  2. AHU unit
  3. HEPAbox
  4. Weighing room
  5. Sampling booth
  6. Clean room air filter
  7. Commercial ozone generator
  8. Pass box
  9. Fan filter unit
  10. Laminar flow hoodand more

Keep in mind that you do not have to buy all the equipment at once. You will only get the right one for your clean room applications at the time. More can be added later depending on the applications.

Why Should You Consider a Modular Clean Room Installation?

A installed clean room

Figure 12: A installed clean room

When you decide to get a clean room installation service, you always have to consider if the clean room is modular or not. Zonsteel offers some of the best clean room designs in the market and a modular design is one of them.

So, why would someone choose to get a modular clean room installation? Here are some of the reasons that make modular clean rooms popular right now.

✧   One good thing about modular cleanrooms is that they can be builtfaster and easily. You simply have to set up the prefabricated panels to form a clean room with ease. The Zonsteel clean room installation team will then not have to take too long to complete the installation process. This means you can be able to start using the cleanroom as soon as possible.

✧   You will also notice that the modular clean rooms often have low running costs. This is because they come with a very efficient design. This makes them very cheap to run. They will also require less outdoor air to control their temperature and humidity. On overall, the energy cost will be lower compared to what you get with other types of clean room designs.

✧   They are easy to maintain. The modular clean rooms are easier to maintain compared to what you get with brick and motor cleanrooms. In case there is a damage in the wall, the clean room installation team only has to replace a single panel. The same cannot be said when using the brick and mortar clean rooms.

✧   The overall performance of modular clean rooms also makes them desirable. It is why you can get them having multiple applications in different fields. This includes science, manufacturing, medicine, and more. When the clean rooms are fitted with HEPA filters, they become more efficient at removing the tiny particles to leave you with a clean working environment.

✧   If you ever need to expand your clean room, you will be happy you opted for a modular clean room. This is because you can have additional panels set up on the existing clean room to make it bigger. Still, if you want to move it, then the clean room can be taken down and moved to a new location. As such, you will end up with a clean room that is versatile and can be reused whenever you want.

Do You Still Have More Questions on Clean Room Installation?

Aluminum channels used in clean  room installation

Figure 13: Aluminum channels used in clean  room installation

At this point, you should have an idea about what clean room installation is all about. Zonsteel is ready to help you achieve the best clean room installation process and have your clean room ready for use. Get in touch with Zonsteel customer support team if you have any more questions regarding clean room installation.

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