Laminar Flow Hood

  • Body Material High Quality Powder Coated Steel or Stainless Steel 304
  • Size: 1200×600, 1000×1000, 1200x750mm, or Customized Size
  • Fan, High Efficiency Filter and Flow Equalizing Plate
  • 15 Days Delivery
  • 24/7 Technical and Sales Support
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Laminar flow hood consists of a HEPA filter and a fan unit. Compared to fan filter unit, it’s more like an upgraded FFU unit. Let’s see laminar flow hood typical features:

Laminar flow hood generates vertical unidirectional airflow, can create ISO4.8 local clean environment. It’s been put above on any single product process point, or many laminar hoods combined to make a continuous strip clean area. It can be installed anywhere, hanging on ceiling, or standing on floor by supporting frame.

Laminar flow hood return air is indoor, while FFU unit return air goes through area between two layers ceilings.

It is easier to change high efficiency filter in laminar flow hood. Meanwhile its equipped flow equalizing plate air flow from which is more uniform, to some extent high efficiency filter is extra protected. The exterior also looks nicer than FFU units.

Laminar flow hood is in wider use than FFU units and can be used in clean room or not clean room, like concrete block which means no requirement on existing building cleanliness. It can save much cost on building clean room. This hood is widely used in precision machinery, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, and fine chemicals industries etc.

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ModelExternal Size(mm)Working Area(mm)Rated Air Flow(m/s)Working Area cleanlinessNoise(dB)Illuminance(Lx)Power(kW)
UFH-120.601200 x 600 x 6001200 x 6000.45±20%ISO 565≥3000.25
UFH-100.1001000 x 1000 x 6001000 x 10000.4
UFH-120.751200 x 750 x 6001200 x 7500.3
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Laminar Flow Hood: The Complete Guide

Zonsteel laminar flow hood is double-layer negative pressure structure, no leakage risk.

Zonsteel laminar flow hood is liquid seal tank, in high quality, high efficiency, high cleanliness, ensuring area under is asepsis.

Zonsteel laminar flow hood is internal and external consistency, clean and no dead ends.

Zonsteel laminar flow hood has several control modes to meet your different requirements.

Zonsteel laminar flow hood has multiple pressure equalization, uniform wind speed, good unidirectional flow pattern.

Zonsteel laminar flow hood uses EBM fan which has large air volume, small pressure difference change and reliable performance.

Zonsteel laminar flow hood fan external size can reach maximum 2600x2600mm.

Zonsteel laminar flow hood body material SS304, or powder coated steel.

Zonsteel laminar flow hood size could be custom made, or standard 1200×600, 1000×1000, 1200x750mm.

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