Cleanroom Racks

  • Custom Cleanroom Rack Size and Style
  • Storage Rack Material SS304 or SS316 with at Least 1.0mm Thickness
  • 3 Levels, 4 Levels up to 7 Levels or More
  • Rack Electropolished Finish
  • 15 Days Delivery
  • Cleanroom Racks
  • Cleanroom Racks
  • Cleanroom Racks

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Cleanroom racks are also called cleanroom storage racks. As one of the important cleanroom equipment, cleanroom racks could be used to store several items. They are widely used for manufacturing, research processing or laboratory, or where a clean environment is necessary.

Zonsteel cleanroom racks are made of stainless steel 304 or 316L, which are at least 1.0mm in thickness. Because it is mainly used for storing cleanroom items, the loading capacity is very important. Zonsteel makes each shelf as a double-size model with at least 1.0mm thick stainless steel. The additional aluminum honeycomb filled in the shelf to reinforce the cleanroom racks. This makes the racks very strong. If you want a lighter cleanroom rack to store light items, then we process it in a different way.

Zonsteel cleanroom racks are bent by a CNC bending machine to angle the material into an arc shape. The shape is easy to clean and fit for different cleanroom conditions. It also helps to prevent bacteria from collecting. And the welding part adopts full welding. This makes it stronger than spot welding.

All cleanroom racks surface will be treated after welding to make them fit for acid and alkali environment, wet environment, or frequently cleaned environment. The rack legs are adjustable. They can also have a rubber or universal wheels. The choice depends on your application.

Contact us to customize your Cleanroom Racks now!
SS3041mm 1.1mm 1.2mmL800 x W500 x H2000mm
L2000 x W500 x H2000mm
Customized other size
Smooth or perforated mesh3 layers/ 4 layers/ 5 layers/ 6 layers or customized other layersWith universal wheel or
Covered by rubber/SS
Other features:
Laser cutting
Arc corner easy clean
Surface treatment type:  stainless steel wire drawing, electropolishing etc.
Heavy loading table top filled with aluminum honey comb
Universal wheel optional
Adjustable leg optional
Certificated with ISO9001 and ISO14001
Delivery time 15 days
PDF Catalog

Cleanroom Racks: The Complete Guide

Zonsteel cleanroom racks’ size and style can be customized. Whether you like solid shelves or hollow shelves, Zonsteel has the right one. Whether you like 3 levels, 7 levels or more, Zonsteel can make the right one for you. Another style is movable shelves, making it easy to adjust the space it occupies.

Zonsteel has ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications. As such the cleanroom rack manufacturing process is under strict inspection. Each unit must be tested before shipping. And each unit is in well packed. The delivery time is usually 15 days. Before loading, our sales team will send pictures or video as a confirmation of the product being shipped. Zonsteel also accepts third party loading inspection like SGS. You are safe to work with us.

Zonsteel has been in the cleanroom field for almost two decades. This means we have rich experience in cleanroom design, cleanroom equipment manufacturing, cleanroom stainless steel furniture manufacturing, and cleanroom installation.

Contact us today to customize your cleanroom racks.

Cleanroom Racks: The Complete FAQs Guide

Cleanrooms are likely to hold a lot of supplies at any given time. Where are you supposed to hold them? Are the cleanroom racks different from other types of racks?

This guide answers these and many more questions you might have about cleanroom racks. Let us check them out.

What are Cleanroom Racks?

A Sample of Cleanroom Rack from Zonsteel

Figure 1 A Sample of Cleanroom Rack from Zonsteel

As the name suggests, these are racks commonly found in cleanrooms. The cleanroom racks are also called cleanroom storage racks, and their job is to hold different items in the cleanroom.

Depending on the application, there are many size options you can get in terms of cleanroom racks.

Zonsteel has designed the cleanroom racks to suit several applications in the cleanroom. This means helping maintain a clean area in a cleanroom setup.

If you find yourself always bumping into different types of cleanroom supplies, it is time to organize them better. Get yourself the Zonsteel cleanroom racks to ensure proper organization of your supplies.

What are the Properties of Zonsteel Cleanroom Racks?

Zonsteel cleanroom racks are easily identifiable from the competitors. However, why is this case? Here are some properties that should help you understand more about the cleanroom racks.

✧ Zonsteel cleanroom racks are made of either stainless steel 304 or 316L. These two are great materials for those who need durable cleanroom racks. The difference in stainless steel grade helps you choose a higher grade in case you have to handle heavier items.

✧ You will quickly notice that the cleanroom racks have an arc shape. This type of shape is essential for keeping the bacteria from attaching to the surfaces and still making it easier to clean the cleanroom racks.

✧ The cleanroom racks’ legs can be adjustable. The aim is to help you set them at the right height that you want. That is not all, as they can also have universal wheels for portability. You will always find it easier to move the cleanroom racks around.

✧ The rack size and style are easily customizable. There is no secret this will attract more people to consider getting the Zonsteel cleanroom racks. They know that they can always get something that works great for them.

✧ Shipping the cleanroom racks is not an issue. It does not matter where you are located. The logistics team can find a way to ship the cleanroom racks to different destinations around the world.

If you want to learn more about the cleanroom racks, the support team at Zonsteel can send you a complete catalog. You can also get a free quote on cleanroom racks to buy the right product when you are comfortable.

What are the Applications of Cleanroom Racks?

A Cleanroom Rack Loaded with Items

Figure 2 A Cleanroom Rack Loaded with Items

The name of the racks gives it away where you can use such types of racks. Well, cleanrooms can be found in different industries. This includes the manufacturing sector, research, and processing, labs, or anywhere you might need to maintain a clean environment.

There those that might like the design and performance of cleanroom racks that they decide to use them in their offices too. It shows that these racks are flexible and can get various applications depending on the user’s intents.

Are Cleanroom Racks Portable?

Zonsteel prides itself on making the right cleanroom rack depending on the client’s needs. So, if you need a portable cleanroom rack, it is possible to make it happen.

One of the ways of making it portable is by using lightweight materials such as SS304 and SS316L. These materials are also known for their durability.

The cleanroom racks can also have wheels. These wheels make it easier for you to push a loaded cleanroom rack from one place to another.

The wheels will not leave dirt behind when moving the cleanroom rack from one end of the room to the other.

These wheels are still lockable, ensuring that the cleanroom racks do not move around when loading them with the supplies.

What Kind of Size and Style Do You Get with Cleanroom Racks?

The size is always crucial so that you have the correct cleanroom racks for the applications. The standard size you get is L2000 x W500 x H2000mm. Such a size would be ideal for any cleanroom that has a lot to store on the shelves.

If you find the size too big or too small, you can still request a custom-sized option. Zonsteel will gladly make one for you.

Still, on size, it is best if you also learned about the overall thickness of the material used. The thickness varies from 1mm to 1.2mm. The thicker the material, the heavier the cleanroom rack. However, it also means that it can handle more weight without a problem.

How about the style? The styling can be categorized based on the number of levels a cleanroom rack will have. The most common options include 3 levels, 4 levels, up to 7 levels. It is good to know you can have more levels to hold more items on your cleanroom rack.

You have the option of adding more levels to the cleanroom racks. You could add more if you opted for a custom bigger cleanroom rack. Always ensure you utilize the space maximally to enjoy the benefits of owning cleanroom racks.

What is the Delivery Time for Cleanroom Racks?

Maybe at this point, you find the Zonsteel cleanroom racks worth the purchase, but you are not sure about the delivery time. That should not worry you as the delivery time is within 15 days after placing your order.

Ensure that you include all the necessary details to make the processing of your order smooth and fast. This will also help the logistics team organize for quick delivery of the cleanroom racks once they have been processed.

Is it Hard to Place an Order for Cleanroom Racks?

Placing an order should not be hard, even if you have not done it before with Zonsteel. The first thing you will do is to contact the Zonsteel customer care team with your order details. From there, the team will guide you on the following steps so that you can place your order successfully.

For those that might require customization of the cleanroom racks, the customer care team will still be in touch with you, ensuring the details are correctly transferred to the design team and subsequently the manufacturing team.

There are various methods you can use to reach the Zonsteel customer care team. If you want anything resolved faster, simply make a call. Even if you send an email, expect a reply within 24 hours.

The team tries to keep in touch with the client as much as possible to ensure proper communication between the client and the company.

Will the Cleanroom Rack Packaging Stand Up to Shipping Conditions?

Zonsteel ships cleanroom racks to different destinations around the world. This means that some of the cleanroom racks have to be correctly packaged for shipping conditions.

Zonsteel has been doing this for a long time to know how to properly package the cleanroom racks. So, the company will package the racks in pallets, sometimes reinforced with foam. The foam material is essential for absorbing any impact the cleanroom racks are likely to face.

The sales team will also send you a video and pictures of how the cleanroom racks are packaged and shipped. It gives you the confidence that the cleanroom racks will arrive undamaged.

Are the Cleanroom Storage Racks Lockable?

No. They are racks; this means they are not lockable. If it would have been cabinets, then it is expected that they would have been lockable.

The racks are simply shelves where you can store important cleanroom items. Being open makes it easier to reach in and grab whatever you need from the rack.

If you want a lockable structure for your cleanroom, Zonsteel is happy to help. You can always get one that will suit your needs better.

What is the Weight Capacity of the Cleanroom Racks?

A Cleanroom Rack with Wheels for Ease of Movement

Figure 3 A Cleanroom Rack with Wheels for Ease of Movement

The cleanroom racks from Zonsteel will vary in weight capacity a lot depending on the size and style. Do not worry about the weight limit as the product manuals will always come with the weight capacity specification.

It is expected that the cleanroom racks with the thicker stainless steel and more levels of shelves will have more weight capacity.

If you would like to know more about the weight capacity, then inquire it with the customer care team before buying. This will at least help you buy the relevant cleanroom racks.

What Types of Environments Will the Cleanroom Racks Work Best?

Zonsteel makes the cleanroom racks good for various environments by treating the surface to make it better. It is, for this reason, you will find the cleanroom racks being ideal for acid and alkali environments, wet environments, or places where the surfaces need frequent cleaning.

This type of versatility makes the cleanroom racks ideal for homes or offices too. You might want something that lasts longer while at the same time looks great.

Why Do Zonsteel Cleanroom Racks Have an Electropolished Finish?

Like other types of cleanroom furniture, the Zonsteel cleanroom racks are also electropolished.

Electropolishing is the removal of a thin oxidized layer from stainless steel, leaving you with a shiny, ultra-clean, and smooth finish. That is how Zonsteel manages to achieve clean looks for its products.

The best part is that the cleanroom racks can maintain this clean and smooth look for a long time. This is important for those who have to use the furniture in the cleanroom environment.

Does Zonsteel offer Aftersales Services on Cleanroom Racks?

Yes. Zonsteel will be available to help the client in any way possible regarding the company’s products. You might have bought more products other than the cleanroom racks. Just know that the team is available to help with setting up, maintaining, and more.

Well, cleanroom racks are not the hardest to set up, but some other products might be. So, you can always request for installation from Zonsteel, and the company will make it happen.

How are the Zonsteel Cleanroom Racks Made Stronger?

Several Sheets of Stainless Steel 304 Material

Figure 4 Several Sheets of Stainless Steel 304 Material

Zonsteel cleanroom racks are made stronger in a couple of ways. The first one is that the cleanroom racks are built using thicker stainless steel. The thickest option is the 1.5mm thick stainless steel. Such a rack should live up to various customer needs.

Another top option would be to use the stainless steel 316L grade. This type of steel is stronger than SS304. It is also good for resisting mold, chemical reactions, and more. If you want something stronger, then opt for this higher-grade stainless steel.

The higher-grade stainless steel might be slightly more expensive, but it will always live up to your needs.

The other option for making the cleanroom racks stronger would be using an aluminum honeycomb. In this case, the honeycomb improves the shelves’ rigidity, ensuring you never have to worry about them buckling.

Why is Full Welding for Cleanroom Racks Better than Spot Welding?

Cleanroom racks are made to last for decades. As part of making sure this is possible, the cleanroom racks are made by using the full welding method.

The full welding method is better than spot welding because of the technique used. As a result, full welding will largely help reinforce the joint between different surfaces, making them better and stronger. It is why you can get such joints lasting for decades.

Zonsteel also uses full welding since people might put the cleanroom racks through a lot of strain. So, you want something that can withstand abuse or heavy items. Do not worry, as the full welding technique will handle such applications without a problem.

What Makes Zonsteel a Top Choice for Cleanroom Racks Manufacturing?

Cleanroom Racks Set Up in a Gowning Room

Figure 5 Cleanroom Racks Set Up in a Gowning Room

Some people might wonder why someone should consider Zonsteel for cleanroom racks. Well, it is one of the top companies that make high-quality cleanroom furniture. As such, you can rely on it to make the best cleanroom racks too.

The company also makes cleanrooms for different fields. If you need more than the cleanroom furniture, Zonsteel can step in to provide the cleanrooms.

Still, the company is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. These two certifications show that the brand can make high-quality products to meet your cleanroom standards. You will now feel safer knowing that the company can uphold high standards.

Zonsteel also stands out for having over two decades of experience in the cleanroom sector. If you are going to find yourself looking for a company with experience, no need to go past Zonsteel.

The professional production team and line at Zonsteel help improve the production time. You would be sure that the company will deliver within their stipulated delivery time.

What Should You Consider When Picking the Best Zonsteel Cleanroom Racks?

Check with Zonsteel your cleanroom racks design, and rack each layer loading capacity. And material is to be used, is stainless steel 304 or 316, choose the one suitable with its surrounding. Then check with Zonsteel the cleanroom racks surface treatment you want.

Don’t forget ask the packing for your racks, to save freight cost, racks could be flat packed. When received, follow the install manual to assemble it, usually the assembly is very simple can be finished in a few minutes. If your container has enough space, the full mounted racks will be your best choice.


Do you find it necessary to get yourself the best cleanroom racks? Let Zonsteel help you. That company understands that you could use the best cleanroom racks to ensure your cleanroom is correctly organized. Talk to the support team today for more information on any questions you might have in mind.

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