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  • Horizontal/Vertical Laminar Flow
  • Clean Benches Working Area: ISO5/Class 100
  • Benches Working Surface: Stainless Steel 304
  • Low Noise Benches
  • 1-Year Warranty on Clean Benches
  • Clean Benches
  • Clean Benches
  • Clean Benches

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Zonsteel clean benches are also laminar air flow cabinet. They are available as vertical laminar flow or horizontal laminar flow. Both provide HEPA filtered clean air and can work with enclosures to create an ISO 5 (class 100) condition. This condition protects the sample from airborne particle contamination. Clean benches are widely used in industries such as research, manufacturing, aerospace, bioscience, pharmaceutical production and food processing.

Zonsteel clean benches maintain a 0.45 m/s laminar flow, ensuring the work surfaces are constantly blown over to prevent the sample from contamination. But clean benches do not protect users and surrounding. So, it cannot handle biohazardous material, toxins or radionuclides.


Zonsteel clean benches working area material uses stainless steel 304, providing excellent anti-corrosion. Then inner corner is bent by CNC-bending machine, forming an arc shape that is easy to clean.

The clean benches air blower uses low-noise and energy saving type, thus providing a quite working environment.

Other configuration of clean benches includes UV light, differential pressure gauge, control panel, perforation wall, HEPA, flow equalizing film, glass enclosure on both sides, primary filter, air blower, built-in anti-dust sockets, universal wheels, and adjustable legs.

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ModelExternal Size

Working Area Size

Working Area Clean ClassRated Wind Speed
Clean Bench type
CBZS-V-01970x770x1800810x700x550ISO 5
(Class 100)
0.45 ± 20%720x610x93/1Single station vertical laminar flow
CBZS-V-021460x770x18001300x700x550590x610x93/2Double stations vertical laminar flow
CBZS-H-01900x700x1450820x480x600650x540x93/1Single station horizontal laminar flow
CBZS-H-021760x700x14501680x480x600740x540x93/2Double stations horizontal laminar flow
Horizontal laminar flow / Vertical laminar flow
Supply 1 HEPA for single station, 2 HEPA for double stations
Gel seal HEPA filter, negative pressure HEPA filter leak protection
ISO Class 5 air (Class 100)
Primary filter
Variable speed built-in motor/blower(s) with vibration isolation pads
Differential pressure gauge
Type 304 brushed stainless-steel work surface
Tempered safety glass side panels
UV-resistant, dry powder epoxy-coated steel exterior
Fluorescent lighting
Anti-dust sockets
One-year warranty on parts and lifetime technical support
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Clean Benches: The Complete Guide

Zonsteel clean benches adopt the gel seal HEPA filter, with negative pressure HEPA filter leak protection. HEPA is low resistant and offers 99.99% efficient on particles 0.3 micron. Clean benches use UV-resistant, dry powder epoxy-coated steel exterior.

Zonsteel clean benches size available are 970mm, 1460mm, 900mm, 1760mm for the width. They are either single user and double users.

Zonsteel clean benches provides a one-year warranty on parts and lifetime technical support.

The delivery time of clean benches is usually 15-20 days. Every unit be strictly inspected throughout whole manufacturing process. And every unit is tested before shipping. Zonsteel accepts third party loading inspection like SGS.

Zonsteel clean benches are certified with ISO9001, and ISO14001. You are safe to work with us. Since Zonsteel has a two-decade experience in the cleanroom field, you can be sure to get high quality clean benches and other related cleanroom equipment.

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Clean Benches: The Complete FAQs Guide

As part of providing a clean work area, the chances are you will need to use clean benches. There is so much more you can do with clean benches once you set them up correctly. You have no idea what clean benches are all about? Well, do not worry. Dive into this FAQ guide to learn more and why you need one today.

What are Clean Benches?

Using a Clean Bench

Figure 1 Using a Clean Bench

Clean benches are also called laminar flow work hoods or cabinets. These are enclosures that provide filtered air across the work area, important for protecting the sample against contamination.

Clean benches were created to supplement the cleanroom technology. This meant that you could have a clean working area without necessarily spending so much to set up a cleanroom.

How Does a Clean Bench Work?

A clean bench works by pulling air into the cabinet, which is then filtered through a HEPA filter and passed over the work surface.

The operation of the clean bench depends on the model you pick. Some will push the air downwards while others the airflow is parallel to the work area.

The two main types include vertical clean benches and horizontal clean benches. From their names, you can tell the direction of airflow.

The clean benches are constantly flooded with laminar airflow at any given time to maintain their performance. Laminar airflow means that the air in the enclosure is always at a constant speed and in one direction. For most applications, the airflow velocity is around 0.45m/s. The presence of a fan filter unit is responsible for ensuring a laminar flow in the clean benches.

Since the air is filtered through a HEPA filter, 99.99% of the airborne particles and contaminants are removed. Such an environment would now be an ideal option for those that might be working on a sensitive project.

Where Can You Use Clean Benches?

Since clean benches can supplement cleanroom technology, there are many places you would find them great to use on overall.

The most common places clean benches are necessary include research, aerospace, bioscience, pharmaceutical production, manufacturing, and food processing. Well, they can be more depending on the field.

Multiple medical preparations happen in a clean bench. This explains why hospitals, labs, and many other medical facilities around the world opt for clean benches.

What is the Recommended Airspeed for Clean Benches?

How a Clean Bench Works

Figure 2 How a Clean Bench Works

As suggested earlier, the airflow speed is crucial for the performance of the clean benches. It is important to ensure the speed is maintained within the correct range. For clean benches, the correct range is 0.45m/s ± 20%. So, it can be varied depending on what you are working on at the moment.

If you are unsure on how to calibrate the airspeed, consult the Zonsteel product manual. It will give you an idea on how to get started and get it done right.

What are the Important Features of the Zonsteel Clean Benches?

Zonsteel understands that clean benches have to stand out to make them great for various applications. Here are some of the features that make them ideal for the most clean work area applications.

–        The clean benches are designed to meet the ISO 5 classification. For those who know a thing or two about cleanrooms, this classification has strict measures to meet before certification. As such, the classification means you enjoy to use the clean bench for various applications.

–        The Zonsteel clean benches are also designed to work with gel sealed HEPA filters. Such a seal is important to avoid any leaks. Also, the HEPA filter is low resistance, thus, it helps with better filtration of the air.

–        The clean benches have additional accessories such as the UV light and differential pressure gauge. The UV light is important for those who need to sterilize their clean bench even further.

–        Since the clean benches are available in multiple sizes, it is easier to customize the benches for different applications. Other than having the standard sizes, users are allowed to customize the size too. It can be due to the space available or the application they need to handle.

Check out the clean benches catalog to learn more about them. If you have more questions, the team at Zonsteel is ready to help.

What Kind of Sizes of Clean Benches are Available?

Several size options are available depending on the model you pick. If you look at the product catalog, you will notice there are up to four models available. They include CBZS-V-01, CBZS-V-02, CBZS-H-01, and CBZS-H-02.

Keep in mind that the external size is not the same as the working area. The working area will be slightly smaller than the external size. Here is a quick table showing you the different size options available.

A Table Showing Properties of Clean Benches

Figure 3 A Table Showing Properties of Clean Benches


How Long Will a Client Wait for Delivery of Clean Benches for Sale?

The delivery time is 15 to 20 days for the clean benches.

Each unit will have to be inspected for quality assurance. The last thing Zonsteel wants is to send you a product that cannot live up to your needs. The unit will also be tested before shipping. This ensures the product is working correctly.

Before shipping, the team will get in touch with the client to notify them about the process. You can now track your clean benches shipment until it gets to you.

Do not worry if you are not in China. This is because Zonsteel can do overseas delivery. So, go ahead and place your order, then wait for the delivery within a couple of weeks.

What is the Ordering Process for Clean Benches from Zonsteel?

Zonsteel made the process easy for everyone. First, you have to contact the support team about your purchase intent. The team will now guide you through the whole process. There can be phone calls where necessary to ensure your order is correctly captured.

Some of the things the team will capture include the type of clean bench, the size, and any accessories you want to include in the clean bench. As a result, you will end up with the right clean bench.

Once the order is paid for, the production team will get down to working on it.

Just like that, your order is now in production, and you will be notified when shipping has commenced.

Zonsteel Clean Benches are ISO9001 Certified. What Does That Mean?

ISO 9001 Certification

Figure 4 ISO 9001 Certification

An ISO certification always means good news to the consumers of the products from any company.

The ISO 9001 certification means that Zonsteel has created a Quality Management System or QMS that meets the ISO standards. Improving the standards, making sure the products can meet the high-quality standards of various sectors in the industry.

The QMS are the systems that a company puts in place such as creating policies, processes, and additional procedures crucial for providing products and services that meet the regulatory and customer needs. There is no doubt this would improve the overall customer satisfaction.

At this point, Zonsteel will be a great choice for various clean benches design and performance on overall.

Zonsteel has many other certifications that are important for customer satisfaction. You can always learn about them from the official company website.

Why is a CNC Bending Machine Important for the Manufacture of Clean Benches?

The use of CNC bending machines in the Zonsteel workshop has been around for years and for good reasons. The first reason is how effective the machines are at bending the thick stainless steel materials into the desired shapes.

Another reason is that the machines help to achieve the arch-shaped corners for the clean benches and other crucial cleanroom furniture.

The arch shape is crucial for keeping the clean benches clean and safe on overall. This is because it would be hard for the bacteria to attach to the clean benches. Also, it is easier to clean in such corners. Since you will use them for applications that do not need contaminations, such a design for clean benches is great.

Can the HEPA Filters in the Clean Benches Be Washed?

Maintenance of your filters is one of the reasons the clean benches can remain effective.

The HEPA filter is important for ensuring the air is filtered to remove any airborne contaminants. It is for this reason you need the HEPA filter to be in great working condition.

The typical lifespan of a HEPA filter can be a couple of years. You will have to replace the primary filter more often than the HEPA filter. The longevity of the HEPA filter can sometimes make people forget to change or give it proper maintenance.

As for the maintenance part, you do not have to wash it. Even many manufacturers advise against doing such. It is best if you follow the instructions in the Zonsteel manual.

If you insist on washing the HEPA filter, make sure it is classified as washable. If it is a permanent filter, it must be replaced when it is no longer effective. Washing it might make the clean bench less effective.

Zonsteel recommends doing inspections every six months to see if the filters are working correctly. If you find a problem, address it right away.

What Should You Keep in Mind When Choosing the Best Clean Benches?

Types of Clean Benches

Figure 5 Types of Clean Benches

If you are reading this part, it means you are interested in getting clean benches. What is remaining is understanding what to consider to get the right clean bench.

–        First, look at the intended use of the clean bench. Now, look at the different models Zonsteel has to offer. Is there something that can meet your needs? The purpose of the clean bench should always be a priority. This is because you can now end up with the right clean bench for the job.

–        Will the clean benches fit into the installation space available? Well, it would be a waste if you cannot install your clean benches. It is why you need to look at the size of the clean benches and see if they can fit in your space. Luckily, Zonsteel also offers custom sizes to tailor the clean bench to your space.

–        What about the budget? Anyone willing to spend on clean benches needs to know they are getting a good offer. That is why the price is important. Zonsteel can send you a quotation with all the prices for different models to see if they are within your budget.

–        Look at the cleanliness level, airflow performance, and weight to see if they meet the required specifications. This is something you want when working with sensitive samples. Improper airflow could easily affect the results.

–        The dust collection efficiency is also a big deal for many people. The clean bench needs to maintain a sterile work area as long as possible to help you handle your research better.

What is the Process of Using a Clean Bench?

When using a clean bench, being clean is a must. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly and use alcohol to disinfect the hands where necessary. This applies to all the items you have to use inside the clean bench.

Each model will have key instructions on how to use the clean bench. At this point, it would be best if you keenly follow these instructions as they will help in the proper use of the clean benches.

What are the Common Clean Bench Tests and Certifications Should You Know?

Like any other cleanroom technology, clean benches need to meet several quality standards. That is how Zonsteel is ISO9001 certified in the first place.

A couple of tests go into making the clean benches ISO9001 certified, among other certifications.

The first common test is the HEPA filter integrity testing. This test will document any leakage or defects from the HEPA filter. If there is a problem with the HEPA filter, it is advisable to replace it immediately.

The next test would be looking at the airflow velocity profile. The test looks at how the air flows in the workspace. It needs to be unidirectional and performing correctly as the manufacturer designed the clean bench. Also, there should be no cross-contamination.

The testing also includes light testing. The test looks at the fluorescent lighting levels. They should be sufficient to ensure the operator is not easily fatigued.

Also, UV lighting should be operating correctly to help with the sterilization of the work area.

Some optional tests that a clean bench might face include sound testing, vibration testing, and non-viable particle count.

Under the particle count test, it checks the number of particulates in the work zone. Remember that the work area needs to be sterile. If the particle count is too high, then the filter has to be replaced immediately.


Clean benches are some of the top cleanroom technologies different industries would want. Zonsteel makes several such clean benches to suit your needs. Since there are several models, Zonsteel will offer guidance so that you are not confused about which one to choose for your application.

Get in touch with Zonsteel today for your customized order and more information about clean benches.

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