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Zonsteel sandwich panel can be widely used in areas such as a clean room, cold room and an industrial building. Our key products are PIR sandwich panel, rockwool panel, PU panel, duct panel, and EPS panel. The sandwich panel you will receive will also have a full set of accessories for installation.

With years production and exporting experience, Zonsteel always provide high-quality and cost-effective sandwich panels. Our complete product line also allows you to customize any specification to suit your project. Contact us today, let’s start a new journey with you together!

  • PIR Sandwich Panel
  • EPS Panel
  • Duct Panel

Sandwich Panel

Sandwich Panel for Clean room, Cold room and Industrial Building
Clean Room Panel

Stronger flatter and all around sealed withe steel, best for cleanroom condition

PIR Sandwich Panel

PIR sandwich panel is best cold room wall and roof material

PU Panel

PU sandwich panel is economical cold room wall and roof materials

Rockwool Panel

Rockwool sandwich panel is best for cleanroom with A1 fire rate

EPS Panel

EPS sandwich panel has good insulation and price for industrial building

Duct Panel

Duct panel is to make clean room air duct system

Sandwich Panel Accessoires

Zonsteel offer full set of aluminum sandwich panel accessories

Sandwich Panel Installation

Oversea sandwich panel installation service

Why Zonsteel Sandwich Panel

  • Certified with ISO9001:2015
  • The Sandwich Panels Can be Customized
  • Multiple RAL Colors are Available
  • Strong Packing and 7 Days Delivery Time
  • Installation Service

Your Primer Sandwich Panel Manufacturer

Zonsteel is an expert in sandwich panel manufacturing and installation. The updated  production line allows us to offer the best capacity to make clean room panels, cold room panels, and industrial panels. In details we provide PIR sandwich panel, rock wool panel, PU panel, duct panel, MGO panel, and EPS panel.

In last 20 years or so, Zonsteel has always kept quality control and customer service as priority, and gained extensive experience in the application of sandwich panels in different fields. Zonsteel sandwich panel and workshop are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. The workshop has advanced machinery, skilled engineers, and workers. As such, we only provide high-quality sandwich panel to all our clients.

All the sandwich panels from Zonsteel can be customized. We offer several options for sandwich panel surface materials including color steel, stainless steel, HPL, and aluminum.

As for the insulation we offer the options including PIR, PU, rock wool, EPS, XPS, aluminum honeycomb etc. The sandwich panel surface can also be treated to hold up to different environments. Like food and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, areas that might have close contacts need materials such as USU304, or steel of PVDF or PVC coating.

Zonsteel sandwich panel thickness ranges 50-200mm, and can fit various conditions in different parts of the word. Steel thickness ranges 0.4-1.2mm. Most sandwich panels are tongue and groove joint. To match sandwich panel, Zonsteel offers the full set of accessories made of aluminum extrusion. The aluminum profiles are sturdy, light, easy clean, and rust resistant.

Zonsteel clean room sandwich panel is specially designed for clean room applications. The core material used is rook wool, MGO board, or aluminum honeycomb. They all have excellent fire resistance. PU core materials are used for food or pharmaceutical industry to help meet the GMP standards. Manual brushing of the glue enables the glue to be more even and give it enough time to bond with the insulation, so that the clean room panel has better bonding strength. Clean room panels are sealed all around with steel making them non-outgassing, flat, and strong. Zonsteel clean room panel should be flush connected with doors, windows, and other clean room equipment.

Zonsteel cold room panel is a PIR sandwich panel, and cam lock type PU sandwich panel. It adopts one-time foaming, this makes the insulation performance the best among other sandwich panels. Zonsteel cuts each panel to size according to the user needs. The panels are also eco-friendly and they make your cold room airtight. The fire rate is B1.

Zonsteel industrial sandwich panels are often made of EPS panels. These panels are  cost-effective and will be good at keeping the building warm and heat-proofing. Then rock wool pane is also a good choice for industrial use.

Zonsteel packs all sandwich panel correctly until they are seaworthy and inspect items before leaving factory. And we offer free sea insurance for all the clients, and one-year warranty on the sandwich panels.

Zonsteel sandwich panel delivery time is 7 days, and can custom make the panels to be any color,  length, and thickness.

Contact us today. Our team will support your project based on your needs.

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Sandwich Panel: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Nowadays sandwich panel be widely used in area of clean room, cold room and commercial & industrial building. Attribute to its high structural rigidity and excellent thermal insulation. If you are consider to use sandwich panel for your facility, ready this guide.


What is a Sandwich Panel?

Sandwich Panel Layers

Figure 1 Sandwich Panel Layers

Sandwich panel is a structure made of three layers: core of honeycomb or a solid filling, and a thin skin-layer bonded to each side. When combined, they form a panel sandwich and hence the name. The material used to make the sandwich panel are strong and should easily stand up to different elements. It is for this reason you can find the sandwich panel being used for various applications.

The sandwich panels are quite versatile when it comes to the applications. They are mostly used for industrial facilities, cold rooms, power plants, commercial buildings, and residential buildings. So, you can always find an application for a sandwich panel.


What are sandwich panels made of?

As suggested earlier, you will find that the sandwich panels are made of metal surfaces and a core material. For the surface materials, you will get options such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and aluminum foil. As such, you should have a wide range of options to consider.

The core materials on the other hand include EPS, rock wool, PU, PIR, XPS, MGO board, aluminum honeycomb, and paper honeycomb. Each of these core materials will have unique features. This means that you can pick the right sandwich panel based on your needs too.

The core materials can also determine the thickness of the sandwich panel. Sometimes you may have to get a specific panel because you want a thicker sandwich panel.


Where can you use sandwich panels?

Sandwich panels are known to be quite flexible. It is because of this flexibility, you can find sandwich panels having many applications in the industry right now. Below are some of the places you can use the sandwich panels.

Commercial industry

Let us say you want to set up a warehouse or any other commercial building, sometimes you can use sandwich panels for the partitioning part. Since the panels have impressive fire resistance performance plus durability, you can always a use for them in the commercial sector too.

Commercial Industrial Sandwich Panel

Figure 2 Commercial Industrial Sandwich Panel

Clean room industry

Clean rooms could use the sandwich panels too. These panels help a lot in maintaining the overall clean environment. Once the sandwich panels have been set up correctly, you can expect to end up with a great looking clean room generally.

Clean Room Sandwich Panel

Figure 3 Clean Room Sandwich Panel

Cold room industry

Sandwich panels can also be used in cold room industries such as the storage of food. Just make sure that you always get the right sandwich panel type. The cam-lock PU panel and good fire rate PIR sandwich panel is specially design and used for cold room.

Cold Room Sandwich Panel PIR Panel

Figure 4 Cold Room Sandwich Panel PIR Panel

What is the HS Code of a Sandwich Panel?

Sandwich Panel Roofs

Figure 5 Sandwich Panel Roofs

Since sandwich panel made of skin layer and core material. The HS code could apply for core material or apply for skin layer. In China, more recognized HS code by customs is HS730890, which indicating the sandwich panel as a structural part.

How Much Do Sandwich Panels Cost?

Sandwich panels can cost different prices based on a few things. The first one would be how the sandwich panel was made. If it is a machine-made sandwich panel, it will cost less than when it is a manual sandwich panel.

Other things that would affect the price of the sandwich panel include the price of the insulation material. Sometimes the insulation material can double the price. A good example is when you are using PIR insulation material. It would cost more than when using rock wool insulation material.

It is best to consult with Zonsteel to get an idea of what would be the best price depending on your application.

You will also have to think about the surface materials. This is because steel and aluminum do not cost the same. Make sure that you take the time to talk to experts in the sector to understand their pros and cons before buying.

Zonsteel offers free quotation based on your detailed requirement.

What is the Most Important Property of a Sandwich Panel?

One of the biggest reasons someone would opt for a sandwich panel is because of insulation properties. It is why a sandwich panel can be used for various applications compared to some other types of panels.

Each time you want to place an order for a sandwich panel, one of the properties you would ask about include the insulation material.

Even though that is the most important property, you also have to consider the fire resistance too. Sometimes you might work in environments that might need proper protection against fire outbreaks. You would want to be sure that you can be protected in case there is a fire outbreak.

Are Sandwich Panels Structural?

Yes. The sandwich panels come with the steel surface construction that makes the whole panel strong too. So, you will not have to worry that the sandwich panel would not work great in terms of providing structural performance.

Even though the material can deliver impressive structural performance, most people would use it for making walls after the structural part has been handled. In case you want to use it otherwise, just know that it will work great.


What are the Advantages of Using Sandwich Panels?

Sandwich Panels Ready for Shipping

Figure 6 Sandwich Panels Ready for Shipping

Sandwich panels stand out as some of the best materials for constructing cleanrooms and other applications. This can make someone want to know more about the benefits of using sandwich panels. Here are some of them;

1. The panels are easy and fast to install

2.  They offer the best thermal insulation

3.  They are affordable building materials

4. You can choose different color options thus they can offer the best aesthetics

5. They have a high fire resistance rating

6. They also offer great air and water tightness

7.  The sandwich panels are used for noise-free buildings

You can always discover more benefits of the sandwich panel if you continue using them for different projects.


What are the Available Types of Sandwich Panels?

The types of sandwich panels are mostly based on the insulation material. So, these are the common types of sandwich panels you can get in the market.

  1. Polystyrene(EPS)sandwich panels
  2. Polyurethane(PU)sandwich panel
  3. Polyisocyanurate(PIR) sandwich panel
  4. Rockwool sandwich panel
  5. MGO sandwich panel
  6. Duct panel
  7. Aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel etc.


What are the Dimensions of Sandwich Panels?

The sandwich panels can have different dimensions. Zonsteel has several options available. Below are some of them.

1. Machine made sandwich panel:width 1200mm(effective 1150mm), 1000mm(effective 950mm). The length is customizable

2. Manual sandwich panel:half made by hand, half made by machine, any width and length

You can also get customized sandwich panels too. This is where you can request for specific sizes. It is understandable that not everyone would like a specific size of a sandwich panel. So, it is possible to tailor one to suit your needs.


How Many Layers Does a Sandwich Panel Have?

The number of layers a sandwich panel depends on the application. However, the basic structure includes having steel plate surfaces with an insulation material in the middle. Below are a few examples of what you can get from a Zonsteel sandwich panel.

  1. (0.4-1.0mm) Steel-(40-200mm) insulation-(0.4-1.0mm) steel2
  2. Steel -MGO board/gypsum board-insulation- steel3.
  3. Steel -MGO board/gypsum board-insulation- MGO board/gypsum board- steel
  4. Steel-insulation-aluminum foil

As you can see, it is the insulation material that changes a lot. You can play around with the insulation material depending on the sandwich panel application.


How Does Fire Rating Differ in Regards to Sandwich Panels?

The overall fire rating of a sandwich panel generally determines where it can be used best. Some panels can withstand fire for longer periods compared to others. As such, you would want to know more about such fire resistance.

The EPS/PU/PIR are all B1 rated. This means that they are flame retardant. As for rockwool, it is rated A1. This means that it is inherently non-combustible. This is the highest rating you can get for different materials. It is because of this reason, rockwool can easily withstand temperatures over 1000 degrees Celsius.

Zonsteel still has a special sandwich panel designed to offer over 240 minutes of fire resistance. Thus, your room made of this panel can be protected until the fire engines arrive to fight the fire. Such panels are mostly reserved for cases where the equipment in highly sensitive.


What Factors Affect the Choice of Sandwich Panels?

Stacked Sandwich Panels

Figure 7 Stacked Sandwich Panels

Whenever you want to pick sandwich panels, you will be exposed to different options in the market. Sometimes it can be hard to make up your mind on what makes the sandwich panel great. In case you are stuck, here are a few things you can keep in mind the next time you want to buy a sandwich panel.

  1. The aesthetics of your building. Sandwich panels are not structures you can remove after a few months or years. It is why you can consider the final look of the building before buying the panels. In this case, you can customize the colors and patterns to ensure you have the best sandwich panel.
  2. What is the purpose of the building? You should always consider the purpose since some panels can work better in some scenarios than others. So, take your time to learn more about the panels before picking the right one.
  3. Look at the U-value or thermal transmittance. This is vital to understand more about the insulation properties of the sandwich panel.
  4.  The accessories you have to use with the panels are also vital. Do not pick weak accessories as they might compromise the functionality of the sandwich panel.
  5. You should also consider the size too. Most manufacturers would want you to specify the size that you would want to use for the project.
  6. The cost is also crucial. Some sandwich panels are costlier than others. As such, you should always consider the final cost of the sandwich panel before picking the right one.

There can be many other considerations. It all depends on the project you want to handle. In case you are stuck, it is always great to talk to Zonsteel support team for more help.


What Makes Rockwool Better at Fire Resistance?

When other insulation materials can catch fire, rockwool is different. This material is good on overall in terms of keeping the fire down. This is because it is non-combustible.

Some insulation materials might not have flames while on fire, but they can release fumes and smokes that would affect the people possibly trapped in the room. However, rockwool material does not combust and can easily withstand temperatures of over 1000 degree Celsius.

Rock Wool Sandwich Panel

Figure 8 Rock Wool Sandwich Panel


What are the Important Sandwich Panels Accessories from Zonsteel?

Now that you have bought your sandwich panels, you should consider the accessories too. These accessories are vital to ensure you can properly install the sandwich panels. Someone would ask, what are some of the accessories that you need for sandwich panel installation and use? Below are a few examples;

  1. Flashings
  2. Channels
  3. Connection kits
  4. Corner covers
  5. Edge covers
  6. Ceiling hanging kits
  7. Fasteners
  8. Sealants
  9. Gaskets etc.

Zonsteel can always supply you with the right accessories you might need whenever you are looking for sandwich panels. Make sure you ask for them so that they are priced together with the sandwich panels.

Sandwich Panel Accessories

Figure 9 Sandwich Panel Accessories


How Does PIR Insulation Compare to PUR Insulation?

When you are in the market for a sandwich panel, the chances are you are likely to come across PIR and PUR insulation panels.

PUR means polyurethane and PIR means polyisocyanurate. PUR was popular in the past when it comes to making insulation panels. However, that has changed over time with PIR replacing it slowly. This can make someone want to know more about the two and how they differ.

The way to produce PUR and PIR is different. PUR is A polymer with repeating structural units of urethane segment made by the reaction of isocyanate and polyol. And PIR is a foaming material made by isocyanate reacts with polyether through catalyst.

How about fire resistance properties? Well, the PIR and PUR panels will have different fire-retardant properties. This is because PIR can withstand temperatures of 300 degrees C, while PUR can withstand temperatures of 200 degrees C.

As for insulation properties, PIR is also better. It comes with low thermal conductivity coefficient thus it would be able to keep the temperatures maintained easily within the desired range. You would not have to spend so much.

Both panels are also lightweight. This makes it easier to raise and install them. They are still both highly resistant to possible mechanical damage. Also, moisture cannot easily damage these panels making them good for various applications.


Why is PIR/PU Sandwich Panel Best Suited for Cold Room Storage?

Workers Installing Sandwich Panels

Figure 10 Workers Installing Sandwich Panels

PIR and PU panels are the most common options for those who want to set up a cold room storage. The reason is because of their thermal insulation properties. As an example, a PIR panel has a thermal conductivity coefficient of λ = 0.019. This is better than what you get with EPS sandwich panels.

The panels are also quite strong against any mechanical damage. You will mostly like the way these panels fit and stay strong against possible damages.


Why is a Magnesium Sandwich Panel a Top Consideration Today?

MGO or magnesium sandwich panel is a common choice other than the rockwool or EPS sandwich panel. There are various reasons why this is the case. They are mentioned below.

  1. The panel would have an excellent fire prevention capability. This is because it is non-flammable even at 800 degrees C.
  2. You will also like the sandwich panel because it is lightweight. Carrying it around should not be much of a problem in most cases. You are likely to end up with a sandwich panel that is 60% lighter than some other common materials.
  3. Other than being lightweight, you will like its strength too. It does not deform easily and thus it will leave you with a strong panel for various applications.
  4. The material is also environmentally friendly. This is because it does not contain asbestos or any other harmful elements. Because of this performance, you should end up with a great sandwich panel that you like in terms of durability.
  5. The sandwich panel also offers the best heat insulation too. The heat insulation should make it easier to maintain the temperature in certain rooms. It can always have some applications in the food industry too.


Can Sandwich Panels Be Used as Roofs?

Yes. Sandwich panels can be designed to be specifically good for roofing applications. It is for this reason; you can also get sandwich panel roofs. They will be designed to look like the normal roofs in the market. From a distance, you might not even know that it is a sandwich panel used as a roofing material.

Sandwich panel corrugated shape designed for water drainage convenience. Connect to the gutter system. Usually the roof end be covered by steel or aluminium profile, no insulation exposed in air.


What is the Proper Handling and Storage of Sandwich Panels?

The way you handle the sandwich panels can sometimes determine if the panels will break or remain strong over the storage period.

There are various scenarios you should look at and how best to have the sandwich panels handled. Here are some of them;

Unloading the panels with a forklift

One forklift can handle sandwich panel less than 10m, pay attention to the lifting point must be at the center of the sandwich panel bundle. And necessary to use a plywood protect the sandwich panel, place it between forklift and the bundle. The forks of the machine should be longer compared to the sandwich panel width. This helps a lot with the balance of the panels.

When sandwich panel length exceeding 10m, you are required to use 2 forklifts to work at the same time. Note that the distance between the panels center and the forklifts shall be the same.

The upper surface of the forks should be smooth and clean. This is vital to prevent any possible damages to the panel surfaces.

You should never unload too many panels at any given time.

Storage of the sandwich panels

When you move sandwich panel piece by piece and by hand. Then move it vertically not horizontally.

Storage of the sandwich panels

Now that you have unloaded the panels, next is to store them properly.

You should always place them on a smooth level and dry & rigid surface.

You can also add support packages such as wood or polystyrene. This helps a lot in keeping the sandwich panels protected from the elements on the surface.

You should also place the sandwich panels at an incline of around 5%. This is vital to allow for the drainage of water in case there is condensation or leaks in the rooms.

You should not stack too many panels on top of each other. Zonsteel would have special instructions on how many panels can be stuck onto each other.

In case you have to store the sandwich panels for several months without using them, make sure they are stored under a shelter. Advise the stack time less than two months, otherwise the appearance and quality will be effected. The shelter is important to protect the panels from the elements such as sun rays, rain, and more. Also, ensure the room also has adequate ventilation.

In case the sandwich panel stack without any shelter, then put a tarpaulin on top to protect it from raining, especially the rock wool sandwich panel.

The measures mentioned above are just but a few things you should keep in mind. You can still do a lot more when you have the right guidelines. Consult with Zonsteel support team to get more help where necessary.

Forklift Handle Sandwich Panel

Figure 11 Forklift Handle Sandwich Panel


What is the Procedure of Cutting Panels?

Sandwich panels are mostly precut to suit your needs. However, there is no doubt that sometimes you may want to cut the panels. Like make a hole for switch, for light, or for equipment. When you have to cut the panels at the project site, you have to follow are a few tips to ensure that you do it right.

  1. Use the carry-on cut-off machine to cut sandwich panel.
  2. Make sure that you also protect the surface you are cutting. Use adhesive tape to protect the sandwich panel.
  3. Proceed to draw an outline based on the size you want to cut. Use a felt-tip pen to see the line correctly.
  4. You can now go ahead to cut the panel to its size. Always clean the shavings and chippings once you are done with cutting.
  5. It is now possible to remove the remaining adhesive tape.


What Sandwich Panel Maintenance Tips Should You Keep in Mind?

Cutting Sandwich Panels

Figure 12 Cutting Sandwich Panels

Sandwich panels can work great provided you also provide the right maintenance too. This is something people often leave out when they start using sandwich panels.

Sandwich panel maintenance can be divided into two phases. These phases are discussed below.

The installation period

If you want the panels to survive for long, they should always be installed based on the instructions as provided by the manufacturer. During this installation period, make sure that the metal chippings are removed from the surface of the sandwich panel. This is vital to keep them from scratching the surface.

The roof surfaces need regular cleaning. This is vital to remove metal objects such as saddle caps, nails, rivets, screws, and more.

The flashing elements are also known for holding dirt, metal chippings, metal dust, small screws, and more. Always inspect them and remove any foreign objects before applying a sealant to the elements.

Once you are done with the installation, it is best to clean the roof surfaces and gutters thoroughly. This ensures you remain with a clean sandwich panel.

The panels should be inspected for possible damages because you call it a wrap on the project. Sometimes if the installation is not done right, it can easily lead to damaged panels. In case a panel is damaged, you can always replace it.

Using the panels phase

This part is when you have been using the sandwich panels for a while. You still have to continue maintaining them if you hope to end up with a great looking sandwich panel.

This is the type of maintenance that can be done every six months. Check for any dirt and grime accumulation.

Check for any signs of leaks. Sometimes people do not seal their sandwich panels correctly. Apply additional sealant where you deem necessary.

Gutters can also be filled with multiple foreign objects. Such include plants, trash, sand, and dirt. In such a case, clean the gutters right to have a long-lasting sandwich panel.

Check the screws too. In case there are any lose screws, make sure they are re-tightened. This should leave you with sandwich panels fitting right and will not fall off easily.


How Can You Properly Dispose Sandwich Panels?

It is possible that when constructing with sandwich panels, you might end up with some waste materials. These wastes are mostly derived from cut out pieces when you want to do a proper fitting. Sometimes they can be damaged panels too.

The damaged panels are those that cannot be used anymore due to breakage or any other reason. So, how are such panels disposed?

It will depend on your location. Some countries would have specific companies that are authorized to do such a job. This ensures that there is no pollution in the end. It will be best to consider what the local laws say about disposing of the sandwich panels.


How Zonsteel Pack their Sandwich Panel?

Considering that the Zonsteel sandwich panels have to be transported to different countries, proper packaging is necessary.

Zonsteel will package the sandwich panels by protecting them with PE film. Then the packaged sandwich panels are attached to a steel pallet or a wooden pallet. In case they even have to be transported via sea, there should be enough protection for the sandwich panel to get to its destination safely.

The PE film is important to protect the surface from scratches. Once the sandwich panels are installed, the film can be removed to expose the beautiful look of the sandwich panel.


What is Zonsteel Delivery Timeline?

Sandwich panels can be delivered within 7 days. This is because Zonsteel processes the sandwich panels in bulk. So, in case you have any ongoing project, it should not delay much as the panels will be delivered within the correct timeline.


How Long is Zonsteel Sandwich Panel Warranty?

The product warranty is important for the peace of mind of any client. Zonsteel sandwich panel also come with a one-year warranty. Make sure that you always read the terms and conditions of the warranty so that you know where and how they apply.

Do not worry as the customer care team is always ready to help you with your warranty claims.


Can You Customize Sandwich Panels from Zonsteel?

Sandwich panel customization is possible than what most people think. If you want a few things changed to your linking, let us know about them.

Some of the things you can customize include the paint, sandwich panel thickness, the steel surface thickness, size, and so much more.

It is understandable you might have different projects and thus the need to have a sandwich panel that suits you. The customer care team can share with you more details on what else is possible to customize.


Does Zonsteel offer installation service?

Yes. Zonsteel can easily offer installation services at a fee. Keep in mind that the fee is different from what you pay for when buying the sandwich panels.

Installation can be done around the world. It can be through onsite installation or through a video link. Our engineers are always ready to step in and help whenever necessary. So, do not worry about getting the installation done right.



From the guide above, you should be in a position to choose a sandwich panel knowing that it would help you handle various applications. The Zonsteel customer support team is also available to help with any queries on sandwich panels you might have. In the end, you should be able to enjoy using a product that you understand. Give us a call today for more details.

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