Air Shower

  • Body Material High Quality Cold Roll Steel or Stainless Steel 304
  • Size: 1400mm*1000*2270mm, Depth Maximum 8m
  • Type: Air Shower for Human, for Cargo, Air Shower Channel, Cargo Air Shower Channel
  • Manual Door, Auto Door, Fast Door
  • Customizable Air Shower
  • Air Shower
  • Air Shower

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The air shower and cargo shower is a kind of general-purpose local clean equipment which is generally installed between the clean room and the non-clean room. It is the passage required for people or goods to enter the clean room. It can remove the dust carried by people and goods, and can effectively block or reduce the dust source from entering the clean room. The front and rear doors of the air shower room / cargo shower room are electronically interlocked and can also act as air locks to prevent unpurified air from entering the clean area. This equipment is widely used in the food, medicine, biological engineering and microelectronics industries etc.

Zonsteel offers air shower for humans, for cargo, as well as air shower channel, cargo air shower channel.

Zonsteel air shower whole body use cold roll steel or stainless steel 304, to meet your different budget. Outside stainless steel thickness is 1.2mm and inside 1mm. Or use external steel inside stainless steel.

Zonsteel air shower size is customized, standard size for single user 1400mm*1000*2270mm, double users 1400mm*1500*2270mm, triple users 1400mm*2000*2270mm. Zonsteel can make air shower 8m depth maximum.

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ItemSingle air showerAir shower channel
Overall dimensions (mm)1400mm*1000*22701400mm*5000*2270
Air shower area size (mm)900*900*2000900*4900*2000
Wind speed at nozzle (m / s)18–2518–25
Number of nozzles1260
Nozzle diameterφ30φ30
Shower time (s)1010
Body material304 stainless steel304 stainless steel
Door material304 stainless steel + double glass observation window304 stainless steel + double glass observation window
Door closer brandGMTGMT
Electronic interlocking brandHomanHoman
HEPA filter size610*610*69*2610*610*69*10
Filtration efficiencyH13H13
Number of fans210
Fan power (w)450450
Fluorescent lamp power15W*115W*5
Machine power (w)9004500
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Air Shower: The Complete Guide

Zonsteel air shower standard configuration includes wall-mounted air shower nozzles, LED light, primary filter and high efficiency filter, fan, indicator light, door, door handle and door closer, electronic interlock. It also includes an LCD screen to set shower time and air speed.

Zonsteel can provide smart air shower, equipped with a 7” LCD touch screen display PLC system, an OTS error code display system, and available audio prompts and instructions. The system can be set to manual or automatic mode, and includes security features such as a screen lock, delayed light timer, password protection, and total system access control. Besides, air shower size can be customized. Zonsteel is flexible to add features such as UV light, door configuration, ozone generators, infrared sensing automatic door, fingerprint access, and high-speed automatic roll up door.

Zonsteel advanced laser cutting, CNC automatic sheet cutting machine ensure our air shower system is high quality.

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Air Shower: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

An air shower room is an important addon to your cleanroom or related space.

With the best air shower installed as part of a clean room, you can end up maintaining the clean room integrity much easily.

If you are new to air showers, then this guide should be perfect for you. Let us see what an air shower is all about below.

What is an Air Shower?

How a Air Shower Look Like

Figure 1: How a Air Shower Look Like

An air shower is a crucial piece of equipment important for the purification of the employees before entering the clean room or any other place that does not need dust.

With the use of an air shower, there will be minimal pollution of the cleanroom and thus further help in maintaining the cleanroom integrity.

You are likely to find the air showers being common in clean rooms, labs, food processing, electronics, LED manufacturing, optics, and many other fields.

So long as there is the need for thorough cleaning before getting into a workshop, then an air shower is necessary.

How Does the air Shower Work?

Stainless Steel Air Shower

Figure 2: Stainless Steel Air Shower

To better understand how an air shower works, we will consider the automated car wash pressure systems common in many countries.

The difference is that air shower will have multiple steps for the decontamination process.

We will consider a general air shower specification to discuss what is involved in operating an air shower.

1,   When a worker goes through the entry door of the air shower, there is a sensor that will activate the interlock magnets. These magnets are important for locking the air shower and the clean room doors to prevent any contamination from getting into the cleanroom.

2,   There are numerous adjustable nozzles on the sides of the air shower that at this point get activated. They are designed to blow high velocity of filtered air onto the worker that is in the air shower room at this point.

3,   The high velocity air is important for creating the flapping effect on the clothing. The result is that you now end up with a scrubbing action thus removing the particulates that might be on the cleanroom garments.

4,   Workers are supposed to raise their arms and rotate in place to ensure that all the particulates are effectively removed.

5,    There will be indicator lights that will alert the worker that the cleaning cycle is complete. At this point, the cleanroom door opens for you to access it.

It should not take long for the whole process. Within 15 seconds, the whole process is done in most cases. So, it should not take long to decontaminate before getting into the clean room.

Why Should You Choose Zonsteel Air Shower?

Air shower - 3 Users Air shower

Figure 3: Air shower – 3 Users Air shower

With many companies out there all making air showers, it should be interesting to see why someone would choose a Zonsteel air shower.

Below are some of the reasons a lot more people consider the Zonsteel air shower today.

1,   One thing that stands out with our air shower should be the unique sterilization function. This function is activated after 8 hours without the workers using the air shower function. With the presence of the high-efficiency filter, the sterilization process is highly effective.

2,    There is also the design of the air shower to be modern to live up to the ever-changing needs of a cleanroom. We have adopted the use of full sheet metal processing technology, automated controls, and so much more. With newer technology implemented in the air shower, you can expect it to be more effective.

3,    Our air shower comes with an intelligent PLC control system, LCD touch screen, and much more. This control system is further divided into both manual and automatic. As such, it is easy to switch from one mode to another depending on the needs. There are times when the electronics can fail, so having the manual override is important.

4,    We take pride in the quality of the electrical and electronic interlocking mechanisms implemented in the air shower. This is because they are built to meet the highest standards that you might have in mind. Still, they will offer a safe and stable operation of the air shower room even better.

5,    Another thing you will like about our air shower should be its flexibility. You can add more sterilization and disinfection functions depending on the user needs. The result is that the air shower can be adjusted to suit the user needs depending on the field of application. The air shower operation for a cleanroom might not be the same when using it for electronics room or lab.

What Are the common Air Shower Materials?

Air Shower-interior Stainless Steel 304

Figure 4: Air Shower-interior Stainless Steel 304

An air shower needs to last for long so that it feels like it was worth investing your money. It is why we often use the strongest material for making the air shower.

Our material of choice is stainless steel. We all know that stainless steel is chemical and corrosion resistant so the air shower can be used for different applications.

Also, the material comes with a high stress rating to ensure that it can live up to your needs for long term use of the air shower.

Because of this material, we now have air showers categorized as follows;

–    All stainless-steel air shower

–    Color steel plate air shower room

–    Out steel plate and inner stainless-steel air shower

–    Steel plate baking paint air shower room

From the list above, it is easy to see that you can end up with an air shower that works for you. Always get into touch with us if you want something custom made for your application.

Our experienced design team would be able to guide you further to choose the best air shower for your needs.

Is It worth Investing in a Cleanroom Air Shower?

Air Shower-auto Door Air Shower

Figure 5: Air Shower-auto Door Air Shower

Before someone can invest in an air shower, the question in their minds would be if it is worth the money. It all comes down to the reason you are getting the air shower.

There is no doubt that air showers are effective, as such, they are the reason you might want to invest in getting one.

To the contrary of what people think, an air shower will not increase the cost of setting up the cleanroom significantly.

Considering its importance, then getting it as an addon to your cleanroom purchase should make all the difference.

We all know how a cleanroom needs to maintain its integrity. So, with the use of an air shower, you are sure that you can save a lot more in cleaning the cleanroom more often of any particulates.

Still, the air shower could save you many other costly mistakes in various areas. Having a contaminated product in the world of biomedical, drugs, and pharmaceuticals is a disaster. All that can be prevented by having an air shower.

Other than an air shower being affordable, it has proven that it can help with product consistency. As such, you end up with better cleanroom efficiency.

So, regardless of where you use the air shower, you are sure it will reduce the particulates. It is then a worthy investment to make for your cleanroom and other related applications.

What Are the Characteristics of the Commonly Used Air Shower from Zonsteel?

Air Shower Size Could Be Customized

Figure 6: Air Shower Size Could Be Customized

There is no doubt you would want to know what the air shower from Zonsteel is all about. Below, we look at some of its basic configuration and specifications.

–    The air shower will have dimensions 1400mm x 1000mm x 2270mm (L x W x H). The overall air shower area is 900mm x 900mm x 2000mm. This should be enough room for people of different heights to use it with ease for decontamination.

–    The air shower nozzles can rotate for 360 degrees. There are 12 of these air shower nozzles on each side so that they can deliver the best cleaning performance. They will also rotate depending on the direction they have to blow the air.

–   There is also the purification fan as part of the air shower. It is a dedicated centrifugal low-noise fan that delivers an impressive air volume of 2000 air volume/hour.

–    There is also the blowing wind speed on both sides of the air shower. The wind speed is 25 to 30m/s. The high wind speed ensures that you get the best blowing effect.

–    The blowing time of the air shower is adjustable from the 7-inch color display. The blowing time varies from 0 to 99s. So, depending on the application, you can always change it.

–    The control system on the other hand is designed to suit the user needs. This means that you can adjust it effectively to work for your application. In case of any faults, the system will be quick to point out the issues so that they can be handled.

–    The control panel is a soft contact control switch. It comes with all the important control features that any person would want to handle the air shower. There is also the concealed lock protection with a keyboard to control the number of people who can make changes to the air shower settings.

There are many more configurations and specifications about the air shower. If you want to learn more, we can always send you a catalogue with everything listed. Get in touch with us for this additional information.

What Is a Cargo Air Shower Room? Why Should I Get One?

Complete Cargo Air Shower Auto Fast Door

Figure 7: Complete Cargo Air Shower Auto Fast Door

From the name, we can define a cargo air shower room as one where the goods are blown to remove particulates before being transferred to a cleanroom or any other related space.

If used correctly, then the cargo air shower room will reduce the pollution problems often caused by goods moving into or out of the cleanroom.

The cargo air shower room will also have electronic interlocking mechanism to prevent the unpurified air from getting into the clean room. The result is that you now have an effective purification effect.

The air in this type of air show if filtered by the high-efficiency filter. This makes it cleaner and better for cleanroom applications.

The air is also sprayed in all directions so that all the dust particles will be removed from the surface of the goods.

If you are going to choose the best cargo shower room, make sure that it is in the appropriate form and size depending on the cargo turnover of the workshop. If you have to move a lot of cargo at any given time, then it is best to invest in a larger air shower.

The manual double-door air shower room can be ideal for cases where there is infrequent moving of goods. The automatic induction sliding doors are ideal for those who need to move a lot of goods, small carts, and more.

The fast rolling door air shower is a top consideration for those who need to use forklifts. This is because such air shower rooms need to open faster and frequently than the others mentioned above.

What Is the Process of Using an Air Shower Room?

Air shower nozzles

Figure 8:  Air shower nozzles

The process of using an air shower room does not have to be hard. Here is how the process is likely to go after setting up an air shower room.

–    Before the worker enters the air shower room, there is need to change the clothes and shoes. The worker needs to change to correct cleanroom clothes.

–     Next is to check if the air shower room is in the idle state. Check the indicator lights which should be able to show you the state of the air shower room. Do not press the button to open the air shower doors when it is working. This might damage the locks on the door.

–      Once the worker enters the air shower room, let him or her proceed through the photoelectric sensor and then start the shower. The worker needs to raise the hands while in the air shower room and rotate around for up to 360 degrees. This helps the air to be blown to the different parts for the best cleaning experience.

–      Once the blowing is complete, the air shower room fan will stop operating and then the door will open for the worker to exit the air shower room.

As you can see, the process is not hard and will not take a lot of time.

Depending on the cleanliness of the target space, you might have to replace the air filter more often. Initially, it can be one to three months and then 6 to 12 months.

We also recommend that you use a dust particle counter to measure the overall cleanliness of the area you are trying to keep it clean. If there are more particles than anticipated, then you need to replace the filter to make it even more efficient.

Always stop the air shower machine when replacing the filters. The last thing you want is electrocution or causing damage to the machine.

What Is the Common Air Shower Installation Process?

Air Shower Installation Is Simple

Figure 9: Air Shower Installation Is Simple

The air shower room installation is not hard, but it needs to be done correctly.

Here are some pointers on what needs to happen if you want to make the installation done correctly.

–     Once the air shower has been shipped and assembled, it might be heavy. As such, there is the need to lift it correctly to avoid it falling on its side leading to damage. We provide the user with all the important instructions necessary for lifting and installing of the air shower.

–      For those who might not be sure how to proceed with the installation process, we recommend that our technician is present during the whole process. This will involve the assembly, attaching the blower, doors, connecting power, and so much more.

–      Once the air shower has been mounted in place, what follows is the electrician to connect power to the air shower. The unit can be started and check the blower rotation. This is to ensure it is working properly.

–       Some additional things would be touching up the paint if the need arises, adjusting the doors and the door interlocks, and confirming that the high-velocity air is flowing out of the nozzles as expected.

–        The installer also needs to ensure that the blower is directing the wind to the right side. The last thing you need is to have the blower rotation being backwards.

–        Once the whole installation process is complete and tested, then the workers can start to enjoy their new air shower that cleans all the different types of particulates.

How Can You Choose the Right Cleanroom Air Shower?

Air Shower Details

Figure 10: Air Shower Details

By now you already know the importance of a cleanroom air shower. Next on your mind would be how you can choose one for your clean room so that you can start to enjoy the benefits.

Here some important considerations to keep in mind.

–      You always have to look at the possibility of increasing the size of your system. It is why you need to go for the modular construction when choosing an air shower. This allows of ease of configuration and reconfiguration where necessary. Still, the modular construction makes it easy to ship and assemble the air shower upon getting to the destination.

–      Another thing to keep in mind is the construction material. The material needs to be durable so that it can handle the different applications and environment the air shower would be exposed to. We recommend a model with a stainless steel or painted steel shell.

–      The blower of the air shower needs to deliver high velocity air to the subject. The high velocity of the air is important for effective decontamination.

–      The recirculating filtration system should also have the best filters. We recommend going for the high-capacity HEPA filters. This will ensure that you have cleaner air on overall.

–      The air shower also needs to have adjustable air nozzles. This ensures that you can tailor the air shower to suit your needs. Still, the air nozzles should be many so that they can adequately cover the air shower appropriately.

–      Having the magnetic door interlock system and other appropriate controls goes a long way to ensure that the air shower works great. There is no doubt you would like an effective air shower that keeps the contaminants from getting into the air shower.

What Are the Cleanroom Air Shower Specification Standards I Should Know About?

Air Shower Details

Figure 11: Air Shower Details

When it comes to measuring the performance of the air shower room, there are a couple of things that are used as standards. The most common specifications standards would be the effectiveness and the air filtration capability.

Under effectiveness, we have to look at the power and capacity of the air shower room. The cleaning power will be determined by the nozzle velocity.

The nozzle velocity is the speed at which the air will be pushed out of the nozzles.

For an air shower room, you need high velocity air to dislodge the contaminants from the clothing surfaces. If you have a higher velocity for the air, then you can remove a lot more contaminants.

Still, the capacity of the volume of air being circulated determines the effectiveness of the air shower. Having more volume being circulated means that you can clean the contaminants a lot faster.

Therefore, an air shower with a high number of nozzles close to the worker makes it ideal for the decontamination process. These nozzles should also be installed in a way that allows for their removal and inspection of the supply ducts. Sometimes the ducts can clog reducing the efficiency of the air shower.

As for air filtration, you will get them being two sets in an air shower room. The first one is the pre-filter important for catching most of the contaminants.

The second one is the high capacity HEPA filter. The HEPA filter is meant for catching the smallest of the contaminants.

There is the need to test the air shower filtration system more often using a dust particle counter. This machine helps you to know if the air shower filtration system is working correctly or there is need for improvement.

With routine maintenance of the filters, you should then have an efficient air shower room for the clean room.

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If you are in the market for the best air shower, then you know that Zonsteel can help you get it. We have been making the air shower rooms for years now, so we should have all the technical information you need.

If you want to learn more information about our air showers, then kindly get in touch. Our experienced team is always available to give you all the information that you need to make up your mind about an air shower room.

You can still get a free quote to help you see that we are affordable compared to other brands in the market.

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