Duct Panel

  • Duct Panel Width 1200mm or Customized Width
  • Length≤4000 MM
  • Thickness 20mm-100mm
  • Duct Panels Core Material PU or Phenolic Foam
  • Both Sides Max 0.1mm Aluminum Foil or Max 0.6mm PPGI Steel
  • Duct Panel
  • Duct Panel
  • Duct Panel

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Zonsteel duct panel forms the framework of a HVAC duct system. The duct panel is made of insulated sandwich panel cut into pieces to make the ductwork system. This system is necessary for carrying cold and warm air throughout the cleanroom. There is a large variety of different kinds of duct panels, differing in size, shape and material.

One of the most important components of the HVAC system is the trunk duct which is constructed using custom-made duct panels. The panels forming the trunk are often much bigger and thicker because they must accommodate a large amount of airflow to be distributed throughout the cleanroom.

Zonsteel air duct panel surface is made of aluminum foil 0.06-0.1mm or PPGI steel 0.18-0.6mm. It is possible to make both sides aluminum foil, or both sides PPGI steel, or one side aluminum foil and the other PPGI steel.

The Zonsteel duct panel width is 1200mm, or any other customized size less than 1200mm. Length is no limit, but to avoid deformation, it is best to keep it less than 4m.

Zonsteel duct board panel insulation materials are made of PU, or phenolic foam.

Contact us to customize your Duct Panel now!
Available ThicknessBoth side 0.18-0.6mm color steel
One side 0.18-0.6mm steel one side aluminum foil
Panel LengthMax 4000 mm
Panel Width1200 mm
Available MaterialsAluZinc, P.P.G.I, aluminum foil
ColorAny RAL color
K Value (Thermal Conductivity)0.021 W/mK
PU Density38-42 kg/m3
Fire PropertyB2
Wind Press-resistant Strength
For the Panel Both Sides Alu Foil
1.5 kPa
Wind Press-resistant Strength
For the Panel Both Sides color-steel
3.0 kPa
Adhesive Strength110kPa
Bending strength718kPa
Compressive Strength144kPa
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Zonsteel duct panel thickness varies from 20mm to 100mm. As for the color, the options include plain, matte, bright or any RAL color of steel. Talk to us getting your favorite color scheme.

Zonsteel duct panel surface is flat with no bubbles. The full panel is covered by steel, even the two sides. The surface steel do not move, so that you will not expose the PU or phenolic foam.

Zonsteel duct panel packed in a carton box if the surface is aluminum foil. While when surface is steel, will be protected by PVC film, to avoid scratches or dents during shipping. Zonsteel loads the container very carefully. Each stack has an extra steel cable on it to prevent the duct panel from falling. The container floor and four corners have the extra EPS foam to prevent the impact from reaching the duct panels.

Zonsteel duct panel delivery time is 7-15 days, for any quantity.

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