Cleanroom Furniture

A complete cleanroom not only takes all aspects of measurement to purify air, keep pressure differential, air flow, air tight, temperature and humidity in designed level, but need cleanroom furniture to help clean room running.

Zonsteel has professional stainless steel furniture production technology, equipment, and experienced workers that can provide you one stop solution, from stainless steel table, shelves, bench, basin to tool cabinet etc. Welcome to customize your cleanroom furniture, contact us today!

  • Clean Room Furniture
  • Clean Room Furniture
  • Clean Room Furniture

Cleanroom Furniture

Specializes in Customize High Quality Cleanroom Furniture Table, Bench, Basin, Shoe Cabinet etc.

Stainless Steel Clean Benches for Shoes Changing and Storage

Clean Room Shelving

Stainless Steel Shelving Custom Made

Stainless Steel Basin

Stainless Steel Basin 1 Station 2 Station 3 Station

Stainless Steel Cleanroom Tables

High Quality 304/316 Stainless Steel Cleanroom Tables

Why Zonsteel Cleanroom Furniture

  • Cleanroom Stainless Steel Furniture
  • Meet Pharmaceutical IT etc. Industry Standards
  • Can Customize
  • Rich Kind of Cleanroom Furniture
  • 24/7 Sales & Tech Support

Your Primer Cleanroom Furniture Manufacturer

Zonsteel is a professional cleanroom furniture manufacturer with rich experience in different kinds of stainless steel furniture includes shelving, benches, basin, table, locker, bucket, shoe cabinet, tank, tool cabinet, trolley, trash can, boots dryer etc. can meet pharmaceutical, IT, lab etc. industry standards.

Zonsteel skilled workers are experienced in stainless steel making for years. They can bend, cut, weld, and polish stainless steel in a good manner. Also Zonsteel owns advanced bending, cutting and welding machine. Before production, our engineers will make drawing, some customized furniture like tool cabinet, and we even make 3D for your checking to ensure everything is as agreed.

Cleanroom Furniture Manufacture Experience 20 years
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Zonsteel uses stainless steel 304 or 316 to make your cleanroom furniture. Thickness 1.0mm 1.2mm or above according to furniture making requirement to ensure it is strong enough. Polishing edges and welding line are the normal operation to avoid hurts and making welding parts nice. Also leg bottoms are usually covered with rubber or plastic.

During stainless steel process, if not control well will cause waste, especially in bending and angle making.

Zonsteel cleanroom furniture delivery time is in 15 days for normal quantity. Packing could be bubble foil, wrapping film or pallet. Full amounted or flat packing are both ok, flat packing can save freight cost, while Zonsteel will provide assemble manual.

Zonsteel cleanroom furniture is usually shipped together with other cleanroom supplies. We focus on clean room turnkey project, Zonsteel professional team offers you clean room design, component, equipment and furniture which can save you time from sourcing. Shipping all items from one place also can save transportation and freight cost, especially when every item be packed well, for example, cleanroom sandwich panel are in steel pallet and edges covered by steel angel, will fit for ocean condition.

Zonsteel can ship clean room furniture to any sea port all over the world. Welcome to visit our factory, Contact us today to customize your cleanroom furniture!

Cleanroom Furniture: the Ultimate FAQ Guide

As part of making your cleanroom complete, you need to get yourself the best cleanroom furniture. These are the components that help in the various functionality of the cleanroom. In this guide, we look at the potential questions that you might have about the cleanroom furniture and help you learn more. Let us get into the guide already.


Why Should Someone Opt for the Zonsteel Cleanroom Furniture?

Cleanroom Furniture - Clean Room Equipment - Clean Room Benches

Figure 1: Cleanroom Furniture – Clean Room Equipment – Clean Room Benches

–       Multiple Options for Cleanroom Furniture

One thing that will drive more people into getting cleanroom furniture should be the multiple options available. Well, the cleanroom furniture in this case includes cleanroom benches, cleanroom shelving, stainless steel basins, and stainless steel cleanroom tables.

We must point out that there are still more options for you to consider getting under cleanroom furniture. The best way to learn about the other options would be going through the cleanroom furniture catalogue from Zonsteel, the best cleanroom furniture manufacturer in China.

–       Easily Customizable Cleanroom Furniture

Another thing that you will enjoy about the cleanroom furniture should be that they are easily customizable to fit your cleanroom needs. As much as Zonsteel has the standard sizes for the different cleanroom furniture, you can always request for a custom fit. This is because different cleanrooms might have different needs.

–       24/7 Sales and Tech Support

Zonsteel boasts of having its sales and tech support team always available 24/7. As a result, a client can get the help that they need all the time. If you have any questions, then we recommend that you go for the brand knowing that it will help you end up with a nice set of cleanroom furniture.

–       Applicable to Different Industries

Zonsteel makes different types of cleanroom furniture. This means that it does not matter the industry that you are in as the brand will have something for you. The best part is that all its cleanroom furniture meets the industry standards. This will ensure that each of the cleanroom furniture that you buy from Zonsteel can be good for your industry. It could be pharmaceutical, IT, food processing or more. Just know that Zonsteel can help you get the best cleanroom furniture.

–       Years of Experience

There is no doubt that the years of experience can give you the confidence about a brand. Well, Zonsteel has been in operation since 1999. These are two decades of experience meaning that Zonsteel understands the customer needs even better. With such an experience, you can always end up with the best cleanroom furniture. The same applies to the variety of cleanroom furniture you are likely to get.

–       The Delivery Time for Cleanroom Furniture Manufacturing

Another thing that will give you confidence should be the delivery time for manufacturing the cleanroom furniture. Zonsteel can get it done in just 15 days for a normal size order. Depending on the order type for cleanroom furniture, there are times it can be done in 7 days. With such an impressive lead time, you should find Zonsteel being the top choice for most clients who need cleanroom furniture.

–       Worldwide Shipping

Some might be wondering, is it possible to get the Zonsteel cleanroom furniture in different parts of the world other than China? Yes. Zonsteel offers its services in addition to cleanroom furniture to the whole world. It is why the company supports worldwide shipping. It does not matter where you are as you can always receive the Zonsteel products quickly and on time.


What Kind of Cleanroom Furniture Should I Expect from Zonsteel?

Cleanroom Furniture - Clean Room Equipment -Stainless Steel Basin

Figure 2: Cleanroom Furniture – Clean Room Equipment -Stainless Steel Basin


Some of the best cleanroom furniture options you can expect from Zonsteel include;

–       Cleanroom Benches

Cleanroom Furniture - Clean Room Equipment -Clean Room Benches 

Figure 3: Cleanroom Furniture – Clean Room Equipment -Clean Room Benches

Benches can have many applications in a cleanroom. It is good to know that Zonsteel offers them as part of cleanroom furniture. There are times when people in the cleanroom have to sit and change shoes. Well, that is when the cleanroom benches come in handy.

This cleanroom furniture come in different designs and sizes. The aim is to help you find the best cleanroom benches to suite your needs. Some even have storage areas so that you can store different things in them for quick access like shoes.

–       Cleanroom Shelving

Cleanroom Furniture - Clean Room Equipment - Clean Room Shelving

Figure 4: Cleanroom Furniture – Clean Room Equipment – Clean Room Shelving

Well, storage can never be enough in cleanrooms. That is how you end up with cleanroom shelving too. These shelving are important to ensure that you always have room in the cleanroom. They are also available in different designs and shapes. This helps you to end up with the best cleanroom furniture that helps to store a lot more of your supplies. And transfer stuffs to other places.

–       Stainless Steel Basin

Cleanroom Furniture - Clean Room Equipment -Stainless Steel Basin

Figure 5: Cleanroom Furniture – Clean Room Equipment -Stainless Steel Basin

The stainless steel basin can be another nice cleanroom furniture to own right now. This type of cleanroom furniture is good in terms of providing you an area for cleaning. It could be your hands or other stuff that you use in your cleanroom more often.

There are different sizes and types of the stainless steel basins. This is to help you get the best basin depending on what you have to handle in the cleanroom. The best part is that you can still get custom size basins for your cleanroom.

–       Stainless Steel Cleanroom Tables

Cleanroom Furniture - Stainless Steel Cleanroom Tables 

Figure 6: Cleanroom Furniture – Stainless Steel Cleanroom Tables

As for those who might need cleanroom tables, just know there is that option too. You are always going to have a great time enjoying the support you get with cleanroom tables and the versatility too. Some also have storage areas underneath the table to ensure that it is easy to have the necessary supplies at an arm’s reach.

The tables being cleanroom furniture are also made of strong materials whose aim is to provide you with the best durability and performance. There is no doubt they would be a nice collection to your cleanroom furniture.

These are just the top four options; you can also expect a lot more when you get the Zonsteel product catalogue. Some of the additional cleanroom furniture other than the ones mentioned above include stainless steel buckets, storage tanks, shoe cabinets, other types of cabinets, sinks, trolleys, desks, dressing tables, and more. The list is long, so, check out the Zonsteel cleanroom furniture catalogue for more information.


How Long Does It Take for Zonsteel to Produce Cleanroom Furniture?

Zonsteel can deliver the different cleanroom furniture within 15 days. Some of the cleanroom furniture can be done in 7 days. It comes down to what you opt for as the cleanroom furniture that you want made.

The company recommends 15 days for a normal order because the complexity can vary from one cleanroom furniture to another.

Once the production is complete, Zonsteel wraps the cleanroom furniture for protection and sometimes uses a pallet depending on the size of the cleanroom furniture.

There are times when a bubble foil might be necessary. There is no doubt you would get your cleanroom furniture delivered while still in mint condition.


Does Zonsteel Offer Its Services Worldwide?

Cleanroom Furniture - Clean Room Equipment - Clean Room Benches

Figure 7: Cleanroom Furniture – Clean Room Equipment – Clean Room Benches

Yes. Zonsteel can ship its cleanroom furniture to different parts of the world. This is to help people from different parts of the world to access and enjoy the services of Zonsteel.

We recommend that you get in touch with Zonsteel first to learn more about their shipping rates and other shipping logistic requirements. This will ensure that when shipping is done, it is delivered in time just as you want.


Which Material Does Zonsteel Use for Making the Cleanroom Furniture?

Zonsteel commonly uses stainless steel material to make cleanroom furniture. Since stainless steel comes in different grades, Zonsteel uses mostly the 304 and 316 grades. These two are good in terms of durability, remaining lightweight, and affordable too.

The use of steel will always give the client the sense of value for money. This is because stainless steel can be used in tough environments and it will still live up to any environment.

As for thickness, the stainless-steel material will be either 1.0mm or 1.2mm. This type of thickness is good for ensuring that the model is strong enough.


Does It Take Long to Set Up the Zonsteel Cleanroom Furniture?

It is common that you would want to have an easy time setting up the cleanroom furniture. Well, the Zonsteel cleanroom furniture does not need much to have it up and usable. You are likely to find most of them being delivered with most of their parts assembled.

In case you need to assemble cleanroom furniture, the package will come with the assembly manual. The manual will be clear with drawings on how to set up the various parts with ease. You can be sure that it will be easy to have it ready for use after following the assembly instructions.


How Much Does the Zonsteel Cleanroom Furniture Cost?

Cleanroom Furniture - Clean Room Equipment - Clean Room Shelving

Figure 8: Cleanroom Furniture – Clean Room Equipment – Clean Room Shelving

If you are willing to buy yourself cleanroom furniture, then the cost is another consideration. That is not something you have to worry about so much. This is because the steel material is within the affordable range.

Looking at cleanroom furniture made of other materials, we often find them being expensive. It might be the reason we see more people going for stainless steel cleanroom furniture. This is because the furniture is affordable and durable.


Does Zonsteel Make Storage Tanks as Part of Cleanroom Furniture?

Yes. Zonsteel has multiple options when it comes to storage tanks. Such storage tanks could come in handy in a cleanroom. Just know that Zonsteel offers them as part of cleanroom furniture to help you store different types of supplies for the cleanroom.

Some of the options you would have for cleanroom furniture storage tanks would be open storage tank, vertical storage tank, electric heating liquid distribution tank, electric heating sugar, horizontal storage tank, electric heating sealed mixing tank, and more. From the list above, it is easy to see why many people would go for the Zonsteel cleanroom furniture.

If you desire to get custom made cleanroom furniture, then talk to Zonsteel for that. The brand is known for making custom cleanroom furniture depending on the client needs. This is to ensure that you always get the best cleanroom furniture that fits your needs.


Do You Offer Custom Cleanroom Furniture?


Cleanroom Furniture - Clean Room Equipment - Clean Room Shelving

Figure 9: Cleanroom Furniture – Clean Room Equipment – Clean Room Shelving

Yes. Zonsteel understands that different clients will have different cleanroom furniture needs. It is why we have various furniture options for you to choose from. We recommend that you look at the Zonsteel product catalogue on cleanroom furniture. This will help you pick the right cleanroom furniture for your needs.

If you find that the cleanroom furniture is not available on the catalogue in terms of size, we are here to help you further. We will have our design team work with you closely so that you can end up with the best custom cleanroom furniture that works best for your cleanroom.


Does Zonsteel Have Storage Cabinets to Act as Cleanroom Furniture?

Yes. Zonsteel also has storage cabinets that people can use as cleanroom furniture. We all know that you might have to store several things in a cabinet even in your cleanroom. That is how you end up buying the best storage cabinets from Zonsteel.

We have to point out that Zonsteel has multiple types of cleanroom furniture as storage cabinets. There are those that can be used as filing cabinets while others as lockers. It all comes down to what you need for storing your supplies in a cleanroom.

Another thing you should note about the cleanroom furniture storage cabinets is that they come in different sizes too. So, you can always go for a larger unit depending on your needs. The same applies to the design. It is always nice to have cleanroom furniture that complements your cleanroom.

By looking at the Zonsteel cleanroom furniture catalogue, you will then understand more about the different cleanroom storage cabinets available. For those who might not be sure which one to choose, then we are available to help you make that decision.


How Strong as the Cleanroom Shelving as Cleanroom Furniture?

Cleanroom Furniture - Clean Room Equipment -Clean Room Shelving

Figure 10: Cleanroom Furniture – Clean Room Equipment -Clean Room Shelving

If you are going to buy the best cleanroom furniture, then durability is going to be an important consideration. Well, the cleanroom shelving as cleanroom furniture are good in terms of strength and durability. This is all because the brand uses stainless steel of grade SS304 and SS316. Such quality is all about giving you the best performance for decades to come.

Also, the cleanroom shelving come with multiple layers of stainless steel material. Depending on the type cleanroom shelving that you choose, some would have up to 8 layers. The aim is to reinforce the cleanroom furniture to ensure that you always have the best durability and strength.

It is for such reason you would get the cleanroom furniture being able to handle more weight of the supplies you store on the cleanroom shelving.


Can a Person Get Versatile Cleanroom Benches?

Cleanroom Furniture - Clean Room Equipment -Clean Room Benches

Figure 11: Cleanroom Furniture – Clean Room Equipment -Clean Room Benches

If you are in the market for cleanroom benches as cleanroom furniture, then Zonsteel is the best provider to consider. Zonsteel makes different types of cleanroom benches to use as cleanroom furniture. By checking out the cleanroom benches category on the official website, you will notice there are various options available to choose from.

Some of the cleanroom benches are basic benches that many would want. However, you can also get some benches with cabinets and shelves for storage. Having storage spaces in cleanroom benches as cleanroom furniture makes them more versatile.

With more versatility, it is easy to customize the cleanroom furniture to work as great as you would want.


I Need to Talk to the Customer Support Team. Are They Reliable?

The Zonsteel customer support team is highly reliable as the staff has been handling the customer questions for years now. The team has all the information that you would need to understand if the cleanroom furniture is good for you or not. When you get in touch, make sure that you let the staff know what you need so that you can get the right help.

With multiple positive reviews about Zonsteel, it is easy to see that the brand can take care of your needs about cleanroom furniture and other types of products that you might need for your cleanroom.


How Can I Place My Order for Cleanroom Furniture?

If you want to place an order, we recommend that you get in touch with the Zonsteel sales or customer support team. The team will guide you through the whole process to make it as easy as possible.

Do not worry, the whole process is not hard. You might find it being easier than what you have done with another company before.

Before place and order, our other teams involved in the design and production will get onto working on it. You will have a dedicated project manager who will help you learn more about the progress of the order in case you have any questions at some point.


Is the Cleanroom Furniture Protected When Shipping? Who Will Install It on Arrival?

Cleanroom Furniture - Clean Room Equipment -Stainless Steel Cleanroom Tables

Figure 12: Cleanroom Furniture – Stainless Steel Cleanroom Tables

Yes. Zonsteel will protect the cleanroom furniture when shipping it. Zonsteel understands the importance of the client receiving the cleanroom furniture while it is still in mint condition. Some of the common protection you will get with the cleanroom furniture include bubble film, carton paper, and more. It all depends on the type of cleanroom furniture being transported.

Zonsteel will also recommend the best way of handling the cleanroom furniture from the point of offloading to installation. This ensures that the cleanroom furniture does not get any damages during the handling period.

As for installation, Zonsteel can also offer help where necessary. Since most of the cleanroom furniture come with clear setup instructions, you can be comfortable knowing that the setup process would be simple. In case you have any installation questions, the support team from Zonsteel is always available to help you further.


Does Zonsteel Offer Aftersales Services?

Cleanroom Furniture - Clean Room Equipment -Stainless Steel Cleanroom Tables

Figure 13: Cleanroom Furniture – Stainless Steel Cleanroom Tables

Yes. We understand that our clients might want additional services after we have delivered the cleanroom furniture. Some of our aftersales services will include the installation services. We will have our qualified technician to help you with the whole process if that is what you want.

We are open to helping our clients use their new cleanroom furniture as part of our aftersales services. If you have any additional questions about these services, we recommend that you get in touch with us for more information.


Does the Zonsteel Cleanroom Furniture Come with Product Warranty?

Yes. The Zonsteel cleanroom furniture come with different product warranties depending on what you are buying. What is important is that you end up with the best product you have always wanted for your cleanroom.

Considering that Zonsteel uses stainless steel for making cleanroom furniture, you can be sure that the product warranty will also be good.

Our product warranty terms and conditions are also clear to help you understand what you are signing up for in the end. In case you are not sure about a clause, we are always open to explain further to keep your mind at ease.


What Kind of Durability Should I Expect with Zonsteel Cleanroom Furniture?

Zonsteel cleanroom furniture is made of the highest quality materials. The aim is to keep the cleanroom furniture as durable as possible. Looking at the materials used to make cleanroom furniture, you can expect them to be stainless steel most of the time.

We all know that stainless steel is good at durability. It should last you up to 30 years depending on the use and care. If you can care for your cleanroom furniture appropriately as recommended by the manufacturer, then expect it to last for decades to come.

Always follow the steps provided by Zonsteel on caring for your cleanroom furniture if you hope to have it lasting for longer.


Does The Zonsteel Cleanroom Furniture Meet the Necessary Industry Standards?

Cleanroom Furniture - Clean Room Equipment -Clean Room Benches

Figure 14: Cleanroom Furniture – Clean Room Equipment -Clean Room Benches

Yes. You do not get to be the best in the industry if you cannot meet the industry standards. There is no doubt you would get the Zonsteel cleanroom furniture knowing that it would live up to any industry standards you need for your cleanroom.

In case you need to verify any of the standards, Zonsteel is always open to give you all the information that you need. This is to ensure that you get the right cleanroom furniture knowing it is what is recommended for your cleanroom.

With the best cleanroom furniture, you would be able to maintain the cleanroom integrity better than before.


I Am New to Cleanroom Furniture. How Can Zonsteel Help?

Not all people might have used cleanroom furniture before. So, here at Zonsteel we will guide you through the various models available for you to make up your mind. You do not have to buy all the cleanroom furniture on a single order. We will help you learn about the essential cleanroom furniture and get the other types later.

Zonsteel has also been part of uncountable projects in China and other countries. This should give you the confidence that you are getting the best cleanroom furniture from a top brand too. Each time you are not sure which option is good for you, Zonsteel will guide you through the whole process.


Does Zonsteel Offer Stainless Steel Basins in Different Sizes? What Are the Common Options?

Cleanroom Furniture - Clean Room Equipment -Stainless Steel Basin

Figure 15: Cleanroom Furniture – Clean Room Equipment -Stainless Steel Basin

Yes. Zonsteel has different types of stainless steel basins that you can choose from right now. The most common categories include single basin, double basin, 3 tap basin, 4 tap basins, and the 5-tap basin. As you can see, it is easy for you to get something that will work great for various cleanroom applications.

As for the material used to make these stainless steel basins, it is the SS304 grade. This type of grade is good at making you enjoy using the cleanroom furniture for decades without worrying about durability.

As part of making them versatile, these models also come with different working mechanisms. The options are pedal, auto, or by knee. So, the client now has the option of choosing the best cleanroom furniture depending on the working mechanism too.


What Are Some of The Maintenance Tips for Cleanroom Furniture?

As part of maintaining the cleanroom integrity, you might have to clean the cleanroom furniture more often. This is the best way of tackling any contaminants on the surfaces and keep the stainless steel in its best condition.

The best part about cleaning the cleanroom furniture made of stainless steel is that the process would be simple. It does not take much to maintain cleanliness as you can use water to wipe clean the surfaces.

Cleaning of cleanroom furniture will trigger more resistance to corrosion and other types of damage. Unlike other materials, stainless steel will not wear down due to regular cleaning. Even if you clean the cleanroom furniture multiple times a week, it will remain looking good for longer.

As mentioned earlier, you can simply use water to get rid of most of the contaminants on the cleanroom furniture surfaces. Let us say you have made spills or there are small stains on the surface. With warm water and a soft cloth, you can easily clean them. We recommend that the final pass of the soft cloth should be using clean water and a clean cloth to avoid having water spots.

If necessary, you might have to add some detergent or soap to deal with the stubborn stains on the stainless steel surfaces.

In case you have to deal with tougher messes such as caked-on stains, fingerprints, grease, oil, and more, then you need solvents to clean the cleanroom furniture. Some of the options that you would have include sterile or non-sterile 70% isopropyl alcohol. It is a perfect disinfectant for you to use on stainless steel surfaces. You can also use the same to keep your surfaces looking shiny for years to come.

Each time you use a solvent on cleanroom furniture, make sure to rinse with warm water and a clean soft cloth. The final rinse is crucial to prevent the eroding of the protective film layer that maintains the shine of your cleanroom furniture.


Which Cleaning Agents Should You Not Use When Cleaning Cleanroom Furniture?

Cleanroom Furniture - Clean Room Equipment -Stainless Steel Cleanroom Tables

Figure 16: Cleanroom Furniture – Stainless Steel Cleanroom Tables

You do not need to overthink so much when it comes to maintaining the status of your cleanroom furniture. It is possible that sometimes people would go crazy with their maintenance methods. It is why we have to point out some of the cleaning agents not to use on stainless steel cleanroom furniture.

The first cleaning agents are chlorine and bleach. These products if used for years on the cleanroom furniture surfaces, they will end up ruining the protective surface layer. As such, this will create pitting and further degrade the resistance to bacteria buildup and moisture.

The other cleaners to avoid are the abrasive cleaners. As much as stainless steel will have a great tensile strength, it is likely to scratch. To avoid having these marks, it is advisable not to use abrasive cleaners all the time.

Another important tip for maintaining the cleanliness of cleanroom furniture is that do not let the grime and dirt settle. Leaving the dirt on the cleanroom furniture for too long can lead to wearing of the protective layer. You can always use the passivation method to reverse these effects.


What Are the Common Considerations for Picking Cleanroom Furniture?

Cleanroom Furniture - Clean Room Equipment -Stainless Steel Cleanroom Tables

Figure 17: Cleanroom Furniture –  Stainless Steel Cleanroom Tables

–       The Use of the Cleanroom Furniture

Depending on how and where you need to use the cleanroom furniture, you might have to put that in mind too. Take the time to understand the needs for cleanroom furniture first before buying one for your cleanroom.

When you are not sure where to begin, Zonsteel will help you pick the essential cleanroom furniture to keep your cleanroom running efficiently. You can then add more cleanroom furniture as the demand comes up later when using the cleanroom facility.

–       Ease of Setting Up

Now that you have the cleanroom furniture in your possession, how hard or easy is it to set it up? There is no doubt you would want cleanroom furniture that is easy to setup on overall. A good example is the Zonsteel cleanroom furniture. Most of the components would be assembled, so it might easy to finish it off.

Also, Zonsteel provides you with clear instructions on how to set up the cleanroom furniture correctly. As such, it should not be hard to have your cleanroom furniture ready for use in no time.

–       Delivery Time

Another thing you have to keep in mind should be the delivery time. This varies a lot from one brand to another. Some will do it faster while others might take long. Even if a brand has a fast delivery time, it is important that the cleanroom furniture remains quality.

Look at what other people say about the delivery time of a brand to see if it will deliver in the best time frame that you have always wanted.

–       Fitting

Depending on the size of your cleanroom, you might have to deal with the fitting needs too. Not all cleanrooms are the same, so sometimes you might need custom cleanroom furniture. Luckily, brands such as Zonsteel offer custom sized cleanroom furniture for you to enjoy setting up in your room. Simply contact Zonsteel with your fitment needs and the brand will come up with the cleanroom furniture for you to use.

–       Versatility

It should be nice if you get versatile cleanroom furniture. Let us say it is a cleanroom bench, some can have additional storage under the bench to make them good for other users. This means you get more functionality out of the cleanroom furniture.

The same applies to the cleanroom tables, shelving, and other types of cleanroom furniture. Just make sure that the model that you get gives you the best versatility to enjoy more value for the money.

–       Design Options

The various design options determine where best to use the cleanroom furniture. As such, take your time to see what is available as cleanroom furniture designs. Well, Zonsteel is known for having a wide range of cleanroom furniture designs. You should always end up with the right cleanroom furniture depending on your application.


What Is the Zonsteel Experience in Making Cleanroom Furniture?

Zonsteel started clean room in 2003 year. This is enough time for a brand to be good at making the best cleanroom furniture. Zonsteel has taken the feedback from the past clients to make the newer cleanroom furniture even better. If you are going to get a new cleanroom furniture from Zonsteel, you would have the confidence that it will be one of the best.

Another thing that makes Zonsteel good at making cleanroom furniture should be the skilled workforce. The brand boasts of having high quality workmanship regardless of what the workers make. This is a sure way of knowing that the brand is good at the various products it makes.

Zonsteel also has over 300 workers and staff that will handle your order from the moment it is placed. This is a huge number of workers meaning that when Zonsteel says that the order can be delivered in 15 days, then it is possible.


I Have More Questions. How Do I Get in Touch?

If you have any more questions, the Zonsteel customer support team is always ready to provide answers. You can get in touch using email, phone, or the contact form shared on the official website.

If you send us an email, we will get back to you in 24 hours. We try to ensure that you get all the information about the cleanroom furniture and many other products that we make. You can also request a call back and someone will be in touch to help you further about anything you need.

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