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Wuxi Zonsteel Engineering Co.,Ltd

Brand Zonsteel

Professional clean room manufacturer in China

Two workshop in Jiangsu province.

Zonsteel was founded in Wujiang, Jiangsu in 1999. We specialize in clean room turnkey project and use our own sandwich panel, and steel coil, certificated with GB/T19001-ISO9001. Zonsteel started export trade in 2007 and with 20 years production and 12 years overseas trade experience, we ensure to provide you top quality and excellent service.

Zonsteel employs 300 workers, technical dept has 25 structural engineers, architects, HVAC engineers and designers. The main software we use includes CAD, BIM, Revit, X-Steel and PVDF. Zonsteel obtained EPC qualification.

We are a clean room one stop solution provider from consultation, design, manufacturer, shipping, installation to after-sale services. Zonsteel clean room is widely used in industry IT, new energy, machine assembly plant, component production plant, mechanical processing plant(excluded process plan), material factory, surface treatment plant, and electronic application engineering etc.

In the last 20 years, Zonsteel has completed countless modular clean room projects. We focus on development and manufacture. As one of the best leaders in field of clean room, we have a strong ability of cost-control and QC.

Zonsteel has grown reputably both locally and overseas. We can make sure every need of every client is met and form the win-win strategic partnerships with those we serve.

Company Founded
Zonsteel founded and started to produce steel coil, PPGI,PPGL,GI, GL
Sandwich Panel Factory Set Up
Zonsteel started to produce sandwich panel, rock wool, EPS, PU etc. as core materials
Start Clean Room
Zonsteel started and put clean room business as most important
Oversea Market
Zonsteel set up foreign trade department and started oversea market
PIR Sandwich Panel
Zonsteel start PIR production, it’s a best material for weather, also fire rate B1

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