Sandwich Panel Accessories

  • Multiple Accessories Types for Various Panels
  • Accessories Made of High Quality Materials Aluminum & Steel
  • Multiple Color Options for Accessories
  • The Accessories are Durable
  • Professional Installation Team is Available
  • Sandwich Panel Accessories
  • Sandwich Panel Accessoires
  • Sandwich Panel Accessoires

Full Set of High-Quality Accessories to Help Your Sandwich Panel Installation

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Zonsteel can provides and ships accessories together with sandwich panels. As such, this is a one-stop solution to greatly save your time. Also, the accessories match the sandwich panels, making your construct function better, and more elegant.

Sandwich panel accessories can be divided into wall installation accessories and ceiling installation accessories.

Wall installation mainly needs accessories with an aluminum extrusion and profile. The U aluminum is for holding the wall panel onto the ground, while the adjustable floor channel is to level wall panel.


Other profiles need for wall installation include two-way and three-way corner pieces. The L alu angle will be needed for reinforce the wall panel top. If you are building a workshop or warehouse, consider saving costs by using PPGI profiles.

The PPGI is the same materials as the sandwich panels skin steel. The advantage is that the color is uniform between panels and profiles. Other accessories you will need include sealant, a silicone gun, screws, rivets, and a rivet gun.

Contact Us to Customize Your Sandwich Panel Accessories Now!
Sandwich Panel Accessories List
Clean Room AccessoriesIndustrial Building Accessories
Double ceiling beamRidge capping
Double door mid columnInterior ridge plate
Wine glass shape beamEaver profile
Door trimFront flashing
Sliding door trimming materialCorner flashing
Double door sealSill flashing long side
Outside corner coverGable flashing
Double door sealAngled gable flashing
Window frameBase cover flashing interior
Fixed windowSill flashing interior
I-shape aluminumPilaster
T-shape aluminumBase cover flashing exterior
Ceiling hanging beamCase flashing
Heavy girdersDrip flashing
U-shape channelSill ledge
Inner corner coverGutter
Double R aluminum channel
Single R aluminum channel
L shape aluminum
Door end cover
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Sandwich Panel Accessories: The Complete Guide

Ceiling installation needs a hanging system. This system includes a hanging beam, a hanging rod, square adjustment, and expansion screw be fixed on building roof to hold the hanging rod. Of course, you will need the help of sealant, a silicone gun, screws, rivets, a rivet gun, and a lifting machine.

When installing wall panels, you will need to cut holes to install doors and windows, Zonsteel has a full set of door accessories to complete this work.

When finishing the ceiling panels, you may need to cut holes for installing accessories such as ceiling lights, fan filter unit, or HEPA box etc. So now the H-shaped aluminum extrusion will be needed to cover the edges, or a ceiling grid to hold these accessories in place.

Zonsteel aluminum extrusion or profile color could be white or silver, depending on your requirements.

Zonsteel has accessories to match sandwich panels installed in different buildings. With years of experience on sandwich panel installation, we can offer a comprehensive installation manual or send our professional team. Contact us today for any questions!

Sandwich Panel Accessories: The Complete FAQs Guide

sandwich panel accessories are important supplies to help in installing your sandwich panels from Zonsteel. Sometimes you might not know which sandwich panel accessories you need. That is why Zonsteel is here to help. If you are stuck, keep reading this FAQ guide to learn more about the various sandwich panel accessories you might need.

Why Are Zonsteel Sandwich Panel Installation Accessories Important?

Types of Sandwich Panel Accessories

Figure 1 Types of Sandwich Panel Accessories

Zonsteel makes several types of sandwich panels. For this reason, such a company is best suited to understand the essential sandwich panel accessories that would work great with the sandwich panel in mind.

The last thing you need are sandwich panel accessories that cannot deliver on the installation of sandwich panels. As such, check out what Zonsteel offers specifically for your sandwich panel type to make the installation faster and easier.

Zonsteel also has experience in making such sandwich panel accessories for decades now. That experience means that the company understands what you need. There will be no point in getting the different sandwich panel accessories from different companies when Zonsteel can provide all of them at once.

Zonsteel will ship the sandwich panel accessories together with the sandwich panel. This definitely saves a lot of time when working on a project. You would not have to deal with buying new sandwich panel accessories from different companies when Zonsteel can provide them as part of your sandwich panel purchase.

Zonsteel makes high-quality sandwich panel accessories to match the sandwich panel build quality too. So, you can be sure that the sandwich panel will perform great as expected because you are using high-quality sandwich panel accessories to set it up. The overall finish will also be elegant, considering the installation is done correctly.

The company will also offer such sandwich panel accessories at an affordable price. You will not have to spend so much to get yourself such sandwich panel accessories. As a result, more people would find it ideal to request the sandwich panel accessories when buying the sandwich panels.

What Types of Sandwich Panel Accessories Does Zonsteel Provide?

Zonsteel installation accessories are divided into ceiling installation  accessories and wall installation accessories. The names of the accessories give you an idea of where you can install the accessories.

  1. Wall Installation

Sandwich Panel Wall Installation 

Figure 2 Sandwich Panel Wall Installation 

The wall installation process will need sandwich panel accessories with an aluminum extrusion and profile. These sandwich panel accessories are vital for holding the wall panel on the ground. They are also adjustable to help achieve the right level when setting up the wall.

Zonsteel makes different types of profiles of these sandwich panel accessories. So, depending on what you need to install, Zonsteel will recommend the right type of profiles to use for the job.

If you are considering setting up a workshop or a warehouse, then consider using the PPGI profiles. Such materials are better in durability and will still have panels between the profiles for insulation, stability, and more benefits.

The other sandwich panel accessories you will need for wall installation include a silicone gun, sealant, rivets, rivet gun, and screws.

  1. Ceiling Installation

Sandwich Panel Ceiling Installation

Figure 3 Sandwich Panel Ceiling Installation

To complete any structure, there is a need for ceiling installation. This type of installation also needs different types of sandwich panel accessories compared to what you get for wall installation.

The ceiling installation process will need a hanging system. This will include sandwich panel accessories such as a hanging beam, hanging rod, square adjustment, and bolts to hang the sandwich ceiling to the existing roof.

It might need more work, but if you have the sandwich panel accessories, it should be possible to get the installation done faster and correctly.

Same as wall installation, you will need additional equipment such as screws, rivet gun, rivets, sealant, silicone gun, and a lifting machine to hold the ceiling panels during installation.

What Types of Equipment Will You Install with the Sandwich Panel Accessories?

During the installation process, you will need tools and equipment for cutting the panels to size. Zonsteel can still provide you with such equipment to ensure your job is smooth.

The same applies to when you need to make holes for the windows and doors. When this happens, there is the need to get it right during the first cut. So, Zonsteel will still have the right sandwich panel accessories for this kind of job. Make sure to request them when buying the sandwich panels.

The other equipment you might have to install during this whole process includes the HEPA box, fan filter unit, ceiling lights, and more. It is easy to see why you also need the right sandwich panel accessories to hold such equipment in place correctly.

Talk to the customer care team at Zonsteel to understand more about the sandwich panel accessories you will need for such a job. If you get them shipped during the first purchase, it will save you a lot of time compared to buying them later.

Why is Aluminum the Preferred Material for Zonsteel Sandwich Panel Accessories?

Aluminum is a preferred material for making sandwich panel accessories because of its many benefits. Such include flexibility, lightweight, durable, strength, and corrosion resistance.

One good thing about aluminum is that you can easily shape it the way you want. Depending on the method used, you can end up with different types of sandwich panel accessories without a problem.

Also, aluminum is lightweight, making it easier to transport and cheaper generally than other materials.

Just because it is cheaper, it does not mean it is a weak material. Aluminum is still strong since it can meet several performance specifications while at the same time cost less.

Being corrosion resistant should appeal to most people who intend to use aluminum sandwich panel accessories. They know that even if the sandwich panel accessories are exposed to the elements, they can still live up to their durability needs.

You will also have generally minimal maintenance with aluminum material. Since Zonsteel ensures that quality is maintained throughout, there is no doubt you would have high-quality sandwich panel accessories for holding your sandwich panels together.

Can You Get the Sandwich Panel accessories in Different Colors?

Yes. Zonsteel allows for customization of the colors. The aluminum extrusion profile can be white or silver, depending on your specifications. As much as they are not many color options, you have the option of switching between the two as required.

Is it Hard to Use the Sandwich Panel Installation accessories?

Sandwich Panel Accessories- Flashings

Figure 4 Sandwich Panel Accessories- Flashings

No. This is because the sandwich panel accessories will come with all the vital information you need for using them. Even if you are a newbie to using the sandwich panel accessories, you can generally find them easy to use.

Also, Zonsteel will send you the tools necessary for using the sandwich panel accessories. Now that you also have the tools, it should be easier to do the installation fast and correctly.

What if You Need Specialized Sandwich Panel accessories? Does Zonsteel Help?

It is possible that in addition to the standard sandwich panel accessories, you might have special needs too. You have come to the right place for help. This is because Zonsteel can help you get custom made sandwich panel accessories. Zonsteel understands that people can have different needs for sandwich panel accessories, thus the availability of such options to help you further.

What Types of Sandwich Panels Do You Get with Zonsteel?

To use the sandwich panel accessories, you would need to get yourself sandwich panels too. As a result, Zonsteel will also help you get the panels. However, what are the common options as panels Zonsteel offer?

The types of sandwich panels from Zonsteel include:

PIR sandwich panel

PU panel

Rockwool panel

EPS panel

Duct panel

All these panels are designed for various applications, thanks to their properties. So, it would be best if you chose the right sandwich panel for the job. If you are unsure which panel to use where Zonsteel is ready to guide you further.

Even if you are new to installing sandwich panels, Zonsteel can still help. This is where the company can send a team of professional installers to get the installation done correctly and faster.

Why Should You Consider the Zonsteel Sandwich Panel Accessories?

Maybe you have not dealt with Zonsteel before, and you are wondering why choose this brand? Here are some reasons Zonsteel is a preferred brand for making sandwich panel accessories.

– The company makes a variety of sandwich panel accessories. It does not matter which type of sandwich panel you want to install, as Zonsteel will always have the right sandwich panel accessoriesfor the panels.

– The brand has cost-effective sandwich panel accessories. The reason you would find more people considering the Zonsteel sandwich panel accessoriesis because they find them affordable. You will not have to spend so much compared to when getting from other brands.

– The team at Zonsteel can guide the client to understand the type of sandwich panel accessoriesthey have to buy. The last thing someone would want is to get the wrong sandwich panel accessories for the job. Now that you would know the correct sandwich panel accessories, you also save time and money.

– Zonsteel makes high-quality sandwich panel accessories. Let us say you want to install the sandwich panel walls. You need the right quality sandwich panel accessoriesto hold the walls in position. As a result, you can now end up with a strong structure because of such sandwich panel accessories.

– The Zonsteel brand also has a skilled customer support team that will help you more in case you have additional questions on the sandwich panel accessories. Simply get in touch to get more help if you are stuck.

– The company also has decades of experience. It is from such experience and a skilled workforce that makes the company good at making such sandwich panel accessories. There is no doubt you would find the brand being able to handle any sandwich panel accessoriesyou need for the installation of sandwich panels.

When Can You Expect to Receive the Zonsteel Sandwich Panel Accessories?

Zonsteel has a delivery time of 7 to 15 days on most of its products. So, you can consider such to be the delivery time for sandwich panel accessories. It can be less time if all the sandwich panel accessories you need are already in stock.

Once you have placed your order, the company will give you a detailed timeframe of when to expect to get the sandwich panel accessories delivered. Well, you could also track the shipping until the sandwich panel accessories arrive at your location.

What is the Cost of the Sandwich Panel Accessories?

A Complete Installation of the Sandwich Panels

Figure 5 A Complete Installation of the Sandwich Panels

The  sandwich panel accessories are not expensive. You will have to specify if you want the sandwich panel accessories when buying the sandwich panels. This allows the sales team to create a quote with all the information about the price.

Still, you can buy sandwich panel accessories alone without the sandwich panels. The team will still get you a complete quotation on the same.

It is better to get in touch with the support team for updated prices from Zonsteel on the sandwich panel accessories.

Can You Buy Sandwich Panel Accessories Outside China?

Yes. Zonsteel can deliver its sandwich panel accessories to different parts of the world. Simply get in touch with your address, and the company will plan the logistics of getting the sandwich panel accessories to your location.

How Many Screws Do You Need to Install a Sandwich Panel?

It could be your first-time installing sandwich panels, and you are not sure how many screws are needed. This is a common question because screws are the most used consumables. Well, it is hard to determine the actual number of screws you will need. The number of screws used depends on the spacing and layout of the project. The idea is to use them adequately and make sure they do their job correctly. So, it would not hurt to have more screws for the job at any given time.


Zonsteel has for decades made the best sandwich panel accessories you can ever imagine. Many people find the company good at making high-quality sandwich panels plus the necessary sandwich panel accessories.

If you are new to installing such sandwich panel accessories, consider talking to Zonsteel to see what is available. The company will guide you further so that you only have the relevant sandwich panel accessories for the job.

Give Zonsteel a call or send an email with your inquiries, and you will get a reply in 8 hours.

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