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In cleanroom field 20 years with extensive experience on IT, Pharmaceuticals, food, new energy, and lab industries, etc. Zonsteel has most complete production line of clean room. From design to clean room component, equipment and stainless steel furniture manufacture, till shipping and installation service. You can get one-stop solution from us, saving your cost. Welcome visiting our existing Projects and our workshop. Contact us today for any of your needs on clean room products or design service.

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Clean Room

One stop solution for clean room design and component equipment SS furniture and accessories

Why Zonsteel is Your Best Choice for Clean Room

  • Strong Clean Room Design Team
  • Expert in Standard Clean Room Field With 20 Years
  • Lots Projects in IT, Pharmaceutical, Food, New Energy and Lab Etc.
  • Manufacturing Cleanroom Components, Equipment and Furniture
  • Expert of Clean Room Grade a b c d

Your Primer Clean Room One-stop Solution Provider Zonsteel

We Are Professional Clean Room Products Manufacturer

If you are looking for a expert to build a workshop for your product in any industry of IT, Pharmaceuticals, Food, New Energy and Lab? If you are looking for a experienced company to help upgrade your current workshop to meet higher standard production? Zonsteel is the right one can help you, we are clean room one-stop solution provider. Ranges from clean room design, to clean room component, equipment and furniture. You can save your cost from our service, cause Zonsteel have 20 years experience on clean room field, finished lots of projects, we know how to make the controlled environment fit your production in a most cost-effective way. At beginning of design, Zonsteel will provide two or three plans for your comparison.

Once design fixed, Zonsteel has most complete clean room production line, can meet any clean room cleanliness needs from class 10 to 100,000. Our clean room components makes your clean room in a overall flush system, and most air-tight. The doors, windows, floors, ceilings and partition walls match aluminum channels, can be mounted flush, easy for clean and reduce contamination.

Besides clean room component, Zonsteel clean room equipment includes air handling system, air shower, pass box, fan filter unit etc. many of them patented, and produced in clean room which built by ourselves with best quality.

If you want to furnish your clean room with stainless steel shelving, benches, table and basin etc. Zonsteel can provide you a lot of options, and custom made size and material is also available. We have most experienced skilled workers on stainless steel process.

You don’t worry about installation and equipment debugging, Zonsteel can send engineers to help on site. Also installation manual will be sent after shipping. Regarding clean room maintenance questions, Zonsteel is always available to help, and provides necessary support.

Contact us today to start your clean room, order or no order, we will be glad to support you!

Contact us and customize your clean room today!
  • IT
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food
  • New energy
  • Lab industries, etc.


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