Clean Room Manufacturer

Zonsteel is a professional clean room manufacturer with 20 years’ experience in China, specialized in clean room panels, doors, windows, modular clean room, equipment and furniture, can provide EPC.

Our team knows all about clean room and can help build your clean room more than you expected. Contact us to customize your unique clean room. We will be glad to work with you together in exploring new markets, new opportunities, and more business!

  • Clean Room Manufacturer
  • Clean Room Manufacturer
  • Clean Room Manufacturer

Clean Room Manufacturer

Specializes in Clean Room Panels, Clean Room Doors, Clean Room Windows, Modular Clean Room, Elevated Floor

Why Clean Room Manufacturer Zonsteel

  • 20 Years Professional Clean Room Manufacturer
  • Patented Clean Room Door
  • Patented Auto Window Line Special for Clean Room
  • Modular Clean Room Expert
  • Customized Clean Room Products

Your Primer Clean Room Manufacturer Zonsteel

Zonsteel is a professional clean room manufacturer, specialized in clean room components included panels, doors, windows, modular clean room, elevated floor, and clean room equipment, furniture. We own a 26000 m2 workshop, and employ 300 workers and staffs. Cooperation with China famous clean room designer company CESE, enables us to complete clean room EPC project on IT, Pharmaceuticals, food, new energy and lab industries etc.

Zonsteel as clean room manufacturer, our current production line offers complete in-house laminating, product fabrication and assembly and an array of automated equipment. Handling all your cleanroom needs is our advantage- from wall, floor, ceiling and air handling systems all to exact tolerances.

We Are Professional Clean Room Component Manufacturer
  • Clean Room Panels
  • Clean Room Doors
  • Clean Room Windows
  • Modular Clean Room
  • Elevated Floor


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Clean Room Manufacturer: The Complete Guide

Zonsteel clean room panels are half made by machine half by hand, four sides sealed by steel are very strong used as wall and ceiling. Wall panels recommended rock wool core, A1 fire rate, maximum can do 6m, ceiling panels recommended aluminum honeycomb, can do 2.5m.

Both wall and ceiling can be reinforced inside, make wall longer or make ceiling stronger and support man walking. If you have special requirement on fire, Zonsteel clean room panel can reach 4 hours fire resistance by adding MGO board on both side.

Zonsteel clean room doors specially designed for clean room, include single door, double door, auto door, electronic interlock door, emergency door, fast door. Material is optional, you can choose steel, melamine resin, aluminum, or stainless steel. Zonsteel door frame is special designed matches clean room panel, machine made panel, or concrete wall panel, with patent.

Zonsteel clean room windows are also with patent, auto double glass window production line, ensure our window filled by Inert gas and desiccant, has good tightness, no mist. Fit for 50mm 75mm or 100mm wall panel.

Zonsteel modular clean room offers complete cleanroom system, usually two types, hard wall clean room, and softwall cleanroom. Zonsteel as clean room manufacturer can provide you turnkey project, including wall, ceiling, channels, ceiling hanging materials, and other accessories.

Contact us and customize your clean room today!

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