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Zonsteel is a professional cleanroom manufacturer with 20 years of experience in China, specialized in cleanroom panels, doors, windows, modular cleanroom, equipment, and furniture, can provide EPC.

Our team knows all about the clean rooms and can help build your cleanroom more than you expected. Contact us to customize your unique cleanroom. We will be glad to work with you together in exploring new markets, new opportunities, and more business!

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Clean Room Manufacturer

Specializes in Clean Room Panels, Clean Room Doors, Clean Room Windows, Modular Clean Room, Elevated Floor
Clean Room Doors

Airtight Doors, Custom Made Size and Color

Clean Room Panel

Insulated Sandwich Panel, Custom Made Color and Thickness

Clean Room Panels

Insulation Rock Wool, PU, Aluminmum Honeycomb, MGO Board

Clean Room Windows

Patented Windows Good Airtight, No Fog, and Flushed Installed on Wall

Elevated Floor

Designed for Ventilation, Work with Air Filtration System

Modular Clean Room

Cleanroom Facilities Prefabricated in Factory, Assemble Quickly

Why Clean Room Manufacturer Zonsteel

  • 20 Years Professional Clean Room Manufacturer
  • Patented Clean Room Door
  • Patented Auto Window Line Special for Clean Room
  • Modular Clean Room Expert
  • Customized Clean Room Products

Your Primer Clean Room Manufacturer Zonsteel

Zonsteel is a professional clean room manufacturer, specialized in clean room components included panels, doors, windows, modular clean room, elevated floor, and clean room equipment, furniture. We own a 26000 m2 workshop, and employ 300 workers and staffs. Cooperation with China famous clean room designer company CESE, enables us to complete clean room EPC project on IT, Pharmaceuticals, food, new energy and lab industries etc.

Zonsteel as clean room manufacturer, our current production line offers complete in-house laminating, product fabrication and assembly and an array of automated equipment. Handling all your cleanroom needs is our advantage- from wall, floor, ceiling and air handling systems all to exact tolerances.

We Are Professional Clean Room Component Manufacturer
  • Clean Room Panels
  • Clean Room Doors
  • Clean Room Windows
  • Modular Clean Room
  • Elevated Floor


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Clean Room Manufacturer: The Complete Guide

Zonsteel clean room panels are half made by machine half by hand, four sides sealed by steel are very strong used as wall and ceiling. Wall panels recommended rock wool core, A1 fire rate, maximum can do 6m, ceiling panels recommended aluminum honeycomb, can do 2.5m.

Both wall and ceiling can be reinforced inside, make wall longer or make ceiling stronger and support man walking. If you have special requirement on fire, Zonsteel clean room panel can reach 4 hours fire resistance by adding MGO board on both side.

Zonsteel clean room doors specially designed for clean room, include single door, double door, auto door, electronic interlock door, emergency door, fast door. Material is optional, you can choose steel, melamine resin, aluminum, or stainless steel. Zonsteel door frame is special designed matches clean room panel, machine made panel, or concrete wall panel, with patent.

Zonsteel clean room windows are also with patent, auto double glass window production line, ensure our window filled by Inert gas and desiccant, has good tightness, no mist. Fit for 50mm 75mm or 100mm wall panel.

Zonsteel modular clean room offers complete cleanroom system, usually two types, hard wall clean room, and softwall cleanroom. Zonsteel as clean room manufacturer can provide you turnkey project, including wall, ceiling, channels, ceiling hanging materials, and other accessories.

Contact us and customize your clean room today!

Clean Room Manufacturer: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Zonsteel has almost two decades of experience in manufacturing clean rooms. This puts the company in a unique position to make the best clean rooms you need for various applications.

If you want the best clean room, you might want to get it from such a top brand. We will look at what clean rooms are all about in this guide to help you pick the right clean room.

Let us check out the guide already.

What Is a Clean Room?

Clean Room Manufacturing

Figure 1: Clean Room Manufacturing

We can define a clean room as a controlled environment where pollutants such as airborne microbes, aerosol particles, dust, and more are filtered out. You will now be left with the cleanest area possible.

Depending on the cleanliness level, the clean room would end up being categorized differently and the applications will also differ.

The cleanliness of a pharmacy or medical equipment will not be the same as that of electronics. So, before picking the best clean room manufacturer, understand where best to use the clean room.

What Are the Typical Applications of Clean Rooms?

An Assembled Cleanroom Ready for Use

Figure 2: An Assembled Cleanroom Ready for Use

Clean rooms from a clean room manufacturer remove pollutants, contaminants, and particles from the outside ambient air. The result is that you end up with a safe and pollutant-free working area for various applications.

It is, for this reason, we find that the clean room manufacturers would recommend it for various applications.

So, where best can you use a clean room. Any clean room manufacturer will recommend it for the following applications.

.   Manufacturing companies

.   Pharmaceutical companies

.    Medical labs

.    Computer labs

.    Electronic production room

.    Research facilities

.    Military applications

.     Nanotechnology production and more

Sometimes you might have other applications that you would want to handle that are not on the list.

To be sure that a clean room is necessary, then contact a clean room manufacturer such as Zonsteel for more advice.

Zonsteel is clean room manufacturer of clean rooms over the years to suit various user applications. The company understands that clients can have different needs for a clean room. With the right advice, you can now buy the best clean room to make your workspace more hygienic and safer.

What Are the Clean Room Supplies Does Zonsteel Make?

Figure 3: Common clean room supplies and equipment

Zonsteel with its experience as a clean room manufacturer understands the importance of having the right supplies to make the clean room functional. So, what are some of the common clean room supplies from Zonsteel?

Below are some of the top supplies you might have to keep in mind. Let us check them out.

Clean Room Doors

Clean Room Doors

Figure 4: Clean Room Doors

If you are going to get yourself a clean room, then the clean room doors are important.

The clean room doors from a clean room manufacturer are important to provide the airtight features.

Being airtight means that no outdoor contaminants can get in when the clean room is in use. As such, the clean room integrity can easily be maintained.

The Zonsteel clean room doors also have a sealing strip that is important to ensure that your clean room gets the best sealing all the time.

The doors are available in different sizes. You should get one that will fit best with your clean room applications and how often it has to be opened.

Clean Room Panel

Clean Room Panels

Figure 5: Clean Room Panels

The clean room panels are the building blocks of a clean room you will get from any clean room manufacturer.

The clean room panels are made using different materials important for maintaining the clean room integrity.

Depending on the clean room size, the clean room panels can vary a lot in terms of size.

The Zonsteel clean room panels are made using various core materials such as rock wool, aluminum honeycomb, paper honeycomb, rock wool plus MGO board, and MGO. And surface is PPGI, stainless steel sheet or aluminum sheet, with thickness 0.5-1mm.

If you are not sure about the clean room panels to choose, consider talking to Zonsteel for further guidance. This is to ensure that you always get the right panels for the application.

Clean Room Windows

Clean Room Windows

Figure 6: Clean Room Windows

As a clean room manufacturer, Zonsteel makes some of the best clean room windows in the market.

These windows come with a double glass design filled with a desiccant and inert gases. The result is that you end up with better sound and heat-proofing to keep the room even better.

If you are going to have clean room doors, it is best to consider the clean room windows.

The delivery time is estimated from around 7 to 15 days. Such is an impressive turnaround time to provide you with the best clean room windows.

Elevated Floor

Elevated Floor of  Clean Room

Figure 7: Elevated Floor of  Clean Room

If you are going to set up a clean room of class 1000 or higher grade, then an elevated floor from a clean room manufacturer is necessary.

Just as the name suggests, a clean room elevated floor will provide an elevated platform that allows for better use of the clean room depending on your needs.

The elevated floor is made of high strength materials important for boosting the overall performance of the floor. Even if you use it for years to come, the floor will easily hold up to the various applications you put it through.

As a clean room manufacturer, that is not all Zonsteel manufacturers. Check out the official website to see the various equipment and other vital supplies that the brand makes.

What Are the Do’s And Don’Ts of a Clean Room?

When you own a clean room, there are some things you can and cannot do while in the clean room. As a clean room manufacturer, Zonsteel recommends that you keep the following Do’s and Don’ts in mind while using the clean room.

✧  Do remove all jewelry and other personal items from the pockets before getting into the clean rooms. This is because these items can have contaminants that can affect the clean room integrity.

✧  Do always use only the approved pens and writing paper while in the cleanroom. This is to ensure that you always have the right materials in the clean room.

✧  If you have to blow your nose or related activity, then consider doing it in the service area or the gowning room. This is to keep the contaminants as low as possible.

✧  It would help if you always used the utmost precautions each time you cough or sneeze

✧  Do not ever wear cosmetics into the clean room. As a clean room manufacturer, Zonsteel understands how the cosmetics can affect the clean room safety and integrity. Such cosmetics include hair products, perfumes, fingernail polish, mascara, and more.

✧  Do not lean on equipment or surfaces while in the clean room. Sometimes the equipment can be costly and you end up breaking it since you decided to lean on one of them.

✧  Do not allow unauthorized personnel to get into the clean room. Such people might not know the best way to carry themselves around while in the clean room, leading to clean room integrity issues.

Any clean room manufacturer will always list the things you can and cannot do while in the clean room. The idea is to help you keep the clean room a better condition to maintain its integrity over a long time. Considering that you are trying to keep it in a particular clean room class, then maintaining its cleanliness is crucial.

What Is the Cleaning Procedure of a Clean Room?

Figure 8: Cleaning the clean room to maintain its integrity

As the name suggests, it is important to have the right clean room cleaning procedure in mind if you hope to maintain the clean room integrity.

As a clean room manufacturer, Zonsteel recommends the following steps to keep in mind if you want to maintain the clean room’s cleanliness.

  1. Ensure that you are using the recommended clean room cleaning agents as recommended by the clean room manufacturer. Deionized water is highly recommended for scrubbing the floors, walls, benches, and more surfaces.
  2. Do not use powders, rags, or scrubs for cleaning the clean room. It is best to get the clean room mops as recommended by the clean room manufacturer. These mops will have woven polyester important for limiting the shedding and tearing on the surfaces as you clean them.
  3. As much as you will be cleaning the clean room surfaces, we recommend that you do not forget about the floors. It is recommended by any clean room manufacturer to clean the floors using a vacuum and the floor also mopped every shift. As for the weekly cleaning routine, make sure to use a cleanroom detergent to remove more dirt in detail.
  4. The windows, walls, and doors need regular cleaning too. Vacuum these parts each day to minimize the particle accumulation and other contaminants on these surfaces. Also, use lint-free wipes if you have to clean them in detail.
  5. The overhead light lenses and the troffers also need regular cleaning. They can be cleaned once a week and then vacuumed dry before using them. This is to ensure the whole clean room always remains clean.

Any clean room manufacturer will outline some of the things you will need to do as the clean room owner to clean and maintain the clean room even better. With the right guidelines, you can be sure that the clean room would serve you better.

What Are the Common Clean Room Classifications?


maximum particles/m3

FED STD 209Eequivalent

>=0.1 µm>=0.2 µm>=0.3 µm>=0.5 µm>=1 µm>=5 µm
ISO 1102
ISO 210024104
ISO 31,000237102358Class 1
ISO 410,0002,3701,02035283Class 10
ISO 5100,00023,70010,2003,52083229Class 100
ISO 61,000,000237,000102,00035,2008,320293Class 1,000
ISO 7352,00083,2002,930Class 10,000
ISO 83,520,000832,00029,300Class 100,000
ISO 935,200,0008,320,000293,000Room Air

Figure 9: A table containing cleanroom classification standards

The clean rooms’ classifications from a clean room manufacturer are mostly based on the square footage and the amount of cleanliness you can expect in the clean room. Below, we want to discuss some of the most common clean room classifications you can get right now.

ISO 5 Clean Room

This is a super clean room classification you will ever get in the market.

This type of clean room must have less than 3,530 particles of size >0.5 microns per cubic meter. As for the air changes per hour, they will be 250 to 300.

Such a clean room will commonly be used in semiconductor manufacturing and the pharmaceutical filling rooms. This is to ensure no contaminants get into the whole manufacturing process.

ISO 6 Clean Room

We can say this is an immaculate cleanroom type of classification. This type of classification needs to have less than 35,200 particles of size >0.5 microns per cubic meter. As for the air changes per hour performance, they will be 180. All the air changes must be HEPA filtered.

ISO 7 Clean Room

For this type, it is classified as a common clean cleanroom. This cleanroom type needs to have less than 352,000 particles of size >0.5 microns per cubic meter. When the particles are in this range, then the clean room would maintain its integrity.

The clean room also needs 60 HEPA filtered air changes per hour to qualify as an ISO 7 clean room. Any clean room manufacturer will give you a few ideas on maintaining this type of air changes per hour.

You will find that this clean room type is common for compounding rooms in the pharmaceutical world, medical device manufacturing, and electronics manufacturing.

ISO 8 Clean Room

Among the different types of clean room classifications, this is the least clean cleanroom classification.

Any clean room manufacturer will classify an ISO 8 cleanroom with less than 35,200,000 particles of size >0.5 microns per cubic meter. As for the air changes per hour, they can be as low as 20.

Even if it is not the cleanest cleanroom, it is still clean enough to have several applications.

This type of clean room would be ideal for e-liquid manufacturing, nutraceutical packaging, and much more. There is no doubt you would still find various applications to still use the clean room.

How Much Does It Cost to Set Up a Clean Room?

For sure, the needs of a project are going to affect the cost of setting up a clean room.

If you want to handle highly sensitive projects, then it means that you have to go for the highest cleanliness in a clean room. This is to ensure that you get the best clean room for the project.

The accessories that you might have to add onto the clean room also matter. Sometimes you might have to set up a fancy air filtration system. In such a case, there is the need to ensure that you use the best accessories to make it happen.

If you are unsure where to begin learning about the cost, then contact a clean room manufacturer such as Zonsteel. Since the company has been in the business almost 20 years, you should have all the information that you need to pick the best clean room for the job.

Do You Need a HEPA Filter For a Clean Room?

Figure 10 :Testing of the HEPA filter

Yes. A HEPA filter is an integral part of a clean room air filtration system. It would be able to help in filtering the air even better on overall. You should never have to worry about the particles getting into the clean room when you have the right HEPA filter set up in the clean room.

As for its lifespan, the HEPA filter can last from three to five years depending on the contamination in the environment and your pre-filters maintenance.

If the pre-filters are not properly maintained, then you will end up with a filter that easily gets dirty and thus its filtration capability quickly downgrades.

The HEPA filter capacity can also decrease with time as the filter media gets saturated, and the static pressure increases.

Always follow the clean room manufacturer instructions on how to maintain your HEPA filter. One good thing about such a filter is that it does not need too much maintenance.

Keep in mind that not all HEPA filters are washable. You might have to replace the filter if you find that it is not washable.

What Materials Are Commonly Used In the Clean Room?

If you are going to use a clean room more often, then there are some things you need to know more about the clean room before buying one.

Depending on the clean room class, the clean room manufacturer will highlight some of the things you can take into the clean room and those you cannot.

If you are using a super clean cleanroom, then such a clean room will have acceptable garments to use while in the cleanroom. The same applies to the solvents you can also use in the clean room.

In most cases, the everyday use personal items are not allowed in clean rooms. This is because these items are likely to have contaminants from the outside that might affect the clean room integrity.

Here is a list of items that the clean room manufacturer would recommend as safe objects to use in a clean room.

✧  Notebooks and paper

✧  Solvents

✧   Plastic containers

✧   Pencils and pens

✧   Adhesives and tape

Cleaning materials such as detergents, wipes, cleaners, mops and more.

What about items that are prohibited? If you are going to own a clean room from a clean room manufacturer, it is best to know what the clean room manufacturer does not recommend to use in the cleanroom.

Here is a list of prohibited items for any clean room classification

✧   Drink, gum, or food

✧   Jewelry and makeup

✧   Cardboard

✧   Leather

✧   Regular writing paper and notebooks

✧   Lubricants, oils, and greases

✧   Velcro

✧   Powders

✧   Unapproved adhesive or tape

✧   Unapproved plastic containers

It is easy to see that it is best to consult with a clean room manufacturer or a professional in the field to know what can go into the clean and what needs to stay out.

How Can You Reduce the Contaminant Levels In a Clean Room?

Figure 11: Wiping the cleanroom floor

Particulate control is important for anyone who wants to keep the contaminant levels in a clean room low.

How people carry themselves around the cleanroom can determine if the contaminants can be kept to a minimum or not. Using the proper garments is the first step a clean room manufacturer would advise when it comes to using a clean room.

The same goes for hygiene and behavior. If everyone is clean and can follow the clean room guidelines, you can have a better clean room.

Here are some additional tips for reducing the contaminant levels in the clean room.

✧    You should walk and work in slow and calm movements. Being fast or hasty sometimes can easily generator particles in the clean room.

✧   Do not smoke or enter the cleanroom immediately after smoking. Even if you like to smoke, it can end up affecting the cleanliness of the cleanroom.

✧   Always wash your hands before getting into the clean room. Many people will do this, but they will not wash them when getting from the cleanroom. Cleaning your hands after getting from a clean room is still as important.

✧   For those with facial hair, it is advisable to use hairnets and beard covers. This is crucial to leave you with a cleaner working space. Your facial hair can carry particles from the outside. If they are covered, it reduces the chances of dropping the particles into the working space.

✧   Look at what the clean room manufacturer recommends for use in the clean room. The aim is to reduce the chances of bringing unnecessary items into the clean room. As such, you would always end up with a better clean room to operate in.

Why Should You Choose Clean Rooms from Zonsteel?

Cleanroom panels stuck on each other

Figure 12: Cleanroom panels stuck on each other

If you are new to using a clean room, you might not be sure why you need to choose the clean room from Zonsteel as the clean room manufacturer. Here are some of the reasons that should encourage you to consider the Zonsteel cleanrooms.

✧   Over 20 years of experience in making professional clean rooms for various applications

✧   Zonsteel makes multiple clean room accessories you need to make the clean room operational and effective.

✧   You can get customized clean rooms from Zonsteel. This comes down to what kind of application you might have for the clean room

✧   Zonsteel offers affordable cleanrooms for the various applications. You can always invest in a clean room knowing it will be within the affordable range.

✧   The clean rooms from Zonsteel clean room manufacturer are high quality. The company uses the best materials to ensure the best durability for years to come.

✧   Zonsteel is also known for having a fast turn around time. For a detailed turn around time for a clean room, contact the customer support team.


Zonsteel easily stands out as a great clean room manufacturer. It is, for this reason, many people will be comfortable using the company’s products. If there is something you want from Zonsteel, always get in touch to get all the information.

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