Weighing Room

  • Customized Size
  • Body Material SS304, PVC Curtain Door or No Door
  • Vertical Unidirectional Airflow
  • Equipped with G4 Plate Air Filter, F8 Bag Air Filter, H14 High Efficiency Air Filter
  • 15 Days Delivery Time
  • Weighing Room 1
  • Weighing Room 2
  • Weighing Room 3

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Weighing room is clean room equipment designed for weighing solid objects with dust, such as raw materials and activated carbon. The working area of the weighing room is under negative pressure relative to the background area. The vertical unidirectional airflow in the working area not only ensures that the dust of the weighing object goes down with the airflow but does not diffuse into the background area, which can prevent cross-contamination and protect the clean environment and operators health.

Zonsteel weighing room frame SS304, with PVC curtain or without, depends on the room depth, we advise depth less than 800mm to add it.

Zonsteel weighing room is equipped with G4 plate air filter, F8 bag air filter, H14 high efficiency air filter with liquid seal tank and Rosenberg fan. There are 3 micro pressure meters to detect filter resistance. There are wind control valves to adjust window in reasonable needed range. Also, there are waterproof socket and LED lights.

Contact us to customize your weighing room now!
ModelExternal Size(mm)Working Area(mm)Rated Air Flow
Working Area CleanlinessNoise
WR 16001600 x 1600 x 25801500 x 1000 x 20000.45±20%Same With Background Area75≥3000.55
WR 40004000 x 2500 x 25803900 x 1800 x 20003.3
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Weighing Room: The Complete Guide

The weighing room size is customizable according to your URS to decide. Sizes are 1600x1600x2580mm, and 4000x2500x2580mm for your reference. Rated wind speed is around 0.45 m/s.

Zonsteel is ISO9001:2008 factory, founded in the year 1999. It has 26000 m2 workshop, 300 workers and staffs with full production line for clean room products. Main clean room equipment are air shower, AHU unit, pass box, clean room air curtain, commercial ozone generator, clean room air filter, sampling booth, fan filter unit, air filtration unit, weighing room and laminar flow hood.

Zonsteel has the advantage and experience in complicated clean room engineering and production. We have the solution for chip factory and LCD screen factory who wants to strictly control chemical component in air. Also, we have the solution if a factory needs special air, bulk air (H2O2), or chemical supply. Zonsteel can also design and offer FMCS system, water treatment system etc.

Zonsteel is a one stop clean room solution provider, contact us today to customize your weighing room.

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