Weighing Room

  • Customized Size
  • Body Material SS304, PVC Curtain Door or No Door
  • Vertical Unidirectional Airflow
  • Equipped with G4 Plate Air Filter, F8 Bag Air Filter, H14 High Efficiency Air Filter
  • 15 Days Delivery Time
  • Weighing Room
  • Weighing Room
  • Weighing Room

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Weighing room is clean room equipment designed for weighing solid objects with dust, such as raw materials and activated carbon. The working area of the weighing room is under negative pressure relative to the background area. The vertical unidirectional airflow in the working area not only ensures that the dust of the weighing object goes down with the airflow but does not diffuse into the background area, which can prevent cross-contamination and protect the clean environment and operators health.

Zonsteel weighing room frame SS304, with PVC curtain or without, depends on the room depth, we advise depth less than 800mm to add it.

Zonsteel weighing room is equipped with G4 plate air filter, F8 bag air filter, H14 high efficiency air filter with liquid seal tank and Rosenberg fan. There are 3 micro pressure meters to detect filter resistance. There are wind control valves to adjust window in reasonable needed range. Also, there are waterproof socket and LED lights.

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ModelExternal Size(mm)Working Area(mm)Rated Air Flow
Working Area CleanlinessNoise
WR 16001600 x 1600 x 25801500 x 1000 x 20000.45±20%Same With Background Area75≥3000.55
WR 40004000 x 2500 x 25803900 x 1800 x 20003.3
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Weighing Room: The Complete Guide

The weighing room size is customizable according to your URS to decide. Sizes are 1600x1600x2580mm, and 4000x2500x2580mm for your reference. Rated wind speed is around 0.45 m/s.

Zonsteel is ISO9001:2008 factory, founded in the year 1999. It has 26000 m2 workshop, 300 workers and staffs with full production line for clean room products. Main clean room equipment are air shower, AHU unit, pass box, clean room air curtain, commercial ozone generator, clean room air filter, sampling booth, fan filter unit, air filtration unit, weighing room and laminar flow hood.

Zonsteel has the advantage and experience in complicated clean room engineering and production. We have the solution for chip factory and LCD screen factory who wants to strictly control chemical component in air. Also, we have the solution if a factory needs special air, bulk air (H2O2), or chemical supply. Zonsteel can also design and offer FMCS system, water treatment system etc.

Zonsteel is a one stop clean room solution provider, contact us today to customize your weighing room.

Weighing Room: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Whether it is a clean room or a pharmaceutical institution, having a weighing room is important to improve the cleanliness and integrity of your workplace.

Anyone who are interested in weighing rooms would want to know what they are all about and why they need to get one today.


What Is a Weighing Room?

An assembled weighing room

Figure 1: An assembled weighing room

A weighing room can be described as an important clean room equipment used for weighing solid objects that contain dust. This can be the raw materials necessary for handling the various projects in the clean room.

The weighing room working area will be under negative pressure compared to the background area. Having this vertical unidirectional airflow in the working area makes sure the dust is removed from the object and also keep the dust from diffusing into the other areas of the cleanroom.

The weighing room will have different types of filters to ensure that the dust is always contained.

Zonsteel weighing room has filters such as G4 plate air filter, F8 bag air filter, and the H14 high efficiency air filter.

There are also wind control valves important to deliver the right velocity of air to remove the dust from the object. The velocity is easily adjusted depending on the application at the moment in the weighing room.

There are also waterproof sockets and LED lights in the weighing room. The LED lights are crucial for the best visibility so that you can have an easier time using the weighing room at any given time.

So, if you own a clean room, make sure to get yourself a weighing room to remove as many contaminants as possible before the object or cargo gets into the cleanroom.


What Are the Common Applications of Weighing Rooms?

An operational weighing room

Figure 2: An operational weighing room

The weighing room comes in handy as a purifying equipment. As such, it can be used for weighing, sampling, filling, and refilling of the raw materials and compounds.

Zonsteel finds that such type of equipment will come in handy in places such as labs, cleanrooms, chemical industries, foods and beverages, pharmaceutical institutions and a lot more.

It is best to talk to Zonsteel before buying the weighing room. This is because Zonsteel can guide you better to understand where best you would use the weighing room for the best results.


What Are the Features of The Zonsteel Weighing Room?

A type of Zonsteel weighing room

Figure 3: A type of Zonsteel weighing room

Multiple Types Available

One thing that makes more people consider Zonsteel should be the availability of the weighing rooms. Zonsteel makes two standard types of weighing rooms. So, you can always choose the one that works for your needs.

The two types include the WR1600 and WR4000.

The WR1600 is for those who want something with a smaller footprint, but still good enough for them to handle their needs for a weighing room.

The WR4000 is for those who want more space. They would be able to remove the dust from the larger raw materials and objects before getting them into the clean room.

That is not all as you can still have the option of getting a custom sized weighing room too. This is where you talk to the design team for them to understand your needs before coming up with the best weighing room that you need.

Low Noise Weighing Rooms

The last thing you need in a clean room is to deal with too much noise. That is not a problem with the Zonsteel weighing room.

The operating noise level is 75 decibels. With this kind of noise level, you can even have a conversation around the weighing room without necessarily shouting.

Having low noise of operation in the clean room gives you the peace of mind to work on a project better.

Impressive Build Quality

A Zonsteel weighing room ready for use

Figure 4: A Zonsteel weighing room ready for use

Zonsteel is known for making high-quality products and the weighing room is not any different.

It is made of stainless steel SS304 material. With this kind of material, you are assured of the best durability and sturdiness.

No one wants to keep buying clean room equipment after every few months.

Even the other materials that are not steel, you will find that they are also durable. The aim is to make the weighing room sturdier than what you get with competitors.

Ease of Maintenance

If you are going to get a cleanroom weighing room, then it is important to look at its maintenance needs too.

The Zonsteel weighing room is generally easy to maintain. This is because Zonsteel sends you all the important cleaning procedures to follow when you buy the weighing room.

You will also find that the cleaning procedure is similar to what you get with other types of cleanroom equipment. So, if you have done maintenance on other equipment, it should not be hard to handle the Zonsteel weighing room.

Adjustable Air Flow

The Zonsteel weighing room also comes with the option of adjusting the air flow. This is an important factor for those who might have to adjust the weighing room operation to suit their needs.

The air velocity can be varied within a range of 0.45±20% depending on your needs. There is a proper guideline on how to safely adjust the velocity in the user guide.

Ease of Assembly and Installation

Another thing that stands out for the Zonsteel weighing room is the ease of assembly and installation.

You can easily have the weighing room set up correctly and up for operation in less time compared to competitor models.

Even if you want the Zonsteel staff to install it for you, the company ready to provide you with the technical support that you want. Yes, Zonsteel does overseas installation too.


What Types of Weighing Rooms Are Available at Zonsteel?

Installed Zonsteel weighing room in a room

Figure 5: Installed Zonsteel weighing room in a room

When it comes to the Zonsteel weighing rooms, you will get two major types to choose from. They include the WR 1600 and the WR 4000.

The major difference between these two models is the overall size. The WR 4000 is the largest of the two so it can handle a lot more raw materials.

Also, the power use differs between these two models. It is expected that the WR 4000 will consume more power, which is 3.3 KW.

Below is a table showing the major differences between these two types of weighing rooms that you get from Zonsteel.

Figure 6: A table showing the types of Zonsteel weighing room types


How Can You Clean a Weighing Room?

The inner side of a weighing room

Figure 7: The inner side of a weighing room

Having a clean weighing room goes a long way to ensure that you always have the best conditions to handle your cleanroom raw materials.

So, how often should you clean the weighing room? If you are new to using a weighing room, Zonsteel recommends that you clean it each time you change a product. It can also be cleaned after every sampling of the product. This ensures you always have a clean weighing room at your disposal.

Below, Zonsteel give you some of the tips to consider when cleaning your weighing room to ensure it lives up to the quality standards.

✧   Start by removing the weighing equipment that was used in the sampling of the previous products. This will include scoops, spatulas, and more. They all need to be removed from the weighing area so that you have an easier time doing a deep clean of the weighing room.

✧   You will also have to remove any powder from the floor and the pre filter frame. This part will require the use of a vacuum to suck out all the powder and dust from the floor.

✧   Use a clean dry lint-free cloth soaked in purified water to clean the surfaces. It is easy to see why removing much of the dust with a vacuum will prevent the formation of muddy trails on the surface when using a wet cloth.

✧   Once the weighing area is cleaned with the water, rinse it using 70% IPA solution. This is a common disinfectant solution used in pharmaceuticals. It ensures most of the microorganisms are killed and you now have a clean weighing area for the next product.

✧   Make sure that you dispose the cleaning cloths and other materials as recommended by professionals. The last thing you want is for the contaminants to be touched by other people. Also, consider cleaning the waste bin better more often using dry lint-free cloth.

You might want to have a quality control person recording each of the cleaning activities in the weighing room. This ensures that you never have to worry so much about what needs to be done to keep the weighing room clean. Also, this allows for creating a proper schedule for regular thorough cleaning of the weighing room.


What Maintenance Tips about a Weighing Room Does the Operator Need to Know?

A closeup look of a weighing room control panel

Figure 8: A closeup look of a weighing room control panel

When you take your time to give your weighing room the best maintenance, then you will end up with one that lasts a lot longer.

If you have not used a weighing room before, our maintenance tips below should give you an idea of how to proceed.

Quarterly Maintenance

For the quarterly maintenance, you need to check out a few things to make sure the weighing room is working all great. Here are some of the thing you might have to do.

✧   Check to ensure that the motor of the blower is working great. This is important if you hope to end up with the best air velocity whenever you need it.

It is still a nice time to re-grease the motor bearings. This is to keep the motors working silently with enough lubrication. Having too much friction causes noise and also wear of the blower faster.

✧   Check all the connections to the terminal and tighten them where necessary. This is to ensure you get the best operation out of the weighing room. Loose connections are not the best when operating something on electricity.

✧   You will have to clean the whole unit on its exterior to keep it clean. Most of the time users clean the interior and forget the exterior. Cleaning the exterior should leave it looking good.

✧   Some of the others things you will have to clean include cover grills, air shield, cubicles, tube lights, and more.

✧   It is also a nice time to check the conditions of your filters just to make sure they are still reliable and efficient.

Half Yearly Maintenance

Most of the maintenance is done quarterly, but there are some things you can still do for the half yearly maintenance.

✧   You need to check for damages to the motor impeller. Replace any of the motors that might be worn out. Do not worry that this is something you will do more often. Most motors will work for years before replacing them.

✧   Check the filters to ensure they are still working great. You might have to do several tests to determine their efficiency before deciding if they need changing.

Yearly Maintenance

The yearly maintenance does not involve much, but it is still important. Here is what you will mostly be doing under this maintenance schedule.

✧   Check the overall performance of the HEPA filters. This majorly involves checking the velocity of discharge. It needs to be within the limit set for the weighing room. All that information will be found in the specific product catalogue.

✧   You still have to consider the velocity at suction for the pre filters. This also needs to be within the recommended limits.

✧   The illumination of your weighing area needs to be within the standard range depending on the type of weighing room that you have for use. The illumination needs to be right so that you can see better the cleanliness of the product before it goes into the clean room.

✧   It is also at this stage you carry out DOP, velocity tests, and particle count on the HEPA filters to ensure they are working as expected.


What Should An Operator Consider When Buying a Weighing Room?

Figure 9: An installed weighing room in a clean room

It is easy to see that sometimes you would not be sure how to proceed when you are new to using a weighing room.

The guide below gives you ideas on how you should choose the best weighing room from a manufacturer.

The Maintenance Needs

The first thing you always have to keep in mind are the maintenance needs for a particular weighing room.

Different weighing rooms are made differently. So, some are likely to have more maintenance needs than others.

Make sure that the model you get does not need maintenance all the time. This might make work at your facility slower if the weighing room keeps breaking down.

Once you get a weighing room, Zonsteel recommends that you follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

Following the maintenance schedule will ensure that you always keep the weighing room in its best working condition.


You still have to consider the versatility that you get with the weighing room.

This means that what you can use the weighing room for at your facility.

It is easy to see that you need a highly versatile weighing room. This will make it possible to handle the different raw materials before sending them into the clean room.

The versatility will depend on the different materials and other features incorporated in the weighing room.

For a model that has a lot more features, then it would be great in terms of versatility.


The overall build quality is important when choosing a weighing room. There are some models that might start to fall apart after a few months of use. That is not what you want from a weighing room.

The quality is also important to consider when looking at the controls. They should be able to hold up to regular use too.

Let us say you use the weighing room more often. It is easy to see that you would need something highly durable and can stand up to continuous use sometimes.

The Price

Anyone who is looking for the best weighing room will always have to consider the price. It is easy to see that many people would want something they can enjoy using for years to come even if it might cost them a little more.

Each time you are buying a weighing room, make sure that you keep in mind the price in relation to the features. Do not overpay for something when there are better options for the money.

Types Available

The types of weighing rooms will vary from one manufacturer to another. What is important is to get one who can give you multiple options.

Here at Zonsteel, there are two main options to choose from. However, that is not all. Zonsteel can still offer you custom made models depending on your needs.

Just make sure the type of weighing room you choose from any manufacturer is what you need for the project.

The Filters

The filters are essential for making sure that you have clean raw materials before sending them into the clean room.

If the filters cannot do their job properly, then you would end up with something that does not work great.

Look at how often you have to clean or replace the filters. This will determine the maintenance costs that you have to bear when using the weighing room.

If you have to replace them, then what is the process? Is it hard or easy? These are some of the questions you need to be asking.


Do You Install the Weighing Room after Delivery?

It will depend on the requirements of the client. Yes, Zonsteel can do the installation if that is part of what you want from us.

Even if you are not in China, Zonsteel is happy to inform you that overseas installations are still possible.

Zonsteel will send you a certified technician who can handle the installation so that you can have the weighing room set up correctly.

The same technician can still train the staff at your facility on how to use the weighing room. This is to ensure you can optimally use the weighing room.


How Do You Use a Weighing Room?

It is not hard to use a weighing room. Here are some quick tips on how to correctly use one.

✧   The weighing area needs to be cleaned. This goes for the equipment too that will be used in the weighing room.

✧   The waste bin also needs proper cleaning and closed when not in use

✧   Proceed to set the temperature and relative humidity to the specified limits depending on the product you are handling

✧   Turn on the weighing room and give it 15 to 20 mins before you can commence with the weighing process.

✧   Always wait until the pressure differential cross the HEPA filter is within the correct limit before entering the weighing room.

✧   Once everything is within the specified limits, then you can proceed with the weighing process of the raw materials.

✧   Once the process is complete, shut down the weighing room and clean it as instructed in the manual. This will keep it clean and ready for the next weighing activity.


Is It Hard to Operate a Weighing Room?

Figure 10: Clean room personnel working on a project

No. The Zonsteel weighing room is one of the easiest to operate.

Zonsteel offers the buyer a comprehensive guide on how to operate and maintain the weighing room. If you can go through the manual, everything should be easy to handle.

Also, the company have a dedicated customer support team who can handle your queries in case you have any problem.

Since the team is available 24/7, then you can easily get the information that you need to keep operating the weighing room correctly.


Can Zonsteel Perform Maintenance to the Weighing Room after a Purchase?

Yes. The company can send someone to do the maintenance on your weighing room.

Since Zonsteel are the ones who built the weighing room, the technicians will understand it even better.

Once our technical team is at the site, they will handle the maintenance part so that you can get back to using the weighing room even better.

Also, Zonsteel offers the best warranty on the weighing rooms. In case you have an issue, someone from Zonsteel can check it out and help further where necessary. Our company tries to ensure that our clients are satisfied and their weighing rooms are working perfectly.

Do you still have questions? If the answer is Yes, then contact us for more details. Our support team is always ready to help you with any question you might have about a weighing room or any of our other products.

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