Pass Box

  • Material SS304
  • With UV Lamp or High Efficiency Filter
  • Electronic Interlock Door
  • Work Area Integrated Arc Design
  • Size 500x500x500mm, 600x600x600mm or 800x800x800mm


  • Pass Box 1
  • Pass Box 2
  • Pass Box 3

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Pass boxes are a component of a cleanroom system that allows for transfer of items between two areas of differing cleanliness. These two areas can be two separate cleanrooms or a non-clean area and a cleanroom. Utilizing pass boxes decreases the amount of traffic in and out of the cleanroom, which saves energy and lowers the risk of contamination.

Pass boxes are often seen in sterile labs, electronics manufacturing, hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, food and beverage production facilities, and many other clean manufacturing and research environments.

Zonsteel pass box with other significant features:

Flat electronic interlocking, good reliability, calmly respond to emergency door opening;

Embedded interlocking door design, smooth operation, no bumps

Work area integrated arc design, no dead angle, easy to clean

Double-layer negative pressure design, no leakage risk; positive pressure design in the work area, no interference from background area

The partition is well sealed, easy to operate and easy to maintain

High wind speed, good flow pattern and high cleanliness

Cumulative timing of UV lamp, can be replaced on time (time of use)

Contact us to customize your pass box now!
Overall size(mm)Working area size(mm)Nozzle velocity(m/s)Blowing timeBox materialEfficient filter sizeEfficiencyFan powerSupply voltage
W800xH1100xD650W600xH600xD6000.3-0.4m/s0-999sSUS304484x484x900.99990.4 KW220V 50Hz
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Pass Box: The Complete Guide

Zonsteel pass box could be simple with just a UV lamp, or equipment with high efficiency filter. It all depends on your needs.

Zonsteel pass box body is stainless steel 304.

Zonsteel pass box work area size 500x500x500mm, 600x600x600mm or 800x800x800mm, other size can be customized. Just tell us item transfer direction and we will know how to fix door direction.

Pass box delivery time is 15 days, well packed in wooden case.

Zonsteel is ISO9001:2008 factory, founded in 1999 year, with 26000 m2 workshop, 300 workers and staffs. It has full production line for clean room products. Main clean room equipment are air shower, clean room hvac, pass box, clean room air curtain, commercial ozone generator, clean room air filter, sampling booth, fan filter unit, air filtration unit, and laminar flow hood.

Zonsteel is a one stop clean room solution provider, contact us today to customize your pass box.

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