Horizontal Flow Hood

  • Horizontal Laminar Flow
  • Cabinet Working Area: ISO5/Class 100
  • Working Surface Stainless Steel 304
  • Low Noise Horizontal Flow Hood
  • 1-Year Warranty on Parts and Lifetime Technical Support
  • Horizontal Flow Hood
  • Horizontal Flow Hood
  • Horizontal Flow Hood

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Zonsteel horizontal flow hood is one model of clean benches.It provides horizontal laminar flow cause the HEPA filter is on rear wall. This horizontal flow hood creates an ISO5(class 100) clean environment. This makes the product good for research, manufacturing, aerospace, bioscience, pharmaceutical production, and food processing industries.

Horizontal flow hood protects the sample from airborne particle contamination. Keep in mind that it does not protect the user and surroundings. So, it cannot handle biohazardous material, toxins or radionuclides.

Zonsteel horizontal flow hood features several advantages:

First, a low resistance HEPA filter is used, which is 99.99% efficient on particles of size 0.3 microns. It is sealed by gel and has a double-layer cabinet to ensure negative pressure for HEPA filter leak protection. A perforated stainless steel plate is laid on the front of the HEPA filter to protect it from impinging. This sheet can pop out easily for maintenance.

It also has a low-noise air blower to ensure you have a quiet working environment. This blower is also energy saving and delivers more pressure. It blows constantly the air at a flow rate of 0.45 m/s. This ensures the sample does not get contaminated.

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ModelExternal Size
Working Area Size
Working Area Clean ClassRated Wind Speed
Clean Bench type

(Class 100)

0.45 ± 20%650x540x93/1Single station horizontal laminar flow
CBZS-H-021760x700x14501680x480x600740x540x93/2Double stations horizontal laminar flow
Horizontal laminar flow
Supply 1 HEPA for single station, 2 HEPA for double stations
Gel seal HEPA filter, negative pressure HEPA filter leak protection
ISO Class 5 air (Class 100)
Primary filter
Variable speed built-in motor/blower(s) with vibration isolation pads
Differential pressure gauge
Type 304 brushed stainless-steel work surface
Tempered safety glass side panels
UV-resistant, dry powder epoxy-coated steel exterior
Fluorescent lighting
Anti-dust sockets
One-year warranty on parts and lifetime technical support
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Horizontal Flow Hood: The Complete Guide

The horizontal flow hood working area, is stainless steel 304, bent by a CNC bending machine. The inner corner has an arc shape that makes it easy to clean and prevent bacteria from collecting. The brushed surface or other surface treatments will depend on your requirements. The worktop is perforated for better airflow. And this unit external is powder epoxy-coated steel, UV-resistance.

Sides panels of horizontal flow hood has a tempered safety glass.

Equipped with a primary filter.

Also equipped with a UV light to help in disinfection. The hood is equipped with differential pressure gauge to monitor the HEPA filter condition. It is equipped with anti-dust. This model also has universal wheels for ease of moving. The legs are also adjustable.

Zonsteel horizontal flow hood is an easily customizable product. You can get models with one station or two stations. The delivery time is usually 15-20 days. Zonsteel is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. We has been in the cleanroom field for almost two decades. You are safe to work with us, and we value every customer.

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Horizontal Flow Hood: The Complete FAQs Guide

You do not need to set up a full cleanroom to access a clean work area for various projects. You can always opt for a horizontal flow hood. There is a lot more about a horizontal flow hood that makes more people interested in it. Well, keep reading this FAQ guide to understanding it in detail.

What is a Horizontal Flow Hood?

A Horizontal Flow Hood

Figure 1 A Horizontal Flow Hood

A horizontal flow hood is a type of clean bench or laminar floor hood aimed at providing the user with a clean work area free from particulates and other possible contaminants. This is done by blowing laminar airflow over the working area.

This laminar flow hood gets its name from the way it operates. This guide has more information about its operating principle, so keep reading.

Due to its operation, a horizontal flow hood is one of the most sought-after laminar flow hoods. As such, it is used in various industries, mostly involving research and experimentations. It is also a nice choice for companies working on sensitive technology that does not need to expose the sample to the elements or other types of contaminants.

What is the Operating Principle of a Horizontal Flow Hood?

How a Horizontal Flow Hood Works

Figure 2 How a Horizontal Flow Hood Works

Unlike the vertical flow hood, where the air travels downwards, the air in the horizontal flow hood travels from back to front. This air is passed through the HEPA filter, which filters 99.99% of the particles.

Because of the design, the horizontal flow hood will require more space to set it up. Also, it needs more clearance at the rear to allow for air to get into the flow hood. Such means that the horizontal flow hood takes up more space than the vertical flow hood.

The horizontal flow hood might have some limitations depending on what you are working on. Let us say you are handling a project with soldering fumes or maybe fine powder. It will be harder to work better in such a case. This is because the fumes and powder might get blown into the operator’s face.

Consider looking at the product manual in detail to understand where best you can use the horizontal flow hood without risking the life of the operator.

What are the Common Applications of Horizontal Flow Hoods?

The horizontal flow hood will mostly be an ideal choice for those working in the research sector. The same works great for other industries such as manufacturing, aerospace, bioscience, food processing, and pharmaceutical production.

It is easy to see how its sterile environment will be a top choice for those working in the drug industry. The last thing you need is for the medication to be compromised.

Can Horizontal Flow Hoods Protect the User?

No. The horizontal flow hood is meant for protecting the sample in the work area from airborne particle contamination. It does not protect the user or the surroundings. So, before you can start handling may be toxic substances, you need proper protection. Always take extra caution when handling toxins, radionuclides, and other biohazardous materials in the horizontal flow hood.

What are the Benefits of a Horizontal Flow Hood?

Here are some of the pros that make more people consider getting themselves the horizontal flow hood.

– This type of hood is good for eliminating the turbulent effects seen in the vertical flow hoods. It is more convenient to operate and take items, which can effectively improvework efficiency. The horizontal flow hood is easy to operate because there is no glass in front of it. It can also use larger instruments such as microscopes, which can be used in the hospital or the allocation room of nutrient solution

– Your hands and gloves as the operator will be less contaminating since they will be downstream of your sample.

– Most horizontal flow hoods would have a wider worksurface. This means you have different samples set up in the same workspace if it is safe to do so.

You will tend to discover more benefits as you keep using the horizontal flow hood.

Why is a HEPA Filter Important for a Horizontal Flow Hood?

How a HEPA Filter Works

Figure 3 How a HEPA Filter Works

Zonsteel makes class 100 or ISO 5 horizontal flow hoods. To ensure such hoods meet the stringent standards, there is a need for using a HEPA filter.

A HEPA filter is important for filtering up to 99.99% of the particles in the air. The result is that the work area becomes sterile, thus suitable for the different applications you might have in mind.

The HEPA filter is further sealed with gel ensuring there are no leaks. You can now depend on Zonsteel horizontal flow hoods to provide you with the best work environment.

As much as the HEPA filter is good at its job, there is the need to ensure you always take good care of it. There is a need for proper maintenance of the filter to keep it in good condition. Inspect it every six months and replace it when it no longer works as expected.

Is the Air Blower in the Horizontal Flow Hood Noisy? What is the Airspeed it Generates?

The horizontal flow hood needs a constant flow of air over the work area. That is made possible with the use of an air blower mounted in the hood.

The best thing about this air blower should be its silent operating mode. You will always find it is a comfortable work environment when the blower can maintain a silent operation.

Also, the air blower is designed to be energy saving. Even if you have to run the horizontal flow hood for hours, it will not use a lot of energy.

It is energy-saving while at the same time able to generate big pressure. This is more reason to consider getting it.

In addition to being quiet, the air blower generates an airflow of 0.45m/s. This is the recommended airspeed for a Class 100 or ISO 5 laminar flow hood.

This kind of speed is good enough to prevent the contamination of the sample in the hood.

What is the Delivery Time for a Horizontal Flow Hood for Sale?

You can expect a delivery time of 15 to 20 days for a Zonsteel horizontal flow hood.

The team will take you through all the steps until when the hoods are delivered.

The overall delivery time can depend on other factors such as the quantity of hoods, destination, customizations, and more.

The Zonsteel will finally give you a timeline that the company is sure it can stick to ensuring the hoods are delivered on time.

What is the Working Area Clean Class for a Horizontal Flow Hood?

The working area clean class of the Zonsteel horizontal flow hood is ISO 5. This type of class is the strictest compared to the other types of cleanrooms. It demands the highest quality in terms of air quality and air changes.

The class also needs a lot more filtration to maintain such cleanliness. It is why this horizontal flow hood comes equipped with a HEPA filter.

Since Zonsteel makes such an amazing class of horizontal flow hood, it would be a great choice to use for various industries. That is how the company ends up being a top choice for most industries.

When and How Should You Change the Horizontal Flow Hood Filter?

Horizontal Flow Hood Configuration

Figure 4 Horizontal Flow Hood Configuration

The horizontal flow hood, like any other machine, needs maintenance too. This time we are talking about its filter. If the filter is not working correctly, then it can lead to contamination.

It is best to start by inspecting the filter to ensure it is in the right working condition.

Remember, there are two types of filters in a horizontal flow hood. These filters include the primary filter and the HEPA filter.

The primary filter is expected to be dirtier as it traps the large dust particles. If it is too dirty, then proceed to replace it with a new pre-filter.

You still have to inspect the condition of the HEPA filter. In most cases, you will have to replace it after a couple of years of using it. Some people might try to wash the filter. However, it is not recommended unless it is a washable filter.

Zonsteel will have a detailed guide for the maintenance of the other parts of the horizontal flow hood. Make sure to follow the guide to keep the flow hood in great working condition.

What is the Process of Cleaning a Horizontal Flow Hood?

The horizontal flow hood needs proper cleaning to maintain its sterile working surface. Here are some tips to get you going.

– Run the hood for at least 15 minutes before cleaning

– When cleaning the hood, always wear sterile clothes in addition to cleanroom gloves

– It is best to use lint-free cleanroom cloths

– Always use different cloths for the different surfaces in the hood

– Your cleaning solution should be what the manufacturer recommends

– When cleaning, begin at the top and moving to the bottom, and wipe using the side to side motion

– When doing routine cleaning daily, do not attempt to wipe or clean the HEPA filter. Doing so is likely to damage the filter

You will find more tips in the product manual. You can always be sure to have a clean horizontal flow hood once you maintain cleanliness.

What is the Recommended Startup Procedure for a Horizontal Flow Hood?

A horizontal flow hood does not have to be hard to start and use. The procedure might vary slightly from one model to another, but here is the general procedure to consider.

– Turn on the hood fan. Give it five minutes to run without doing anything else. This is important to let it purge the work area before you can start working on your samples. At the same time, you can also turn on the UV light for more sterilization of the work area.

– As the horizontal flow hood is getting ready for use, ensure you have everything you will need for the research or process ready by your side. They should be within reach so that you do not end up moving away from the desk so much.

– With the horizontal flow hood ready for use, load, and arrange the different materials correctly in the hood. Make sure you do not overload the hood with unnecessary supplies.

You can proceed with the research at this point. Make sure to wear the right clothing to prevent any accidents or contaminations.

Can You Get Zonsteel Horizontal Flow Hoods for Sale Overseas?

Yes. Zonsteel has an amazing network that helps with getting the horizontal flow hoods for sale overseas. You simply have to get in touch with the company’s support team and place an order. Let the company handle the logistics, and then you will be notified when the product is shipped.

Thanks to timely Zonsteel communications, you will always know the progress of your order.

Is it Expensive to Buy the Zonsteel Horizontal Flow Hood?

An Operator Using a Horizontal Flow Hood

Figure 5 An Operator Using a Horizontal Flow Hood

Do not let the price scare you from investing in Zonsteel horizontal flow hood. This is because the company offers competitive pricing on the products. Also, the price largely varies with the model that you consider picking. Keep in mind there are various models available, so make your choice appropriately.

Zonsteel will still send you a quote to help you know more about the pricing and other options available within your budget.

Does the Horizontal Flow Hood Use a lot of Electricity?

No. The horizontal flow hood uses a wide range of energy-saving electronics in its system. The idea is to keep the energy spending low even if you have to use the flow hood more often. A good example is the energy-saving air blower. It spins quietly and still uses less energy. The same applies to the lamp whose aim is to help you see better. You never have to worry about it using a lot of energy.

How Hard is it to Setup the Horizontal Flow Hood?

Most people find installing a horizontal flow hood relatively easy. Make sure to move the contents of the flow hood to where you want to install it. It might need two people to carry the whole package.

Once at the installation site, follow the Zonsteel installation guide to set up the horizontal flow hood. Since the instructions are comprehensive with images, the process should not take long before you are ready to start using the flow hood.

What is the Difference Between a Horizontal Flow Hood and a Biological Safety Cabinet?

If you work in the research industry, the chances are you will come across these two. The horizontal flow hoods are not the same as biological safety cabinets.

The major difference between these two is their functionality. The biological safety cabinet is designed to protect the operator, the sample, and the environment all at the same time. As for the horizontal flow hood, it is only designed to protect the sample in the hood. The user is not protected.

So, if you have to handle some hazardous material using a horizontal flow hood, it would be nice to get additional protection.


Getting yourself the best horizontal flow hood from Zonsteel will make your research better. You will never have to deal with contaminated samples again. If it is something you need, request a quote from Zonsteel to start the purchase process.

The team at Zonsteel is also ready to help you understand more about horizontal flow hood whenever you have more questions.

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