Stainless Steel Basin

  • Material SS304
  • Thickness 1.0mm or Above
  • Customized Size
  • High Standard Workmanship
  • 7 Days Delivery Time
  • Stainless Steel Basin
  • Stainless Steel Basin
  • Stainless Steel Basin

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Zonsteel has simple stainless steel basin with pedal faucet to high end basin with auto faucet plus soap dispenser. Use for single user till to 5 users, and combined basins for more users.

Zonsteel stainless steel basin can help you to improve hygiene standards, prevent the spread of disease, and escort for the food safety. It can be used in all kinds of clean room for hands cleaning, especially for food industry.

Zonsteel simple stainless steel basin size can be custom made, can do maximum 2500mm long for 5 users. This basin can be divided into two parts on long direction, one for hand cleaning and another one for disinfection. There is auto faucet, pedal faucet and knee-operated faucet for your options, all of them can avoid hand operation as well as cross infection. Each faucet is set independently, which does not affect the use of other faucets and is convenient for use and maintenance. We can also add cabinet underneath.

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ItemMaterialThicknessSizeWorking typeOther
Single basinSS304Thickness 1.5mm
Leg 38*38mm*1.2mm
W500*L600*H1100mmPedal/ Auto/ by kneeSeparate tap
Double basinW500*L1000*H1100mm
3 Tap basinW500*L1500*H1100mm
4 Tap basinW500*L2000*H1100mm
5 Tap basinW500*L2500*H1100mm

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Stainless Steel Basin: The Complete Guide

Zonsteel high end stainless steel basin is equipped with soap dispenser, and faucet only auto type.

Zonsteel stainless steel basin material only use SS304 or SS316, thickness 1.0mm or above. Stainless steel basin production require high standard workmanship and Zonsteel skilled workers have many years’ experience on stainless steel furniture making. We are very good at edge polish, welding, and good at machine operation on cutting bending and hole punching.

Zonsteel stainless steel basin leg bottom is protected by rubber or plastic. You can also adjust the height. Delivery time is usually 7 days and packing is done in bubble film or carton paper.

Zonsteel stainless steel basin is in seamless design, easy to clean.

Besides stainless steel basin, Zonsteel can manufacture other stainless steel furniture used for clean room purposes including shoe cabinet, locker, tool cabinet, worktable, beach, trolley, boots dryer, clothes hanger, trash can and shelves etc.

Zonsteel is ISO9001:2015 factory, founded in the year 1999. It has 26000 m2 workshop, 300 workers and staffs and a full production line for clean room products.

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Stainless Steel Basins: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Zonsteel has been making multiple types of stainless steel products. This time round, it is the stainless steel basin. This type of basin is what you need for your clean room, kitchen, outdoor use, and much more. The applications will always depend on your needs for a stainless steel basin.

Below, we want to look at some of the common questions that people might have about a stainless steel basin. We hope that at the end of this guide, you would know more about stainless steel basins.


What Are the Benefits of Stainless Steel Basins?

Stainless Steel Basin

Figure 1: Stainless Steel Basin

Here are some of the benefits that you can expect to experience with a stainless steel basin;

–       Robustness and Durability

You can never go wrong with the robustness and durability of a stainless steel basin. The steel material can last for decades before you can think of replacing the stainless steel basin. On average, such a stainless steel basin can last for 30 years. This makes it good in terms of value for money. You would always feel it was worth the investment.

–       Ease of Maintenance

When someone gets a stainless steel basin, one thing that comes into their mind would be what about its maintenance? The stainless steel basin does not need a lot of maintenance. If you can clean the stainless steel basin appropriately, then there is nothing else you need to worry about. With ease of maintenance, it is easy to see a lot more people going for it.

–       Ecological

We all love our environment and we would want to keep it free from contaminants. That is where the stainless steel basin can be a good option for you too. This is because the stainless steel material is recyclable. You will not have to worry about it affecting your environment when it can be recycled into something else.

Stainless Steel Clean Room Basin

Figure 2: Stainless Steel Clean Room Basin

–       Affordable

Everyone who is looking for a stainless steel basin would also want something affordable. The good news is that a stainless steel basin does not cost much. This is because it is cheaper to process and produce the steel material.

Even if you hope to end up with models of different designs, it should not increase the cost of a stainless steel basin extremely.

–       Hygienic Design

The stainless steel basins will be usually designed with hygiene in mind. This helps to keep the surface clean especially those that are used in clean rooms. To help maintain the clean room integrity, you will find it easy to clean the stainless steel basin.

The overall finish is always smooth. This means that the bacteria and other harmful microorganisms cannot attach themselves onto the surface. This leaves you with a clean stainless steel basin that you can always enjoy using.

Auto Stainless Steel Basin

Figure 3: Auto Stainless Steel Basin

–       Non-corrosive

The problem that many people face with other materials should be corrosion. It is good to know that there is so much to like about the stainless steel basin being non-corrosive. It will remain looking good with its finish for years to come. Well, just make sure that you care for the stainless steel basin properly for it to maintain its look.


Where Can You Use a Stainless Steel Basin?

Stainless Steel Clean Room Basin

Figure 4: Stainless Steel Clean Room Basin

The applications of stainless steel basins can be many. There are times you can find them in cleanrooms, labs, outdoor spaces, in homes, and more. So long as it is a place that might need people cleaning their hands regularly, then the stainless steel basin can come in handy.

The best part is that Zonsteel offers custom stainless steel basins. This means that you can always get the right stainless steel basin for your application.


How Fast Will I Get the Stainless Steel Basin Delivered?

Stainless Steel Clean Room Basin

Figure 5: Stainless Steel Clean Room Basin

Zonsteel promises to deliver the stainless steel basin in 7 days after you place your order. Placing your order is not hard. We have the contact information you can reach us whenever you have any questions about placing an order.

Once your order is placed, a representative from our company will reach out to confirm it before the production team can start working on it. Once the order is finished, we will package the stainless steel basin in bubble film or carton paper to further protection. We want it delivered to you with no scratches so you can feel the value for your money.


How Can You Care for Your Stainless Steel Basin?

Stainless Steel Basin Pedal

Figure 6:  Stainless Steel Basin Pedal

When it comes to caring for your stainless steel basin, look at the materials that you use for cleaning. We do not recommend using cleaners that have chlorine and abrasives. The products that have chlorine will tend to corrode the stainless steel material and will not rinse off easily.

It is surprising just how many soaps, detergents, and cleaners that have chlorine as part of the building components. It should not be a surprise when we do not recommend bleach as we know it would have chlorine.

Abrasive cleaners such as Ajax and Comet are also not advisable to use. The same goes for abrasive sponges and scouring pads. They will easily scratch the stainless steel basin finish and sometimes lodge tiny fibers into the finish leading to rust.

As for routine care, you might need to do regular cleaning just as you would do for any other type of basin. Make it a habit of cleaning the stainless steel basin as soon you are done using it. Consider using soapy water to help with removing any debris in the sink.

If you have to do deep cleaning, go for the recommended cleaners by Zonsteel. This will help to thoroughly clean the stainless steel basin to leave it looking clean.

As much as it is called stainless steel, it does not mean that it cannot get stains over time. You might notice a brown surface after a few years of use. It is crucial that you clean appropriately to remove these stains from the stainless steel basin. You might have to use ammonia that is diluted to the manufacturer specifications to help with removing the stains and fingerprints too.

You might also want to sanitize the stainless steel basin too. One of the simplest methods would be filling it with boiling water and let it sit for a few minutes. You could also use a disinfectant more often to kill any bacteria that might remain behind after using the boiling water.

Zonsteel recommends regular cleaning and disinfecting of the stainless steel basin so that you can have a clean environment to use all the time.


Why Should You Choose the Zonsteel Stainless Steel Basins?

Stainless Steel Basin Pedal

Figure 7:  Stainless Steel Basin Pedal

– Strong Materials

The strong materials determine the durability of the stainless steel basin. Zonsteel uses the stainless steel of grade SS304 or SS316 for their stainless steel basins. These materials are known for their durability and ease of caring. The result is that you end up with the best value for money when you decide to get the stainless steel basin from the brand.

– Custom Sizes Available

This is such an important consideration that many would want in a stainless steel basin manufacturer. Well, Zonsteel offers custom sizes of the stainless steel basin at the moment. This means that you end up with a basin that suits your needs. Let us say that you do not have much room in your clean room, but you want a stainless steel basin. Zonsteel will tailor a stainless steel basin depending on the space available.

Stainless Steel Basin Sensor Faucet

Figure 8:  Stainless Steel Basin Sensor Faucet

– High Standard Workmanship

Whenever you get a product from Zonsteel, you are sure that it would have the best workmanship. It is always going to live up to your needs that you have for a stainless steel basin. This is because the manufacturer has highly skilled workers and the right machines for making the stainless steel basin. The result is that you get a stainless steel basin that can live up to your quality expectations.

Auto Stainless Steel Basin 2 Faucets

Figure 9: Auto Stainless Steel Basin 2 Faucets

– Fast Delivery Time

Zonsteel is known for fast delivery of such products. You can have the stainless steel basin ready for shipping in just 7 days. This includes the design and manufacturing process. This is such an impressive delivery time that should make more people interested in getting the stainless steel basin from the brand.

– Multiple Designs Available

Yes. Zonsteel makes different types of stainless steel basins. This makes the brand good at making sure that you end up with the right design. The aim of multiple designs is so that people from different fields can get the right stainless steel basin. There are those who work in the food sector and those who might want one in their clean room. With multiple designs available, you get to choose the correct one.

Auto Stainless Steel Basin 4 Faucets

Figure 10:  Auto Stainless Steel Basin 4 Faucets

–  Years of Experience

Zonsteel started clean room in 2003 year. After all these years, it is easy to see that the brand knows a thing or two about making the best stainless steel basin. With all these years of experience, more people would be comfortable getting their stainless steel basin from such a brand.

Our experts in the sector as always available to help you understand more about the stainless steel basin so that you can pick the right product for your application.

Auto Stainless Steel Basin 4 Faucets

Figure 11: Auto Stainless Steel Basin 4 Faucets


What Is the Difference between a Stamped and a Folded Stainless Steel Basin?

You might have come across these two terms when looking for a stainless steel basin. The terms stamped and folded simply means how the stainless steel basin was formed.

The stamped stainless steel basin is where the steel material gets heated and then shaped into the right shape of a basin by using a mold.

As for folding, the stainless steel material is cut at the corners, folded, and fused to form the walls of the stainless steel basin. The folded stainless steel basins are often preferred as they offer better quality and the thickness remains uniform throughout the entire basin. These are things that can get compromised when you opt for stamping.


What Kind of Finishes Can You Get for Stainless Steel Basins?

Single Auto Stainless Steel Basin

Figure 12: Single Auto Stainless Steel Basin

The stainless steel basins would have different types of finishes that many clients want. It often comes down to what you need in terms of finish. Below are some of the options you might get as finishes for stainless steel basin.

– The mirror finish: for this type of finish, it is made to be extra shiny with no visible grain. For many people, they will love how clean the stainless steel basin looks with such a finish. However, we must point out that such a finish will be prone to water spots and scratches.

– The alternative would be the brushed and matte finishes for the stainless steel basin. In this case, the finish is duller and good for camouflaging the scratches.

– The satin finish is the most popular finish for a stainless steel basin. This is because it will have the lustrous look, but not shiny.

– As for the textured finish, it is good for hiding damage. However, it will make the stainless steel basin difficult to clean. It might be the reason some might shy away from getting it for themselves.


What Should You Not Do to Your Stainless Steel Basin?

4 Pedal Stainless Steel Basin

Figure 13:  4 Pedal Stainless Steel Basin

Depending on how long you hope to use your stainless steel basin, there are a few things that you should not do. Below are some of the things you should keep in mind;

– Do not leave metal cans in the stainless steel basin for prolonged periods. They might start to react when these two surfaces stay in contact for too long.

– Do not use knives directly on your stainless steel basin. This will often lead to scratches, which is something you do not want. The same applies to other sharp objects you might have to deal with in daily life.

– Do not leave cleaning products or the wet sponges in the stainless steel basin. This is because they might affect the stainless steel basin finish.

– Cleaning the sink with abrasive materials is a no-no. Such materials can be steel wool, wire brushes, and more. We recommend that you only use the non-scratch cleaning pads.

– Using the bleach-based cleaners is not recommended. The bleach might end up corroding the steel.

If you can consider the various tips mentioned above, then it should be easy for you to maintain the stainless steel basin in a cleanroom.


How Long Can Stainless Steel Basin Last in a Cleanroom?

Auto Stainless Steel Basin 3 Faucet

Figure 14: Auto Stainless Steel Basin 3 Faucet

If someone is going to spend money a stainless steel basin, he or she would want to know more about its durability. The good news is that the stainless steel basin is highly durable even when used in a clean room.

On average, the stainless steel basin can last up to 30 years with minimal maintenance. As such, you can always give it the right maintenance as the manufacturer recommends and it will all be fine.

The durability will always depend on the use. For a model that is exposed to too many chemicals, then we expect it to have a shorter lifespan. Short lifespan in this case we are talking of 20 years. There is no doubt that 20 years is still a lot of time for those who want a stainless steel basin for their cleanrooms.

Pedal Stainless Steel Basin 4 Faucets

Figure 15: Pedal Stainless Steel Basin 4 Faucets


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Right now, you should always know more about what a stainless steel basin is all about. In case you have any more questions, we are always available to answer them. We recommend that you get in touch today so that our support team can help you. We have different contact methods that you can use. Choose the one you feel is appropriate for you.

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