Sampling Booth

  • Equipped FFU Unit H13 or H14
  • Sampling Booth Clean Class Can Reach 10
  • Sampling Booth Frame SS304
  • Universal Wheel on Bottom With Skid
  • Lifting Worktable Top and Auto Door/Manual Door
  • Sampling Booth
  • Sampling Booth
  • Sampling Booth

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Zonsteel sampling booth is mainly used for aseptic transfer of materials and appliances between aseptic processes to achieve aseptic docking.

Zonsteel sampling booth worktable top is auto lifting, designed for different table height between processes.

Zonsteel sampling booth door is manual or auto according to your needs, glass door and glass wall.

Zonsteel sampling booth air flow is horizontal or vertical according to needs.

Zonsteel sampling booth frame is stainless steel 304, fan filter unit used here could be H13, H14 or ultra hepa can reach clean class 10.

Sampling booth can connect to electricity or not.

Sampling booth universal wheels with skid can move easily.

Sampling booth top can install one unit FFU or two.

Contact us to customize your sampling booth now!
External Size715 x 715 x 1950 mm930 x 715 x 1950 mm
Voltage220V ± 10%, 50Hz220V ± 10%, 50Hz
Power400 W400 W
Working area size600 x 600 x 1450 mm820 x 600 x 1450 mm
Weight80 Kg100 Kg
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Sampling Booth: The Complete Guide

If you want to create a small clean area, like welding area, this sampling booth can be customized to the 1200x1200x2000, top two units FFU and four legs, PVC wall, universal wheel and no floor. Clean class could be 10.

Sampling booth can be packed by wooden case, and delivery time is 15 days.

FFU unit used in sampling booth contain high efficiency filter, which is produced in clean room built by us. Every unit is tested by MPPS leakage scanning system for efficiency, resistance, air volume, dust capacity, etc. and a test report will be issued. This system conforms to EN1822-1998 standard, it’s the most popular and authoritative test method in the world.

Zonsteel is ISO9001:2008 factory founded in the year 1999. It has 26000 m2 workshop, 300 workers and staffs with a full production line for clean room products. Main clean room equipment are air shower, clean room hvac, pass box, clean room air curtain, commercial ozone generator, clean room air filter, sampling booth, fan filter unit, air filtration unit, and laminar flow hood.

Zonsteel is a one stop clean room solution provider, contact us today to customize your sampling booth.

Sampling Booth: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Getting the best sampling booth does not have to be hard when you have all the information. Well, Zonsteel makes the best sampling booths you might need for various applications.

Below is a guide to help you learn more about a sampling booth and where best to use one. Let us get started.

What Is a Sampling Booth?

Sampling Booth with Window 

Figure 1: Sampling Booth with  Window

A sampling booth is an essential purification equipment you can use as an add-on to your clean room. The sampling booth is designed to deliver vertical unidirectional flow of air to provide a local clean environment.

The sampling booth is a common alternative for local air purification to laminar flow hoods, air purifiers, and other equipment used in air purification.

One thing that is good about the sampling booth is that it is easily portable. You can move with it around to use it where needed, like portable sampling booth for raw materials.

Thanks to its functionality, we find it being a great option for various industries such as pharmaceutical industry, health, food, electronics, and more.

Looking at its construction, we find it being made of stainless steel or plastic sprayed steel box body. The use of steel is important to make the sampling booth to be highly durable.

The various components of the sampling booth help it to function as required. The most common components of a sampling booth include the following;

✧  A pre filter

✧  A blower unit

✧  A lighting unit

✧  A diffuser

✧  A universal caster

✧  A high-efficiency filter

All these components need the best maintenance and cleaning if they are going to keep the sampling booth working great.

What Are the Sampling Booth Types that Zonsteel Offers?

Various Sampling Booth Types

Figure 2: Various Sampling Booth Types

Over the years, Zonsteel has been able identify what people look for in a sampling booth. This has helped the company to come up with the best sampling booths to handle different types of applications. Here are the common types of sampling booths you can get from Zonsteel right now.

✧  Type A: This sampling booth is made of steel plate or stainless steel and has glass on both sides. It also does not have a platen below.

✧  Type B: This sampling booth is made of stainless steel, has glass on both sides, and has a load bearing platen underneath.

✧  Type C: It is also made of stainless steel, two side wall panels unlike the other models above. It also comes with a load-bearing platform underneath.

Zonsteel can send you a comprehensive catalogue if you want more information about each type. This will include information such as the material, size, cleanliness level, average wind speed, the noise level, and the wind speed adjustment options.

Once you have all the information, it is always easier to buy the best sampling booth to keep up with your needs.

It is worth noting that Zonsteel would be able to give you a custom sampling booth.

We understand that sometimes you might need something different than what we have as the standard sizes.

Our technical team can listen to your needs and give you all the information that you need.

What Is the Working Principle f a Sampling Booth?

3 Sampling Booth Structure

Figure 3: Sampling Booth Structure

A sampling booth works based on the vertical laminar air flow principle. This is where the variable speed centrifugal fan in the booth will press the pre-filtered air from the negative pressure box to the static pressure box. This air is then moved through the high-efficiency filter to allow for the secondary filtration.

At the other end, clean air is now blown from an air outlet creating a uniform cross-section wind speed. This wind is now able to blow away dust particles and other debris from the various surfaces.

This will live you with a dust-free and sterile working environment for you to work.

Depending on the application, there are times you might have to adjust the wind speed.

Having more wind speed is recommended so that it is easy to remove most of the dust particles leaving you with a clean environment.

What Structural Features Can You Expect with a Sampling Booth?

Sampling Booth Structural Feature 

Figure 4: Sampling Booth Structural Feature

The sampling booth would be made of different parts which all work together to create a sterile and dust-free environment for you to use. Here are some of the structural features of a sampling booth you should know.

✧  The sampling booth is divided into the upper half, lower half, and the box body. The upper half is where the air supply static pressure box resides. Its lower half houses the clean area that is cleaned before you can use.

✧  The sampling booth is also equipped with a filter made of ultra-fine glass fiber filter material. In the same space, you will find a centrifugal fan offering variable speed depending on the air volume needs.

✧  We cannot forget about the ultraviolet germicidal lamp whose aim to further disinfect the room and keep it sterile.

✧  Depending on the type of sampling booth, some would have glass sides while others would have steel material. What is important is that you get to choose the correct sampling booth for your application.

We have mentioned about the sampling booth having a centrifugal fan important for generating the air volume that the sampling booth needs. By adjusting its input voltage, then the fan would change the air volume.

All the models that Zonsteel sells come with the option of varying the wind speed for it to suit your needs.

There is also the ultraviolet germicidal lamp. This will emit strong short-wave ultraviolet rays important for killing the active microorganisms in the sampling booth.

The same rays are also important for killing any other bacteria spores in the sampling booth. The results are that now you end up with a sterile environment just as it would be a clean room.

What Are the Installation Considerations to Keep In Mind for a Sampling Booth?

Sampling Booth Complete in Factory

Figure 5: Sampling Booth Complete in Factory

If you are going to install a sampling booth, there are a few things you might have to keep in mind to make it all worthwhile. Check them out below;

✧  The location for installation the sampling booth should not have seismic sources. This can affect how good the sampling booth would work. Also, the location needs to be ventilated and dry. The last thing you need is to deal with mold formation. Another thing to keep in mind are that the dust particles should not be more than 3,500 and the size of 0.5 μm per liter of air.

✧  Another important consideration is the wind speed. The sampling booth should allow for the adjustment of the wind speed depending on the purification work to be handle. The average wind speed would vary from 0.32 m/s to 0.48 m/s. Being able to adjust the speed will make the sampling booth a lot more versatile.

We will also supply you with all the important installation instructions that you need to keep in mind. The aim is to give you the right steps to safely set up the sampling booth before you can use it.

We are happy to share that we can still send someone to handle the installation too. Yes, we do offer overseas installation on all our products. This is to ensure that the sampling booth can work great as expected.

How Do You Operate a Sampling Booth Safely?

Sampling Booth Easy Operate 

Figure 6: Sampling Booth Easy Operate

Below are some guidelines to help you use the sampling booth correctly. Try to follow them as much as possible.

✧  The user needs to turn on the ultraviolet germicidal lamp 30 minutes in advance before using the sampling booth. This is important to help the light in killing the microorganisms that might have accumulated on the surface of the sampling booth. After the 30 minutes, the lamp can be turned off and then the blower started. This ensures there is proper air flow in the sampling booth before using.

✧  In case you have a newly installed or never used sampling booth, there is the need for a thorough cleaning of the sampling booth first before it can be used. You might have to use ultraviolet rays and other sterilization methods to ensure that the sampling booth is clean enough before you can start using it.

✧  It is not recommended to store unnecessary items in the purification work area. This is to help keep a clean air flow pattern in the sampling booth. Try as much as possible to avoid any actions that would generally disturb the air flow pattern in the purification work area.

✧  Another tip would be that you regularly use an anemometer to measure the wind speed in the working area. This is to ensure that your sampling booth has enough wind speed to make it work effectively as expected. If the wind speed in the sampling booth is not as expected, then you need to adjust the fan input voltage to match your needs.

✧  As for the operating temperature, we recommend that you keep the temperature in the sampling booth below 50 degrees Celsius.

What Are the Repair and Maintenance Tips to Keep In Mind for a Sampling Booth?

Sampling Booth Low Maintenance

Figure 7: Sampling Booth Low Maintenance

Just like any other machine, you might have to consider taking good care of your sampling booth. This means having repair and maintenance tips in mind so that you can handle whatever comes along.

Below are our maintenance tips that you should know to keep the sampling booth lasting for longer. Let us check them out;

✧  The first thing you have to look at the coarse filter. This type of filter is responsible for capturing most of the dust from the air before it gets to the high efficiency filter. As a result, it will tend to get dirty fast. If you use the sampling booth more often, then you need to change the filter after 2 to 3 months. So long as the non-woven filter material has more dust particles and the surface changes the color, you simply have to replace it.

✧  We recommend that you sterilize the environment regularly. When we say regularly, we mean that you do it once a week. The aim is to keep the sampling booth as clean as possible. The last thing you need is a contaminated sampling booth.

✧  After every three months, use a dust particle counter in the sampling booth. This is for measuring the cleanliness of the work area. If the work area is not as clean as you had hoped, then consider doing more to make it better. Also, use a petri dish method to determine if there are any colonies in the sampling booth. If the parameters are not met, follow the correct steps to make the sampling booth up to standard again.

✧  Each time you increase the input voltage of fan make sure that you also keep in mind the wind speed that you need for the clean work area. Depending on the application, some might need less wind speed while others more. Look at the recommended working wind speed of the sampling booth before making the adjustments.

✧  Other than replacing the primary filter, you will still have to look at the high efficiency filter too in the sampling booth. With the use of a particle dust counter, you would know if it is time to change the filter to suit your needs.

✧  If you have to clean the germicidal lamp, make sure to use alcohol or acetone lamp solution. This will help to keep the surface clean and also improves its overall sterilization ability. The last thing you want is a dirty germicidal lamp that cannot deliver on the best performance.

✧  As a good measure, we recommend that you clean the instruments immediately after every use. This will ensure that the various parts of the sampling booth are maintained in their best shape and can be used the next time without prepping them again.

Why Should You Get Zonsteel Sampling Booths?

Zonsteel Sampling Booth

Figure 8: Zonsteel Sampling Booth

If you are interested in Zonsteel sampling booths but you need more convincing, here are some more reasons that make them good.

✧  The sampling booth would be the made with durability in mind. We use stainless steel material to ensure that the sampling booth can live up to abuse and other different working conditions.

✧  We have several types of sampling booths available for sale. The idea is to give the buyer options to consider depending on their needs. We can also customize the sampling booth to work better for your needs.

✧  We have a fast turn around time. Depending on the design and functionality needs, we can have the sampling booth available for use in a couple of weeks. We can give a definitive timeframe once we get an idea of what you want in a sampling booth.

✧  Our sampling booths are among the most affordable in the market. The aim is to help you get the best sampling booths while not spending too much. Just because they are affordable, it does not mean that the sampling booth will not last for long.


If you are in the market for a sampling booth, let us help you get one today. With many positive reviews about our sampling booths, it is easy to see why many people would want to get one from us. Zonsteel is best sampling booth manufacturer in China, has best sampling booth design. If you have more questions, simply talk to us and we will help you get all the answers that you need.

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