Hepa Box

  • Body Material Powder Coated Steel or Stainless Steel 304
  • Customized Size
  • Included High Efficiency Filter and Air Diffuser
  • Can Add Differential Pressure Test Port, or Regulating Air Valve.
  • 15 Days Delivery Time
  • Hepa Box
  • Hepa Box
  • Hepa Box

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Hepa box is a terminal device in the air handling system used to obtain proper static pressure before air going through high efficiency filter. This is because high efficiency filter can’t be connected to air duct directly.

Hepa box is widely used in hospitals, Biopharmaceutical, semiconductor, liquid crystal manufacturing, precision machinery, optics and other industries.

Zonsteel hepa box body is powdered coated steel or stainless steel, includes high efficiency filter, air

diffuser, and if in need, can add differential pressure test port, or regulating air valve. This regulating valve can adjust air uniformity and static pressure. The hepa box that needs to be leak checked on site are all provided with PAO dust generating detecting port.

Zonsteel provides various types of hepa box seals such as dry seal, wet seal, dry and wet double seal negative pressure, for you to choose.

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SpecificationEfficient filter size
EfficiencyOverall size
Rated air flow
Top wind tube
Side wind tube(mm)Diffuser plate
Top windSide wind
GK-5AGK-5IIA320 x 320 x 22099.99%370 x 370 x 500500200 x 200200 x 200430 x 430
GK-10AGK-10IIA484 x 484 x 22099.99%530 x 530 x 5001000320 x 200320 x 200600 x 600
GK-15AGK-15IIA630 x 630 x 22099.99%680 x 680 x 5001500320 x 250400 x 200740 x 740
GK-20AGK-20IIA968 x 484 x 22099.99%1020 x 530 x 5002000400 x 250500 x 2001080 x 600
GK-30AGK-30IIA1260 x 630 x 22099.99%1310 x 680 x 5003000500 x 320630 x 2501370 x 740
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Hepa Box: The Complete Guide

Zonsteel hepa box is located at ceiling, most fit for aluminum ceiling grid, as its light weight. Hepa box can be installed in very short time, the installation is very simple.

Zonsteel hepa box size and material is customable according to your needs. Delivery time is usually 15 days. Each hepa box be well packed in pallet, we pay attention on loading and shipping.

Zonsteel professional installation team can help you install whole cleanroom system, including hepa box. The cost is round trip air tickets, local board and lodging, and 100$/day.

Zonsteel is ISO9001:2008 factory, founded in the year 1999. It has 26000 m2 workshop, 300 workers and staffs with a full production line for clean room products. You are welcome to visit our factory and discuss your project with us face to face.

Zonsteel main equipment are air shower, AHU unit, pass box, weighing room, clean room air curtain, commercial ozone generator, clean room air filter, sampling booth, fan filter unit, air filtration unit, and laminar flow hood etc.

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Hepa Box:The Ultimate FAQ Guide

A hepa box is an important accessory you will need for your cleanroom. Its addition will help in maintaining the cleanroom integrity and other applications.

To learn more about a hepa box, keep reading this guide. We will go through the various features of a hepa box and why you need one. Let us learn more below.


What Is a HEPA Box?

A Zonsteel Hepa box

Figure 1: A Zonsteel Hepa box

A hepa box can be described as a terminal device in any air handling system and it is used for obtaining proper static pressure before the air can reach the high efficiency filter.

A hepa box is essential in any place where there is the need to set up a high efficiency filter. This is because the high efficiency filter cannot be connected to the air duct directly.

The Zonteel hepa box is made of impressive stainless steel or powder coated steel so that it can stand up to years of use without necessarily falling apart or rust.

The hepa box comes with a high efficiency filter, an air diffuser, and a regulating air valve if you need one.

The regulating valve is important for adjusting the air uniformity and static pressure so that you have the right conditions for the HEPA filter to work correctly.

Zonsteel also provides various types of hepa box seals. Such types include dry seal, wet seal, dry and wet double seal. It comes down to what you need for your applications. Do not worry as we will guide you adequately to choose the right seal for your hepa box.


What Are the Applications of a HEPA Box?

An installed Hepa box in a cleanroom

Figure 2: An installed Hepa box in a cleanroom

Since the hepa box comes with the high efficiency filter, its applications will mostly be focused around areas that require the best clean air.

Such areas where you can use a hepa box includes hospitals, LCD manufacturing, optics, machinery, incubators, and more.

Depending on where you are likely to use your hepa box, Zonsteel comes with different models to choose from. You can be sure that the product you get is good enough to handle your needs.

Over the last decade, more applications for hepa boxes have come up. It is now possible to find them installed around incubators, warming beds, medical laboratories, and more.


What Are the Common Types of HEPA Boxes?

Zonsteel common type of HEPA box

Figure 3: Zonsteel common type of HEPA box

Zonsteel has been in the market making some of the best hepa boxes for years now. One thing is for sure, you can get different types of hepa boxes to suit your applications.

Zonsteel categorizes their hepa boxes based on the size, rated air flow, and many other features.

Some people might not be sure how to get the best hepa box, but Zonsteel staff can help you pick the correct one. By getting in touch, you will get all the information that you want about a hepa box and where best it can be used.

Below is a table with all the information that you need to pick the best one for your application.

Figure 4: A table showing the different Zonsteel Hepa boxes

It is easy to note that from the table above, the efficiency remains the same. This is because all the hepa boxes come with a high efficiency filter. You can now be sure of the best performance in filtering the air.


How Can You Clean a HEPA Box?

A Hepa box ready for installation

Figure 5: A Hepa box ready for installation

A hepa box is a simple piece of equipment that does not need a lot of maintenance. It is the filter inside it that might need regular maintenance.

To clean the hepa box, you need a mild detergent and lint-free cleaning cloth. Simply soak the cloth in the detergent and wipe the box.

Once the box has been wiped with the detergent, get a clean cloth to rinse off the detergent. As simple as that, you should continue having a clean hepa box visible to the other users in the room.

Consider checking out the high efficiency filter in the hepa box every six months and replace or wash as directed.


Why Should a User Opt for Zonsteel HEPA Box?

An open Zonsteel Hepa box

Figure 6: An open Zonsteel Hepa box

At this point, you must have seen the importance of setting up a hepa box. However, you might still need more convincing on why you should get the Zonsteel hepa box. Well, here are some of the reasons.

Ease of Installation

The design of the hepa box makes it for installation. The hepa box will be installed on the ceiling in most cases.

The hepa box comes with a design that can easily fit an aluminum ceiling grid. Since it is lightweight, you are not worried that it would bring down the whole ceiling with it. While the ceiling grid is strong enough to hold, also there are hanging system work with ceiling grid and hepa box.

Zonsteel also has a professional team that can help in installing the whole system. This includes the hepa box and other air purification systems for your cleanroom to work great.

Fast Turnaround Time

HEPA box has Fast delivery time

Figure 7: HEPA box has Fast delivery time

When you want a hepa box, most of the time you need it delivered fast.

That is not a problem with Zonsteel. This is because its turnaround time is 15 days from the time you place the order.

This is mostly for those who might want something custom sized.

If you want the premade hepa box, then it can be shipped out as soon as you make the payment.

Since the company’s turnaround time is fast, you can have your hepa box set up within a few days to a few weeks.

Years of Experience

HEPA box expert

Figure 8: HEPA box expert

Zonsteel clean room has been around since 2003. Those are almost two decades of experience right there.

With almost twenty years of experience, it is easy to see that the company can deliver on the best hepa box for the job.

The company has over 300 workers and staff with a production line updated to modern standards. For these reasons, your order can be processed faster and you will also end up with a great working hepa box.

Zonsteel also encourages its clients to visit the factory and get a face to face interaction with the designers and staff. You can also see how your hepa box would be made.

Multiple Types of Hepa Boxes Available

It is understandable that different clients will have different needs. So, it is why Zonsteel makes different types of hepa boxes.

The hepa boxes largely vary based on their size, air flow, and much more. If you are new to using a hepa box, then Zonsteel can guide you to picking the correct one for the job.

If you find that the available sizes are not what you want, then Zonsteel can offer custom sized options.

You will simply describe your applications to the design team and they will come up with the right model for your needs.

Impeccable Build Quality

Because of the materials used in making the hepa box being high quality, you will generally end up with a great hepa box.

Zonsteel uses powder coated steel or stainless steel 304 for the body. Such a body will stand up to different types of conditions and deliver on the best performance.

The hepa box will also have the best seal to ensure the static pressure remains good all the time. You will not have to worry about any leaks.

Additional Accessories

When you buy a Zonsteel hepa box, you will get additional accessories important for making it work effectively.

The accessories include a high efficiency filter, an air diffuser, a regulating air valve or a differential pressure test port.

Having the additional accessories make it worth the money that you spend on it. This is because you can easily set it up in your cleanroom right out of the box. You do not have to get additional supplies to make it work.


Is It Hard to Install a HEPA Box?

A Hepa box installed in a ceiling

Figure 9: A Hepa box installed in a ceiling

No. The hepa box installation is simple on overall. You will not have to do much.

Zonsteel provides you with all the important installation steps to set it up correctly. The aim is to make it easy so that even if you are far from Zonsteel, the installation is not a big deal.

That being said, Zonsteel can still do overseas installation. Once you have bought the hepa box, you can always request for the installation to be done by Zonsteel.

A technician or two will be sent to your location for installation depending or the scope of the work. There are some clients who feel comfortable when the manufacturer is the one who does the installation.


How Does a HEPA Filter Work?

How a helpa filter works

Figure 10: How a Hepa filter works

Since the hepa box comes with the high efficiency filter, it is best if we talk about it too. You would want to know how it works and what makes it great for your cleanroom.

The HEPA filter is a unique type of filter that meets the most rigorous air filtration requirements for different applications.

The filter can remove up to 99.99% of the particles in the air even as small as 0.3 microns. Each time you get a filter labelled HEPA, then you should know that it comes with such a performance in terms of filtering the air.

So, how does the HEPA filter work? Well, the filter works by using three different mechanisms which include interception, impaction, and diffusion.

HEPA filter of HEPA box

Figure 11:  HEPA filter of HEPA box

Interception is when the particles in the airflow get captured. So long as the particles come into contact with the filter, then they get stuck on the filter fibers and do not go past the filter.

Impaction is when the large particles are captured by the air filter. They are large in the sense that they cannot handle the changes in their airflow. Once the air goes through the filter, they crash into fibers and get embedded into them.

Diffusion on the other hand is when the particles in the air flow move in a zigzag motion while trying to get through the HEPA filter. When this happens, it increases the chances of them getting trapped in the filter fibers.

From three various methods mentioned above, it is easy to see why a hepa box would be necessary to filter the air better.

The air that gets past the hepa box will have 99.99% of the particles removed. You can now be sure to maintain the clean room integrity better with the hepa box now.


Why Should You Use HEPA Filtration In a HEPA Box?

An empty hepa box

Figure 12: An empty hepa box

HEPA filtration is considered the gold standard in the filtration world. This is because it is able to handle different filtration standards for various applications that you might have to handle.

Since HEPA filtration is good, you will find it being highly recommended by asthma and allergy specialists. It explains why such filtration type will come in handy to reduce the airborne allergens and can also help in maintaining clean room integrity.

At this point you might be wondering, what more can the HEPA filter remove from the air? Here is a list of the things that the HEPA filter can remove.

–      Bacteria

–      Fine dust

–      Dust mites

–       Mold spores

–       Pet dander

–       Lint dust

–       Pollen and more.

Unlike the other types of filters, the filter in the hepa box will perform great even with months of use. They have the ability to still work great even if they get older. So, how often should you change the hepa box filter?

Zonsteel recommends cleaning or replacing the filter every six months.

Upon opening the hepa box, you will notice a change in the color of the filter over the six months. It will mostly likely have turned from white to brown.

It comes down to the extend of the dirt. Some filters are best just changed rather than trying to clean and reuse them.


Can a User Clean a HEPA Filter?

Figure 13: A personnel cleaning a hepa filter

If you are asking yourself this question, you probably see that the hepa box filter is dirty and it needs cleaning or replacing.

Before you can start cleaning the filter, check to see if it is labelled permanent or washable. If it does not have such a label, do not attempt to clean it as it will affect its performance making it not to meet the set out standards.

To clean the filter in most cases it will involve using running water or a vacuum to remove the particles.

If the filter is not designed to be washed, then there can be damage to the fibers. It might look good, but the fibers might be broken or stretched out. You will not notice this at first, but if you do a particle counter test, you will notice that the filter is not working as expected.

For those that get the washable filter, follow the manufacturer instructions on how to clean the hepa box filter. Once it is cleaned, let it dry before putting it back into the hepa box.


What Else Does Zonsteel Make Other Than The HEPA Box?

Zonsteel is known for making cleanroom equipment in addition to a hepa box. Some of the equipment include air shower, AHU unit, weighing room, commercial ozone generator, sampling booth, laminar flow hood, air filtration unit, and more.

To learn more about the Zonsteel catalogue, check out the official website or get into contact with the customer support team. The team is available 24/7 to attend to any queries that you might have about the hepa box or any other products.

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