Clean Room Shelving

  • Material SS304
  • Thickness 1.0mm or Above
  • Customized Size
  • High Standard Workmanship
  • Universal Wheels or Lifting Legs


  • Clean Room Shelving
  • Clean Room Shelving
  • Clean Room Shelving

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Zonsteel cleanroom shelving size and material can be customized. You may tell us which material you want to use, we have SS304 or SS316. You may tell us which thickness you want, usually, we offer 1.1mm or above.

You may tell us what size you want, we can do any, such as small one L800 x W500 x H2000mm, or bigger L2000 x W500 x H2000mm and other bigger ones. When cleanroom shelving is long, it will need supporting columns to reinforce. The layers could be 2 to 8 or more.

You may tell us the loading capacity of each layer you need for cleanroom shelving, we’ll design for you to achieve proper size and thickness. You may tell us to need a universal wheel or lifting the bottom cover.

Most popular material we use is stainless steel 304. Stainless steel clean room shelving production require high standard workmanship. Zonsteel skilled workers have many years’ experience on stainless steel furniture making. They are very good at edge polish, welding, and good at machine operation on cutting, bending and hole punching.

Contact us to customize your clean room shelving now!
SS3041mm 1.1mm 1.2mmL800 x W500 x H2000mm
L2000 x W500 x H2000mm
Customized other size
Smooth or perforated mesh3 layers/ 4 layers/ 5 layers/ 6 layers or customized other layersWith universal wheel or
Covered by rubber/SS

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Clean Room Shelving: The Complete Guide

Stainless steel clean room shelving has long lifespan, high temperature resistance, environmentally friendly, moisture proof and rot resistance.

Zonsteel clean room shelving delivery time is 7 days and come well packed in bubble film and carton paper protects corners. We can work with you to design very special shelving to fit your clean room.

Zonsteel is ISO9001:2015 factory, founded in the year 1999. It has 26000 m2 workshop, 300 workers and staffs with a full production line for clean room products. Main products are clean room panels, doors, windows, elevated floor, modular clean room, and clean room equipment and clean room stainless steel furniture. We can provide one stop solution for clean room.

In past years, Zonsteel has had uncountable projects in China and oversea which has helped us accumulate rich experience in clean room engineering, production, shipping, installation, after sales service, clean room operation and maintenance. We are not only providing you cleanroom products, but help operating your cleanroom.

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Clean Room Shelving: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

At some point, you will need to store various things in your clean room. In such a case, you need clean room shelving. These shelves are designed to hold different types of equipment and other relevant clean room stuff.

For those who have not used clean room shelving before, we hope that the FAQs below can give you an idea of what to expect. Let us check them out.


Why Should You Use Clean Room Shelving?

Cleanroom Storage Rack

Figure 1: Cleanroom Storage Rack

–      Goodfor Keepingthe Clean Room Organizedand Clean

As the name suggests, clean rooms are supposed to remain clean. The best way would be using clean room shelving to keep everything organized. Depending on the type of clean room, you might have to include multiple clean room shelving to help with keeping everything organized.

Looking at the various types of clean room shelving from Zonsteel, it is easy to see why more people would rely on the brand. They know that it can help them get the best clean room shelving to organize their work area better.

–        Clean Room Shelving Is Goodfor Display

The clean room shelving is also good for display. Let us say you manufacturer different types of electronics in the clean room. You will need the clean room shelving to organize and display such electronics to potential clients who visit the clean room.

The same can be used for general display where other workers use the product as a sample of how the others should look like.

So, make sure that the clean room shelving that you get for display can live up to the needs of a clean room. Most are used for storage, but you can have several working as excellent display shelves too.

–      Enhancing Your Space

The look of your clean room is quite important. You can now enhance your space with clean room shelving better than before. Take the time to understand the layout of your clean room before choosing the right clean room shelving to enhance the space.

To enhance the space in this case means creating more space to store stuff in the clean room and also its overall look.

For a busy clean room, you might need to store more supplies in your clean room. So, enhance your space by adding more clean room shelving in the right spots.

With the right setup, you are likely to enjoy seeing more clean room shelving set up in a clean room

Cleanroom Rack

Figure 2: Cleanroom Rack

–       Multiple Applications

Another thing that might make you opt for clean room shelving should be the number of applications. Depending on the type of clean room shelving, you are likely to end up using them in various areas around the clean room.

Some can be used to hold the clean room garments while others can handle suppliers. The best part is that you can easily customize the clean room shelving depending on how you want them used.

–       Easeof Setting Up

The reason more people are going for clean room shelving, is because they are easy to set up. You can always end up having an easy time setting up your clean room better than before.

The Zonsteel clean room shelving are designed with ease of setting up in mind. Those who have tried them out know just how easy it is to assemble them into their final spot.


What Arethe Featuresof Clean Room Shelving?

Clean Room Shelving

Figure 2: Clean Room Shelving

–       Space Saving Clean Room Shelving

Many people assume that the introduction of clean room shelving will eat up more space in the clean room. However, that is not always the case when you do it right. The type of clean room shelving that Zonsteel makes are known for being good at saving space.

It is amazing how they can be good at saving space, while at the same time provide you with a place to store your supplies.

–       Adjustable Shelves

Depending on where and what you want to store, just know the Zonsteel clean room shelving are adjustable. Being adjustable makes these shelves highly versatile. Many more people would feel it was worth spending their money on the clean room shelving as they help them easily adaptable to their applications.

–        Multiple Types

It is always good to know that you have options. That is where these clean room shelving come in handy. The Zonsteel brand makes multiple types of clean room shelving. It is best if you get in touch with the brand to understand more about their different types of clean room shelving they have available for sale.

–       Strong andDurable

The company also boasts of making strong and durable clean room shelving. This allows you to end up with the best shelves that you have always wanted to use over the years. The durability is also something important as you do not want to keep buying new shelving after every few months.

Cleanroom storage rack - Clean Room Shelving

Figure 3: Cleanroom Storage Rack – Clean Room Shelving

–        Fast Assembly Process

Zonsteel as a brand is known for its modular design of the various products. As such, it is nice to know that the clean room shelving will be easy to set up better than using the other types of shelving.

If any of the clean room shelving needs to be assembled, then the manufacturer will send you with all the instructions to follow. Also, there will be any accessories that you need for setting up the clean room shelving correctly.

–       CustomizationAvailable

Many would want to know if the Zonsteel brand offers custom made clean room shelving. It is worth noting that you will end up with the best clean room shelving when you request for a custom-made option. The brand has helped many other clients to get their custom clean room shelving before, so just know it is possible.

Clean Room Equipment shelving

Figure 4: Clean Room Equipment Shelving

–        Compatibility

Is the clean room shelving compatible with my clean room needs? That is one of the questions that those looking for clean room shelving would be asking themselves. Well, the manufacturer can make you some good clean room shelving depending on where you want to use them. So, compatibility should not be a major issue.


What Arethe Common Typesof Clean Room Shelving?

Cleanroom Furniture - Clean Room Equipment - Clean Room Shelving

Figure 5: Cleanroom Furniture – Clean Room Equipment – Clean Room Shelving

It often comes down to your needs. This is because Zonsteel has multiple types of clean room shelving that you can buy right now. Some of the types include the wire shelving, closed shelving, custom clean room shelving, and more.

There are even those with caster wheels. Such models are good for those who might have to move various supplies and materials around the clean room easily.

We have already mentioned that you can also get custom clean room shelving. The aim is to help you handle any needs that are specific to your clean room. We recommend that you talk to the support team when placing an order so that we know what kind of clean room shelving you want.


What Materials Are Usedto Make Clean Room Shelving?

Clean Room Supplies

Figure 6: Clean Room Supplies

Just like any other clean room furniture, you would want something that can help maintain the clean room integrity. It is why you also need to look at the materials used in making the clean room shelving.

Zonsteel mostly focuses on making clean room shelving by using the stainless steel SS304 material. This type of material is known for remaining anti-corrosive for years to come and still easy to clean. The idea is to provide you with more space to store your supplies while at the same time remain clean to maintain the clean room integrity.

Zonsteel is also open to help you get custom clean room shelving made of other materials. Some of the requests we get from clients involve using materials such as polypropylene, clear plexiglass, and a lot more. Sometimes it can be a combination of steel and other different types of materials.

In case you have a special consideration about the material used to make the clean room shelving, then talk to us today for more guidance.


How Can You Set Up Clean Room Shelving?

Clean Room Furniture - Clean Room Shelving

Figure 7: Clean Room Furniture – Clean Room Shelving

Setting up clean room shelving should not be hard if you get the right product from the manufacturer. The Zonsteel clean room shelving are designed to be easy to set up. Based on the many positive reviews about the setup process, it is easy to see many people going for Zonsteel clean room shelving.

The set-up process is clearly outlined in the product manual. The process will likely vary from one type to another. This means that you might want to check out the various guides of each time to set up the clean room shelving.

Some of the clean room shelving have most of their parts assembled before shipping. This means that the client will only have to set up a few things and get down to using the shelving in no time.


Are Clean Room Shelving Strongand Durable?

Cleanroom Furniture - Clean Room Equipment - Clean Room Shelving

Figure 8: Clean Room Equipment – Clean Room Shelving

Considering that the clean room shelving are made of mostly stainless steel, we expect that they would live up to your durability needs. Other than durability, steel is also a strong material. This means that it can hold a lot more weight and it will not buckle.

A clean room would need as much storage space as possible. Knowing that you are getting a strong clean room shelving should get more people using them. The last thing you need is an inferior clean room shelving that might break under the weight pressure.

As much as steel is strong, we still recommend that you look at the manufacturer rated weight capacity. Stick within the weight limit so that the clean room shelving can work great.


How Do You Cleanthe Clean Room Shelving?

Cleanroom Furniture - Clean Room Equipment - Clean Room Shelving 

Figure 9: Clean Room Equipment -Clean Room Shelving

Even if it is a clean room, you will have to clean the clean room shelving to maintain its integrity. Since it is a clean room, sometimes it can be confusing about which type of cleaning agents to use.

We recommend that you consider using wipes, disinfectant, and a cleaning agent. These three combined should be able to help you achieve the best cleanliness of your clean room shelving.

You will have to start with the cleaning agent to remove as much dust and dirt as possible. The cleaning agent should be fast acting and does not foam. You need to maintain the clean room integrity as much as possible.

Start by cleaning the upper shelves before going to the lower clean room shelving. Also, use the left to right or up to bottom motion when using wipes. This ensures that you move the dirt and grime easily and quickly.

The use of microfiber wipes can be nice to help capture as many particles from the surface as possible.

Once the clean room shelving have been cleaned, you might want to use the disinfectant to kill any bacteria that might still be remaining on the surfaces.

With the surfaces all clean, it should now be time to restock the shelves with the various supplies.

If you have any cleaning protocol for your clean room, make sure that you also follow them adequately.

Cleanroom Equipment

Figure 10: Cleanroom Equipment


What Isthe Differencebetween Closed Shelvingand Open Shelving?

Laboratory Shelving System

Figure 11: Laboratory Shelving System

With the many clean room shelving available, sometimes you might not be sure which one to choose. Also, you are likely to come across cleaning room shelving such as closed and open shelving. So, what is the difference between these two?

Closed Clean Room Shelving – the closed clean room shelving will have steel plates on the sides surrounding the whole structure. The aim of such an enclosure is to help keep everything secure once placed in the clean room 90shelving.

Still, these clean room shelving will also have steel panels that help with partitioning. The partitioning is good for the organization of the various things that you would store in the clean room shelving.

Laboratory Shelving System

Figure 12: Laboratory Shelving System

Open Clean Room Shelving – another good option is the use of the open clean room shelving. Some will be calling it wire shelving because of its design and construction. This type of clean room shelving is best suited for areas with similar supplies or materials that needs regular access. This means that the users can easily see what they need to access from the shelving and pick it.

This type of shelving will also come in different sizes and weight capacities. This will allow you to pick one that can handle all your needs for a clean room shelving in a clean room.

Clean Room furniture Shelving

Figure 13: Clean Room Furniture Shelving


Would You Want to Learn More? Contact Us Today

If you have any additional questions about clean room shelving, do not hesitate to contact us. We have a qualified team ready to help you out with your questions. We are also willing to take you the whole process of placing the order and finding the correct clean room shelving based on your needs.

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