Cleanroom Wall Panels

  • Good Fire Resistance
  • Impressive Corrosion Resistance
  • Panel Thickness Varies from 50 to 100mm
  • The Surfaces are Flat
  • Arc-Shaped Corners to Avoid Bacteria Collection
  • Cleanroom Wall Panels - Flat for Wall
  • Cleanroom Wall Panels - two Units Connection
  • Cleanroom Wall Panels - Packing

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To maintain the clean room integrity, the cleanroom wall panels are specially designed for such purposes. Good cleanroom wall panels must be good fire resistance, good insulation, good air tightness capability, flush interior surface, and good corrosion-resistance. These are what Zonsteel cleanroom wall panels can offer you.


For fire-resistance applications, the Zonsteel cleanroom wall panels core materials include rock wool, alu honeycomb, PU, MGO board, and rock wool plus MGO board. The best anti-fire sandwich panel is the 100mm rock wool that can reach up to 240 mins of fire resistance. Zonsteel provides a fire test report for customers. The panels are sealed all the way around with steel profiles thus increasing fire resistance on the one hand and strength on the other.

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Cleanroom Wall Panels : The Complete Guide

For good insulation, Zonsteel uses thermal insulation core material such as rock wool and PU. The panel thickness varies from 50mm to 100mm. The insulation performance will increase with the thickness.

For the best airtight performance, Zonsteel cleanroom wall panels should be installed correctly as per manufacturer instructions. Two cleanroom wall panels will have a flush connection by using a 中-shaped alu profile. This profile is hidden after joining the different sections. Also, the joint will be properly sealed when both walls and ceilings joined correctly.

A good flush interior surface is very important for a cleanroom. Zonsteel cleanroom wall panels have the alu extrusion channel system to have a flush connection with the floor channel, U covers and skirt board. The corner cover are all in an arc shape, leading to a smooth surface that is easy to clean. Also, the reinforced steel tube and wire conduits are embedded inside the panels. The doors and windows are also connected by using a 中-shaped alu profile with wall panels. Even the lights are flush with ceilings.

For corrosion resistance, the Zonsteel cleanroom wall panel surface is customized. Normally we use PE paint. For better environments such as food, medical, lab etc., we recommend PVDF, PVC, and stainless steel.

Zonsteel cleanroom wall panels are protected with PE film on both sides. After installation, tear off the film. The packed cleanroom walls are placed on steel pallets or wood pallets. The thickness, length, core, paint are customized according to application. The Zonsteel sandwich panels are most fit for cleanroom conditions. They are used as free sanding walls, ceilings, or lining panels of concrete walls.

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Cleanroom Wall Panels: The Complete FAQs Guide

Cleanroom wall panels are supposed to make the cleanroom walls live up to your needs for a cleanroom. It is why you need to consider specific types of panels for the job if you want them to be great. So, which are these panels? Does Zonsteel make them?

For these and many more questions on Zonsteel cleanroom wall panels, keep reading this guide.

What is a Cleanroom Wall Panel?

Two Cleanroom Wall Panels Joined Together

Figure 1 Two Cleanroom Wall Panels Joined Together

A cleanroom wall panel is a specialized building panel essential for the setting up of a cleanroom. Zonsteel uses insulated sandwich panels to ensure you end up with the best cleanroom wall panel. Some of them include PIR sandwich panel, PU panel, rockwool, EPS, and duct panel.

These panels will have special characteristics that determine which cleanroom application would be suitable for them. Once the company understands your needs, it would start working on your cleanroom project using the correct cleanroom wall panel.

What are the Cleanroom Wall Panels Zonsteel Make?

As suggested earlier, there can be multiple cleanroom wall panels from Zonsteel. They are all designed to be good at various applications. Below are the most common types you can expect to get from the company.

PIR sandwich panel

PU panel

Rockwool panel

EPS panel

Duct panel

What are the Properties of Cleanroom Wall Panels?

The cleanroom wall panels stand out for being versatile. This is because similar cleanroom wall panels can work great for different applications. Let us say you can use the same cleanroom wall panels for industries such as housing in combination with steel structures for house fabrications. So, other than using them for cleanrooms, they can be put to different uses.

The manufacturer also uses Baosteel coil for the faceplates. The faceplates are necessary for reinforcement while improving the looks of the cleanroom wall panels. The use of steel generally means you will enjoy better durability compared to other materials. Also, steel will be corrosion-resistant.

Since they are insulated sandwich panels, you will like them for the kind of insulation you get with them. In case you want to maintain the operating temperature in the cleanroom within the desired range, the cleanroom wall panels eliminate the need for using air conditioning systems all the time. In return, you can also save yourself some money.

The cleanroom wall panels are also suitable for keeping the fire from spreading. There is no doubt that sometimes you might experience fire breakouts. You want to be sure that the cleanroom wall panels can help in containing such fires.

Zonsteel has been making these cleanroom wall panels for over two decades now, so it is expected that the company would have refined its technology of making cleanroom wall panels. Like right now, there is a new production line making the cleanroom wall panels production faster and better. As such, you would have the cleanroom wall panels delivered faster.

If you still have more questions on the cleanroom wall panels, the team at Zonsteel is ready to help you understand more.

How are Cleanroom Wall Panels Installed?

 Installed Cleanroom Wall Panels

Figure 2 Installed Cleanroom Wall Panels

The installation of cleanroom wall panels should be left to professionals to handle the process correctly. The last thing you want is for the walls not to work as expected. There will be several processes that will go into making the cleanroom functional. This includes the setup, sealing of joints, plumbing, electrical works, and more.

Most of the time, the cleanroom wall panels stand out as being lightweight and easy to carry. You will also find them being easy to install. As much as that is the case, you need proper handling of these wall panels to ensure they remain in good condition even after installation. It is why you might have to use some lifting equipment too.

Zonsteel works with different clients from various parts of the world. The chances are that not all the time the clients will have the expertise to handle cleanroom wall panels installation. Luckily, Zonsteel can offer the installation service too.

When Zonsteel is contracted to offer installation services, a team of professionals would be sent to your site to get the cleanroom wall panels installed correctly. Still, you can learn more information about the panels and have the team train your staff on using the cleanroom better.

After spending so much on creating a quality cleanroom, you would want the staff to use it correctly.

How is Bacterial Collecting Avoided on Cleanroom Wall Panels?

As we all know, cleanrooms are always supposed to remain clean and potentially free from bacteria. This is largely important for those who might need to use the cleanroom wall panels for pharmaceutical applications.

To ensure bacterial collecting is kept at a minimum, the corners of the cleanroom wall panels are designed into an arch shape. This will also make it easier to clean the different panels, leaving them clean for a cleanroom environment.

Make sure that you are using the right solutions meant for cleanroom applications to help also maintain the integrity of your cleanroom.

What are the Cleanroom Wall Panel Finishes?

Several Sandwich Panels Stacked on top Each Other

Figure 3 Several Sandwich Panels Stacked on top Each Other


One great thing about cleanroom wall panels from Zonsteel is that they can have different finishes depending on where you want to use them and sometimes user preferences.

Zonsteel uses these finishes to improve the corrosion resistance of the cleanroom wall panels. The first option is the use of PE paint. The paint protects the panel from the elements while at the same time you can customize the color to have something that looks good too.

As for those who might have to work with food or make a medical lab, the recommended finishes will be PVDF, PVC, or stainless steel. These finishes are suitable for ease of cleaning and keeping the bacteria and other microorganisms from attaching to the cleanroom wall panels.

How Do You Choose Cleanroom Wall Panels?


As mentioned earlier, you are likely to come across different types of cleanroom wall panels. The types can vary from what Zonsteel offers. What you need to consider is the overall performance of such panels.

If you can learn more about the panels, you would know where best to use some of the cleanroom wall panels. It is always great when you can get different types of cleanroom wall panels from a company to choose the panels correctly.


Sometimes you may want to save on cleanroom wall panels, but the quality might not be excellent. So, look at the materials used to make the cleanroom wall panels to understand their quality. Sometimes you may have to do more research to understand their overall durability and quality.

It is always better to spend more sometimes to get better quality cleanroom wall panels.


How and where you will use the cleanroom wall panel generally determines the type of cleanroom wall panels you get. A good example is that rockwool panels would be ideal when dealing with potential dangers such as fires. The material is still suitable when high insulation needs are necessary. This will ensure you get the best cleanroom wall panel for the job.

Whenever you are not sure how to proceed, Zonsteel can be an excellent place to start to understand where each cleanroom wall panel would be ideal for the application.

Ease of cleaning

Of course, you will have to clean the wall panels to maintain the cleanroom integrity. At this point, it would be nice if the cleanroom wall panels are easy to clean. Most of them will be easy to clean, but you also note any special cleaning instructions. This will ensure that you always have the right cleanliness level for your cleanroom wall panels.


It would be nice to have cleanroom wall panels that make the job of installing them easier. A good trait would be getting lightweight panels. This will largely depend on the materials used to make the cleanroom wall panels.

A good example is when Zonsteel can provide the user with installation accessories in addition to installation services. It is easy to see how you will get all your installation concerns addressed correctly by a company with vast experience in the same field.

After-sale services

It is always nice to work with a company that has after-sale services. This will include installation services, among other things. Luckily, Zonsteel has you covered in case you want installation done for you once the cleanroom wall panels have been delivered.

The customer support team is also always available to further help the client with any questions they are likely to have in their minds. As such, you can be sure that the company will be with you all the way until you are satisfied with the purchase.

What is the Cost for Cleanroom Wall Panels?

Installed Cleanroom Wall Panel

Figure 4 Installed Cleanroom Wall Panel

On average, the cost of cleanroom wall panels will be US$10.7. Keep in mind the price is not fixed. Different clients will have different needs. It is best to talk to Zonsteel or even request a price quotation to learn more.

You can always compare with other companies, but you will most of the time find Zonsteel offering quite a good deal on the cleanroom wall panels.

Some of the things that can affect the price of cleanroom wall panels include the size, type of panel, finish, shipping destination, and more that would be specified later.

Which Solutions or Chemicals Can You Use for Cleaning Cleanroom Wall Panels?

Different cleanrooms would be classified differently. It means that their cleaning processes will also differ.

Let us say you have a pharmaceutical cleanroom; its sterilization level will not be the same as that of an electronics manufacturing cleanroom. For such a cleanroom, you may have to use harsh chemicals to sterilize and clean the various surfaces multiple times each day. The wall exterior material should also hold up to such chemicals without melting, corroding, or warping.

If a cleanroom has to be cleaned using strong chemicals most of the time, the panels should be made of stainless steel. Such cleanrooms would also be coated with specific paint to ensure it lives up to regular use.

Do not worry about using the wrong cleaning solutions, as Zonsteel will recommend the best solutions to use depending on where you will be using the cleanroom wall panels. If you follow the provided guide on cleaning and maintain the cleanroom wall panels, your cleanroom wall panels should be in good condition for long.

Generally, the cleanroom wall panels are built with the use of harsh chemicals in mind. As such, you should not worry so much that the chemicals might eat through your panels. However, stick to the recommended cleanroom cleaning solutions as you will also be cleaning other surfaces other than the cleanroom wall panels.

What is the Fire Resistance of the Different Cleanroom Wall Panels?

The fire resistance performance largely varies depending on the cleanroom wall panel type. So far, the cleanroom wall panels are good at fire resistance, but rockwool panels stand out as the best option when you have to deal with extreme cases.

A good example is when you expose a rockwool panel of thickness 100mm to fire. It will be able to slow down the spread of the fire for up to 240 minutes.

The best part is that Zonsteel provides the fire test reports for the different panels. As such, you would know which panel would be ideal for your application.

What is the Thickness of Cleanroom Wall Panels?

The thickness of the cleanroom wall panels varies from 50 to 100mm. The thickness largely varies from one type of cleanroom wall panel to another. Also, the same cleanroom wall panel can have different thicknesses too.

When a cleanroom wall panel gets thicker, then it will be good at insulation and fire resistance. More people find that the thicker cleanroom wall panels would also be stronger to stand up to use over the years.

What is the Delivery Period for Cleanroom Wall Panels?

The delivery period is often 7 to 14 days, depending on several factors. If the panel you order is in stock, Zonsteel will process it for shipping right away. Do not worry if the panel is not in stock, as the Zonsteel high-speed production line will get the cleanroom wall panels assembled and ready for shipping within a couple of days.

Is it Expensive to Transport Cleanroom Wall Panels?

Most of the time, the price will be within the affordable range. It is because the cleanroom wall panels are mostly lightweight. The lightweight nature of these panels would also make it easier for installation. As much as sometimes lifting machines might be necessary, they are still easy to carry to their installation destination.

Lifting machines are common in cases where you have to install the panels to the ceiling. They are also mostly long, so a forklift might be necessary to carry them correctly without bending them.

Which Industries Benefit from Using Cleanroom Wall Panels?

A Setup Modular Cleanroom 

Figure 5 A Setup Modular Cleanroom 

The cleanroom wall panels are generally versatile. Here is a list of the industries that would use cleanroom wall panels:

 Bio-medical facilities

– Aerospace buildings

– Manufacturing plants

– Research laboratories

– Pharmaceutical facilities

– Distribution warehouses

– Automotive manufacturing plants

The list can be longer since cleanroom wall panels can be customized for other uses other than serving as cleanrooms. There are some places where they can be used as office buildings or temporary classrooms in schools.

Should You Repair or Replace a Cleanroom Wall Panel after Damage?

At this point, it will mostly depend on the damage you will get with the cleanroom wall panel. Let us say it is just a few dings or scratches here and there. Those are not an issue to appoint you to have to replace the whole cleanroom wall panel. Some can easily be buffed out to ensure the cleanroom wall panel remains flat.

However, if the panel ends up having a big hole in it, you can see why it would be necessary to replace it. As much as repairing might be possible, sometimes you do not get the best cleanroom integrity as before. So, you should simply replace the cleanroom wall panels to be on a safer side.

Can Zonsteel Ship Cleanroom Wall Panels Overseas?

Yes. You should never have to worry about getting your cleanroom wall panels even when you are not in China. This is because the company has positioned itself well to ship its products to different parts of the world.

Even when shipping worldwide is necessary, the company tries to ensure the panels are delivered on time. Since the company has worked with different shipping companies for years now, it knows which ones will help get the panels safe and in the right condition to the client.

Once the shipping is processed, the client can follow up and track the shipment until it arrives at the destination.

Does Zonsteel Have Accessories for Installing Cleanroom Wall Panels?

Yes. For installation to be smooth and done correctly, there is the need to have the right accessories for the job. It is why Zonsteel will also provide you with the right installation accessories.

If you do not have the installation accessories or you are not sure of the accessories to use, get in touch with Zonsteel to get yourself the right accessories. Also, the company will ship the accessories together with the cleanroom wall panels. This is crucial to ensure you can start working on your project as soon as the cleanroom wall panels are delivered.

The accessories can include the aluminum profiles for joining the panels together, sealants for ensuring an airtight environment, rivets, rivet guns, and more. The company would advise you further on which type of cleanroom wall panels to use depending on your needs.

Will the Customer Care Team Help Me with My Order?

Yes. Zonsteel has a professional customer care team available to handle your needs better. It is possible that it would be your first-time buying cleanroom wall panels from Zonsteel. At this point, you need all the help you can get if you have to make the right decision. Not to worry, as the team understands that not all clients know about the company’s products.

Once you have made a formal request to learn more about the cleanroom wall panels, the team will guide you from start to finish. You would also be able to track your order from the moment it is approved until it is shipped to your location.

Are There Customization Options Available for Cleanroom Wall Panels?

If you are going to have the best cleanroom wall panels, then it is important to pick the right one. This sometimes means doing a bit of customization. Zonsteel will make the customizations depending on the user’s needs.

The most common customization option would be the size. The cleanroom wall panels do not have to be the same size. Some prefer them precut at the factory to suit their needs rather than cutting them at the construction site.

Still on size, the thickness of the panel can also be customized. In most cases, the thickness varies from 50 to 100mm. This is a great range that will help the client get the right cleanroom wall panel, depending on the application.

The other customization option will be the material used to make the cleanroom wall panels. This is where the types of sandwich panels come in handy. Some panels might be ideal for certain cleanrooms while others not. So, it would be best if you can get yourself the right cleanroom wall panels for the job. Do not worry if you have no idea where to start, as Zonsteel will help you figure it out.

The finish can also be customized, depending on what will be handled in the cleanroom. For environments that deal with food or medications, then finishes such as stainless steel, PVC, and PVDF will be ideal. You may even customize your PE paint to make the cleanroom wall panels look better.


Working with professionals in the cleanroom industry is a guarantee your money will not be wasted. That is something Zonsteel has proven over time. It is why you would want to invest more in getting yourself the cleanroom wall panels from the company.

The customer care team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and help you in any way possible. Get in touch with Zonsteel today for more information on cleanroom wall panels.

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