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  • Commercial Ozone Generator
  • Commercial Ozone Generator
  • Commercial Ozone Generator

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Commercial ozone generator utilizes broad-spectrum sterilization capabilities of ozone, kill bacteria and viruses, and remove pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene and soot particles to clean air. It connects and works with HVAC system which circulates air to disinfect, sterilize and purify the space regularly, instead of ultraviolet lamp irradiation or chemical fumigation, so as to achieve purification without leaving any harmful substances to human body.

Commercial ozone generator can fit small or big clean room and can generate ozone concentration 0.02-30 kg/h. Zonsteel has mobile, small, medium or large model, the ozone flow is stable. It is used in industries such aselectronics, optics, chemistry, biology, medicine and scientific researchetc.

Zonsteel commercial ozone generator body material SS304, full computer automatic control, can be switched on and off regularly. Require use of environmental temperature ≤40℃, humidity ≤60(%RH), air pressure≥0.1mpa

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Commercial Ozone Generator: The Complete Guide

Zonsteel commercial ozone generator ozone generating sheet is selected tungsten electrode and AL203 ceramic substrate, which has good insulation and mechanical strength. Surface discharge ozone ceramic has good electrical, mechanical, thermal and chemical properties. The discharge electrode is covered with a protective layer of nano-alumina. Surface discharge ozone ceramic on surface of nano-alumina protective layer has long service life and stable ozone yield. Use time can reach 30,000 hours.

Zonsteel commercial ozone generatoris high frequency power supply and has current and voltage feedback regulation to steady output voltage.

Zonsteel commercial ozone generator equipped with short circuit protection can monitor the abnormal situation in the working circuit, cut off the circuit and give an alarm when abnormal occurs toprevent further harm. This commercial ozone generator can be remote controlled.

Zonsteel commercial ozone generator is customizable to meet your need. Small, medium, large or mobile type for your options, fit for connect to air conditioner or air duct.

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Commercial Ozone Generator: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

You might have come across commercial ozone generators before, but you did not know how they worked or where best you can use them.

That changes today as we look at the commercial Ozone generator in detail to help you learn more.

Without wasting time, let us check it out below.


What Is a Commercial Ozone Generator?

Zonsteel commercial ozone generator

Figure 1: Zonsteel commercial ozone generator

A commercial Ozone generator is a machine that utilizes the broad-spectrum sterilization capabilities of the ozone to kill viruses, bacteria and remove any pollutants where it is set up.

When you use the commercial ozone generator, it will leave you with clean air that improves the overall air quality of a room depending on the application.

The commercial ozone generator easily connects to the cleanroom’s HVAC system so that the air is disinfected and sterilized more often. The result is that the cleanroom can now have the best air quality for the users in it.

Many cleanroom companies now like using the commercial ozone generator as it does not leave any harmful substances behind after it is used. The same cannot be said when you use chemical fumigation or UV lamp irradiation.


How Does a Commercial Ozone Generator Work?

The commercial ozone generator works by adding more energy to the existing oxygen molecules in a room. The energy causes the oxygen atoms to break apart and then temporarily recombine with other oxygen molecules to form ozone.

In nature, the process occurs through lightning or corona discharge and using the UV light from the sun.

Below is an image showing you how the process works.

Figure 2: How a commercial ozone generator works

Once the ozone is generated, it will react with the pollutant in the room to eliminate it. Most of the pollutants will be long-chain carbon molecules. Upon reaction with the ozone, the chains are broken into less complex harmless molecules. This whole process is called oxidation.

What happens to the ozone that does not react with the harmful molecules? That is something someone would ask.

Well, the remaining ozone will easily decompose into oxygen over some time.


What Are the Features of a Zonsteel Commercial Ozone Generator?

Multiple Applications

When you decide to get a commercial ozone generator from Zonsteel, it is easy to find an application for it.

One of the most common is to use the commercial ozone generator in cleanrooms. Once the ozone generator has been running for hours, it will be easy to notice better air quality in the cleanroom.

The best part is that the same commercial ozone generator can come in handy to handle other applications such as the health sector, food industry, water treatment, and much more. So long as there is the need for purification of the air, then the ozone generator can come in handy.

Strong Construction

The Zonsteel commercial ozone generator body is made of stainless steel SS304 material. This type of material is all about providing you with the best durability.

For those who might see themselves using the commercial ozone generator for years down the line, then this is what you might want to consider too.

Even the controls are designed to be easy to use. Even if you have not used an ozone generator before, you will find it easy to operate.


Another reason for checking out the commercial ozone generator is that it is available in different sizes.

Depending on the model you choose, the ozone generator can fit in a small or big clean room and generate an ozone concentration of 0.02 to 30 kg/h.

Some of the size options include mobile, small, medium, and large ozone generators.

Zonsteel will help you pick the right commercial ozone generator depending on your needs for getting one. So, give the customer support team as much information as possible to recommend the right model for your applications.

Impressive Runtime

When you buy a commercial ozone generator, you want to know more about its runtime before it becomes less effective.

The Zonsteel ozone generator comes with impressive building components, which are all about providing you with a long-lasting ozone generator.

Zonsteel estimates that the commercial ozone generator will last for 30,000 hours. Considering you will not be using it continuously every day, you are looking at years upon years of using the ozone generator.

With such many hours of operation, the ozone generator will be a worthy investment to keep your cleanroom in better shape or any other application.


The Zonsteel commercial ozone generator is good for safety as it comes with a current and voltage feedback regulation. Such is essential for maintaining a steady output voltage.

The ozone generator is also equipped with short circuit protection. This is important for monitoring any abnormal operation of the working circuit and intervene in case of any problem. The aim is to prevent any further harm.


Zonsteel offers multiple sizes of ozone generators. However, sometimes you might want something customizable to suit your needs.

That is not a problem as Zonsteel offers customized ozone generators. It might take a few more days to design and build the ozone generator, but you will end up with the right commercial ozone generator for your applications.


What Are the Applications of a Commercial Ozone Generator?

A sample commercial ozone generator

Figure 3: A sample commercial ozone generator


Before you can buy a commercial ozone generator, it is easy to see that you might want to know where best to use it.

The Zonsteel commercial ozone generator will come in handy to handle the pollutants in various industries. Here are some of the common applications the company recommends for its product.


Having a commercial ozone generator provides you with ecological and economic advantages when you use it in the aquaculture industry.

The commercial ozone generator comes in handy to improve the water quality, destroy the microorganisms, and increase the DO levels to improve the field’s growth rate.

The same commercial ozone generator is still useful for reducing the death toll since most of the contaminants are eliminated. The commercial ozone generator provides a healthier and safe environment for fish.

Food and Beverage Industry

You will also like the commercial ozone generator because it has a wide range of applications in the food and beverage sector.

The commercial ozone generator will mostly be used in industries such as bottled water, wineries, fruit decay prevention, food processing, manganese and iron removal, and more.

So long as you need to disinfect the room where you handle the food or beverage, then the commercial ozone generator can come in handy. It can inactivate various types of pathogens, leaving you with a clean and safe working space.

Industrial Applications

Food and beverage are not the only places you can use the commercial ozone generator. It can still be used in cases where there is a need for industrial and chemical water processing. You will end up with better cleanliness of the water before being released to the clients.

The commercial ozone generator comes in handy for disinfection, discoloration, deodorization, and industrial wastewater detoxification. As a result, it will generally improve its biodegradability.

You will like that the commercial ozone generator is also suitable for oxidizing the industrial gases to ensure the air quality around the area is the best.

Health Applications

Health applications are probably the most common applications of the commercial ozone generator.

The commercial ozone generator is efficient, has no side effects, and is easy to use when it comes to health applications.

Based on several reports, they show that the commercial ozone generator can help in applications such as viricidal, fungicidal, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, and more. There is no doubt you will always find an application for it in the health sector.

Some of the commercial ozone generator’s common health industry applications include therapy, stomatology, dentistry, surgery, dermatology, and more. So long as it is safe, then the commercial ozone generator can easily come in handy.


We all know that a cleanroom needs to maintain a certain level of air quality. It is more reason to consider setting up a commercial ozone generator in a cleanroom.

Depending on your cleanroom needs, the commercial ozone generator needs to be set up correctly to provide the air quality that you need.

Make sure that you use the commercial ozone generator as suggested by the manufacturer to get the best air quality and keep the staff working in it safe.

The commercial ozone generator can have multiple applications that we are yet to mention. If you are unsure where you can use the ozone generator, get in touch with Zonsteel for further guidance.


What Are the Safety Considerations for Using a Commercial Ozone Generator?

A commercial ozone generator working in a room

Figure 4: A commercial ozone generator working in a room


Ozone can be dangerous to live organisms to breathe it in, including plants, pets, and humans.

As much as ozone is essential for killing bacterial, odor, mold, and much more, you must keep in mind the manufacturer’s safety requirements to keep yourself safe.

If you are using the commercial ozone generator in your home for the first time, here are some important considerations to keep in mind.

✧   No living things should be in the same room as the ozone generator. This includes humans too. So, if you want the ozone generator to cover the whole house, it is best to find a place to stay and give the device enough time to work.

✧   It might be necessary to set a timer on your commercial ozone generator. This allows for the ozone generator to turn off when the time is up. In case you have a model that lacks a timer, always cover your mouth and nose then manually turn off the ozone generator.

✧   It might be necessary for you to cover or remove any valuable items in the room before turning on the commercial ozone generator. This is because the ozone atoms do not mix well with paper or metallic things. If the objects cannot be moved, then covering them with a blanket can still do the trick.

✧   It is not advisable to run the commercial ozone generator in high humidity environment. This is because the moisture can damage the arching in the ozone generator. Well, it is still safe to run the machine in cold or warm temperature without a problem.

✧   Make sure that you give your commercial ozone generator the maintenance that it needs. The collector plate of the ozone generator requires cleaning after two to six months. This will depend on how often you use the machine. For a heavy user, this maintenance might come up more often. With the right maintenance, the ozone generator should give you the best performance over the years.

✧   Do not use the ozone generator as a water softener. Just because the commercial ozone generator can be useful in the bottled water industry, it does not mean you use it for softening water. This is because it will not remove calcium from the water.

You should follow more safety procedures when using the commercial ozone generator in the manual you get when buying the machine.

There is no doubt that the commercial ozone generator will give you the best performance when disinfecting the room. It is even better than what you get with many disinfectants in the market. However, it will only work great if you use it correctly. Make sure to follow the vital safety processes to end up with the best disinfection and odor elimination.


What Are the Maintenance Needs of a Commercial Ozone Generator?

Like any other machine, the commercial ozone generator also needs the proper maintenance to keep it working correctly.

Poorly maintained ozone generators will likely produce poor results and still make it unsafe for you in the cleanroom.

What most people do not know is that ozone generator maintenance is not hard. It will require you to do a few things, and the ozone generator should be good to use it once again.

So, what are some of the things you will need to do as part of maintenance? Here is a list of the maintenance needs that a commercial ozone generator will require.

✧   The first thing you will do is disassemble the ozone cells and clean out the nitric acid and any other high-voltage surfaces. You would now end up with a machine that has a better voltage regulation.

✧   The manufacturer will also recommend a timeframe for you to replace things such as the head gaskets, fuses, bushings, spacers, O-rings, and much more. Such type of maintenance is done annually to have a commercial ozone generator working at its optimum level always.

✧   You also have to check the high voltage transformer, the circuit boards, and other electronics for any dust buildup. In case there is dust buildup, take the time to brush off or vacuum the dust so that you end up with clean electronics.

✧   Check the cooling fan operation. This is to make sure that the machine can work within the right operating temperature. If the fan is worn out, there might be the need to replace it to keep the machine working better.

✧   The manufacturer will also recommend ways on how to purge the system. So, make sure that you follow the steps to purge the machine before it can go back to producing ozone.

✧   Regularly check for ozone leaks by using a potassium iodine solution. If there are any leaks, you should take the right steps to repair the machine to prevent such leaks from happening in the future.

The maintenance list goes on. What is important is that you follow what the manufacturer recommends. In case you have any questions, you should contact the Zonsteel customer support team for further assistance.


How Can You Detect An Ozone Leak?

Figure 5: Testing the presence of ozone in a room

Learning about an ozone leak is good to ensure the room is safe before you can comfortably sit in it. So, how would you detect an ozone leak?

There are several methods used in detecting an ozone leak. We will consider two of the most used methods based on their availability and accuracy.

The first method is the Draeger Gas Detection Tubes. This method is commonly used to detect hundreds of various gases. The Draeger tubes will be filled with chemical reagents that react with ozone to show the room’s level of ozone.

Humans are sensitive to a range of 0.01 to 0.03 ppm. So, after doing the test, you will know if the ozone presence is safe for you or not.

The second method is using a wall-mounted ozone detector. Such a device will come with a built-in sensor for measuring the ozone levels in the room or home.

Once the device is set up, give it a few minutes for the sensors to take the readings, and it will display the results on its screen.

When you find an ozone leak, turn off the machine and give the room enough time for the ozone to decompose.


How Long Will It Take for the Ozone To Dissipate?

The time it takes for the ozone to dissipate often depends on the concentration level.

If the room has a lower concentration, it will take around 30 minutes to 2 hours for the ozone to break back into oxygen.

For high concentration levels, it will take 3 to 4 hours for the ozone atoms to break into breathable oxygen.

If you are not sure of the concentration, you should wait at least 4 hours after shutting off the commercial ozone generator to get back into the house or room.

The room size, dust, contaminants, and temperature can also be huge factors determining how long it will take for the ozone to dissipate in a room.


What Should You Consider When Buying a Commercial Ozone Generator?

A zonsteel commercial ozone generator portable model

Figure 6: A zonsteel commercial ozone generator portable model

At this point, you feel like getting a commercial ozone generator can benefit you a lot. So, what makes a model great? Below are some of the features to guide you to picking the best commercial ozone generator.

Ozone Output

The ozone output can be regarded as the mass of ozone that the machine produces in a set period. This is a standard measure of the commercial ozone generator’s performance to see how it compares with other models.

The ozone output will be measured in lb/day or g/hr.

Ozone Concentration

The concentration of an ozone generator is the total gas ratio fed into it to the ozone product. Or you can say it is the efficiency of the machine to convert oxygen into ozone.

The manufacturer will indicate the concentration as g/m3 or the % by weight.

It is easy to see that you would want a highly efficient commercial ozone generator. So, always check out this feature to ensure the model can deliver on the best efficiency before buying.


The overall build quality is important for anyone who wants to keep using the commercial ozone generator for years to come. It is why you should look at the materials used to make the ozone generator.

If the machine has a strong construction, you are looking at years of use with little to no maintenance.

Still, the commercial ozone generator needs to have the best lifespan. A good model should have over 20,000 hours of operation before doing any major overhaul.

Ease of Use

The ease of use is crucial as not everyone has used an ozone generator before.

Look at the controls of the generator to see if it will be easy to use.

With improved technology, some models now come with a remote control feature to operate it at a safe distance.

Always look at the different features that make it easy to use the commercial ozone generator before investing your money.



So, do you want a commercial ozone generator? If that is the case, Zonsteel is here to provide you with all the information you need to choose the right ozone generator. The Zonsteel ozone generators are among the best in the market, so you should get reliable information before buying a commercial ozone generator.

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