Commercial Ozone Generator

  • Works with HVAC System Circulates Air
  • Mobile, Small, Medium or Large Model
  • Body Material SS304
  • Equipped with Short Circuit Protection
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  • Commercial Ozone Generator
  • Commercial Ozone Generator
  • Commercial Ozone Generator

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Commercial ozone generator utilizes broad-spectrum sterilization capabilities of ozone, kill bacteria and viruses, and remove pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene and soot particles to clean air. It connects and works with HVAC system which circulates air to disinfect, sterilize and purify the space regularly, instead of ultraviolet lamp irradiation or chemical fumigation, so as to achieve purification without leaving any harmful substances to human body.

Commercial ozone generator can fit small or big clean room and can generate ozone concentration 0.02-30 kg/h. Zonsteel has mobile, small, medium or large model, the ozone flow is stable. It is used in industries such aselectronics, optics, chemistry, biology, medicine and scientific researchetc.

Zonsteel commercial ozone generator body material SS304, full computer automatic control, can be switched on and off regularly. Require use of environmental temperature ≤40℃, humidity ≤60(%RH), air pressure≥0.1mpa

Contact us to customize your commercial ozone generator now!
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Commercial Ozone Generator: The Complete Guide

Zonsteel commercial ozone generator ozone generating sheet is selected tungsten electrode and AL203 ceramic substrate, which has good insulation and mechanical strength. Surface discharge ozone ceramic has good electrical, mechanical, thermal and chemical properties. The discharge electrode is covered with a protective layer of nano-alumina. Surface discharge ozone ceramic on surface of nano-alumina protective layer has long service life and stable ozone yield. Use time can reach 30,000 hours.

Zonsteel commercial ozone generatoris high frequency power supply and has current and voltage feedback regulation to steady output voltage.

Zonsteel commercial ozone generator equipped with short circuit protection can monitor the abnormal situation in the working circuit, cut off the circuit and give an alarm when abnormal occurs toprevent further harm. This commercial ozone generator can be remote controlled.

Zonsteel commercial ozone generator is customizable to meet your need. Small, medium, large or mobile type for your options, fit for connect to air conditioner or air duct.

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