Clean Room Doors

  • Clean Room Door Material: Steel, Aluminum, Stainless or HPL.
  • Clean Room Door Type: Electrical, Manual, Interlock
  • Swing Door, Sliding Door or High Speed Door
  • Sight Window on Door, Size 400x600mm
  • Excellent Air Tight, and Fire Rated Clean Room Door
  • Clean Room Doors
  • Clean Room Doors
  • Clean Room Doors

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Clean room doors airtight features are very important for clean room, good clean room door can well keep clean air in designed level. Zonsteel clean room doors sealing strip is attached by machine automatically, no risky loose or falling off. The bottom is also equipped with lifting strip.

Zonsteel clean room doors have patent on whole door, door sight window, and door connection kit with wall.

Zonsteel clean room door frame has 3 types, easy and well installed on clean room panel, machine made sandwich panel, and concrete wall. It is fit for 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm sandwich panel thickness and concrete wall thickness. The door also has special provision for interlock device.

Zonsteel clean room door material options include steel door, aluminum door, stainless steel door, and HPL door. It could be single door, double open door, double sliding door, double auto sliding door. And interlock single or double door. Usually Zonsteel door color is blue, but other colors are available according to needs.

Zonsteel clean room door sight window production line is patented, double glass be well sealed and no fog, gap between two layers of glasses filled by Inert gases and desiccant. All that enables our window featured with very good airtight and sound proofing, warm keeping. Window frame is aluminum or stainless steel, shape square or round.

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Door TypeSingle DoorDouble Door
Operation MannerMechanical door/ Auto door/ Sliding door
Size900 x 2100mm or customize1500 x 2100mm or customize
FramePowder coated steel/ Aluminum/ Stainless steel 304
Door LeafPowder coated steel/ Aluminum/ Stainless steel 304
LockSS split lock/ SS soverall lock/ SS Elbow pressure lock
HandleStainless steel handle
Sight Window600x400mm, double glass
HingeStandard 3 hinges, or customize
SealingBottom lifting strip
Door closerOption
Electronic interlockOption, maximum 8 doors interlock
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Clean Room Doors: The Complete Guide

Zonsteel clean room door provides you wide range options on size. Standard single door size 900x2100mm, double door 1500x2100mm, and any other sizes could be customized. Colors are usually blue if there is no special requirement.

Zonsteel clean room door locks stainless steel, split or overall type, we provide elbow operation type as well. You are free to add door closer, panic bar, kick strips or vent on doors. All clean room doors be well packed by pallet, no damage during shipping.

Zonsteel developed advanced machines for clean room doors, Italy Prima Power auto punching machine, Japan Motorum auto CNC multi-station punch press, South Korea Double win test line, cutting and bending machine, auto laser cutting machine. You can trust us to provide you high quality doors.

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Clean Room Doors: the Ultimate FAQ Guide

What Are Clean Room Doors?

Clean room doors serve the purpose of blocking the outside air and dust particles from getting into the clean room. This ensures that the clean room can maintain its airtightness, humidity, temperature, and cleanliness.

If you have used clean room doors before, then you know the importance of setting up the correct one for your applications.

Depending on the type of clean room, there will be appropriate clean room doors that you need to install. There are all kinds of clean room doors such as those for bio-pharmaceutical labs, food and beverage plants, electronics factories, and more. So, learn more about each type of clean room door to find the right one.

Clean Room Door with Sight View Window

Figure 1: Clean Room Door with Sight View Window

What Are the Common Characteristics of Clean Room Doors?

Below, we look at some of the common features you will see with Zonsteel clean room doors.

1. Meet the Special Requirements

The clean room doors are safe, reliable, stable, and convenient. This makes these doors to meet the special requirements for clean room operations. Such requirements include air tightness, intelligence, humidity control, and sometimes sound insulation.

2. Rubber Sealing

Clean room doors will have rubber edges. These edges are crucial for sealing all the sides of the clean room doors. This seal is crucial for filling the gap between the clean room doors and the door frame. The result is that you end up with the best air tight performance. A good airtight clean room door eliminates air leakages, dust, and bacteria from getting into the clean room, and maintaining the correct air pressure between the different adjacent rooms.

Clean Room Door Rubber Sealing All Around

Figure 2: Clean Room Door Rubber Sealing All Around

3. Customize Door Leaf and Frame

Also, the materials used to make the clean room doors need to live up to the user needs. The clean room doors will have the door leaf surrounded by an aluminum frame structure. This type of surface can also be stainless steel or a high-quality powder coated steel board. Some clean room also use HPL leaf. The material needs to be fireproof to keep the fire out of the clean room in case of a fire accident.

Clean Room Door Could Customize Stainless Steel Door Frame and Leaf

Figure 3: Clean Room Door Could Customize Stainless Steel Door Frame and Leaf

4. Stainless Steel/Aluminum/Powder Coated Steel Door Frame

As for the rim materials, the clean room doors will be made of SUS304 stainless steel, aluminum or powder coated steel. This ensures that the overall structures of the clean room doors are solid. There will also be no stress connection to ensure that the clean room doors can maintain their integrity for longer. There is also the V-shaped door closer accompanying the door. This will help in improving the sealing performance of the door when it is closed.

Clean Room Doors Different Material Is for Your Choice

Figure 4: Clean Room Doors Different Material Is for Your Choice

5. Stainless-Steel Anti-Collision Belt

The clean room doors will also have a stainless-steel anti-collision belt setup on the door leaf waist. This material is important to prevent the trolley from accidentally colliding and possibly damaging the clean room doors surfaces.

Clean Room Doors -Stainless-Steel Anti-Collision Belt

Figure 5: Clean Room Doors -Stainless-Steel Anti-Collision Belt

6. Lifting Sealing Strip

Door equipped with built-in auto lifting sealing strip will reduce the  friction, make the clean room doors more easy to use, save the energy and reduce the noise.

Clean Room Doors - Lifting Sealing Strip

Figure 6: Clean Room Doors – Lifting Sealing Strip

7. Flush With Wall Panel

Zonsteel clean room door frame is special designed to flush connected with wall panel. This make clean room easy to clean, highly reduced the contamination.

Clean Room Doors - Flush with Wall Panel

Figure 7: Clean Room Doors – Flush with Wall Panel

8. Sight-View Window

This sight-view window is double-glass, framed with aluminum or stainless steel. Shape round or square. Zonsteel has patent on window, its frog-free window.

Clean Room Doors - with Sight View Window

Figure 8: Clean Room Doors – with Sight View Window

9. Customize Door Type, Size and Color

You can customize your clean room door with any size and color to meet your unique needs. Zonsteel provide mechanical door, electric door, sliding door, single door, double door, fire door, interlock door, fast door and emergency door.

With the correct installation of the insulation strip, there is a high chance that the clean room doors would now be able to seal the clean room better. This means that the Zonsteel clean room doors can meet the hygienic requirements of the various industries.

Clean Room Doors - Customize Door

Figure 9: Clean Room Doors – Customize Door

What Are the Types of Clean Room Doors?

The classification of clean room doors is based on the materials, types, and door opening methods. Below, we will look at the classifications of clean room doors to help you make an informed decision.

Based On Material

Zoonsteel classifies the various clean room doors based on the materials used to make them. The most common clean room doors based on materials include aluminum doors, stainless steel doors, melamine grease doors(HPL), and powder coated steel doors.

As for the stainless steel clean room doors, you can divide them into various types too. This depends on the type of steel grade used to make the clean room door. The most common options include stainless steel 201, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316, and more. You will find the stainless steel 304 being the most common. This is because it can live up to the needs of the different clean room needs.

The advantage of using stainless steel 304 grade is that it is highly durable. You will not have to change the clean room doors more often with such type of unit installed. While price is not expensive.

The melamine grease doors can also be a nice option. This is because they are corrosion-resistant and crash-resistant. However, many can shy away from such clean room doors because they are very expensive.

Clean Room Doors - Different Door Material

Figure 10: Clean Room Doors – Different Door Material

Based On Type

If we classify the clean room doors based on type, we end up with single doors, double doors, and child-mother doors.

Zoonsteel recommends that you consider using the single clean room doors if the frame width is less than 1200mm. As for those cases where the width is more than 1200mm, then go for the double open doors.

It is common that you will find single-open clean room doors being good for passing people, while the double open clean room doors will be good for passing of goods.

Some might be wondering what a child-mother door is all about. Well, it is a special double-leaf door having a narrow door which is the child door and a wider door leaf which is the mother door. It gives you a nice beautiful look on overall.

The use of the child-mother clean room doors will vary depending on the width of the door space available. Such type of door will be used where the width is anywhere from 2000 to 4000mm. In most cases, only one door will be opened at a time. The second door, the mother door, will be opened only when necessary.

Based On Door Opening Method

Yes, clean room doors can also be categorized based on the door opening method. In this case, we can now end up with categories such as swing doors, rolling doors, and sliding doors.

The sliding clean room doors can either be manual or electric. As much as you can get an electrical sliding clean room door, many seem to prefer the manual clean room doors. They know that they now have less electronics to worry about.

You can always contact Zonsteel with additional questions about these types of doors to guide you better. In the end, you want a door that can help you achieve the best in terms of usability and maintaining the desired conditions in the clean room.

Below, we have listed the clean room doors and their technical description to help you understand the differences between the different door types from Zonsteel.

ItemTechnical Parameter Description
Door frame shapeFlat frame type, package frame type, clamping type, plug-in type (customized according to customer needs)Door leaf thickness

40mm, 50mm

Core Material Flameretardant paper honeycombFireproof aluminum honeycombRock woolPolyurethane foam
Windowround glass square glassouter round inner glasssingle-layer and double-layer glass
Hardware accessories Lockssplit handle lock, conjoined handle lock, elbow pressure lock, escape lock, bead lock, etc.
Hinge: dismountable type, spring hydraulic type, hidden type, etc.
Sealing device: door leaf self-adhesive type, door frame embedded, door bottom automatic lifting type
Surface treatmentspraying (outdoor fluorocarbon powder, electrostatic powder), baking paint, stainless steel, HPL

(color can be customized according to user needs)

Wind pressure resistance performance P3(Kpa)2.8Air pressure100.8KpaAir tightness performanceq1=1.0-q1=0.6
Door leaf weight m2/kgPaper honeycomb core,Aluminum peak socket coreRock wool corePolyurethane core

Below is an image showing some of Zonsteel clean room doors

Clean Room Doors - Different Door Type

Figure 11: Clean Room Doors – Different Door Type

What Are the Advantages of Using Zonsteel Clean Room Doors?

Before you can decide to pick the Zonsteel clean room doors, you would want to know more about their advantages. Here are some of the multiple benefits of using the Zonsteel clean room doors.

– Impressive sealing performance

Zonsteel has managed to make the clean room doors to have the best sealing thanks to adopting the foam dispensing technology. These doors are also equipped with automatic sweeping strips. This helps to have better air tight.

– High value and quality clean room doors

Before you can spend your money, you would want a product that is high-quality and offers the best value for the money. Luckily, that is what you get with this model. This is because Zonsteel uses high quality materials good for durability and more performance. It should be more reason to get the unit for yourself.

– Their clean room doors are firm and strong

Looking at the various Zonsteel clean room doors, we find that they offer the best firmness and strength a person would want for a clean room. The use of the double layer 1.0mm steel and 1.5mm frame ensures that the door can stand up to abuse over the years. Since the door can maintain its structure on overall, it should be appealing to various clean room users.

Clean Room Doors - Several Advantage

Figure 12: Clean Room Doors – Several Advantage

What factors should you keep in mind when selecting clean room doors?

Considering the clean room doors are essential for sealing the clean room, then there is the need to get the right one. Below, we look at the important factors to keep in mind when selecting clean room doors.

– Ease of setting up

The last thing you need is a door that would be hard to setup. The difficulty level of setting up the clean rooms varies a lot depending on the manufacturer. You should then consider getting yourself the best clean room doors that are designed to be easy to install.

You can always look at the reviews of other users to see what they say about the installation process of the doors. This helps you pick a door that will make your job of setting it up a lot easier.

– Thick door panels

The thick clean room doors are essential for ensuring that you get the best strength and resistance to bending and shock. There is no doubt that you would want to enjoy using the clean room doors for longer without replacing them.

It is why we recommend that you look at the various models to see what are their thicknesses and the materials used to make the clean room doors.

– The level of airtightness

Anyone who operates a clean room understands the importance of having an airtight room. To make it possible, you need the best clean room doors for that. Look at what the manufacturer rates in terms of sealing. This will give you an idea if the model of doors will be good to provide you with the right level of airtightness.

You can find some clean room doors having the double gasket technology. The aim is to help with having a better sealing between the clean room doors and the clean room frame.

– Ease of cleaning

At some point, you will need to clean the clean room doors. Considering that they are a regular point of contact for many people, it is good to keep them cleaned all the time. Look at cleaning recommendations from the manufacturer so that you have clean room doors that are easy to maintain.

Other than cleaning, you also need clean room doors that are resistant to the cleaning products. The aim is to maintain a high level of cleanliness while at the same time remain resistant to some strong chemicals used to clean the surfaces.

– Locking Options

Clean room doors will have varying locking methods. Many will have manual locks and others will have electric locks. We recommend that you get one that has an override manual lock. Even if you prefer electronic locks, there is a time you might have issues with the electricity supply. How would you access the clean room? It is why we need to have a manual override even for electrical locks.

Also, look at the safety level of the clean room doors lock. Some locks can easily be picked, and that is not something you want. You need to get yourself clean room doors that have locks which are hard to get past.

– Durability

The durability is likely to affect the clean room doors that a person chooses for their clean room. The durability will vary depending on the materials used to make the clean room doors. These materials can be aluminum, steel, and many more. Depending on the manufacturer, you are likely to get many other options for clean room doors material.

If you want durable clean room doors, then consider checking out what Zonsteel has on offer. This will help you choose the right one for your needs.

Clean Room Doors - Selecting tips

Figure 13: Clean Room Doors – Selecting tips

Liberty Gates as Clean Room Doors: What Makes Them Great?

You are likely to come across the term liberty gate when looking at clean room doors. A liberty gates are simply clean room doors that can be opened on both the inside and outside. They then return to their original position.

Such clean room doors will offer the user with the best flexibility of opening and closing the door. They can be used in a clean room area that might have heavy goods going in and out of the rooms more often.

Some of the other features you should know about the liberty gate clean room doors include the following;

– These clean room doors come with special door hinges that make opening the clean room doors easy. You do not have to use a lot of force to get these doors opened. Even if they can be opened on both sides, we find that the hinges last longer. No worries about replacing them any time soon.

– The door panels are made of stainless steel and anti-collision rubber to avoid experiencing any issues of the doors slamming into each other. The use of stainless steel for these clean room doors ensures that the user ends up with the best durability.

– The liberty clean room doors have a simple and beautiful look. They however have a wide range of applications. You can easily find them in areas where a forklift operates or even a trolley. You will always have an easier time handling the various operations in and out of the clean room.

Clean Room Door - Liberty Gates

Figure 14 Clean Room Door – Liberty Gates

What Are the Characteristics of Fast Rolling Clean Room Doors?

Depending on the types of clean room doors you decide to choose, you can find some being fast rolling clean room doors. These fast doors will have beautiful stainless-steel door frame that is wear-resistant, bright, and have thicknesses of 1.5mm. The use of stainless steel helps to reduce the friction and maintain the integrity of the clean room in terms of air tightness.

Here are some of the features you can expect to get with fast rolling doors for clean room.

– These clean room doors are beautifully designed by using stainless steel door frame and PVC surface. The surface will also be anti-scratch and wear-resistant, and some part is transparent.

– The doors use plug-in motors to help in rolling up the door faster. That is something you want when you are carrying heavy stuff in and out of the clean room.

– These clean room doors also come with high control precision, faster response speed, high reliability, the best stability, and other great features you would want. The doors also often have the soft start and stop to ensure that the doors can run smoothly without banging.

– The doors also have a pair of infrared photoelectric protection switches. When someone or object is under the door, it will not fall on them. There is no doubt you would want such type of protection when using fast rolling clean room doors.

– The fast rolling clean room doors will have an impressive sealing capacity too. This is because there is a door curtain at the bottom to hold the door tightly. Even if the floors are uneven, you will get a door that holds the seal even better.

Clean Room Door - Fast Rolling Door

Figure 15 Clean Room Door – Fast Rolling Door

What Are Escape Clean Room Doors?

Just as the name suggests, the escape clean room doors are mostly used for evacuations or as emergency exits. They are built in a location that will allow for a quick exit from the clean room and head outdoors.

Zonsteel offers multiple options for those who might want to get themselves such types of clean room doors. Talk to the support team to guide you further to choosing the right type of clean room doors to use as escape doors.

Clean Room Door - Escape Door

Figure 16 Clean Room Door – Escape Door

Clean Room Doors Locks. What Are Some of the Characteristics a Buyer Should Know?

The clean room doors also need locks to be complete doors. Zonsteel provides you with a wide range of locks to choose from. Some of them include the elbow locks, electronic interlocks, door handle locks, and more. We recommend that you reach out to Zonsteel customer support to get more information about the locks.

The electronic interlocks are commonly used in different types of clean rooms. This is because they can help maintain a better pressure difference between the different rooms. They also help provide the best security to prevent unauthorized access to some areas of the clean room.

Clean Room Door - Door Locks Types

Figure 17: Clean Room Door – Door Locks Types

How Can You Set Up the Clean Room Doors Opening Direction?

The way you set up the clean room doors opening direction will vary from one clean room to another. This is because the clean room still has to maintain its pressure among other integrity features after opening the door.

For such reasons, the door will be set up based on maintaining the clean room integrity, but at the same time allows for safe evacuation. It is thus stipulated that the clean room doors be placed in an area between the clean area and a non-clean area. This allows you to setup the opening directions to be towards the evacuation direction. The same works for the safety gates.

Clean Room Door - Door Direction

Figure 18: Clean Room Door – Door Direction

What Are Medical Airtight Sliding Clean Room Doors?

You are also likely to come across the medical airtight sliding clean room doors. These are specially designed doors commonly used in hospitals, industrial plants, and food factories.

These sliding clean room doors have features such as maintaining the best air-tightness, sound insulation, heat insulation, pressure resistance, and more. The result is that you can maintain the clean room integrity.

You will also find the door having rubber strips to adopt a unique compression technology for sealing the clean room even further.

Talk to Zonsteel to learn more about such clean room doors and how you can get one for your clean room.

Clean Room Door - Medical Airtight Sliding Door

Figure 19: Clean Room Door – Medical Airtight Sliding Door

Do You Need More Information? Please Get in Touch.

Zonsteel is a top brand when it comes to the manufacture of clean room doors. It is why we recommend that you check out our product catalogue to find something that works for you. Our clean room doors are commonly used in labs, hospitals, cosmetic factories, precision electronics factories, and more.

If you are in the market for clean room doors and you are not sure where to begin, contact us today for more information. We will be happy to help you get the best clean room doors that can maintain the clean room integrity.

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