Cleanroom Storage Cabinet

  • Cabinet Material: SS304 or SS316L with at Least 1.0mm thickness
  • Various Surface Treatment Options
  • Garment Cabinet: 4 to 40 Doors
  • Cabinet Inner Corner Arc Shape
  • Cabinets have Coded Locks or Mechanical Locks
  • Cleanroom Storage Cabinet
  • Cleanroom Storage Cabinet
  • Cleanroom Storage Cabinet

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Cleanroom storage cabinet is a necessary stainless steel furniture for your cleanroom. For the convenience store garment and other personal belongings. It is better with locks. Zonsteel provides you with the best-customized cleanroom storage cabinet.

Zonsteel garment cleanroom storage cabinet can vary from 4 doors to 40 doors depending on your application. A normal model with 6 doors has the size 1200x450x1800mm for your reference. Each door has a respective coded lock or mechanical lock. The most common types of handles include recessed or regular pull. The cabinet top is flat or sloped.

Zonsteel cleanroom storage cabinet made of stainless steel 304 or 316L with at least 1mm thickness. It is bent by a CNC bending machine, making the storage cabinet’s all inner corners to have an arc shape. It will also be easy to clean, and prevents bacteria from collecting onto the surfaces. The parts will then be full-welded to form an integrated cabinet. Compared to spot welding, our full welding process enable welding to stay stronger and last for years.

Cleanroom storage cabinet surface can be treated in various ways after welding. The treatment makes them anti-corrosive and suitable to use the cabinets in a lab containing harmful substances. Some will enable its surface to be flat with no visible particle, making it suitable for biotechnology and semiconductor industries.

Contact us to customize your Cleanroom Storage Cabinet now!
MaterialThicknessSizeBodyLockersCabinet top
SS3041mm 1.1mm 1.2mmL1200 x W450 x H1800mm
L900 x W320 x H1200mm
L1300 x W450 x H1800mm
Customized other size
Solid stainless steel4 doors to 40 doorsFlat or slope
Other features:
Good chemical resistance, suitable for laboratories containing harmful substances
The surface is smooth and free of particles, suitable for biotechnology and semiconductor industry.
Cabinet is rust-free and moisture-proof structure, suitable for damp or high humidity environment
Easy to clean, suitable for areas requiring frequent cleaning or disinfection
Optional various door locks and handler
Different treatment can meet any condition needs
Laser cutting
Arc corner easy clean
Surface treatment type:  stainless steel wire drawing, electropolishing etc.
Certificated with ISO9001 and ISO14001
Delivery time 15 days
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Cleanroom Storage Cabinet: The Complete Guide

Other treatments enable it to be better at moisture proofing, thus suitable for wet or high humidity environment. And all Zonsteel storage cabinets are easy to clean and suitable for areas requiring continuous cleaning or disinfection. Tell us your use environment and Zonsteel will advise you on the right cabinet.

Zonsteel cleanroom storage cabinet delivery time is less than 15 days. Our advanced production machines like laser cutting, CNC bending, and full welding, etc. giving you a high-quality product. Each unit is under strict inspection and tested before shipping. All your cabinets will be well packed for sea or railway transportation. Zonsteel cabinets are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.

Zonsteel has years of experience in cleanroom field. We provide a one-stop solution from cleanroom design, cleanroom component, cleanroom equipment, stainless steel cleanroom furniture, and cleanroom installation.

Call us today and let’s work together on your cleanroom storage cabinet, help you get the most proper one!

Cleanroom Storage Cabinet: The Complete FAQs Guide

Storage in any cleanroom is important. You always want enough storage space to hold the supplies, equipment, garments, and more. A cleanroom storage cabinet is one way of getting yourself more storage in the cleanroom.

If you are new to cleanroom storage cabinets, you might not be sure why you need them over other storage options. This is the guide for you. Keep reading to see why cleanroom storage cabinets are essential.

What is the Purpose of a Cleanroom Storage Cabinet?

An Example of a Cleanroom Storage Cabinet

Figure 1 An Example of a Cleanroom Storage Cabinet

A cleanroom storage cabinet is a necessary stainless steel furniture for your cleanroom. Its job is to provide you with enough storage space for storing your garments and other personal belongings while using the cleanroom.

Cleanroom storage cabinets are ideal for most employees as they can keep their personal belongings in the cabinets and lock them up before working on a project in the cleanroom.

It does not stop there, as Zonsteel will customize the cleanroom storage cabinet to suit your needs. If you ever want more applications with your cleanroom storage cabinet, talk to Zonsteel for more options.

The cleanroom storage cabinets can be good for industries such as biotechnology, semiconductor, and more industries that generally need a clean work area because of their design and construction.

What are the Features of Cleanroom Storage Cabinets from Zonsteel?

Zonsteel has decades of experience, so it is easy to see how the brand would make great cleanroom storage cabinets. Here are some notable features of the cleanroom storage cabinets.

-The use of stainless steel material always means the best durability. There is no doubt that SS304 and SS316 will be an excellent choice for the cleanroom environment too. So, in addition to being durable, the storage cabinet will maintain cleanroom integrity.

-The cleanroom storage cabinets will have up to 40 doors, depending on what the client wants. You can already imagine the amount of space you will get with such cleanroom storage cabinets. Well, you can still scale down to 6 doors if you only have a few employees using the cabinets.

-The welding technology used for the cleanroom storage cabinet makes it good in terms of durability. You are likely to be using this type of cabinet for many years down the line, with cleaning being its only maintenance.

-The company is ISO9001 and ISO140001 certified. It is a clear indication that the company’s cleanroom storage cabinets will adhere to the existing cleanroom guidelines. This is something that will drive more people to consider getting themselves the best cleanroom storage cabinet from Zonsteel.

-You will also get the option of choosing from the various lock options available. It is good to know that you can have your personal belongings correctly secured while working on a project somewhere else.

The features above, plus many others, will help you understand why cleanroom storage cabinets are popular. If you need one, let Zonsteel help you get the right one for your needs.

Can You Get Custom Made Cleanroom Storage Cabinets from Zonsteel?

A Cleanroom Storage Cabinet for Cleaning Supplies

Figure 2 A Cleanroom Storage Cabinet for Cleaning Supplies

Yes. Zonsteel understands different clients would have different needs for their cleanroom storage cabinets. It is why the company allows for customizing the cabinets straight from the factory.

One of the things you can customize includes the number of doors. This largely depends on the number of people you expect will be using the cleanroom storage cabinet.

The doors can vary from 4 doors up to 60 doors per cabinet setup. More doors will always mean the cabinets will be larger too, so you should have enough space to hold the whole cabinet.

Another thing to customize is the overall size. As mentioned before, the size will mostly depend on the space available. Talk to our team of engineers to create something that will fit better in the cleanroom space.

Users also have the option of choosing the type of lock they want for a cleanroom storage cabinet. The common options include coded locks and mechanical locks.

Still on customization, there are two handle types to consider. It can be a recessed handle or a regular pull handle. Most of the time, it is a matter of personal preference. So, look at what will appeal to you and get it as part of your cleanroom storage cabinet.

The cabinet top can also be flat or a slope. It is easy to see how many choices you have available for customization.

It is crucial to give the customer care team all the details you want regarding your new cleanroom storage cabinet. This helps the design and build teams come up with the correct cleanroom storage cabinet.

If the standard cleanroom storage cabinet can still serve you, you can go ahead to place your order, and production will begin.

What are the Types of Locks on Cleanroom Storage Cabinets?

Locking your cabinet containing personal belongings is what many people desire. To make that happen, the Zonsteel cleanroom storage cabinets will have locks attached to the cabinets.

The two lock types include coded lock and mechanical lock.

If you like to improve the overall security, then coded locks can be a great choice. Each employee can choose their secret code to ensure no one else can access their belongings.

The mechanical locks are still good. They are known for being sturdy, durable, and much more. They will still serve the users for many years.

Why is an Arc-shaped Corner an Important Feature for a Cleanroom Storage Cabinet?

Zonsteel prefers to make its cleanroom storage using the CNC bending machine. This machine is what leads to having arc-shaped corners.

Such a corner design is intentional so that the bacteria cannot stick to the cabinet’s surface. Being a cleanroom, it is important to maintain its cleanliness as much as possible.

Also, the corner design will lead to ease of cleaning the cleanroom storage cabinet. As such, you will have a great time using the cabinet without worrying about cleaning it all the time.

How Does Zonsteel Ensure the Cleanroom Storage Cabinets are Corrosion-Resistant?

Cleanroom Storage Cabinet Details

Figure 3 Cleanroom Storage Cabinet Details

Zonsteel understands the importance of maintaining cleanroom integrity. It is why the cleanroom storage cabinets will be corrosion-resistant.

This is achieved by treating the cleanroom storage cabinet surface by various methods after welding is complete.

The most common methods include electropolishing and passivating. These two methods are crucial for improving the overall corrosion resistance of the cleanroom storage cabinet. The last thing you need is to replace the storage cabinet too early.

Another thing is that such methods are also good for improving the look of the cleanroom storage cabinet. This is because they will remove the oxidized layer on steel to leave you with a shiny cleanroom storage cabinet.

The cleanroom storage cabinets are also made to be moisture-proof. This makes them excellent for high humidity or wet environments. As such, the cleanroom storage cabinets will not rust easily as they are moisture-proof.

Why Should a Person Look for Cleanroom Storage Cabinets for Sale From Zonsteel?

Without a doubt, Zonsteel is among the top brands for making cleanroom storage cabinets. This is possible thanks to the number of positive reviews the brand receives from previous buyers. This will give you an idea of what type of brand you are buying into.

If you want cleanroom storage cabinets for sale, Zonsteel is a common one-stop-shop for you. It has different options for you to get. The best part is that you can get custom options too. The aim is to help you end up with the right size of a cleanroom storage cabinet.

Another reason is that Zonsteel will process your order fast. In most cases, the delivery can be done in 15 days. That is a good amount of time a person should always consider when buying a cleanroom storage cabinet.

Zonsteel will offer overseas delivery too. It is understandable there will be clients from all over the world. So, Zonsteel will facilitate their orders by using the best shipping companies to get their products to the clients within the agreed time.

The sales and tech support team are available 24/7. This is important so that the client can always get the help they need.

Having a modern production line and skilled workers also helps Zonsteel in delivering the cleanroom storage cabinets faster. The team will keep in touch to help you know about the progress of your order.

What is the Experience of Zonsteel in the Field of Making Cleanroom Storage Cabinets?

Zonsteel has over twenty years of experience in making cleanroom storage cabinets and many other cleanroom furniture types. For this reason, the brand would be an ideal choice for those who have no idea where to start when looking to buy cleanroom storage cabinets.

This experience also means the company can advise you better on which would be the best option for your cleanroom.

Even if you are not ready to buy just yet, talk to Zonsteel to understand more features of cleanroom storage cabinets.

What are the Other Cleanroom Furniture Options Does Zonsteel Offer?

A Six Door Cleanroom Storage Cabinet

Figure 4 A Six Door Cleanroom Storage Cabinet

Zonsteel makes other cleanroom furniture options that you need to run your facility effectively.

The notable cleanroom furniture you will get from Zonsteel includes cleanroom benches, cleanroom shelving, stainless steel basin, and stainless steel cleanroom tables.

You might notice they are all made of stainless steel. This is because the material can help maintain the overall cleanroom integrity.

Do Cleanroom Storage Cabinets Have Wheels? How Do You Move Them Around?

No. The cleanroom storage cabinets do not have wheels. This means moving them around requires two or more people to be involved in.

Luckily, the parts can still be disassembled before moving if the cabinet is large and have to be carried over a long distance. Even Zonsteel will ship it disassembled so that you can set it up correctly where you want.

Cleanroom Storage Cabinets Vs. Cleanroom Racks. Which is Better?

Both are excellent cleanroom furniture options anyone would want. However, it is important to understand that each one would have different applications.

The cleanroom racks are ideal for storing supplies you might need to use more often. The last thing you want is to keep opening the lock to access some supplies you use regularly.

The cleanroom storage cabinet will be a better option for storing personal belongings, garments, or other cleanroom equipment that is not used daily.

Cleanroom storage cabinets will also have locks to help in securing whatever is inside the cabinet. That is not the same for the racks. The racks will mostly be open for anyone to access whatever is stored on them.

So, the choice should largely depend on where you want to use the cleanroom furniture and its purpose.

What is the Thickness of Stainless Steel Used to Make the Cleanroom Storage Cabinets?

The thickness of the stainless steel will be 1mm, 1.1mm, or 1.2mm. These options will help you pick the correct thickness, mostly depending on how much weight you need the cabinet to hold. Having a thicker storage cabinet means you will end up with a stronger cabinet.

So, assess your needs first before deciding which thickness will be suitable for your application.

Can Cleanroom Storage Cabinets Be Used for Garment Storage?

A Eight Door Cleanroom Storage Cabinet

Figure 5 A Eight Door Cleanroom Storage Cabinet

Yes. It is common to find other people calling the cleanroom storage cabinets as cleanroom storage garment cabinets. So, it depends on what will be stored in the cabinets. The best part about cleanroom storage cabinets is that they can be adapted to your needs.

What is the Durability Like for Cleanroom Storage Cabinets?

You never have to worry much about the overall durability of a cleanroom storage cabinet. Zonsteel uses stainless steel material. This material is all about durability. Even if you have to use the cleanroom storage cabinet for years, let us just say it can handle it.

The manufacturer also passivates the stainless steel to help it maintain its shine for years. So long as you can clean it as recommended, you will end up with a durable cleanroom storage cabinet.

Comparing it to other cleanroom furniture types, you will quickly notice that most can be in service for almost two decades. So, it is easy to see why this one can also be a durable option for your cleanroom.

Do Cleanroom Storage Cabinets Need Regular Cleaning?

Being a cleanroom furniture, it is best to ensure that your cleanroom storage cabinet receives regular cleaning. The last thing you want is for the cleanroom storage cabinet to accumulate dust that might contaminate the cleanroom integrity.

Look at the various maintenance tips the manufacturer includes in the product manual. This will help you with cleaning the cleanroom storage cabinet correctly.

The best part is such type of cleanroom furniture does not need a lot of maintenance. Most of the time, it will be wiping the surfaces, leaving them looking clean.

Make sure you are using the approved cleaning solutions for a cleanroom. Also, do not use abrasive cleaners, which might end up scratching the cleanroom storage cabinet surface.


Zonsteel has been in the industry of making cleanroom storage cabinets for a while now. As such, you would know that the company can deliver on its promises.

Send the customer care team a message on your intent of purchase or any other query you might have, and the team will take care of your order.

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