PU Panel

  • Excellent Thermal Insulation
  • Two Production Lines to Meet Deadlines
  • Lightweight PU Panels
  • High Mechanical Strength and Sound Proofing
  • Perfect as Cold Room Panel


  • PU Panel
  • PU Panel
  • PU Panel

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PU panels or Polyurethane sandwich panels greatest advantage is the excellent thermal insulation. That’s why it is mostly used as a chiller or freezer room wall and roof. It is fit for temperature -30°C to 5 °C conditions.

Zonsteel two production lines, one makes structural PU panel. This continuous production line is one time foam forming, only make 1000 mm wide sandwich panel, but any length is possible to cut, usually less than 11.85 m to fit for 40ft container.

Widely used to construct prefabricated houses and shelters, portable cabins, schools, stadiums, warehouses, communication shelters, insulated sheds etc. Benefit by its light weight, high mechanical strength, water and sound proofing, its easy to construct those mentioned houses.

Zonsteel PU panels thickness varies from 40-200 mm. The surface is steel PPGI or PPGL 0.4-1 mm. As for the paint, it includes PE, PVDF, HDP, special camouflage paint, wooden, marble.

Contact us to customize your PU Panel now!
Available Thickness0.4, 0.5, 0.6mm, or custom made 0.8, 1mm
Panel LengthMinimum of 1.5m up to a maximum of 11.85m
Panel Width1000mm (effective 950mm)
Groove HeightFlat or 0.5mm groove
Available MaterialsAluminium, AluZinc, P.P.G.I
ColorAny RAL color
K Value (Thermal Conductivity)0.021 W/mK
PU Density38-42 kg/m3
Fire PropertyB2
Tensile Stress150kPa
Bonding Strength100kPa
Peel Strength150kPa
Wall & Roof
Thickness:  40-200mm
Width: 1000 mm (effective 950mm)
Application: Cold room, Commercial building
Feature: Excellent thermal insulation, No fluorine, Eco-friendly, Anti-corrosion, Mildew resistance
Operating temperature range: -200 ° C ~ +110 °CLoading: For 40HQ
50mm – 1185 m2
75mm – 782.1 m2
100mm – 592.5 m2
125mm – 473.5 m2
150mm – 391.05 m2
200mm – 296.25 m2Roof:
50mm – 876.9 m2
75mm – 639.9 m2
100mm – 497.7 m2
125mm – 402.9 m2
150mm – 331.8 m2
200mm – 260.7 m2
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PU Panel: The Complete Guide

Zonsteel PU panel delivery time is 7-10 days with a daily production capacity of 3500 m2.

Zonsteel also makes the cam lock type of PU panels. This is a special panel for cold rooms. The panels are pre-cut at the factory based on your application. You will not have to cut them anymore while at the jobsite. This saves you time and leaves the site clean.

We provide doors to complete the construction process. They include manual doors, electrical doors, single doors, double doors, heating wire doors, and sight window doors.

The heat conductivity coefficient of PU panel is 0.021 W/(m·K).

Zonsteel cam lock type PU panel can also be flat or grooved surface with white or other colors. The fire rating is B and the delivery time is 7-10 days.

Zonsteel is here to answer any questions you may have about our PU panels. Our team is here to support you throughout your construction process. Give us a call today!

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