Cleanroom Trolley

  • Trolley Material: SS304 or SS316 at Least 1.0mm
  • Bent by CNC-bending Machine
  • Full Welding
  • Universal No-Trace Wheels for Easy Moving
  • Anti-Collision Design Cleanroom Trolley


  • Cleanroom Trolley
  • Cleanroom Trolley
  • Cleanroom Trolley

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Cleanroom trolley is among the important stainless steel cleanroom furniture you should buy today. It can be widely used in a cleanroom, lab, or other room requiring a clean environment. It is used to transfer materials, equipment, and temporary furniture.

Zonsteel cleanroom trolley is made by using stainless steel 304 or 316. The material is bent by a CNC bending machine in all the corners to form the arc shape. This shape makes it easy for cleaning and prevents bacteria from collecting onto the surface.

The bending machine can handle heavy gauge stainless steel, up to 1.5mm. All materials we used for making the trolley are not less than 1.0mm.

Zonsteel also adopts full welding to form strong bonds than when using spot welding. After welding, the cleanroom trolley will be pickled and passivated. This process leaves the trolley with the nicer surface look, and also reduces dust accumulation. Also, it becomes better at rust and corrosion resistance.

Depending on your requirements for surface brightness and flatness, Zonsteel can do different surface treatments for you.

Contact us to customize your Cleanroom Trolley now!
SS304/3161mm 1.1mm 1.2mmL1000 x W500 x H800mm
L1000 x W800 x H1400mm
Customized other size
Solid stainless steelCustom madeCustom made supporting load
Other features:
Ergonomic, easy to push and pull
Fixed armrest optional
Number of layers selectable
Fixed or portable shelf option
4 universal wheels, 2 lockable
Equipped with traceless casters for smooth operation in the clean room
Anti-collision design and universal wheels for easy mobility and safety
Laser cutting
Arc corner easy clean
Surface treatment type:  stainless steel wire drawing, electropolishing etc.
Certificated with ISO9001 and ISO14001
Delivery time 15 days
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Cleanroom Trolley: The Complete Guide

Zonsteel cleanroom trolley is customized. You are free to choose one layer, two layers, or a multilayer cleanroom trolley based on your application. Each layer loading capacity varies as per items the trolley will transfer. If heavy loading is required, each layer will have a sandwich panel structure, filled core aluminum honeycomb to strengthen. Also, the thickness of the stainless steel sheet will be increased. Zonsteel provides various cleanroom trolley designs. A good example is having a two-layered trolley in the lab to transfer lab equipment. Or you can send your own design, we manufacture it accordingly.

Zonsteel cleanroom trolley is safe, anti-collision enhanced, and equipped with universal wheels. Most get 2 lockable universal wheels. The wheels are also non-trace, making them suitable for a clean environment. They do not cause any damage to the floor or cause any contaminating.

Zonsteel cleanroom trolleys are also easy moving and ergonomic. We also have different handle options. The cleanroom trolley handle shape, position, and size can also be customized to your needs.

At last, we have two common cleanroom trolley sizes for your reference. They include 1000x500x800mm or 1000x800x1400mm. For any style, contact us today, let’s work together on your cleanroom trolley. We also have other cleanroom furniture options for you.

Cleanroom Trolley: The Complete FAQs Guide

If you are in the cleanroom business, you know the importance of moving your supplies from one area to another efficiently. Even when doing so, there is the need to maintain cleanroom integrity. Below, we look at various FAQs on cleanroom trolleys to help you understand their importance.

What is a Cleanroom Trolley?

An Example of One-Layer Cleanroom Trolley

Figure 1 An Example of One-Layer Cleanroom Trolley

A cleanroom trolley is like any other trolley only that it is designed to be good at working in a cleanroom environment. This is enhanced by using the right materials and other design functions to make the trolley better than the conventional trolleys.

The trolley is crucial for ensuring that you can transport the different supplies into and out of the cleanroom with ease. You can still use the same to move supplies within the cleanroom.

What Makes the Zonsteel Cleanroom Trolleys Great?

Zonsteel makes the best cleanroom furniture ideal for your cleanroom. The cleanroom trolley is one of them. As expected, the cleanroom trolley from Zonsteel would be highly optimized to live up to various cleanrooms’ needs. Here are some of the properties that make the trolleys great.

✧ The trolleys are made of stainless steel 304 or 316 material. These materials are all about durability. You will not have to think about replacing the trolleys any time soon once you have this type of trolley in place.

✧ Customization is also an option for cleanroom trolleys. This is because you can choose the size, the number of layers, and so much more as part of customizing the cleanroom trolley. This is to ensure that you always have the right trolley for the job.

✧ It would not be a complete trolley if it did not have the wheels. The cleanroom trolley features universal wheels essential to aid with movement. Also, the wheels can be lockable to prevent the trolley from moving when loading or unloading.

✧ These trolleys also have multiple handle options to consider. Such handles make it easier to choose something that would make moving the trolley easier. Other options about the handles include their size and position. You will have a chance of picking the right trolley depending on how and where you want it used.

✧ As for the size, there are two main options to consider. You will always pick the correct size depending on the amount of supplies you have to move at any given time. If you have to move a lot more supplies, always go for a larger trolley. You can also ask for a customized size from Zonsteel if you find the standard sizes do not work for you.

What is the Importance of Using a CNC Bending Machine When Making the Cleanroom Trolley?

Cleanroom Trolley

Figure 2 A Two-layer Cleanroom Trolley

Zonsteel uses CNC bending machine thanks to the benefits it offers. This machine is important for making clean corners into the metal. That is how you end up with the arc shapes found in the cleanroom trolley and other related products.

The arc shape is purposefully important. This is because it largely helps in ensuring that bacteria do not collect in the corners, and it is still easier to clean them. As you can see, these are all important features anyone would want for their cleanroom.

The best part is that such a machine can also handle even the heavy gauge stainless steel. So, it should be possible to handle the needs of different clients.

What is the Thickness of Steel Used to Make Cleanroom Trolleys?

The thickness varies a lot. However, the minimum thickness for cleanroom trolleys is 1.0mm and can go up to 1.2mm for the thickest models.

The thickness will largely depend on the amount of cargo you want to transport. It is no secret that if you want to transport more cargo at a time, you go for the thickest trolleys.

If you are unsure about the thickness you should choose for your cleanroom, the Zonsteel team will help you decide better. Simply get in touch with Zonsteel for more information.

What Materials Are Used to Make the Cleanroom Trolleys?

Three-layer Cleanroom Trolley

Figure 3 A Three-layer Cleanroom Trolley with a Drawer

Zonsteel majorly uses stainless steel 304 and 316 for making the cleanroom trolleys. The use of stainless steel material is essential, majorly for durability. You can never go wrong with stainless steel for places that also need to maintain high cleanliness levels.

To make it better, such surfaces are still non-corrosive. The last thing you need is to worry about corrosion when working in a cleanroom environment.

The legs, on the other hand, can be rubber, plastic, or stainless steel. You have more options in this case so that you can easily customize the cleanroom trolleys to your liking.

Zonsteel also offers wheels for the trolleys. These wheels are non-trace, meaning they will not lead to floor damage or contaminate the cleanroom area. As such, they are liked for ensuring you can do quick deliveries at any time. You can choose whether you want two or four wheels on your trolley.

What is the Difference Between Cleanroom Trolley Material Stainless 304 or 316 Grades?

Comparison Between SS304 and SS316 

Figure 4 Comparison Between SS304 and SS316

You might have noticed that cleanroom trolleys are made using either SS304 or SS316. These two are still stainless steel, but they are of different grades.

Zonsteel can still make the two for you, depending on your needs. However, how do you choose which one to use? Below we look at the difference between the two to help you understand where each grade would be ideal.

The basic difference between grade 316 and 304 is that the 316 material would have more nickel and molybdenum as its building blocks. However, the mechanical properties of these two steel grades are often comparable.

Increased nickel and molybdenum levels in grade 316 make it to have better chemical resistance than the 304-grade stainless steel. Since grade 316 can resist chlorides and acids, it would be best suited for areas with chemical processing and marine use too.

Both grade 304 and 316 are tough and versatile. However, grade 316 is tougher than grade 304. It is why it would be used for places that might have repeated exposure to high impacts. Well, the grade 304 steel will still stand up to various uses in your cleanroom without a problem.

Since the grade 316 steel can have more applications and can handle repeated impacts all the time, it is easy to see that it would be more expensive than 304-grade steel.

Zonsteel will always guide you better to pick the right grade for your cleanroom trolley so that you have the right trolley for the job.

How are Zonsteel Cleanroom Trolleys  Designed to Handle More Weight?

As a way of trying to make the trolleys handle more weight, Zonsteel reinforces the trolleys through various methods.

One way is to add more layers to the trolley. It is why you can choose the trolley based on layers too. The common options include one layer, two layers, or multilayered construction. This all depends on your projected usage of the cleanroom trolley.

If you anticipate that heavy loading would be common, then each layer will be reinforced like a sandwich panel. This is where its core will be filled with an aluminum honeycomb as a way of strengthening it.

Also, the overall thickness of the stainless steel material is increased.

Zonsteel is always open to customizing the cleanroom trolleys further to ensure they meet the client’s standards. It is possible to have different clients having multiple needs. Contact the Zonsteel support team to learn more about other customization options to see how best to make the cleanroom trolley suitable for your application.

What is the Weight Capacity of the Cleanroom Trolley?

The weight capacity will vary from one cleanroom trolley to another. However, it is worth pointing out that the weight capacity of the cleanroom trolley will be highlighted in the product manual. This will help you not to overload your cleanroom trolley.

Most models Zonsteel makes will have a weight capacity of 120Kg. Some will be more depending on your specifications for wanting more weight capacity.

What is Full Welding? Why is it Important for Cleanroom Trolley Construction?

A full weld is a type of weld that completely consumes the joint root. This means that it leaves a strong bond after it is done. Such a type of weld is common when there is a need for a strong joint. Such a surface will be exposed to many stresses over time.

It is expected from the description that such a welding method would be stronger than spot welding.

Considering the cleanroom trolleys might be subjected to the continuous carrying of heavy loads, there is the need to ensure that the welds can hold better for years to come.

What are Passivating and Pickling? Why Are They Important for a Cleanroom Trolley?

The passivation method involves improving stainless steel corrosion-resistance performance. The process will remove the ferrous contaminants such as free iron from the stainless steel surface. This makes the material handle corrosion better compared to when it had contaminants.

To passivate steel, the stainless steel parts are submerged in a chemical solution containing nitric acid or citric acid over a period of time and at a specific temperature.

Once the passivation process is done, you will be left with a clean finish and better corrosion resistance than before.

On the other hand, steel pickling refers to the process of treating the steel parts to remove impurities, scale or oxidation layer, and rust from the surface of these parts.

As you can see, these two methods are important for enhancing stainless steel’s looks and performance. Using them for a single product means that its overall durability is enhanced, and it retains its stainless steel properties for long.

What is the Turnaround Time for Making a Cleanroom Trolley?

On average, it will take 7 to 15 days to make the cleanroom trolleys and delivery to the client. The time largely depends on the specifications the client has pointed out. Let us say you want a custom-made cleanroom trolley. Then it would take more time compared to the standard cleanroom trolleys the company already makes.

Also, the quantity of cleanroom trolleys will determine if the trolleys will be done fast or a bit of extension might be necessary.

Why Should You Use Cleanroom Trolleys?

A Stainless Steel Cleanroom Trolley

Figure 5 A Stainless Steel Cleanroom Trolley

The cleanroom trolleys are some of the important furniture to own and for various reasons. Here are some of them.

✧ The trolleys are essential for keeping the products clean inside the cleanroom. The use of a cleanroom trolley will largely reduce the transfer of contaminants since there is no need to touch the products while transporting them.

✧ The cleanroom trolley comes in handy to transport several items at once. Humans are often limited due to their strength and carrying capacity. As such, it would be best if you considered using a cleanroom trolley to carry more supplies.

✧ The cleanroom trolleys will also reduce the risk of back strain. This is because the trolleys will do most of the heavy lifting. All you have to do is push it around. There is no doubt you would not want to put the weight of the supplies on your back all the time.

✧ Since the cleanroom trolleys are made of stainless steel, they last for a long time. They will not rust compared to the other trolleys made of iron materials. You would not want rust in your cleanroom. Also, rust can degrade the integrity of your cleanroom trolley.

Where Else Can You Use a Cleanroom Trolley?

As much as they are called cleanroom trolleys, they can also have many other applications. They can be used in labs or any other places where there is the need to move supplies around while at the same time maintain cleanliness. You can still use them in your home if you find them useful. The applications are unlimited.

Are Zonsteel Cleanroom Trolleys for Sale Cheap?

The Zonsteel cleanroom trolleys are majorly designed to be within the affordable range. Compared to competitors, you are likely to notice that the trolleys are affordable, but still deliver high quality, durability, and more desirable features.

You should keep in mind that the cleanroom trolley price depends on other factors. Such include the number of layers, wheels, the type of stainless steel material, handle types, and so much more.

To fully understand how much you would be paying for the cleanroom trolleys, it is best to get in touch with Zonsteel for a quote.

Can A Client Get a Cleanroom Trolley Outside China?

A Simulation of a Cleanroom Trolley on Sale

Figure 6 A Cleanroom Trolley on Sale

Yes. You do not have to be in China to access the Zonsteel cleanroom trolleys. The company can deliver the trolleys to different places of the world. You can always point out where you want the trolleys delivered, and the logistics team will make the proper arrangements.

How Can You Properly Maintain Cleanroom Trolleys for Long-term Use?

✧ If you just got yourself a cleanroom trolley, you should also know how best to maintain it. Here are some tips to get you going.

✧ Always use the right chemicals and equipment for cleaning the cleanroom trolleys. Some chemicals might damage the surfaces of the cleanroom trolleys, so stick to mild cleaners.

✧ It is best to keep the trolley in good working condition by servicing it more often. This will include oiling the wheels and other processes as recommended by the manufacturer.

✧ You are also supposed to store the cleanroom trolleys correctly once you are done with the work of the day. This keeps them clean and ready for the next shift.

✧ Do not store the trolleys in the doorways, passages, and walkways. This is because they are likely to get bumped into more often, leading to damage sometimes.

Zonsteel will have an additional part in the product manual that helps you clean and maintain your cleanroom trolley. Make sure that you always go through it for proper maintenance of your cleanroom trolley.


The cleanroom trolleys are essential for the operations of your cleanroom. There is no doubt you will find it easier to move equipment and other cleanroom supplies. If you think it is something you need for your cleanroom, get in touch with Zonsteel for a better guide on which one you should choose today.

Zonsteel is always ready to serve you better. Send an email or call to get a quote or more answers to questions you might have in your mind about cleanroom trolleys.

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