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Zonsteel is a professional clean room manufacturer with 20 years’ experience in China, committed to providing one stop solution for cleanroom projects. Our ranges cover clean room design, clean room panels, doors, windows, modular clean room, equipment and furniture, as well as overseas installation.

All cleanroom equipment produced in clean room area which is built by ourselves, and can be customized according to URS. Zonsteel is certificated with ISO9001:2015, CE, and plenty of patents. We welcome your contact and visit to our factory!

  • Clean Room Air Filter
  • FFU
  • Hepa Box

Cleanroom Equipment

Specializes in Clean Room Equipment Manufacture 20 Years
AHU Unit

AHU Unit Designed According to Customers’ Requirement

Air Shower

Air Shower, Cargo Shower, Air Shower Channel

Clean Room Air Filter

HEPA, Ultra HEPA, And High Temperature Resistant HEPA Filter

Commercial Ozone Generator

Buy Commercial Ozone Generator for Your Clean Room


Cost-effective and High Quality Fan Filter Unit

Hepa Box

Powder Coated and Stainless Steel Hepa Box

Laminar Flow Hood

Creat Local Clean Environment Laminar Flow Hood

Pass Box

Overall Stainless Steel, Dynamic Pass Box and Static Pass Box

Sampling Booth

DC and AC Sampling Booth

Weighing Room

Self-purifying Weighing Room

Why Zonsteel Cleanroom Equipment

  • Patented Cleanroom Equipment
  • Customized Equipment According To URS
  • 20 Years Manufacture Experience with High Quality
  • Production Area is in Clean Room
  • ISO 9001:2015

Your Primer Cleanroom Equipment Manufacturer

Zonsteel is a professional cleanroom equipment manufacturer with 20 years’ experience. Till now our ranges cover air shower, AHU unit, pass box clean room, air fan, commercial ozone generator, clean room air filter, sampling booth, fan filter unit, laminar flow hood, weighing room, hepa box etc.

We are committed to providing one stop solution for clean room projects, from design, manufacture, shipping, installation to cleanroom operation and maintenance.

Zonsteel is certificated with ISO9001:2015, cleanroom equipment is all produced in clean area built by us. Till now we have achieved 8 patents in cleanroom equipment, and 6 on doors windows and clean room panels.

Zonsteel owns Italy Prima Power flexible metal sheet line to process steel sheet cutting, bending and hole making. Also, Zonsteel imports America particle counter TSI 7110 to count 0.1um particle and above according to EN1822-4.

Cleanroom Equipment Manufacture Experience 20 years
  • Air Shower
  • AHU Unit
  • Pass Box Clean Room
  • Air Fan
  • Commercial Ozone Generator
  • Clean Room Air Filter
  • Sampling Booth
  • Fan Filter Unit
  • Laminar Flow Hood
  • Weighing Room
  • Hepa Box
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Cleanroom Equipment: The Complete Guide

Zonsteel owns 26000 m2 workshop, and employs 300 workers and staff. Cleanroom equipment delivery time is usually 15 days or less, all well packed in wooden case or pallet fit for shipping on sea.

Zonsteel cleanroom equipment are customized products, you may tell us your design standard, or specification. Take fan filter unit as an example, material SS304 or galvalume steel, size 1175mm*575*350mm, 1175mm*875*350mm, or 1175mm*1175*350mm, H13 or H14, all above can be discussed and you finalize your own fan filter unit. The quantity we can calculate according to cleanroom designed air volume or you tell us.

Air shower is very important in cleanroom equipment, Zonsteel offers you air shower for human, for cargo, and air shower channel.

AHU unit is special designed multi-stage air handling systems, can meet different clean room requirements on air handling used for many industries. This AHU unit is customizable.

Pass box clean room is in double-layer negative pressure design, the working area is overall and sanitary corner is an arc, easy to clean. Pass box has a double electronic interlock door and UV lamp. Body material we usually use SS304.

Cleanroom equipment delivery time we can catch 15 days or less, welcome to visit us or contact us to discuss your clean room needs!



Cleanroom Equipment: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

When you decide to invest in a cleanroom, the chances are you will come across the term cleanroom equipment a lot. So, what is cleanroom equipment? And why should you get the right cleanroom equipment?

This guide answers such questions below to help you make up your mind. Let us dive into the questions and answers already.

What Is Cleanroom Equipment?

Different Types of Cleanroom Equipment

Figure 1: Different Types of Cleanroom Equipment

Cleanroom equipment can be defined as the essential machines and supporting structures important to keep the cleanroom running efficiently.

The machines are essential for providing the user with the right tools for working on a project. It could be a fan filter unit, air shower, HEPA box, laminar flow hood, and more.

When the cleanroom equipment is correctly set up, then your job of working on a project becomes easier.

Sometimes it can be hard to pick the right cleanroom equipment. That should not be a problem when Zonsteel can help you pick the correct one. You will get such an outstanding service and more when you contract Zonsteel for cleanroom equipment services.


Why Should You Choose Zonsteel Clean Room Equipment?

A worker in a cleanroom

Figure 2: A worker in a cleanroom

You might be intrigued to try out different types of cleanroom equipment, however, you are not sure if Zonsteel is the right manufacturer. Here are some reasons to help you see why more people trust Zonsteel to make their cleanroom equipment.

✧ Years of Experience

Zonsteel easily stands out as a top choice for most companies because of its experience.

The company has been around for two decades providing its cleanroom equipment services to its clients. It is for this reason; you would feel comfortable buying an cleanroom equipment from the company.

✧   Multiple Cleanroom Equipment

It does not matter which cleanroom equipment that you want as Zonsteel makes them all.

Some of the most common include air shower, pass box, hepa box, fan filter unit, sampling booth, and more.

So, if you are looking to set up different types of cleanrooms, there is no doubt you will find the right cleanroom equipment.

There is a qualified support team that will help you identify the best cleanroom equipment to handle your needs. This is especially for those new to using cleanroom equipment.

✧  Fast ProductionTime

Any person who wants to set up a cleanroom would have everything set into motion. Maybe there is the need for a single cleanroom equipment to make it operational.

That should not be a problem as Zonsteel offers you the best turnaround time. You are looking at about 15 days for most of the cleanroom equipment to be delivered.

The turnaround time easily appeals to many people who are hoping to have a better time enjoying their cleanroom facility in no time.

✧   Impressive Quality for the Equipment

For those who want to invest in making their cleanroom operational, there is no doubt you would want something high quality.

Zonsteel can offer you the best quality cleanroom equipment that can last for longer. You will not have to keep worrying that the cleanroom equipment will easily breakdown when you need it working correctly.

The Zonsteel tech support team can still be involved in the installation process so that it becomes easier to use the cleanroom equipment too. The last thing you want is to have the equipment not setup correctly in the first place.

✧   Affordability

Affordability is another big benefit of Zonsteel cleanroom equipment. Anyone would want a good deal whenever buying something. It is good to know that Zonsteel can offer you such a deal. It must be why more people would be willing to spend their money on such cleanroom equipment after getting quotes from other brands.

Just because the company offers a good deal, it does not mean the cleanroom equipment is of low quality. Various reviews show that the company makes high quality and durable cleanroom equipment worth the money.

✧   Ease of Maintenance

When a person gets a nice cleanroom equipment, one of their major concern would be, is it easy to maintain?

The good news about clean equipment from Zonsteel is that it will always be easy to maintain. This is because they all come with a comprehensive manual to help the users know how to maintain their cleanroom equipment better.

If you ever have any maintenance questions, the Zonsteel support team is also available to you even further. There is no doubt it will be an interesting time using the cleanroom equipment.


What Are the Common Types of Clean Room Equipment from Zonsteel?

Zonsteel makes a wide range of cleanroom equipment you can buy today. This guide covers a few of them in brief to help you understand what each cleanroom equipment can do. Let us check them out below.

✧   Air Shower

Cleanroom equipment - An Air Shower

Figure 3: Cleanroom equipment – An Air Shower

The air shower cleanroom equipment can be attached to your cleanroom for cleaning the staff and cargo before getting into the cleanroom.

The air shower would be installed between the non-clean area and the cleanroom. Each time someone has to get into the cleanroom, this will work as a decontamination center.

If it is utilized correctly, the air shower significantly reduces the dirt and dust getting into the cleanroom. As such, it is easier to maintain the right cleanroom standards depending on the project.

The Zonsteel air shower can be customized to the correct size depending on your needs. So, if you want a larger model for a busy cleanroom, then you can get one.

✧   AHU Unit

Cleanroom equipment -  Assembled AHU Unit

Figure 4: Cleanroom equipment –  Assembled AHU Unit

The AHU unit is also referred to as the Air Handling Unit. Its job is to house several air handling stages so that the air supply in the cleanroom is within the right set out standards.

Some of the air handling stages that the unit handles include air mixing, cooling, filtration, heating, humidification, and noise dampening. These are all crucial steps to making the cleanroom better in terms of performance.

The Zonsteel AHU unit features additional shock-absorption material to ensure that there is noise reduction from vibrations. As such, this cleanroom equipment can be running for hours without it being irritating for those using the cleanroom.

The manufacturer also made it to be easy to maintain. You will find it having a convenient maintenance door that provides easy access to the users. If you follow the given maintenance schedules, you should end up with a unit that lasts for a long time to come.

✧   Pass Box

Cleanroom equipment - A functional pass box in a cleanroom

Figure 5: Cleanroom equipment – A functional pass box in a cleanroom

A pass box as a very important cleanroom equipment, works as an area that allows for transfer of different items between two areas of differing cleanliness.

This cleanroom equipment can be set up between two cleanrooms, or between a cleanroom and a non-clean area.

From its functionality, we see that it will help in reducing the traffic going in and out of your cleanroom. As such, there is less introduction of contaminants. This is not the same as an air shower, as it is mostly used for passing of cargo and not people.

Zonsteel offers different pass through box types:

  1. Aseptic Lamina Flow Pass Box
  2. Air Shower Pass Box
  3. Roller Type Pass Box
  4. Pass Box With Lift Door
  5. Floor-To-Ceiling Pass Box
  6. Combined Pass Box

Common places for pass boxes include electronics manufacturing, sterile labs, hospitals, and more.

✧   Commercial Ozone Generator

Cleanroom equipment - A commercial ozone generator

Figure 6: Cleanroom equipment – A commercial ozone generator

You might have heard about ozone generators before and their benefits. When you have a cleanroom, you need such a cleanroom equipment.

The commercial ozone generator is essential for removing as many contaminants as possible in the cleanroom. This is possible by removing bacteria, viruses, and other related contaminants to leave your cleanroom with the best air quality.

It is advisable to choose the right size of commercial ozone generator for your cleanroom. Also, consider  the safety operation guidelines as given by Zonsteel. This ensures you never have to worry that the Ozone generator might affect you negatively.

✧   Cleanroom Air Filter

Cleanroom equipment - A cleanroom air filters in different sizes

Figure 7: Cleanroom equipment – A cleanroom air filters in different sizes

One thing you can never miss as one of your cleanroom equipment is an air filter. The air filter is essential for keeping the air in your cleanroom within the right limits of cleanliness. It is why you should take your time to pick the right cleanroom air filter.

Zonsteel makes the best cleanroom air filters for various applications. The aim is to help you get the right filter for the cleanroom applications. The cleanroom air filters are classified based on the dust particle size they can filter. Some applications will need strict cleanroom air filtration compared to others.

You will find that cleanroom air filters are widely used in applications such as electronics, biomedicine, life science and more.

✧   Sampling Booth

Cleanroom equipment - An assembled sampling booth

Figure 8: Cleanroom equipment – An assembled sampling booth

A sampling booth is important for aseptic transfer of various materials and appliances between different areas. It can be manual or auto depending on the model that you choose from Zonsteel.

This cleanroom equipment will also have a fan filter unit for maintaining the room inside the sampling booth to a clean class of 10.

Most of the sampling booths have wheels to allow for ease of setting them up in different places without a problem. Always talk to Zonsteel to understand more about its applications and how to choose the right size for your needs.

✧   Fan Filter Unit  

Cleanroom equipment - A complete fan filter unit

Figure 9: Cleanroom equipment – A complete fan filter unit

You can easily say that fan filter units are the engines for driving cleanrooms to maintain their air quality.

This unit consists of a fan and a filter thus the name fan filter unit.

The air first passes through the filter and then it is pushed to the various areas with the use of a fan. The fan operates at a constant speed to ensure there is the right supply of air.

For its performance, a fan filter unit is common in cleanrooms that make electronics, food and beverages, medical instruments, and more.

✧   Laminar Flow Hood

Cleanroom equipment - a mounted laminar flow hood

Figure 10: Cleanroom equipment – a mounted laminar flow hood

A laminar flow hood will consist of a fan and a HEPA filter enclosed in a hood to provide a clean work area for the cleanroom staff.

This cleanroom equipment can be placed in a cleanroom or a non-cleanroom area. Since it can work independently, it can have several applications a user might have in mind.

The laminar flow hood can work on various principles based on the type that you choose. Zonsteel makes several models so take the time to understand what each model does before picking the correct one for the job.

✧   Weighing Room

Cleanroom equipment - A functional weighing room

Figure 11: Cleanroom equipment – A functional weighing room

As the name suggests, the weighing room will be used for weighing the solid objects with dust before they can get into the cleanroom.

These raw materials are likely to have dust, so there is the need to keep the room under negative pressure. This is crucial for removing the dust from the raw materials so that you can clean supplies getting into the cleanroom.

The airflow in the weighing room is essential for avoiding possible diffusion of the dirt into the background area. The last thing you want is cross contamination into the cleanroom area.

✧   HEPA Box

Cleanroom equipment - A HEPA Box

Figure 12: Cleanroom equipment – A HEPA Box

This is a terminal cleanroom equipment on an air handling system. Its job is to obtain the right static pressure before the air goes through the high efficiency filter. This is because your high efficiency filter cannot be connected directly to the air ducts supplying the air to the cleanroom.

A HEPA box is common in hospitals, liquid crystal manufacturing plants, optics, and many other places where a HEPA filter installation might be necessary.

There are various types of HEPA boxes available from Zonsteel. The aim is for you to get the right one for the job. If a room is big, you might have to invest in a bigger HEPA box or buy several boxes.


How Can You Properly Use Cleanroom Equipment?

A worker maintaining a cleanroom equipment

Figure 13: A worker maintaining a cleanroom equipment

Your cleanroom equipment needs the right maintenance and cleaning if it has to look good and function as expected. Here are some quick tips to consider when looking to clean the cleanroom equipment.

  1. Understand the difference between disinfection and cleaning. Cleaning would be removing grease, dirt, dust, and grease from the surface. This process involves the use of detergents before the disinfection process can start. Disinfectants are good for removing the microorganisms that cleaning cannot remove from the surface.
  2. Pick the right cleaning agents to handle the cleanliness of the different cleanroom equipment. When choosing your cleaning detergent, it needs to be neutral, non-ionic, it does not foam, and it is also safe for the different cleanroom equipment surfaces.
  3. Learn about the different cleaning techniques to make the whole process easier. Some of the common techniques include sweep, mop, and more. Also, the method of application is crucial to ensure you never have to worry about incorrectly using the detergent or the cleaner on the cleanroom equipment.
  4. The reviews about the product you want to use for cleaning can be necessary to determine if it will be good for you or not. Sometimes you might end up with a product that does not have the best reviews. This can make it hard on you to clean your equipment effectively.
  5. Always consider how long between cleaning cycles you need to clean the equipment. Depending on the type of cleanroom equipment, some might need frequent cleaning compared to others. It is best to follow the manufacturer guidelines on cleaning and maintenance to keep the cleanroom equipment in the right working condition.


Why Is a Hepa Box Important as a Cleanroom Equipment?

A HEPA box is simply an enclosure that houses the air handling system to help in keeping the air filters working correctly.

The HEPA box is also essential for obtaining the proper static pressure important to helping the air to go through the air filter with ease. It is an integral part of your cleanroom as the HEPA filters cannot be connected to the air ducts directly and work correctly.

A HEPA box will contain a high efficiency filter, an air diffuser, and where possible a differential pressure test port and a regulating air valve. The regulating valve is essential for adjusting the air uniformity and static pressure to keep the air filter working correctly.

It is why such a cleanroom equipment would come in handy to work in areas such as hospitals, precision machinery manufacturing, optics, semiconductor manufacturing, and more.

Based on the type of HEPA box you choose, it will also come with different types of seals. The most common include dry seal, dry and wet double seal, and wet seal. Each one has a different application, so always pick the correct one for the job.


Why Should You Use a Commercial Ozone Generator as a Cleanroom Equipment?

Cleanroom equipment - a portable commercial ozone generator

Figure 14: Cleanroom equipment – a portable commercial ozone generator

If you are hoping to buy a commercial ozone generator from Zonsteel cleanroom equipments, it would be nice to know its benefits. There might be a lot of misinformation out there about an ozone generator, however, when you have all the information, it becomes easier to make up your mind.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider getting a commercial ozone generator from Zonsteel.

✧   Good for Eliminating Bacteria

It is a known fact that bacteria are not good for your health. It is why you would always try to eliminate such from your working space as much as possible.

The use of an ozone generator helps to remove a wide range of bacteria types in the workspace.

It is estimated that it can work 3000 times faster than what you get with chlorine and other types of disinfectants in the market. It should be more reason to consider getting it.

Another reason is that that the commercial ozone generator is over 50% more efficient at breaking down the bacteria membranes. More efficiency means that you can eliminate bacteria a lot easily than before.

✧   Good for Disinfection

If you ever want something to help disinfect the work area, then this is a nice choice to consider.

The best part about using the Ozone generator should be that it is a good disinfectant even at low concentrations. It is the reason you will get most people going for it as they know it would be good at its job even when the concentration is low.

✧   No Worries about By-Products

The working principle of the commercial ozone generator means that there are no by products left behind.

This is better compared to some other disinfectants that heavily rely on chemicals to get the job done. Such are likely to make it harder to have a conducive environment sometimes. With no chemicals involved, it should appeal to many people who are looking for the best cleanroom equipment.

✧   A Wide Range of Applications

The commercial ozone generator stands out for being highly versatile. If you are hoping to work on a project without any problems of contamination, this is what you use.

Because it is good at its job, even the FDA approved it for direct contact with food. It must be the reason you find it also common among the food industry players using it for various applications.

The commercial ozone generator is also good at extending the shelf life of various food products. Well, anyone who is in such an industry would go for such a cleanroom equipment to enjoy more of its features.

✧   Easy to Use

The commercial ozone generator is one of the easiest machines to use. The one from Zonsteel comes with a comprehensive guide to help you understand how best to use it. For many people, it should be an easy process using the generator for various applications they might have in mind.

If you ever have a problem working with your commercial ozone generator, then contact Zonsteel customer support to get all the help that you need.


Are There Any Dangers Associated with the Use of the Ozone Generator as a Cleanroom Equipment?

There might have been misinformation about using a commercial ozone generator. What is important is that you always get the right details about how to use it safely.

There are some dangers that the ozone can pose to humans and other living things in the area where it is running. Thus, you need to be out of the cleanroom or house when the machine is running.

Depending on the concentration, you might have to stay out of the room for up to four hours to let the ozone decompose back into breathable oxygen.

To avoid any unnecessary worries in the house or cleanroom, most people install ozone level detectors. When it gets to a point that the ozone level is too high, it will alert the users to get out until it is safe again.

Zonsteel also recommends covering or removing valuable items when using a commercial ozone generator in the room. This mostly could be the live plants in the room.

If you can carry out the regular maintenance as stipulated by the manufacturer, it becomes easier to find the cleanroom equipment working as good as you want. The last thing you need is an ozone generator not working optimally.


What Should You Keep In Mind When Choosing Cleanroom Equipment?

Workers installing cleanroom equipment

Figure 15: Workers installing cleanroom equipment

To pick the best cleanroom equipment, there is the need to ensure that you can always pick the right one because it is often a significant investment. No one wants to end up with a cleanroom equipment that might fail after a short time.

If you are interested in picking the best cleanroom equipment, here are some factors to keep in mind.

✧   The Application

Where are you going to use the cleanroom equipment? What will be those cleanroom equipment purpose in the cleanroom?

These are some of the important questions to ask yourself if you hope to end up with a cleanroom equipment suitable for your cleanroom.

There are several types of cleanroom equipment out there, so it would be great if you have the right equipment for the job. A good example is when choosing between an air shower and a pass box. There are times when an air shower would be more necessary compared to the pass box and vice versa.

✧   Compliance Requirements

The compliance requirements are crucial to determine its performance in your cleanroom.

Each cleanroom will have a class. These classes have important ratings that the cleanroom equipment need to adhere to always.

Let us say you want to filter the air; the fan filter unit needs to be good enough to handle the air quality performance on overall.

Before you can buy the cleanroom equipment, tell Zonsteel about the cleanroom class level, the type of industry, and the any other important information that will determine which type of cleanroom is necessary for the job.

✧   Durability

Cleanroom equipment are not the sort of equipment that you buy one day and then a few months down the line you need to replace the equipment.

It is why you always have to keep in mind about the durability of the cleanroom equipment.

As part of durability, there is the need to look at how the materials will stand up to the environment. You might have to clean the cleanroom equipment more often. This means exposing it to water and other chemicals for disinfection. How will the equipment live up to such exposure?

The same thing applies to other conditions such as humidity, UV light, and more. When the durability is good, then it is possible to enjoy using the cleanroom for years to come.

✧   The Cost

The cost will vary from one cleanroom equipment to another. Some might be expensive, while others affordable.

It is common to find many people going for the cheapest they can get in the market. However, that is not always the best way to proceed. You have to consider the long-term cost too. Some of the cheap cleanroom equipment require a lot of maintenance costs. This can make it expensive to keep the machine running.

So, other than the initial cost, also consider the recurrent expenditures you have to make to keep the cleanroom equipment working properly.

✧   Ease of Use

The ease of use of a cleanroom equipment goes a long way to determine how often you would use it. There is no doubt those who buy the cleanroom equipment want something durable while at the same time easy to use.

Look at some of the models available from Zonsteel to understand how they work. Luckily, Zonsteel sells you the equipment with the right guide to follow. The guide will give you all the right steps to take if you want to end up using the cleanroom equipment easily.

For those that might get stuck, Zonsteel has a nice customer support team to help in explaining how the different cleanroom equipment work.


A Fan Filter Unit Needs Different Types of Filters, How Do You Choose the Right One?

Cleanroom equipment - a  fan filter unit with HEPA filter

Figure 16:Cleanroom equipment – a  fan filter unit with HEPA filter

A fan filter unit is an essential cleanroom equipment to own right now. It generally helps with maintaining the air quality of the workspace. To make it possible, you need to find the best filter too for the job.

So, how do you choose the right filter? Here are some key considerations to keep in mind.

✧   The Type of Filter

As always, you have to keep in mind the type of filter that you get for your fan filter unit. Some of the most common options include the HEPA and ULPA filters. The HEPA filter is the most common as it will easily meet the cleanroom requirements.

You can always go for the ULPA filter if you are looking for something with the highest filtration capacity.

The primary filters are important too. They are essential for removing most of the large particles in the air to keep them from reaching the HEPA filter.

✧   Applications

The applications in the cleanroom can determine which filter would be ideal for the job. Some people might end up installing the ULPA filters when they are unnecessary. So, it is always good to know your applications first.

If it seems confusing about which filters to get, the Zonsteel team can always help you get the right one for the job.

✧   Energy Savings

Different air filters determine the energy use when it comes to air filtration and circulation. Go for models with new designs all meant to keep the energy use as low as possible.

A good example is the deep-pleated HEPA filters. Their design makes it easy to push the required amount of air through the air filter easily. Some other filters might make the whole process harder, thus consuming a lot of energy.

✧   Ease of Cleaning

Ease of cleaning is important to anyone who wants to buy a cleanroom equipment air filter. This is because you would have to do cleaning at some point.

Make sure that the air filter you pick allows for cleaning with the use of water or air. Not all air filters can be washed. Only the permanent filters can be washed and reused again.

Look at the manufacturer specifications to learn more about the cleaning of the air filter.

✧   Cost

The cost is always an important factor anyone would want to consider. Luckily, most air filters are within the affordable range. As such, you will always end up with an air filter that gives you more performance by not spending so much.

The top tier air filters can sometimes be expensive. However, with the help of Zonsteel customer support team, you can always find an affordable option from the company.


What Are the Applications of An Air Shower as a Cleanroom Equipment?

An air shower is a crucial cleanroom entry system that can help in maintaining the cleanroom integrity. It is for this reason; the cleanroom owners will always have the air showers set up correctly.

So, some might be wondering, which industries often use air showers? Here a quick list to help you understand its applications.

  1. Biomedical
  2. Aerospace
  3. Microelectronics
  4. Precision manufacturing
  5. Pharmaceuticals

As much as air showers are a small percentage of the total cleanroom cost, they can easily save you thousands as they prevent contamination. Whenever a cleanroom gets contaminated, it can easily reduce the quality and usefulness of the cleanroom equipment and product.

Cleanroom air showers are also good for reducing the overall maintenance needs. This is because the load to be cleaned is lower. The results are that your HEPA and ULPA filters will also last longer before changing them.

Several cleanroom owners have also experienced a drop in their energy uses thanks to installing the best air showers. With these benefits, it is easy to see why many people would be comfortable going for one.


Can Zonsteel Make Custom Cleanroom Equipment?

Yes. It is understandable that sometimes you might end up in a situation where the cleanroom equipment needs modifications to suit your needs.

Well, the custom cleanroom equipment is nothing new to Zonsteel. The brand has been making such equipment for years now. So, you should be comfortable using the company to make a nice cleanroom equipment to handle your needs.

A team of designers and engineers will work with you to help understand your needs so that you can end up with the right cleanroom equipment for the job.


Are Zonsteel Cleanroom Equipment Expensive?

Zonsteel cleanroom equipment are some of the most affordable options in the market. It is why Zonsteel remains highly rated among the brands that makes cleanroom equipment.

The price largely depends on the type of cleanroom equipment that you decide to pick. There are some that might be even cheaper compared to what you get with other brands.

The best part is that you can get discounts whenever possible. To learn more about such offers, it is best to talk to the customer support team. The team will give you all the information relating to buying the best cleanroom equipment at an amazing discount too.



At this point, it is easy to see that Zonsteel will help you get the best cleanroom equipment for various applications that you might have in your cleanroom.

With the various categories available, it should be easy to find something that will work great to suit your needs.

For those that might be not sure where to start, do not let such information overwhelm you. The manufacturer is always available to help you understand what each of the equipment does and how it can benefit your cleanroom.

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