• Thickness 0.4-2.0mm
  • Width 700-1250mm
  • AZ40-AZ180
  • Paint up to 28/20 um, PE/HDP/SMP/PVDF
  • Colour: Any RAL Colour
  • White Color PPGL Coil
  • PPGL Coil in Manufacturing
  • PPGL Coil in Production line

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Zonsteel PPGL coil also called pre-painted galvalume steel coils or colour coated steel coils and pre-painted steel coils. HS code 72107010. They are pre-coated with colour onto galvalume steel coil and then simplified to be called PPGL coil.

Zonsteel PPGL coil specification: Zonsteel main base plates are from Baosteel, Anshan Steel, and Ma Steel, which are top quality metal suppliers in China. PPGL coils are 0.4mm-2.0mm thickness, and 700mm-1250mm width and the inner diameter of the steel coil is I.D 508mm/610mm, and all is RAL colour series.

Zonsteel PPGL coil structures: Zonsteel PPGL coil production line is double-coating-double-baking. Base plate: cold-rolled, hot-dip Al-Zn coated. Paint Type: Polyester(PE coated steel coils), Silicone Modified Polyester(SMP coated steel coils), High-Durable Polyester(HDP coated steel coils), and Polyvinylidene Fluoride(PVDF Coated Steel Coils). And Zonsteel also supplies premium anti-static PPGL coils, textured and wrinkled surface, self-cleaning for your special needs.

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DescriptionPrepainting Galvanized Steel Coil
Type of SubstrateGalvalume Steel
Coil Weight3.5-6MT
Painted SurfacePrinting / Filmed / Matte / wrinkled
Paint Top15-28Microns
Paint Back5-28Microns
Coating TypeTop Painted: PVDF / HDP / SMP / PE / PU
Primer Painted:Polyurethane / Epoxy / PE
Back painted: Epoxy / Modified Polyester
Delivery Time15 days

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PPGL Steel Coil: The complete FAQ Guide

Zonsteel PPGL coil coating type: Topside two coats and bottom size one coat, or topside two coats and bottom side two coats. We can make a maximum of 27/25um paint which means top and bottom size colour could be very close. And, Al-Zn Zonsteel can do up to AZ150.

Zonsteel PPGL coil production process: uncoiling→Welding→Inlet Lopper→ Cleaning→ Chemical Treatment→Primary→ Coating → Baking of Primary Coating→ Double Baking of Primary Coating → Cooling of Primary Coating → Finish Coating → Baking of Finish Coating → Cooling of Finish Coating → Outlet Lopper → checking → Stamping → Cutting → coiling.

Zonsteel PPGL coil application: Refrigeration/Freezer, Washing Machine, Air Conditioner, Solar Heater, Roofing & Walling, LED TV, Microwave Oven, DVD Player Set Top Box, Furniture, Container, Electrical Cabinets.

Zonsteel factory is certified with ISO9001 and ISO14001, with 20 years manufacturing and 12 years of overseas market experience. Our PPGL coil is known for its good flatness and consistent colour, while the weight of coil per roll is 3-6 T. Zonsteel line can control weight very well, when you tell us to need 5T roll, we can keep the tolerance in 50kgs. Delivery time is 15-20 days for custom made PPGL coil.

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