Clean Room PUF Panel

  • PUF Thickness from 50 to 200mm
  • PUF Panel Density 40kg/m3
  • Width 980mm, 1180mm and Customized size
  • Fire Rating Class B
  • Certificated with ISO 9001
  • Rockwool Panel
  • Rockwool Panel
  • Rockwool Panel

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Clean room PUF panel has best thermal insulation among other clean room panels. Zonsteel is a professional clean room PUF panel manufacturer.

Zonsteel clean room PUF panel thickness varies from 50mm to 200mm. It can be made by machine or made half by machine and half by hand. The PUF panel made by a machine has a tongue and groove joint. There is no need using a connection kit. When install it, on the vertical side, the PUF panel need to be covered by aluminum U channel as it would be exposed. Such a type of PUF panel has no limit on length.

As for half by machine half by hand PUF panel, it is stronger, because it is sealed all the way around thus reinforcing the PUF panel. The four sides are sealed to provide good airtight performance. The core materials prevent leakages to avoid contaminating clean room air. The connection of two PUF panels is done by using a 中-shape kit. This is for reinforcing the wall and gain a better flat wall. Also, this kit is invisible.


Contact us to customize your Clean Room PUF Panel now!
Thickness50mm 75mm 100mm 120mm 150mm 180mm 200mm
Available Thickness0.4, 0.5, 0.6mm, or custom made 0.8, 1mm
Panel LengthMaximum length for wall 6000mm, for ceiling 3000mm
Panel Width898, 950,980, 1150, 1180 mm and any customized width
Available Surface MaterialsPainted steel, stainless steel, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and high pressure laminates(HPL)
ColorAny RAL color
Features Excellent thermal insulation, No fluorine, Eco-friendly, Anti-corrosion, Mildew resistance
Operating temperature range -200 ° C ~ +110 °C
K Value (Thermal Conductivity)0.021 W/mK
PU Density40 kg/m3
Fire PropertyB
Tensile Stress150kPa
Bonding Strength100kPa
Peel Strength150kPa
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Clean Room PUF Panel: The Complete Guide

Zonsteel clean room PUF panel has matching aluminum extrusion channels, that allow for a flush connection. Such a feature allows for the cleanroom interior to maintain its integrity. Having a flush cleanroom interior wall is important to prevent bacteria from collecting on the surface, make it easy to clean, and maintain. The channels needed to install clean room walls are adjustable floor channel, arc skirt board, arc inner corner cover, U and L channel. Other accessories are sealant, screws, and bolts.

Zonsteel clean room PUF panel can be embedded with a wire conduit, and reinforced with a steel tube where necessary. This is another way of keeping the clean room interior surface flat.

Compared to rock wool panel, PUF panel is lighter as its density 40kg/m3. The installation could be easier. While PUF panel fire rating is B.

Zonsteel clean room PUF panel can be customized any width, and length to avoid cutting on job site. It is eco-friendly.

Zonsteel clean room PUF panel delivery time is 7 days. Contact us today for any questions!

Clean Room PUF Panel: The Complete FAQs Guide

Clean room PUF panels be considered having the best thermal insulation properties, among other benefits. It is why you may get more people considering using the clean room PUF panel for various clean room types.

The guide helps you learn more about PUF panels and why they might be what you need the next time when sourcing for a clean room. Let us check it out in detail below.

What is a Clean Room PUF Panel?

Two Clean Room PUF Panels Joined Together

Figure 1 Two Clean Room PUF Panels Joined Together

PUF or polyurethane panel consists of a tough polyurethane foam sandwiched between two steel plates to form an insulated sandwich panel. The panel surface can still be aluminum or other special materials available from Zonsteel.

The sandwich panel is made using the latest cutting-edge technology. Thus, once the PUF panel is ready for use, it will be strong compared to some other materials. The best part is that the PUF panel would still be a great insulator and still fire resistant to a certain degree.

Why Should You Use a Clean Room PUF Panel Over the Other Clean Room Panels?

Here are some notable reasons why a clean room PUF panel might be a top choice for various clean room constructions.

– The clean room PUF panels are reliable and long-lasting. This is because the panels would still offer all the benefits of regular traditional framing plus added advantages.

– The PUF panels are also prefabricated using state-of-the-art technology plus quality materials too. The result is that panels can serve you better for longer without the need to replace them.

– The clean room PUF panels come with high thermal efficiency. This results in low energy use and better energy efficiency. It might be why more clean rooms are adopting the use of clean room PUF panels.

– Another reason is that the panels are aesthetically appealing. This is because Zonsteel can customize the panels to meet the client needs all the time. This could be in terms of size, colors, and design.

– Portability is not an issue with clean room PUF panels. They will be dismantled for shipping and reconstructed upon reaching their destination. Also, they are lightweight, so carrying them to the final construction site should be easy.

– The PUF panels will require low maintenance and can be extremely eco-friendly. You will not have to worry about the panels being replaced any time soon that they end up in a landfill. Therefore, they are eco-friendly.

What are the Applications of PUF Panels?

The clean room PUF panels would mostly be used in making clean rooms. They can be clean rooms for various sectors. The clients love it for clean rooms as it can help maintain the overall cleanliness necessary if the panels are installed correctly.

Other than being used to make clean rooms, the same can be good for the following applications:

– Prefabricated factory building

– Portable site offices

– Prefabricated workshops

– Multi story buildings

The same clean room PUF panel can be awesome in the non-industrial construction sector too. This is where it is used to construct schools, security cabins, hospitals, prefab farmhouses, and portable toilets.

You might have already noticed how such a clean room PUF panel would be ideal for other construction sectors. This goes on to show its overall versatility as an insulated sandwich panel.

What is the Thickness of a Clean Room PUF Panel?

Clean Room PUF Panels for Roofing Applications

Figure 2 Clean Room PUF Panels for Roofing Applications

The thickness varies from 50mm to 200mm. It is easy to see how it would be possible to customize the thickness to serve you better than what you might get with other traditional framing methods.

The clean room PUF panel varies in thickness depending on how much insulation you would want to get from a panel. If you want more insulation, then go for the thickest panel.

Consulting with Zonsteel engineers can help you further understand how best to choose the correct thickness. Well, Zonsteel is always available to help the clients find the right panels for their clean rooms.

How is a Clean Room PUF Panel Made?

Clean room PUF panels can be made half by machine and half by hand at the Zonsteel factory.

The part made by machine involves making a tongue and groove joint. This type of design is important when it comes to setting up the panels. This is because you will not need any connection kit to attach the two together. This type of panel would still need aluminum to cover the exposed sides for more protection from the elements. Such a panel would not have a limit on the length.

This type of construction also means the panel is stronger too. The manufacturer still reinforces it to ensure it can live up to the needs of different clean room types.

Are Clean Room PUF Panels Good for Airtight Applications?

Yes. The clean room PUF panels are sealed on all four sides to provide the user with an airtight performance. As such, it would be a nice material for using in your clean room to maintain the temperate, humidity, and other aspects a clean room needs to operate correctly.

The core material of the clean room PUF panels is also designed to prevent leakages. As such, you do not have to worry about contaminants getting into your clean room air.

Another thing that would make the clean room PUF panel airtight is the connection options between two PUF panels. The connection is reinforced with a special installation kit as a way of making it airtight and durable. Once the kit has been setup correctly, then you would end up with a flat surface that discourages the collection of bacteria. A bacteria-free environment is crucial for those who might want to run their clean rooms better.

The installation kit is also invisible once you have set it up correctly. This is unlike what you may get with other brands.

What are the Benefits of Using PUF Panels for Construction?

Clean room PUF panels have found quite the favor among most construction industries. It can make someone wonder, why is this the case? Here are some of the reasons to help you understand more about such panels.

– The panels are easily long-lasting

– The panels offer a strong and commendable structure

– They come with an excellent finish

– The clean room PUF panels are cheaper than when doing traditional framing

– The panels will be free from defects

– They are good at reducing noise pollution

– The clean room PUF panels are easy to transport from one place to another

– These PUF panels have the grade B fire rating

How is a Flush Connection Achieved with Clean Room PUF Panels?

Stacked Clean Room PUF Panels

Figure 3 Stacked Clean Room PUF Panels

The clean room PUF panels will have matching aluminum extrusion channels. The work of these channels is to allow for a flush connection when you join two panels. If the connection is flush, you should be able to maintain the clean room’s interior integrity.

It is advisable to follow the installation process correctly to end up with this flush connectivity. Always refer to the product manual whenever necessary if you want to have the PUF panels interlocking into each other.

You can also hire a local contractor who has experience in building clean rooms. Keep in mind that Zonsteel is still available to help the client set up the clean room PUF panels.

Why is a Flush Connection Important for a Clean Room?

Some might be wonderings the importance of keeping the connection flush. Having the flush connection will generally be important to prevent bacteria from collecting on the clean room surface. Also, you will have an easier time cleaning and maintaining the surface of the clean room.

The Zonsteel product manual will still have all the important cleaning and maintenance tips. So, you should be able to maintain the clean room PUF panel in the right working conditions.

Some people might be tempted to use harsh chemicals for cleaning, thinking they would help maintain the clean room performance. No need for harsh chemicals. If you use the recommended cleaners, it would still be easy to maintain the cleanroom.

Will the Clean Room PUF Panel Have Installation Accessories?

It is important to set up the clean room PUF panel using the right clean room accessories. Luckily, that is something Zonsteel makes right now. All you have to do is request for the installation accessories to be part of the package.

The common accessories include floor channels, arc skirt board, arc inner corner cover, U and L channels, sealants, bolts, and screws. The accessories can be more depending on the configuration of the clean room.

The channels for installing the clean room PUF panels are easily adjustable. As such, you should end up with the correct installation process.

How is a Clean Room PUF Panel Reinforced?

A steel tube is necessary for reinforcing the clean room PUF panel where necessary. The use of steel is strategic as the material can also help keep the clean room panel surface flat. Keeping the surface flat also means the panel will not easily bend, even if it is a long panel.

The same can be embedded with a wire conduit to pass the electrical cables to power different equipment in the clean room. The reason for embedding the wire conduit is to help keep the PUF panel clean from hanging wires all the time.

What is the Fire Rating of the Clean Room PUF Panel?

Clean Room PUF Panels Section View

Figure 4 Clean Room PUF Panels Section View

The clean room PUF panel has a fire rating of class B. This means that the clean room PUF panel can resist fire better than some materials that belong to other fire rating classes.

Class B rating also means that the material ranges from very limited to a medium scale contribution to fire. So, even if a fire starts in the clean room, it will not spread as fast.

Are Clean Room PUF Panels Lightweight?

PUF panels are generally lighter than what you get with other panels such as rockwool. This is because the panel has a density of 40kg/m3. Since it is a lightweight panel, you should find it being easy to install.

As much as the panel can be lightweight and easy to move around, only use the right lighting tools. This ensures that the PUF panels are lifted correctly. Some use forklifts to lift the clean room PUF panels because of their length.

What Are the Customization Options for a Clean Room PUF Panel?

When you decide to get yourself the clean room PUF panels, the chances are you would want a few things here and there customized to your needs. Well, Zonsteel can customize the length and width to avoid cutting and making a mess while at the final site. This is also part of the modular design you get with the Zonsteel clean room PUF panel.

What is the Delivery Time for Clean Room PUF Panels?

On average, it will take about 7 days for the clean room PUF panels to be delivered. This should be enough time even for those who might be in different parts of the world. You are at least sure that the panels will be delivered on time to work on your project.

Are PUF Panels Eco-friendly?

Yes. All the materials used to make the clean room PUF panels are eco-friendly. As such, the panels will not negatively impact the environment. It must be why more people find it appealing to consider using it for various clean room construction applications.

What is the Cost of the Clean Room PUF Panel?

The clean room PUF panel costs varies depends on the steel coil thickness, and whole panel thickness. The paint type and thickness of PUF panel also effect the cost.  The last factor effect cost is the galvanize or galvalume weight. For most people, they find the price to be within the affordable range. Even if it is affordable, the manufacturer has managed to maintain the overall quality.

How Can You Minimize Fire Loss When Constructing with Clean Room PUF Panels?

As much as the clean room PUF panels have good fire rating performance, it does not mean you make it easy for them to catch on fire. Here are some quick tips to minimize fire loss when working with such panels.

– Hazardous processes with sources of ignition should be kept away from the clean room PUF walls. Such include cooking, welding, battery recharging systems, and more.

– All the electrical wires passing through the panels should always be enclosed in a metal conduit.

– Try to keep the damage to the walls to a minimum when using forklifts. The damage might make the PUF panels have less performance when dealing with fire outbreaks.

– Try to store any combustible materials where possible far from the panels.

How Durable is the Clean Room PUF Panel?

Clean Room PUF Panels Edges

Figure 5 Clean Room PUF Panels Edges

The clean room PUF panels have the best durability. These panels are likely to last several decades if you take good care of them. This includes doing the regular maintenance on time and ensuring the sealant is still working correctly.

If there is a damaged panel, you may want to replace or repair it appropriately. This is crucial for ensuring the clean room PUF panels last longer and maintain the clean room integrity at all times.

PUF VS. Rockwool Panels, Which Should You Pick?

Before you can pick between the two, it is best to understand their differences first. The PUF panels are made by combining polyol and isocyanate in the ratio 2:1, respectively. As for rockwool panels, they are made by spinning molten rocks, slags, and ceramics into fine fibers.

PUF is seen as a better heat insulator with a lower K value. So, it would provide better insulating properties. On the other hand, Rockwool has a higher K value than PUF panels meaning its ability to contain heat is less.

PUF is more flammable than rockwool. It is why the material would not be recommended for use where fire hazards seem like a big concern. Rockwool panels can withstand high temperatures of even 1000 degrees Celsius without melting. This makes the panel highly resistant to fire.

PUF panels have a lower density. This means they will be lighter generally and easier to handle. Also, the installation is faster than when using rockwool, which is heavier. The rockwool panels would also need more people to complete the job.

The clean room PUF panels are not the best when soundproofing is vital. You should rather opt for rockwool as it will break the acoustic waves and thus have better sound-absorbing properties.

If you are on a budget, the PUF panels will be a great choice. Rockwool will cost an average of 15% more than the PUF panels. So, the rockwool panels are considered premium panels.

Since the clean room PUF panels are cheaper and better heat insulators, they are a great choice for hotels, hospitals, cold storage, commercial buildings, and pharmaceuticals. Rockwool is best for applications that need better soundproofing and fire resistance. So, its applications include studios, offshore platforms, and marine applications.


Clean room PUF panels are some of the most versatile clean room panels you can buy today. They are designed to deliver on the best performance in terms of insulation, fire resistance, and more. As such, you should be able to handle your clean room applications better.

Get in touch with Zonsteel if you have any more questions, and they will all be answered promptly.

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