Clean Room Windows

  • Patent Flush Clean Room Windows Auto Production Line
  • Maximum Size 2400x2200mm, any Other Customized Size
  • Single Glass 5mm 6mm 8mm
  • Double Glazed Glass Window 50mm, 75mm, 100mm
  • Frame Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel Clean Room Windows
  • Clean Room Windows
  • Clean Room Windows
  • Clean Room Windows

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Zonsteel clean room windows automatic production line is a patent line, double glass filled with inert gases and desiccant, no fog, in good sound and heating proofing, warm-keeping and is perfectly airtight.

Zonsteel clean room window maximum size 2400x2200mm, and single glass has thickness 5mm, 6mm, or 8mm. Double glasses clean room window is 50, 75 or 100mm thick. It fits for machine-made or hand-made clean room panels with same thickness 50, 75 or 100mm. Window frame matches the sandwich panel.


Zonsteel clean room window framed with options steel, aluminum or stainless steel. Color has black or white. The shape has round or square.

Zonsteel clean room windows on the door are of same craftsmanship, size is usually 400x600mm.

Zonsteel cleanroom windows delivery time is 7-15 days, in wooden or steel pallet. Whole windows are wrapped by EPS foam and edge protected by steel. This package is used to avoid any damage during shipping on the ocean.

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Window ThicknessFit for 50mm 75mm 100mm wall
SizeCustomize, Maximum 2400x2200mm
TypeDouble glass 5mm 6mm or 8mm
MaterialAluminum/ SS304
ColorWhitel or black
ShapeRound/ Square
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Clean Room Windows: The Complete Guide

Zonsteel cleanroom windows are widely used in the IT, Pharmaceuticals, food, new energy and lab industries etc.

Zonsteel is ISO9001:2008 factory, founded in the year 1999, with 26000 m2 workshop, 300 workers and staffs, has a full production line for clean room products. Main products are clean room panels, doors, windows, ceilings, raised floors, and clean room equipment like FFU, air shower, pass box etc. And cleanroom furniture.

Zonsteel has a strong R&D department and also cooperate with China famous clean room designer company CESE which enables us to complete clean room EPC projects. Zonsteel can design clean room in line with GMP, FDA, EMEAA, and WHO standards. Zonsteel is capable on system energy consumption optimization design, air supply duct layout design, space management design and installation drawing. Zonsteel can install wall, floor, ceiling, partition, hvac system, electrical and plumbing system, as well as fire system. Zonsteel has rich experience on-chip factory, LCD panel factory, new energy (lithium battery and solar photovoltaic) etc.

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Clean Room Windows: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What Are Clean Room Windows?

Clean room windows work like any other type of windows you might have installed before. However, these windows will be designed and built to enhance the clean room integrity. Specifically designed for healthcare, pharmaceutical, and GMP manufacturing applications to help achieve FDA compliance.This means keeping the dust and other particles out, deliver on better thermal insulation, remain clean, and so much more.

With the right clean room windows set up on your clean room, you will enjoy having a nice view of the outside while at the same time work in a clean room as expected. Read this guide, you will have all the clean room window details, and be more clear on clean room window specifications help you choose the best one.


What Are the Benefits of Clean Room Windows?

Clean Room Window - Flush Clean Room Window

Figure 1: Clean Room Window – Flush Clean Room Window

For those who have a clean room, they know that having clean room windows are necessary. The last thing you need is to feel confined in a tight space. Having the windows gives you the illusion that you have more space. So, what are some of the benefits of clean room windows? Let us look at them below.

–        Ease of Setting Up

Setting up clean room windows tends to be a major concern for some people. This is because they might not be sure which method would be ideal for them. However, clean room windows are just like any other windows. The setup process is relatively the same. As such, you can have the clean room windows set up correctly in their position in a short time.

Zonsteel provides you with detailed instructions on how you can set up the clean room windows. If you follow the instructions, the process feels smooth.

–        Customization Is Possible

It is good to know that customization of the clean room windows is also possible. This means that you do not have to worry about requiring custom windows if you find that the one you need is unavailable in the catalogue. Simply talk to Zonsteel to see how it would be possible to get custom clean room windows.

Clean Room Window - Customized Size

Figure 2: Clean Room Window – Customized Size

–        Highly Durable Clean Room Furniture

The durability is quite important as the last thing you need is to replace the clean room windows when the clean room is always up and running. Luckily, Zonsteel uses high quality materials all meant to make it easier for you to enjoy using the clean room windows for years to come. With the best durability, you would also feel it was worth investing in such windows.

–        Multiple Types Are Available

Having a variety of clean room windows goes a long way in helping you get the right one for your clean room. We will later look at the common types of clean room windows, but just know, there are several options available.

We recommend that you look at the features of the various clean room windows to find the ones that work for your clean room design. Where you feel that you need more information about the window type, consider asking for help from the Zonsteel customer support team.

–        Affordable

Most people expect that the clean room windows might be expensive as they are part of a clean room. However, that is not the case. Most of the Zonsteel clean room windows are built to be affordable. Depending on your budget, the company would advise you on which clean room windows to buy.

It is not just about the budget, but also where you want to use the clean room windows. Some are best suited for specific types of clean rooms than others are.


What Are Some of The Features of Clean Room Windows Everyone Should Know?

Clean Room Windows Specifications

Figure 3: Clean Room Windows Specifications

Clean room windows need to have special types of features that make them good at their jobs. Below are some of the special features that you would get with most clean room windows.

–        Easy to Clean

The materials used to make the clean room windows are always easy to clean. From the word clean room, we easily understand the importance of maintaining a clean environment on overall. Zonsteel will give you important guidelines you can follow for cleaning the clean room windows.

The best part is that you can find most of the materials used to make clean room windows do not attract dust and particles. In such a case, you will have less cleaning of the clean room windows compared to the normal type of windows.

–        Impressive Fire Rating

Considering that you keep important machines in the clean room, it would be comfortable to find clean room windows with a high fire rating. Well, that is what you will get with the Zonsteel clean room windows.

–        Attractive Appearance

For many, they expect the windows to be always boring. Well, that does not always have to be the case. It is why you need to checkout the Zonsteel clean room windows on offer right now. These windows have a beautiful design that matches the different clean room designs.

Considering that the clean room windows will mostly be flush with the other panels, you should like how they complete the whole look.

–        They Provide the Right Airtightness

Clean room windows need to live up to the needs of a clean room. This includes promoting air tightness. It is for this reason; you get more people going for the Zonsteel clean room windows as they assure the user of getting the right airtightness.

Also, these clean room windows will provide good thermal insulation and heat insulation. When these are maintained within the right range, you will end up with clean room windows that help maintain the clean room integrity. That is something you always hope to achieve.

–        Custom Clean Room Windows Are Available

Zonsteel has worked with multiple clients before to understand that their needs will always vary. It is why you can also get custom clean room windows depending on the walls and the room available to insert the windows. As such, you can always have the best fitting clean room windows.


What Are the Common Types of Clean Room Windows?

Clean Room Window - Stainless Steel Frame

Figure 4: Clean Room Window – Stainless Steel Frame

Below are the most common types of clean room windows you are likely to come across.

–        Beveled Clean Room Windows

These clean room windows do not have a ledge. This will make them easier to clean since the design eliminates the need for corners. The corners are where the dust usually collects leading to more dirt. Since clean rooms need to maintain their integrity, it is good to have such an option.

Many also find these clean room windows as a nice alternative to the double flush clean room windows. You would also find it easier to achieve multiple regulations for clean room windows.

Clean Room Window - Double Glass Window

Figure 5: Clean Room Window – Double Glass Window

–        Flush Clean Room Windows

For these clean room windows, they are designed to be completely flush with the wall system. You will get them also being integrated into the air walls to minimize any air flow disruption. Depending on the user needs, you can also get insulated glass units and sometimes double flush glazing too into the designs.

–        Double Flush Clean Room Windows

The double flush clean room windows will be used in scenarios where there is the need for walls on both sides to remain flush. Having these double flush clean rooms will provide your clean room with an attractive and clean look.

Always talk to Zonsteel to see where best you can apply the use of these double flush clean room windows.

–        Standard Clean Room Windows

For those on a budget, then these can be nice clean room windows to use. The best part is that there are many size options available. Make sure you give your specifications when placing the order so that you end up with the right windows that work for you.

Even if they are within the most affordable range, they come with tempered safety glass for clarity. Some will have a laminated glass important for sound control. An insulated glass will be good for maintaining a better thermal insulation.

So, depending on what you need to achieve in your clean room, there are various materials that can be used. Always talk to Zonsteel when you are not sure which one to choose for your project.


What Are the Important Tips for Cleaning the Clean Room Windows?

Clean Room Window - Easy Cleaning

Figure 6: Clean Room Window – Easy Cleaning

At some point, you will need to clean the clean room windows. Sometimes many are not sure how to proceed. We will look at some of the important tips you can keep in mind if you want to end up with clean room windows.

Detergent VS. Disinfectants

As part of cleaning the window surfaces, you need to start by removing all the dirt and soil from the window surface. The detergent can be used for this part. This is because it is a good agent for breaking up anything that might be stuck on the window surface and ledges.

The disinfectant on the other hand will be good for killing the microorganisms on the window surfaces later.

So, it will depend on what you want to achieve for a clean room. This is because you can use both the disinfectants and detergents.

Do’s and Don’ts

When choosing a detergent, make sure it is a non-foaming type. This means that it is neutral and non-ionic. This will also help it to be compatible with the disinfectant after you first wipe the surface with it.

As for disinfectants, you are likely to find many options available. So, make sure that you get the right one for your clean room regulations and guidelines. This will determine how effectively you can use them to clean the clean room windows.

Go for disinfectants that have a rapid action. This means that the disinfectant will quickly kill the bacteria on the clean room windows. Also, the disinfectant should be able to handle a wide spectrum of bacteria. This is the types of bacteria the disinfectant can kill.

The Wiping Technique

Now that you have everything you need for cleaning ready, what follows is to start wiping. You can use many other types of techniques, but we recommend that you consider the following.

–        Wipe from the top to bottom. Make sure to use the parallel wiping motion

–        Do not use the circular motion

–        You should also start on one side of the window and finish it before going to the other side

You can have other types of cleaning also. This will depend on your cleaning needs for the clean room.


How Do You Choose the Best Clean Room Windows?

Best Clean Room Window

Figure 7: Best Clean Room Window

If you are going to install the best clean room windows, then you have to get the correct one for the job. It is why we recommend that you check out the following considerations when buying the best clean room windows.

–        The Design

You should consider looking at the design to see which one complements the clean room that you have set up. Zonsteel has several design options available for you to choose from. It is from such designs that you can end up with the right model.

Also, Zonsteel offers the option of customizing the clean room windows. We all know that not all clean rooms might need the standard clean room windows. For this reason, Zonsteel can help you get custom clean room windows.

With the design sorted out, you should now consider looking at the other options too.

–        Material Quality

Clean Room Window Details

Figure 8: Clean Room Window Details

The material quality is important to determine the overall durability of the clean room windows. There are at times when you get clean room windows that do not last long. This means you end up incurring more expenses to replace them. Well, look at what the manufacturer uses to create the clean room windows to see if it is durable or not.

–        Ease of Maintenance

Maintenance in this case mostly is cleaning the clean room windows. Depending on the window material, some will be good at not attracting dust than other materials. It is why we would recommend that you get the right clean room windows made of materials that do not attract dust.

You should also look at the cleaning process. Not all windows might have the same cleaning procedure. For many, they would want a set of clean room windows that are easy to maintain.

Zonsteel offers you clear guidelines to follow when you want to maintain the clean room windows. As such, that should not be a problem for many.

–        The Installation Process

The installation process can sometimes determine whether you pick the clean room windows or opt for another manufacturer. It is obvious that many would want clean room windows that are easy to install. The good news is that most clean room windows are easy to install. We recommend that you check out what other people are saying about the installation process before making an informed decision.

–        Delivery Time

The delivery time is also important for anyone who is hoping to end up with the clean room windows set up fast. The delivery time is when you place an order, the manufacturing process, and when it gets to the project site for completion. It is no brainer that many people would hope for a shorter delivery time, so as to have their clean room set up and running within a short time also.

–        The Types of Clean Room Windows

The clean room windows differ a lot in terms of the type and where they can be used. It is thus important that you understand which type of clean room windows that you need for your setup.

Some of the common window types you will get include flush windows, beveled windows, double flush windows, standard centerline windows, and more. The whole idea is for you to have multiple options to consider. In the end, you would now pick the right one that works for your clean room.

Each time you are not sure which is the best, then consider inquiring from Zonsteel. This will help you end up with the right one.

Aluminum Clean Room Window

Figure 9: Aluminum Clean Room Window

–        Reviews about the Clean Room Windows

You might be new to clean room windows, so, it does not hurt to read more reviews about the clean room windows before making up your mind. Zonsteel has thousands of testimonials about their products, not just clean room windows. As such, you will have confidence picking one of these products knowing that it would last long as expected.


What Are the Common Clean Room Windows Materials?

Clean Room Window - Tempered Glass

Figure 10: Clean Room Window – Tempered Glass

We have already mentioned that the clean room windows materials are an important consideration when looking for the best windows. However, not many would know which types of materials will be good for them. Below, we look at the top five common clean room windows materials that you get on the market.

      –        Tempered Glass: This stands out as the ultimate clean material to use for clean room windows. It is characterized for being non-porous and non-shedding too. The best part is that it can stand up to all types of cleaners to remain clear and strong.

      –        Fire-rated Glass:This is another option for those who mostly have to handle flammable liquids and powders in a clean room. With the added protection of UL fire rating, there is no doubt you would feel comfortable using them.

       –        SDPVC: In full, it means static-dissipative polyvinyl chloride material. This material is good for electrostatic discharge and further prevents any adhesion from the static charges. As such, this keeps the window from attracting dust and other particles. Cleaning such type of window material should be easy for many.

      –        Polycarbonate: This is another great material that can resist damage even after being exposed to common chemicals. The best part is that polycarbonate clean room windows are also shatter-resistant.

      –        Acrylic: This type of material is also known for its strength, affordability, and clarity. Being affordable might make it a common choice for most people, however, you should always be careful when cleaning it with alcohol-based cleaners. This is because alcohol can easily damage the acrylic windows.


Differences between Manual Panel and Mechanism Panel Clean Room Windows?

There are two different types of the most common clean room windows. They include the manual panel clean room windows and the mechanism panel clean room windows. Below are the differences between these two.

–        The Manual Clean Room Windows

For this type, it comes with a frame made of  stainless steel. As for the glass, it would be 5, 6 or 8mm single tempered glass with a black and white silk screen frame. Or double glasses clean room window is 50, 75 or 100mm thick. This will be 400-600 mm wide.

The inner layer of the manual clean room windows will be filled with nitrogen and a desiccant too. The maximum width of this type of window is 1000mm and the height will vary depending on the customer needs for clean room windows.

These clean room windows adopt the use of an advanced technology with the aim of making it better. You will find that it is easy to install it directly to the arc or the board’s square windows. The overall structure is beautiful, so you should find it complementing the look of the clean room.

–        Mechanism Clean Room Windows

The mechanism clean room windows will have special aluminum alloy profiles as the frame material. As such, you are likely to get them in three different color options. There is also the addition of plastic spray and special steel folding parts added to these clean room windows.

As for the glass, it would be 5 to 6mm of tempered glass. Its interlayer can also be filled with nitrogen and a desiccant to help keep the moisture out and maintain the best clarity.

Depending on the user needs, there are multiple sizes of the mechanism clean room windows. The most common would be 1200 x 1000, 1800 x 1000, 2400 x 2200, and more. Also, such clean room windows can be made depending on the user needs.


Could Clean Room Door Has Sight view Window with Different Size

Clean room window could be installed on doors, size 600×400 or other big size customized to meet your design. This view window is tempered glass, and double layer. The frame is usually stainless steel or aluminum, and color black or white.

Clean Room Window - on the Door

Figure 11: Clean Room Window – on the Door


Contact Zonsteel for More Information

For those who might feel they need more clarification on clean room windows, please contact the Zonsteel customer support. You can use email, phone, and any other option as highlighted on the official website. Our customer support team is always available to help you learn more about clean room windows.

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