EPS Panel

  • EPS panel custom made size
  • High Thermal Resistance
  • Long-lasting Thermal Conductivity
  • Lightweight Insulation Sandwich Panel
  • Better Energy Savings, Recyclable, and Less on the Job Waste
  • EPS Panel
  • EPS Panel
  • EPS Panel

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Expanded polystyrene panel or EPS panel is an insulation material with properties such as being light-weight, weather-proof, sound-proof and resistant to compression. Because of its ability to trap air inside its cells, the EPS panel is the best insulation panel in the market with high R-values and moisture resistance.

EPS panel be widely used for structural insulated wall panels, and roof. Compared to PUF panel and rockwool panel, EPS panel makes building more economical.

EPS panels have applications in industries such as agricultural, residential, and commercial buildings. Also, they can be used for making prefabricated houses. This is because it is easy to make holes to install doors, windows, the electrical system, and more.

The use of EPS panels to make a house leads to energy and money saving for years to come.

Contact us to customize your EPS Panel now!
Available Thickness0.4, 0.5, 0.6mm, or custom made 0.8, 1mm
Panel LengthMinimum of 1.5m up to a maximum of 11.85m
Panel Width1200 1000mm
Groove HeightFlat or groove
Available MaterialsSS304, AluZinc, P.P.G.I
ColorAny RAL color
K Value (Thermal Conductivity)0.041 W/mK
EPS Density12-24 kg/m3
Fire PropertyB1
Bonding Strength120kPa
Peel Strength100kPa
Wall & Ceiling
Thickness:  50 75 100 120 150 180mm
Width: 1200 1000 mm
Application: Commercial building
Feature: Excellent insulation, light weightLoading: For 40HQ
50mm – 1422 m2
75mm – 938.52 m2
100mm – 711 m2
125mm – 568.2 m2
150mm – 469.26 m2
200mm – 355,5 m2Roof:
50mm – 876.9 m2
75mm – 639.9 m2
100mm – 497.7 m2
125mm – 402.9 m2
150mm – 331.8 m2
200mm – 260.7 m2
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EPS Panel: The Complete Guide

Zonsteel EPS panel length is not limited. However, to fit them in a 40HQ container, the length is kept less than 11.85m. The width is 1200mm and 1000mm. Thickness of EPS panel is 50, 75, 100, 120, 150, and 180mm. Any RAL color is possible to have on your EPS panel.

Zonsteel EPS wall panel joint has a tongue and groove design. As for the surface, it can be flat or grooved. The EPS roof panel is also corrugated to make it good for rainwater drainage.

Zonsteel EPS insulated metal panel, the metal surface could be galvanized steel, or galvalume steel. The metal thickness varies from 0.4-0.8mm. There are various paint options, including PE, PVDF, HDP etc. Or you can opt for a special surface treatment like PVC coating, anti-finger, self-cleaning.

Zonsteel also offers painted steel colors such as camouflage, wooden, or marble to make your modular house or prefab villa more attractive.

Zonsteel production line can produce EPS panel one side steel, another side aluminum foil, for wall and roof. For this kind of panel, its not thick, usually used as lining panel.

Zonsteel has a fast delivery time for the EPS panels. Usually 7-10 days. The panels are packed on a wooden pallet. If you want to load more in a 40HQ, we will load without pallet, but piece by piece.

Zonsteel is here to answer any questions you may have about our EPS panels. Our team is here to support you throughout your construction process. Give us a call today!

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