Rockwool Panel

  • Rockwool Acoustic Panel Custom Made Size
  • A1 Fire Rating or Max 4 Hours Fire Proofing
  • Thickness 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, or 200mm
  • Any RAL Color of Rockwool Panels
  • Excellent Thermal Insulation
  • Rockwool Panel
  • Rockwool Panel
  • Rockwool Panel

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Are you looking for non-combustible sandwich panel for your new construction? Do you need sandwich panels for wall or ceiling construction? Then our rockwool panes can be the best material for you. The panels are ideal for your cleanroom, workshop, warehouse, shopping mall, and garage.

Rockwool panel has best fire rating of A1, and has an excellent heat proofing performance to keep you warm.

Zonsteel rockwool insulation panels having a tongue and groove joint to make installation easier. The Panels come with a full set of accessories including aluminum channels, bolts, sealant, ceiling hanging system etc. All those enable you to save time and cost when working on large projects.

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Available Thickness0.4, 0.5, 0.6mm, or custom made 0.8, 1mm
Panel LengthMinimum of 1.5m up to a maximum of 11.85m
Panel Width1150mm 950mm
Groove Height0.5mm
Available MaterialsSS304, AluZinc, P.P.G.I
ColorAny RAL color
K Value (Thermal Conductivity)0.035 W/mK
Rockwool Density120 kg/m3
Fire PropertyA1
Bonding Strength60kPa
Peel Strength 150kPa
Wall & Roof
Thickness:  50 75 100 125 150 200mm
Application: Main use for clean room
Feature: Excellent thermal insulation, No fluorine, Eco-friendly, Anti-corrosion, Mildew resistance
Operating temperature range: Up to 600 °
Delivery time: 7 days
Loading: For 40HQ
50mm – 1422 m2
75mm – 938.52 m2
100mm – 711 m2
125mm – 568.2 m2
150mm – 469.26 m2
200mm – 355,5 m2Roof:
50mm – 876.9 m2
75mm – 639.9 m2
100mm – 497.7 m2
125mm – 402.9 m2
150mm – 331.8 m2
200mm – 260.7 m2
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Rockwool Panel: The Complete Guide

Zonsteel rockwool acoustic panels are specially processed and surfaced with perforating steel with a thickness of 180mm. As such, it can be widely used for office, KTV, cinema, and other buildings that need good soundproofing.

Zonsteel rockwool panels can have the additional MGO board to achieve 4 hours of fire proofing.

Zonsteel rockwool panels can have PPGI steel, AZ coated steel, or stainless steel, any RAL color for the face. It all depends on your needs.

The Rockwool panels can also have different color schemes for various applications. Some of them include camouflage patterns, wooden, marble, and more. As the client, clearly state your need for the panels and we will tailor the scheme to your needs.

Zonsteel rockwool panels are 1200mm or 1000mm wide. The length has no limit. Since Zonsteel uses rockwool panes of density 100-120 kg/m3, you will be with slightly heavier panels. To help in moving such panels, consider the length to be less than 6m.

Zonsteel rockwool panel thickness ranges from 50mm to 180mm and the steel thickness ranges from 0.4mm to 0.8mm. This makes the panels perfect for wall and roof applications. The rockwool roof panel is also corrugated, thus it is good for rainwater drainage. Its overlap joint design also makes it good for the rain.

Zonsteel rockwool panels delivery time 7-10 days. Zonsteel uses wooden or steel pallets for packing. The panels are also wrapped with EPS foam and PVC film for more protection.

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Rock Wool Panel: Complete FAQs Guide


Are you about to choose the insulated sandwich panel for your building? You are not sure to choose which one from rock wool panel, PU panel, EPS panel and PIR sandwich panel. Read this guide, you’ll find the difference between those panel, and features of each sandwich panel. This guide will help you learn more about rock wool panel. Let’s jump into below FAQs guide.


What Is Rock Wool Panel?

A Stack of Rock Wool Panels

Figure 1 A Stack of Rock Wool Panels

A rock wool panel is a sandwich panel made of rock wool material faced by two sides steel plates. Because of the rock wool material, the panel would have unique properties such as fire protection, sound absorption, sound insulation, and thermal insulation.

These features also make the rock wool panel quite versatile. That’s why it is common used as wall, ceiling, partition wall and roof for steel structure building, prefabricated house, and clean room.


What’s the Advantage of Rock Wool Panel?

A rock wool panel stands out for being a good construction material. So, why is that the case? Here are some of its advantages that should help you learn more about using the rock wool panel.

Tongue And Groove Rock Wool Panel

Figure 2 Tongue And Groove Rock Wool Panel


Impressive Fire Resistance

The rock wool panel raw materials have a fire rating of Class A1, which make it have excellent fire resistance. Several tests show that the material can withstand fires of over 1000 degree Celsius. As such, it should be a great choice for anyone who might want to use it in places likely to have fire hazards.

As much as it is good in terms of fire resistance, it does not mean you go ahead and put it on fire just to see how it would perform. It is then important to put the fire prevention measures in place.


Thermal Insulation

Another reason people would get the rock wool panel is because of thermal insulation performance. The thermal conductivity of rock wool is 0.035W/mK, making it one of the best in terms of providing insulation. It must be why you would get a lot more people using this material for insulation purposes.

If you live in cold places, this could be a nice option in terms of keeping you warm in your house. Simply make sure that the panels are installed correctly if you want them to be highly effective.


Sound Absorption and Sound Insulation

The rock wool panel also stands out for significantly reducing noise transmission. This is especially in areas that are likely to have planes flying over more often. Such sound insulation makes the rock wool panel common for use in different areas.

Other than the insulation being applied to the walls, the same can be done for the roof. You would not even know when it is raining or hear hail because the sound insulation is quite good.

Still, the rock wool panel would be great in terms of sound absorption because it can handle sounds over a wide frequency range, especially good for medium-high frequency. Rock wool panels have a sound absorption rating of 15.7 dBA, which is good for keeping quiet of KTV,  Theater, concert hall, gymnasium, bowling alley, conference center, lecture hall, multi-function hall, exhibition hall, court, court, studio, film and television hall, waiting room, hospital, school, computer room, art gallery, hotel, library, etc. All the places with sound requirements.



Another reason you might consider getting the rock wool panel is because of its good rigidity. The core material is sandwiched between two color steel plates. This makes the outer surfaces good in terms of rigidity, durability, and so much more.

It is easy to see how such a panel would live up to different applications without necessarily having much of a problem.


Good Tongue and Groove Connection

The rock wool panel is also designed to have a tongue and groove connectivity. This avoids any hidden dangers of water leakage. This is a nice feature when you use the rock wool panel for roof installation. The last thing you would want is a model that might start leaking easily.


Convenient Installation

The installation process is not hard. This is because the panel would not require secondary processing once it is delivered to the construction site. Cause in manufacturer factory, all rock wool panels can be cut to size as per your requirement, this minimized your work on site, and protect the environment.

If you are not sure on how to install the panel, always seek the services of a professional such as Zonsteel technician. This ensures you get the best panel for the job. Zonsteel sign all the panels with length, and number it, to match your installation manual.


Anti-scratch Protection

Before the rock wool panel is shipped to the new owner, there is the need to protect it. That is why it would have a polyethylene self-adhesive protective film attached to it. This avoids abrasion and scratches on the panel before its installation. Once the installation is done, go ahead to pull off the protective film.


Mildew Resistance

You will also find the rock wool panel being mold-resistant. The rock wool panel is inorganic; thus, it does not provide a food source for the mold to grow easily. It is still fungi-resistance, making it an ideal choice for various applications where you do not want to experience fungal growth in the space.


Which Type of Insulation to Choose?

The popular insulation for industry use includes PU foam, PIR foam, rock wool, EPS, and XPS, MGO board, aluminum honeycomb, and paper honeycomb.  Then how to choose the right one from them.

Yes, it must suits for your use, you may consider from aspects of thermal insulation, fire rate, cost and rigidity.

If you will use this sandwich panel to construct clean room as manufacturing facility of pharmacy, IT, new energy, food, lab etc. The rock wool panel is recommended, cause the rock wool panel has be best fire behaviour, its non-combustible material. Rocks such as basalt and dolomite are melted and drawn at high temperature and cured by spraying adhesive, then result the rock wool.

Rock Rock Wool Panel

Figure 3 Rock Wool Panel


Is Rock Wool Panel Good for Soundproofing?

Yes, rock wool panel has very good soundproofing property, among with other insulation material. It is proven durability to last for the long term without seeing a decrease in performance. If you pursuit better sound insulation, may consider to use 100mm thickness rock wool, or called mineral wool, which is made of stone.

Rock Wool Panel Joint Type

Figure 4 Rock Wool Panel Joint Type


Is Rock Wool Panel Expensive?

Compare to PUR/PIR sandwich panel, rock wool panel is economic way. Take 50mm rock wool panel as example, and both sides 0.4mm PE paint steel surface, the price is around 13$.


Is Rock Wool Insulation Dangerous?

Rock wool is not harmful to breathe, its safe. Its itchy if you directly touch it or exposed in air full of rock wool particle. Zonsteel clean room rock wool sandwich panel, all around sealed with steel, significantly reduce rock wool leaking. And even better news, Zonsteel cut the hole and covered with channel for switch, light or clean room equipment like FFU and Hepa box.


How Do You Make Rock Wool Panel?

A high quality rock wool sandwich panel benefit from a good production line, sound production process and good production system.

Zonsteel rock wool panel production process main features:


1,  Attach Protective Film

After steel coil roll uncoil, first step is to attach PE film to protect sandwich panel from scratch during transportation. This scratch will effect rock wool panel lifetime and the appearance. Zonsteel use very thick film, easy for you to tear it off once receive.

Rock Wool Panel Attached Protective Film

Figure 5 Rock Wool Panel Attached Protective Film


2, Steel Coil Preheating

Preheat coil to soft the coil, this process is to improve the adhesive force between the binder and the steel plate.


3, Rock Wool Cutting

Zonsteel machine can cut rock wool and flip 90 degrees automatically. It enable the compressive strength increased by 80%.


4, Rock Wool Misaligned Docking

Misaligned dock the rock wool can increase the entire sandwich panel strength, as well as the flatness.


5, Glue Spray

The glue be evenly sprayed on rock wool, 100% rock wool with glue. The spray glue ensure the bonding quality.


6, Double Track Curing Machine

Double track curing machine to press the rock wool sandwich panel. Contribute to this process, Zonsteel rock wool panel achieved high flatness and bonding strength, and the minimum thickness tolerance.


7, Cutting And Packing

Cutting rock wool panel to designed length. In one project, clients may require different length sandwich panel, for Zonsteel, its possible to cut to any length in a production.


How Thick Should Rockwool Be?

The regular thickness of rock wool is 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm and 180mm. Since rock wool density common 80-120kg/m3, the thick sandwich panel 150mm and 180mm would be very heavy, people often choose 50-100mm rock wool panel.


What Type of Insulation Is Best for Soundproofing?

Rockwool is mostly chosen for sound proofing because of its overall construction. This is because the insulation material comes with non-directional fibers. These fibers would trap the airborne noise making it hard for the sound to go past it. That is why you would see such a material being mostly used for soundproofing applications.


Is Rock Wool Asbestos?

For a while now, rockwool has been used as a substitute to asbestos. You can find it commonly being used in the construction sector. This is especially when you want panels that are resistant to fire, offer better thermal insulation, and can also offer acoustic absorption.

As much as it is not asbestos, the material still resembles the asbestos morphologically.


Which Is Better Rockwool or Glass Wool?


Rockwool Panels Packed Ready for Shipping

Figure 6 Rockwool Panels Packed Ready for Shipping


When looking for an insulating material, you are likely to come across options such as rockwool and glass wool. What you need to know about these materials is that they are all A1 rated materials. This means that the materials will not combust easily under any building fire. However, we will look how they perform in different aspects to understand them better.


Thermal performance

Comparing the two, glass wool offers better versatility when it comes to thermal performance. You will note that glass wool offers 10% more thermal efficiency than rockwool. So, you can have a thinner material that provides better thermal performance.


Acoustic performance

You will also come across glass wool being better than rockwool. This is because the glass wool can deliver the same dB reduction when using only half the mass compared to rock wool.

You can opt for glass wool for better acoustic performance unless there is the need for more compressive strength, then you can opt for rockwool.


Compressive strength

Rockwool is known for having better compressive strength than glass wool. This is vital if you have to use the material under high weight loading. The density of rockwool can go up to 180kg/m3. So, it would be great for offering a cost-effective performance where comparative strength is important.


Fire protection

As mentioned earlier, you should know that both materials are good at fire protection. They will not burn in case there is a fire breakout. However, rockwool simply has better fire protection. So, you are going to keep the content in the building better without worrying about them easily burning down.


High temperature uses

This one rockwool also wins this part. This is because rockwool can stand up to the high temperatures better. Rockwool would operate at high temperatures as high as 700 degrees C. Glass wool material can operate up to 400 degrees C.


Water resistance

Both materials are good in terms of water resistance. As much as water can occupy the cells found between fibers. However, this will not affect the performance of the panels. As a result, you can often end up with panels that can withstand the water penetration.


Where Are Rock Wool Panel Used?

Rockwool panels can have many applications generally. You will find them being commonly used in homes, offices, apartments, and commercial use.

You can find them mostly being used for roof insulation, floor insulation, ceiling insulation, internal wall insulation, acoustic insulation, and many others. So long as proper insulation is required, rockwool panels can do the job.

Rock Wool Panel Used In Container House 

Figure 7 Rock Wool Panel Used In Container House


What Are Rockwool Sandwich Panels Made of?

Rockwool sandwich panels combine the use of an insulation, which is rockwool and two metal plates mostly made of color steel or stainless steel. The plates and the insulation are combined using special adhesive that ensures these panels remain looking good and functional for a very long time to come.

The top plates could be made of other materials depending on what you want generally. Each client is likely to have a few different uses so it is possible to customize the panels to suit you even better.


What Is Rock Wool Panel Roof?

A rockwool panel roof has the same construction as a rockwool wall panel, while the roof own corrugated shape on external surface, for rain drainage purposes. It would have an insulating material with two steel plates on the outside. This ensures that you end up with a highly insulating rockwool roof.

Since the construction is the same, you can expect the overall installation to be the same. The only difference is that this one would be designed to look like other roofing panels.

Rock Wool Panel Roof

Figure 8 Rock Wool Panel Roof


What’s the Difference Between Rock Wool Panel and EPS Panel?

Both rock wool panel and EPS panel are economic material, so that be widely used in many areas. Let’s see the difference from the two sandwich panel.


The Core Materials

As name implies, rock wool panel core material is rock wool, and EPS panel core material is EPS. The production process is same for the both, in continuous production line, workers put rock wool which is in piece or put EPS foam, then be glued and bonded to up and down color steel sheet.


The Fire Behavior

EPS fire rate is class B1, with fire retardant. Compared with rock wool fire rate class A.


The Weight

EPS panel is light weight material. Density varies from 12kg/m3 to 28kg/m3. Rock wool panel density varies from 80kg/m3 to 120kg/m3. Both EPS panel and rock wool panel is no limit on length. Just rock wool panel, if too long, have to put reinforce steel bar inside to strengthen it.

Below you can check the sqm weight for rock wool.

Rock Wool Panele Specification

Note: Volume of Rockwool Calculated above 120kg/m3


The Cost

Rock wool panel cost is slightly higher than EPS panel. And same specification, sandwich panel roof price is higher than sandwich panel wall.  Other factors effect price is the density, sandwich panel thickness and surface color steel sheet thickness.

Another one effects cost is the color steel paint types, if no special requirement, manufacturer offers PE paint, can last more than 5 years. When some environment requires acid, alkali and corrosion resistant, to use PVDF paint, then sandwich panel price changes.

For kitchen, someone may use stainless steel surface rock wool panel, cost is higher than color steel.

When you choose sandwich panel, tell supplier your detailed requirement is necessary.


The Application

EPS panel be more used as wall and roof for prefab house and steel structure. And rock wool be more used in clean room, and as rockwool acoustic panels used in KTV,  Theater, concert hall etc.


What’s the Difference Between Rock Wool Panel and PU Panel?


A Sample of Rock Wool Panel Sealed by PU Foam

Figure 9 A Sample of Rock Wool Panel Sealed by PU Foam


The chances are you are likely to come across the rockwool panels and PU panel when looking to install an insulation panel. It is then best to understand the differences between these two so that you know which one would be better for you.


The Core Materials

The major difference between the two is the insulating core material between the steel plates.

The PU panels would have a rigid polyurethane foam as the insulating material. It is continuous foaming between two metals to form the panel. The foam quickly solidifies when injected between the two plates. Once the two are glued together, you end up with a monolithic polyurethane sandwich panels with impressive insulating performance.

The PU panel has impressive insulation performance to make a lot more want to use it for a wide range of applications. It is lightweight and can easily bond to different materials. It is why the PU panel would be ideal for most construction insulation applications.

As for the rock wool panel, it has the mineral wool as its core material. The wool is glued between two color steel plates to form the rock wool panel.

The mineral wool material is fibrous formed by drawing or spinning molten rock or mineral materials such as ceramics and slag. This mineral wool material is good in terms of thermal insulation, fire resistance, filtration, hydroponic growth medium, and soundproofing.

The insulation value of the PU panel is higher than what you get with a rock wool panel. This means that for the same thickness, you would get more insulation with the PU material.


The Fire Behavior

As for the fire behavior, the rock wool panel has better performance compared to the PU panel. This is because the rock wool panel consists of inorganic elements that do not contribute to the spread of flames. You can get an impressive fire resistance of up to 4 hours with this material. The fire rate of rock wool panel is class A, and PU panel fire rate is class B.

The rock wool panel also stands out in terms of sound insulation. The mineral wool  materials are good at breaking the acoustic waves thus reducing their intensity. It is why the rockwool panel would be preferred where there is the need for more sound insulation.


The Weight

Another noticeable difference between these two panels is the weight. The rock wool panel is mostly heavier than the PU panel. As rock wool panel density usually 80kg/m3-120kg/m3, while PU panel 40-45kg/m3. So, you need more experience when handling and installing rock wool panels.


The Cost

For the same thick panel sandwich, rock wool panel price is better than PU panel. Zonsteel 50mm rock wool panel is around 13$ sqm, and price varies as panel thickness and surface color steel thickness, and rock wool density. Also, the rock wool has two types, made by machine and made by hand. The cost is different from the two.

PU panel also has two type, one is cam-lock type, especially for cold room. This PU pane can make any wide and length, fit for cold room design. No cut work on site, make whole cold room a overall unit and with good airtight. Zonsteel price for 100mm cam-lock PU panel price is around 26.6$ sqm. Another one is 1120mm wide PU panel, this panel has only one width, while no limit on length.


The Application

Both rock wool panel and PU panel, could be used as sandwich panel wall and sandwich panel roof, for light steel structure. Also could be used as decorative insulation panels for steel structure building.

Rock wool panel and PU panel, also usually used in cleanroom. Caused rock wool panel is incombustible material. While PU panel is required by GSP regulation.

Rock wool panel with its sound-absorbing properties, widely used for KTV, theater, concert hall etc.

PU panel with its good thermal insulation properties, widely used for cold room and commercial building wall cladding panels. This PU wall mostly installed horizontally.

Make sure that the panel that you pick is great for the applications that you might have to handle. This is because they both have pros and cons you need to be aware of when buying the two.


What’s the Difference Between Rock Wool Panel and PIR Sandwich Panel?

PIR sandwich panel as the upgrade product of PU panel, has better thermal insulation and better fire rate. So the difference between rock wool panel and PIR sandwich panel is same as the difference between PU panel.


What Is Rock Wool Wall Panels?

Rock wool panel wall panel is flat surface, or small groove surface. Flat surface is more popular for clean room, its easy to clean, while can reduce the contamination. Groove surface rock wool wall panel has better strength.

Rock wool wall panel has no limit in length, Zonsteel has more than 15m wall installation experience. The thickness available with 50mm 75mm 100mm 120mm and 150mm. And width available with 1000mm and 1200mm.

Most supplier would be happy to cut panel to custom design size, to save work on site.

The color of rock wool wall panel could be any RAL color.

Rock Wool Panel Wall

Figure 10 Rock Wool Panel Wall

What Is Rock Wool Panel HS Code?

Rock wool panel made of surface steel color steel sheet and core rock wool. So that there are two HS code suit for it, one is 730890 and another one 680610. If you have aluminum channel, doors and windows purchased together with rock wool panel, the this HS code 940690 is also applicative, its for prefabricated house.


How to Buy Rock Wool Panel?

You may be interested in rock wool panels but you have no idea where to start. Since rockwool panel is a top choice for most people who want to make cleanrooms and other related applications, it makes sense if you can choose it correctly. Here are some considerations for picking the best rockwool panel.


The Material

Of course, it will be great if you can always pick a highly durable rockwool panel. This will only happen when you pick one made of durable materials.

In this case am talking about the surface materials. Rockwool material can be the same, but the top surface materials can be different. If your requirement on surface steel with better and thicker paint, higher gram weight  of galvalume, you should expect better durability generally.


Manufacturing process

The manufacturing process has an important effect on the durability of the rockwool panel. There are times when manufacturers do a shoddy job of making rockwool panels. That is not what you get with Zonsteel. As such, you can be sure that the rockwool panel would be good.

Zonsteel can always share the steps that go into the production of the rockwool panels to help build confidence in their processes.



You still have to think about the customizations you can get with the rockwool panel. The users would have different needs for rockwool panels. Luckily, manufacturers would offer customizations in most cases so that you can end up with a panel that you like.

Zonsteel makes modular rockwool panels. This means that you can always change the panels to suit your needs exactly. The support team can also guide you better to picking the best panel size and other customizations.


Delivery time

Delivery time is vital. It would be best if you can get the rock wool panel delivered fast. Inquire more about the delivery time before settling for a brand. If the delivery time is within reason, you can always get yourself the rockwool panel.


Rockwool properties

The only way you are going to learn about the rockwool panel properties is by requesting the panel catalog. It will help you learn more about what else the manufacturer has used in the manufacturing process so that you can only pick the right panel.


Manufacturer reputation

There is no doubt that you need to work with top-rated manufacturers such as Zonsteel. Such manufacturers will know how to make the best panels for you. As such, you will end up with the right panel.

Reviews are your friend in this case. They will largely help you learn more about the brand before committing yourself to purchase rockwool panels from them.



You can learn a lot about a company from the support team. If you are treated right, you can also expect the company’s services and products would be great. It is for this reason you should consider getting a rockwool panel from a top-rated brand such as Zonsteel.

The support team is available to quickly give you all the information that you need about the rockwool panels. This helps you make an independent decision on the panels.


What Are the Features of Rock Wool Ceiling Panel?


Rock Wool Ceiling Panel

Figure 11 Rock Wool Ceiling Panel


In case you are in the market for ceiling panels, you should consider rockwool ceiling panels too. The rockwool ceiling panels would provide you with a comfortable internal environment. You can use them for both in the house or a commercial building.

Since it is rockwool, you can expect that the panel would help in retaining heat, reduce fire spreading in the room, and also provide better soundproof performance.

There are a few features that would make rockwool panels quite the choice for most people. Here are some of them.

  1. The panel has exceptional thermal properties. This means that the panels can maintain the overall temperature in the room. When it works with air condition system or HVAC system, can help those equipment to save a lot of energy.
  2. The material has good acoustic properties. It is why it might be used in places where soundproofing is needed.
  3. Fire safety is just as important. You never have to worry much about the fire spreading fast in case you are working with rockwool panels. This allows having enough time to contain the fire and protect whatever is in the house or room.
  4. The rockwool panel would also provide some great aesthetics generally. It all depends on what the manufacturer uses as the finish for the panel. With some nice colors, you end up with a rockwool panel that looks great.

When you can maintain the temperature within the required range, then you can save on energy bills. This means that the AC system will not have to work so hard to maintain the temperature. Eventually, you will notice that the energy bills are no longer too much.


Where Is Rock Wool Acoustic Panel Used?

Rockwool acoustic panels are able to do their job well because of the non-directional fibers used to make them. These fibers will trap the noise, making it good at keeping the sound penetration to a minimum. You can always expect that the rockwool will be good at sound deadening.

Acoustic rockwool panels are important for various uses. You can use it mostly in studios, apartments, and even offices. It is possible to find such panels used as ceilings or you can use them as wall panels. This is vital to ensure that you that the sound proofing is even better.

The rockwool acoustic panels are commonly used also in car parks in the basements. This keeps the sound from getting to the offices. It makes sense to keep the noise down in the offices as you would need a quiet environment to work better.

Rock Wool Acoustic Panels

Figure 12 Rock Wool Acoustic Panels


What Is the Glass Magnesium Rockwool Steel Sandwich Panel Color?

It is possible to come across different color options when looking for glass magnesium rockwool panels. The most common colors include white, off-white, and more.

Yes, it is possible to choose the right color that works for you. Simply talk to the manufacturer to customize the rockwool panel to have suitable color that you want.


What Is the Rock Wool Panel Price?

The rockwool panel price varies based on the manufacturer. However, the rock wool panel is mostly sold based on square meters. You will find that the average cost is around 13$ for 50mm rock wool panel, for both sides steel sheet 0.4mm. When surface steel sheet increase to 0.5mm, price increase around 1.57$/m2.

How Are Rock Wool Panels Shipped?

Before shipping can happen, Zonsteel will make sure that the panels are correctly packaged. This is vital to ensure that they would get to the client in one piece.

The panels are first wrapped in a protective film. This film is vital to prevent the panels from scratching. This is great as you will not have to worry about getting panels that look awful.

After the panels have their protective film, they are then attached to a pallet. It can be a wooden pallet or a metal pallet. This is vital to ensure that the panels are securely held in place correctly. At this point, the panels are ready for shipping even overseas.


How to Move Rock Wool Panel?

You are likely to move the rockwool panels by using forklifts or by hand. Each one has a place where they apply best.

Let us say you want to move one or two panels. You will have to consider using two people and move the panels around with ease. This is because these panels are mostly lightweight and will be easy to move around.

That cannot be said for those who want to move the whole pallet of rockwool panels. In such a case, it is best to consider using a forklift. Make sure to spread the base of the forklift so that you can balance the panels right. Such is vital to keep the panels from breaking and you can carry them with ease.

When using the forklift, make sure that you move the panels slowly and watch out for the different obstacles in the warehouse.

Forklift Handle Rock Wool Sandwich Panel

Figure 13 Forklift Handle Rock Wool Sandwich Panel


How to Pack Rock Wool Panel?

The rockwool panels are mostly packed in a way that helps them maintain their shine. That can only happen when using the right methods. For a company like Zonsteel, it starts by applying a protective film first, then the panels are safely secured on a pallet correctly.

There is no doubt you would like how it fits on the pallet to keep them from moving around.


What’s the Rock Wool Panel Specification?

It is important to choose rockwool panels based on their specifications. Below are some of the specifications you can get with rock wool panels.


Metal Surfaces

The metal surfaces are mostly made of steel. It will have an average thickness of 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, and 0.8mm

The metal coating galvalume (GL) ranges AZ50- 150gsm or Galvanized (GI) Zn50- 275gsm.

The paint coating, on the other hand, will be polyester primer. The polyester primer will be 5microns using a light yellow color. It can also have PE coating, HDP coating, PVDF coating, and SMP coating based on the RAL color system you choose. Zonsteel also offer PVC coating, free of plasticisers, its food safe can be used where continuous contact with unpacked foodstuff.



The dimensions in this case can vary based on the customer needs. However, there is still the standard option that Zonsteel makes. The dimensions are;

  1. Length has a maximum of 11800mm(limited by 40FT container)
  2. Width is 1200mm/1000mm
  3. Thickness is 50, 75, 80, and 100mm

You can inquire more about the dimensions based on what you want to make.



Here we are talking about the density of the rockwool insulation. The density is based on the UNI 6485 standard. The minimum density is 100 ± 8 kg/m³.


Fire resistant or loss to fire performance

This value is determine based on UNI 10522 standard. The loss to fire performance is 3.5 ± 0.5 %.

The rockwool panel is also good to withstand the high temperatures. It is estimated that the panel can stand up to 700 degrees C and can remain stable for over 4 hours(when rock wool panel with 2 pcs 9mm MGO board).

A rockwool panel can have many other specifications. Make sure to always request for a product catalog to learn more about these panels before buying.


How to Install Rock Wool Panel Wall, Ceiling and Roof?

The best thing about rockwool panels is that they are modular. Zonsteel will make them based on your dimensions. This means that installation becomes a lot easier than when you do not have to keep cutting the panels at the work site. This means the process is relatively the same either when installing walls, ceilings, and roofs.

  1. Start by moving the delivered panels to where you need to install them. It would be nice to have someone to help you with moving the panels to the right location.
  2. If it is a wall, you can use suction cups to hold the panels on either side and position them correctly for installation.
  3. Once the wall panel is in position, use the supplied installation accessories to hold it in place. Just like that, you should be done.
  4. Proceed to apply a sealant to the joints of the panels as directed by the manufacturer. The panels should be able to remain leak free for a long time.

Now that you have installed the wall panels, use the same procedure for the ceiling and roofs too. This will make sure that your panels are aligned properly always and there are no leaks too.

Rock Wool Panel Installation

Figure 14 Rock Wool Panel Installation


Can I Customize Rock Wool Panel from Zonsteel?

Yes. It is possible to customize the rock wool panels as much as possible from Zonsteel. This is because Zonsteel understands that each client might have different needs for the rockwool panels.

When customizing the rock wool panels, you can change things such as the size. You may want longer panels. Do not worry as Zonsteel will make that happens.

You can still customize the overall color. Yes, the rockwool panels can be part of your decoration. So, it makes sense if they are customized to have the color that you want. Make sure that you always talk to the support team to learn more about the different colors available.

There can be other customization options based on your needs. Always make sure that you talk to the support team to get all the information on any more customizations you might want.


Is the Rock Wool Sandwich Panel Corrosive?

No. These panels are not corrosive since they will have stainless steel top plates. The stainless steel material will not corrode even if it is continually exposed to the elements. This would make the rock wool panel last for a very long time generally.

Even if it is made of non-stainless steel, the material can still be pre-painted galvanized steel. This one is also protected from the elements to ensure that you end up with a high-quality sandwich panel. You will not have to worry about it easily corroding.



The rockwool panels can have many applications that people love. What is important is that you understand how rockwool panel works. From the guide above, you should know more about the panels and how best to utilize them. In case you need rockwool panels, let Zonsteel handle your order right now to ensure you get the best panels.

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