Rockwool Panel

  • Rockwool Acoustic Panel Custom Made Size
  • A1 Fire Rating or Max 4 Hours Fire Proofing
  • Thickness 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, or 200mm
  • Any RAL Color of Rockwool Panels
  • Excellent Thermal Insulation
  • Rockwool Panel
  • Rockwool Panel
  • Rockwool Panel

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Are you looking for non-combustible sandwich panel for your new construction? Do you need sandwich panels for wall or ceiling construction? Then our rockwool panes can be the best material for you. The panels are ideal for your cleanroom, workshop, warehouse, shopping mall, and garage.

Rockwool panel has best fire rating of A1, and has an excellent heat proofing performance to keep you warm.

Zonsteel rockwool insulation panels having a tongue and groove joint to make installation easier. The Panels come with a full set of accessories including aluminum channels, bolts, sealant, ceiling hanging system etc. All those enable you to save time and cost when working on large projects.

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Available Thickness0.4, 0.5, 0.6mm, or custom made 0.8, 1mm
Panel LengthMinimum of 1.5m up to a maximum of 11.85m
Panel Width1150mm 950mm
Groove Height0.5mm
Available MaterialsSS304, AluZinc, P.P.G.I
ColorAny RAL color
K Value (Thermal Conductivity)0.035 W/mK
Rockwool Density120 kg/m3
Fire PropertyA1
Bonding Strength60kPa
Peel Strength 150kPa
Wall & Roof
Thickness:  50 75 100 125 150 200mm
Application: Main use for clean room
Feature: Excellent thermal insulation, No fluorine, Eco-friendly, Anti-corrosion, Mildew resistance
Operating temperature range: Up to 600 °
Delivery time: 7 days
Loading: For 40HQ
50mm – 1422 m2
75mm – 938.52 m2
100mm – 711 m2
125mm – 568.2 m2
150mm – 469.26 m2
200mm – 355,5 m2Roof:
50mm – 876.9 m2
75mm – 639.9 m2
100mm – 497.7 m2
125mm – 402.9 m2
150mm – 331.8 m2
200mm – 260.7 m2
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Rockwool Panel: The Complete Guide

Zonsteel rockwool acoustic panels are specially processed and surfaced with perforating steel with a thickness of 180mm. As such, it can be widely used for office, KTV, cinema, and other buildings that need good soundproofing.

Zonsteel rockwool panels can have the additional MGO board to achieve 4 hours of fire proofing.

Zonsteel rockwool panels can have PPGI steel, AZ coated steel, or stainless steel, any RAL color for the face. It all depends on your needs.

The Rockwool panels can also have different color schemes for various applications. Some of them include camouflage patterns, wooden, marble, and more. As the client, clearly state your need for the panels and we will tailor the scheme to your needs.

Zonsteel rockwool panels are 1200mm or 1000mm wide. The length has no limit. Since Zonsteel uses rockwool panes of density 100-120 kg/m3, you will be with slightly heavier panels. To help in moving such panels, consider the length to be less than 6m.

Zonsteel rockwool panel thickness ranges from 50mm to 180mm and the steel thickness ranges from 0.4mm to 0.8mm. This makes the panels perfect for wall and roof applications. The rockwool roof panel is also corrugated, thus it is good for rainwater drainage. Its overlap joint design also makes it good for the rain.

Zonsteel rockwool panels delivery time 7-10 days. Zonsteel uses wooden or steel pallets for packing. The panels are also wrapped with EPS foam and PVC film for more protection.

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