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Zonsteel is professional x-ray door manufacturer and supplier certificated with ISO and CE. X-ray doors are radiation protection, lead lined door leaf and door frame. The view panel on doors are also lead lined glass. The lead thickness standard +2/3mmPa lead equivalent lead plate, and thickness varies according to project needs. Our X-Ray doors are widely used for CT scan rooms,PET scan rooms, and X-Ray rooms.

Zonsteel x-ray door has high quality and fast lead time, our excellent service win more than 90% repeat oders. Contact us today to get your right x-ray doors!

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X-Ray Door Manufacturer

We manufacture complete x-ray door selections to meet your special requirements in different dimensions, specifications, and more.
Airtight Multi Function X-Ray Door

Airtight Multi-Function X-Ray Door is for X-Ray protection installed in all kinds of hospitals effective opening and closing system that minimize the air flux.

Automatic Sliding X-Ray Door

Single Open X-Ray Doork opens and closes quickly, reduces air circulation to a minimum, prevents cold wind and dust from entering places with cleanliness requirements.

Customized Shielding X-Ray Door

Customized Shielding X-Ray Door provides a safe environment for hospital workers and industrial operators, thus minimizing radiation exposure to individuals.

Galvanized Steel X-Ray Door

Galvanized Steel X-Ray Door is available with special sealing rubbers, rounded profiles, and door panels covered with stainless steel or powder-coated galvanized steel.

Heavy Duty Sliding X-Ray Door

Heavy Duty Sliding X-Ray Door is for x-ray rooms where hygiene and x-ray protection are of utmost importance. Different door surface material is accessible.

Power Coated Automatic X-Ray Door

Powder Coated Automatic X-Ray Door is your first line of defense in healthcare and comes in an X-ray version to provide adequate protection.

Protective Lead Stainless Steel X-Ray Door

Protective Lead Stainless Steel X-Ray Door has shield radiation, protects the human body from radiation. We will custom your desired designs and materials.

Protective Radiation X-Ray Door

Protective Radiation X-Ray Door has unique design handles to reduce manual opening force when power failure. We supply all types of affordable doors.

Push/Pull X-Ray Door

Push/Pull X-Ray Door is also available in High-quality stainless steel hinges, stainless steel handles, and locks. We guarantee the best prices.

Single Open X-Ray Door

Single Open X-Ray Door is a Professional design for ordinary hygienic requirements, impressive appearance but comfortable for use.

Swing Lead X-Ray Door

Swing Lead X-Ray Door produces swing lead-lined doors for x-ray rooms where hygiene and x-ray protection are of utmost importance.

X-Ray Lead-Lined Door

We design X-Ray Lead-Lined Door to protect against X-ray radiation with a lead plate inserted into the hospitals’ x-ray room. Zonsteel can carry a large selection of Radiation protection in every price range.

Why X-Ray Door Manufacturer Zonsteel

  • 20 years x-ray door manufacturing
  • High-quality features x-ray door
  • cheaper heavy duty x-ray door
  • custom sizes, materials, designs, etc
  • easier to fabricate and install

Your Primer X-Ray Door Manufacturer

As your professional x-ray door manufacturer, we provide full support from your customizations request, the desired amount, secured and faster shipment, flexible packing, and more. We manufacture and produce your ideal quantity and selections of your orders and ensure certified stocks that you will receive. We have skilled staff and a hardworking production team that will support fast manufacturing. We provide complete equipment for different processing lines and ensure convenient factory space.

We, Zonsteel professionally handle excellent productions and do different processing to create high-class x-ray doors to produce high-quality radiation protection. We ensure an effective shielding door for your final applications. We have complete materials and develop door designs to meet all types of applications. Make the best connections with us. Zonsteel is willing to build a perfect relationship with you!

We Are Professional X-Ray Door Manufacturer
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X-Ray Door Manufacturer: The Complete Guide

Are you looking for the best x-ray door producer and manufacturer in China? Well, you open the right place to trust.

Zonsteel has great experience in more than 20 years in the field. Those years, we can handle and solve different difficulties. We have a great experience that makes us experts and familiar with all the processes. You can trust Zonsteel as your business long term partner.

We have introduced the world’s first-class origin of mechanical and electronic processing and manufacturing equipment in implementing the industrial intelligent automation operation to ensure product quality, such as-Ray Door. We create this with automatic product lines which lay a good foundation for manufacturing good products.

We provide the best radiation protection solution for your final application. We manufacture complete selections from sizes, functions, materials, and more like sliding x-ray door, swing, and telescopic. We ensure satisfying x-ray door features and functions. We have hot press machines and automatic spraying equipment with a professional support team, which makes us different in model development, mass production, and after-sale service.

X-Ray Door

Zonsteel x-ray doors manufacture and offer great selections such as motorized x-ray doors, linear accelerator vaults doors, custom made, and more. We also offer great benefits and advantages like smart solutions, fast installations, affordability, and a long life span. We manufacture modern and sophisticated machinery, allowing us to provide the best class and quality finish to our customers.

We are a team that understands how important radiation shielding is, and that is why we bring to you custom-made engineering solutions. Dimensions and shielding by the request, innovative technology, and advanced solutions, reliable safety measures, and the ability to adjust to any circumstance make us a trustworthy choice.

We produce and manufacture this product with top-quality raw materials that meet international standards, undergoing strict quality controls. As we look into the future, the Zonsteel team continuously strives to produce thoughtfully engineered products to enrich consumer lives.

We have well-experienced team workers and experts who can help you design and manufacture different types of doors for your special projects. From samples to finished products, we have one-to-one service for every client. If you need any X-Ray Door that we can produce, please get in contact with us.

X-Ray Door- Your Ultimate FAQs Guide

Zonsteel has great experience in manufacturing high-end quality x-ray doors. It helps meet your special requirements.

If you want x-ray doors, this guide will help you know the different ways and what to consider before your purchase. This guide will help you choose the right x-ray doors.

Check it out now.

What Is An X-Ray Doors?

X-Ray doors are x-radiation doors widely used for hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities and sterile environments. They are heavy-duty doors in a range of thickness with effective barriers for all directions.

What Are Different Types Of X-Ray Doors Are There?

1. Sliding

Figure 2: Sliding X-Ray DoorSliding X-Ray Door

Sliding x-ray doors are shielded doors that provide enough space drowned into interiors. This is one of the common types of doors used in the industry. Consist from three to four sides fully radiation-protected.

2. Swing

Swing is an x-ray shielded door. They need extra power to open the door. X-ray swing doors are open manually. It has reliable security and takes care of the staff using doors.

3. Double Swing

Figure 4: Double Swing X-Ray Door

Double Swing X-Ray Door

Easier to open double swing x-ray doors with full radiation protection for the outside part. Heavy duty and open manually with extra power.

4. Push and Pull

Figure 5: Push Pull X-Ray Door

Push Pull X-Ray Door

Push and pull doors for x-ay rooms are also applicable for small rooms. It has a dual side open which you can open forward or backward.

What Does X-Ray Door Function?

X-ray doors are designed with different open and close functions.

Manual- X-ray doors are open manually design for swing, push-pull doors, and sliding x-ray doors.

Motion Sensor- Open when the staff is coming and automatically open. Motion sensor doors are designed for all types of x-ray doors like swing doors, sliding, and push-pull.

It is referred to as a lead-lined door. Different environments required x-ray doors:

  • Hospitals
  • Dental surgeries
  • Medical centers
  • Doctor surgeries
  • Laboratories
  • Universities
  • Veterinary practices

What Are X-Ray Doors Components?

X-ray doors have different components to create extra-durable output. Each component has different important rules for door long life span. Each part is made of verified and popular materials.

  • Aluminum Alloy Cover: Aluminum alloy covers have a variety of sizes. Installed to the upper parts to support x-ray sliding doors smooth movement.
  • Wall Frame: X-ray door wall frames are also made of aluminum alloy. Assemble as door frames designed to lock the door.
  • Door Surface: Door surfaces are made of different materials according to your needs. There are x-ray doors made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, etc.
  • Framed View Window: It durably holds the tempered clear glass.
  • Tempered Clear Glass: Durable tempered clear glass
  • Bumper Strip: There are different lengths of bumper strips made of rubber that protect door frames and surfaces. It prevents slamming the door and supports a smooth sliding door.
  • Handle: Handles are made of stainless steel with various designs and shapes.

What Are X-Ray Door Features And Advantages?

The X-ray doors have great features and characteristics. It has advantages and disadvantages s for various applications.

  • Heavy-duty protective x-ray doors
  • Long life span and highly resistant
  • Noise proof, manual, and foot sensor
  • Tested and proven protective against rays
  • Soundproof

How are X-Ray Doors Installed?

Figure 6_ X-Ray Door Installed

X-Ray doors are installed with 5% BPE Sheets, steel, cadmium, paraffin. It has excellent sealing protection for people bypasses.

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