Surgical Scrub Sink Manufacturer

Zonsteel surgical scrub sink has complete selections like body material, styles, sizes, number of a person to use, on/off control, and more. In more than 20 years in the industry, we develop designs and make many customizations to meet your business’s unique requirements.

We will provide a surgical scrub sink according to your quantity needs and manufacture than what you expect. We warmly welcome OEM customers, and we’ll be glad to work with you long-term. We can fully support your expandable business. Send your inquiries now!

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Surgical Scrub Sink Manufacturer

Zonsteel is a professional producer and one-stop solution provider for your surgical scrub sink orders.
2 Person Surgical Scrub Sink

2 Person Surgical Scrub Sink unit has superior design lines, enhanced functionality, and easy to clean.

3 Person Surgical Scrub Sink

3 Person Surgical Scrub Sink is the perfect choice for at least 94-1/8” of available space outside.

Anti-Corrosive Surgical Scrub Sink

Anti-Corrosive Surgical Scrub Sink includes automatic sensors and a knee-operated water valve.

Customized Surgical Scrub Sink

Customized Surgical Scrub Sink includes knee-operated actuation valves, sound-dampening features, etc.

Floor Standing Surgical Scrub Sink

Floor Standing Surgical Scrub Sink can enhance benefits with optional accessories make them an ideal selection.

Foot Switch Surgical Scrub Sink

Foot switch surgical scrub sink are easy to use, maintain and clean. Make it easier when hand are dirty before use.

Knee Controlled Surgical Scrub Sink

Knee-operated panels enabler users to clean and sanitize hands-free quickly with complete features at cheap price.

Sensor Controlled Surgical Scrub Sink

It provides the perfect surgical scrub sink features to keep you hands-free and constantly sanitized while scrubbing.

Single Person Surgical Scrub Sink

Single person surgical scrub sink in stainless steel body materials at different styles and sizes.

Stainless Steel Surgical Scrub Sink

Durable and affordable type of materials in different production including scrub sinks.

Surgical Scrub Sink with Cabinet

We produce a surgical scrub sink with cabinets ideal in hospitals and many medical facilities.

Surgical Scrub Sink with Mirror

Choose easier to use, fancy, versatile surgical scrub sink with mirrors. You can provide confidence to all users.

Why X-Ray Door Manufacturer Zonsteel

  • 20 years surgical scrub sink manufacturing expert
  • 100% surgical scrub sink quality tested
  • Durable and long life span surgical scrub sink
  • Customized switch control
  • Arranged documents

Your Primer Surgical Scrub Sink Manufacturer Zonsteel

Zonsteel is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers in China. We can specialize in different surgical scrub sink selection manufacturing. We produce different materials, styles, functions, and more that will suit your project needs and business purposes. We have complete equipment and different processing machines such as molding machines. Cutting machines, polishing machines, and more.

In handling different productions, Zonsteel ensures the best services and the best solutions for you. We have more than 300 employees that take care of excellent services and smooth operations. We ensure to produce certified surgical scrub sink for you and custom your styles, designs. Sizes, body material, faucet types, and more.

We Are Professional Surgical Scrub Sink Component Manufacturer
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Surgical Scrub Sink Manufacturer: The Complete Guide

Are you searching for a durable and cost-effective surgical scrub sink in China? The best place you can visit is Zonsteel.

We manufacture all surgical scrub sinks and produce different types of body materials, styles, specifications, dimensions, and more. You can choose single person, multi, triple, and more according to your needs. It is essential to all surgical rooms before doing the operations.

Zonsteel surgical scrub sinks are applicable in different places. It has various features that will suit your final applications. It has different water controls, such as hand control, hand-free, foot-operated, knee control, and even sensor control. It has a digital timer applicable for sensor control.

We also design a surgical scrub sink with a soap dispenser for infrared methods. The faucets are available in different styles, but we also match your final application and ideal styles.

Zonsteel will surely meet your surgical scrub sink special needs and produce your desired customizations for personal business and project purposes. Zonsteel surgical scrub sink is easier to maintain, clean, disinfect, and more to ensure the safety of everyone. Our surgical scrub sinks are manufacture and produce with CE and ISO-certified.

We specialize in designing for more than 20 years in the field. We have become the leading surgical scrub sink producer and other related cleanroom products that meet different medical applications.

In more than 20 years, we provide one-stop solutions specializing in surgical scrub sinks and related products. We are using the high-class and excellent performance of processing machines and other equipment with convenient plant area.

Zonsteel is producing certified surgical scrub sinks and ensures a long life span service. It can serve many years because of anti-corrosion and anti-rust ability. We have a complete senior manufacturing team to ensure quality production and smooth processing. Our engineering teams are highly skilled, technical, designers, and more.

Expect the best for your business with Zonsteel. We will meet your urgent needs. Send your inquiries to build a great relationship with us. Get in touch now!

Surgical Scrub Sink: The Ultimate FAQS Guide

Surgical Scrub Sink

Zonsteel is an experienced surgical scrub sink producer and reliable manufacturer. Customizing customers’ designs and sizes.

This guide will help you consider a lot of surgical scrub sinks options. Check it now!

What Are Surgical Scrub Sink?

The surgical scrub sink is a scrub station for OR staff. This is a sink to wash hands before the operations for patients’ safety. It has usage guidelines for health facilities and systems. This is a necessary precaution to reduce the risk of HAIs or Healthcare-Associated Infections.

What Are Different Types of Surgical Scrub Sink?

Types of Surgical Scrub Sink

Types of Surgical Scrub Sink

There are different types of surgical scrub sink you should consider choosing for your final applications.

  • Single/Double Station
  • Wall Mounted
  • Portable/Movable
  • Floor Mounted

What Are Different Surgical Scrub Sink Function And How It Works?

Surgical scrub sinks have various functions and how it works. Wide range of options applicable for different health facilities. Here are some surgical functions and how it works when it needed.

Hand Sensor- Easier and fast to use because of sensor ability. Just place your hand under the faucet and the water comes out. It automatically shut off the water flow after use.

Knee Operated- It has an easier process in which surgeons don’t need to hold other parts of the sink. Knee operated and automatically shut off after use.

Foot Pedal- Perform by feet and pedal to open the faucet. After you move your feet, the water flows automatically shuts off.

Elbow Operated- It is designed for surgeons to start the flow using the elbow. It is manually open and closes the faucet without touching using hands.

There Are Different Key Features of Surgical Scrub Sink

Surgical Scrub Sink Key Features

Surgical Scrub Sink Key Features

Various features of the surgical scrub sink for surgeons and staff for every operation. Here are some surgical scrub sinks main features:

  • Water Control– It features different types of controls and is operated by hand and panels. Foot pumps and infrared sensors.
  • Digital timer– It has digital sensors ensuring proper amounts of water spent. After foot pumps or pedals, it has desired count and slowly shut off the water flow.
  • Soap Dispenser- The soap is dispensed through hand pumps and other methods which is very important for operations.
  • Faucet- The most important feature for surgical scrub sinks. It provides water for the scrubbing process which is very important for ANSI guidelines.
  • Station/Bay- There are different bay or stations designs from single to three stations. It allows multiple users or staff to use the sink at the same time.

Does Surgical Scrub Sink Need maintenance?

Surgical scrub sinks need to maintain cleanliness and needs to disinfect regularly.  The soap dispenser needs to maintain and change the soap regular basis to avoid bacteria.

Quarterly, the drainage and faucet need to maintain and disassembled.

What Does Surgical Scrub Sink Material Made Of?

Surgical scrub sinks are one of the most recommended materials. It has great anti-bacterial properties and is easier to clean.

How Should I Install Surgical Scrub Sink?

  • Identify where your installation locations
  • Install the faucet to scrub the sink
  • Position to wall mounting clip
  • Position scrub sink and secure to wall
  • Now connect water and waste lines.

How Should I Choose Right Surgical Scrub Sinks?

It is easy to choose the right surgical scrub sink from this guide. There is more different surgical scrub sink you should consider choosing.

Here are more surgical scrub sinks includes:

  • Single Screen
  • Two Way
  • Operation theater sensor
  • Automatic

Aside from different types of surgical scrub sinks, it is important to choose various finishes, dimensions, features, types of materials, and more.

Surgical scrub sinks are customizable and meet your ideal designs and dimension based on your applications.

Surgical scrub sinks are very convenient, durable, and hands-free.

What Are The Advantage of Stainless Steel Surgical Scrub Sinks?

Surgical Scrub Sink Advantage

Stainless steel is the most recommended material in making surgical scrub sinks.

  • Hygienic grade 304 stainless steel
  • Robust and touch-free
  • Battery operated-sensor taps
  • With mains operated
  • Deep Backsplash
  • One to four stations or bay

Surgical scrub sinks have various dimensions. One station has L574 x W520 x H687mm while the two stations have L1074 x W520 x H687mm.


Zonsteel easily manufactures surgical scrub sinks. Tested and proven company and support different industries. If you need something for your orders, then you can rely on us. Zonsteel will custom your orders.

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