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Zonsteel focuses on static pass box manufacturing and designing for over twenty years. As an experienced manufacturer, we can satisfy your business and project needs regarding static pass boxes.

We will provide complete service for your product development. Our team knows the right manufacturing solution your unit should be. With an advanced production line, we can deliver your orders on time and in a high-quality state. Customize your static pass box now.

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Static Pass Box

We focus on static pass box development, available in a different material grade, type, dimensions, finishes, and more.
Rectangular Static Pass Box

We construct a rectangular static pass box for multiple applications. The inside material is composed of stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Static Pass Box

Stainless steel static pass box is available in two power supplies. It is 380V and 220V.

Microbiology Static Pass Box

Microbiology static pass box has a wind speed of 0.45m/s and uses PLC as a core component.

Static Interlocking Pass Box for Pharmaceutical (1)

Designed using 304SUS as internal materials and powder coating steel in our frames.

Static Pass Through Box

Static pass-through box has both mechanical lock and electromagnetic lock.

Static Clean Room Pass Box

Static clean room pass box is available in outsize of 770x680x730mm.

L-shape Static Pass Box

L- shape static pass box weighs 35Kg and compose of the engine as core components.

Static Pass Box for Hospital

Static pass box for the hospital has a PLC core component and design using 304 stainless steel.

Portable Stainless Steel 304 Static Pass Box

Portable stainless steel 304 static pass box comes in all parts and accessories, ideal for different applications.

Electromagnetic Static Pass Box

Electromagnetic static pass box has core components of PLC and motor.

Hepa Filter H13 Static Pass Box

HEPA filter H13 static pass box has a customized size; made from stainless steel.

Customize Static Pass Box

Customize static pass boxes with your own colors, sizes, and specifications. We developed boxes with PLC.

Why Static Pass Box Zonsteel

  • Professional Static Pass Box Manufacturer
  • Deploy Over 300 Workers and Staff
  • Leading Research and Development Ability
  • ISO Certificated Static Pass Box
  • Timely Delivery for your Order

Your Leading Static Pass Box Zonsteel

Zonsteel is an expert static pass box manufacturer in China. We tend to offer a one-stop solution for your business and project requirements. With 20 years of production and 12 years of exporting experience, you can ensure a top-quality static pass box and exceptional service. We deploy 300 workers – among them are designers, architects, HVAC engineers, and structural engineers.

Zonsteel is EPC qualified. We are capable of solving your business needs, from design, assembly, shipping, installation to after-sale service. Zonsteel is your #1 solution provider in China for your production requirements. Wherever you are, local or overseas, we can deliver your orders to your door.

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Your Reliable Static Pass Box Manufacturer in China

Zonsteel is a world-leading static pass box manufacturer. We offer a one-stop engineering solution for pharmaceutical and healthcare labs. From start to finish, we’ll deliver the perfect tool to add to your current production line. Wherever you need it, you can find a good choice at Zonsteel.

The static pass box by Zonsteel offers complete protection. Aside from that, it is also a tool for transporting items from and to the facility. These boxes are primarily applicable for moving non-sensitive productions between two cleanrooms for equal cleanliness.

These boxes are usable in broad areas, including hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and food industries.

Zonsteel goal is to make an affordable and accessible tool to clean the environment. We design a static pass box to limit personnel movement. If you are looking for a type that meets your requirements, you can contact our team. Further, we can assist and help you find the best.

As a trustworthy supplier in China, Zonsteel presents the highest-quality range of static pass boxes. These boxes come in various sizes and features, such as easy to clean, integrate easily, advanced airtightness, interlocking system, heavy-duty construction, air pressure drain, and UV light. You can find industry-leading design static pass boxes to support your business!

When you choose Zonsteel, you select the right tool for your facility.

Moreover, we will customize the static pass box according to your particular needs. You can choose materials: stainless steel 304/ stainless steel 316/ stainless steel 316L. The door options are mechanical or electrical interlock. We also offer accessories, such as an hour meter, buzzer and indicator lamps, electromagnet, fluorescent light, and many more.

All of our static pass boxes fully conform to CE and ISO standards. Maximize your production efficiency with the Zonsteel static pass box. Having twenty years of experience designing and manufacturing such equipment, we have become one of the leading manufacturers in China.

If you are interested to know more about our static pass boxes, please contact us now.

FAQs: All You Need to Know About Static Pass Box

There is no need to search the web for the answers to the questions you have about the static pass box. Zonsteel prepared this section to have your basic inquiries answered right away!

Read down to the bottom to learn more about the static pass boxes.

Static Pass Box 1


What is a Pass Box?

  • Cleanrooms have a pass box which is also called a pass-through box. These pass boxes are used to channel materials from one room to another room which has controlled air pressure and air quality. Pass box enables the control of contamination between the rooms it connects through its interlocking system.
  • This works in a way that as one door opens the other door remains close. This feature acts to remove whatever material contaminants or dust particle is on the material being transferred.

Pass boxes are also known as:

  • Cleanroom pass-through
  • Clean transfer window
  • Transfer hatch

Cleanroom Static Pass Box 6


What are the Main Types of Pass Box?

There are three main types of pass box

  • Static Box
  • Semi-active Box
  • Active Box

What is a Static Pass Box?

This type of pass box transfers materials from one compartment to another compartment of the same air cleanliness. Static pass boxes are the best choice if the room does not require ventilation, and the item being channeled is not sensitive.

What materials is Static Pass Box Made of?

A static pass is manufactured with the following materials

  • Stainless steel in cubical shape
  • Electromagnetic LED indicator
  • 8watts UV light
  • UV light meter
  • 40watts capacity
  • No filter

What are the Differences between a Static Pass Box and a Dynamic Pass Box?

Static Pass Box

  • This type of pass box is an auxiliary between rooms of the same air quality. It is widely used in rooms with limited personnel movements.
  • Static pass box is only applied for cleanroom to cleanroom activities.
  • Static pass box doors have an electromagnetic interlock fitted with a LED light that allows the user to know when a door is open.
  • Since the channeling of items only happens between rooms of the same air standard, the static pass box does not have an interlock guard system.
  • Static pass box does not have filters
  • It is designed to prevent air particulate from ambient surroundings to enter the cleanroom.

Dynamic pass box

  • It is best used in transferring materials between uncontrolled compartments to controlled compartments.
  • This type of box has interlocked doors that prevent cross-contamination in the event of channeling the materials.
  • A dynamic pass box has an interlock guard system that allows control of the inlet and the outlet. Hence, not both can be opened at the same time. This method helps in decontaminating the materials being transported from both rooms.
  • It has a filter of 0.3 microns stainless steel and 10 microns aluminum.
  • This type of pass box has a 0-25mmwc pressure gauge, and a motor blower for about 1/5 that helps in shaving off dust particles.

Cleanroom Static Pass Box

What Industries Use Static Pass Box?

A static pass box is applied in the various industrial institutions. In many cases is used in:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Microbiology laboratories
  • Microelectronic laboratories
  • Scientific Researches laboratories
  • Precision Instrument Manufacturer

Why is there a Need for a Static Pass Box?

  • Cross-contamination is the most dreaded part of manufacturing products in industries like pharmaceuticals, research laboratories, and microelectronic laboratories.
  • Static pass box then plays a vital role in containing the clean air in the cleanroom. As it only allows transport of material from rooms of the same air quality, it keeps the balance inside the facilities.
  • Through this, dust particles and contaminants are put at bay keeping the products safe and secure.

Sizes Static Pass Box


What is the International Standard Dimension for a Static Pass Box?

The international standard dimension of a static pass box is 2 x 2 x 2 Ft. 3 x 3 x 3 Ft. 4 x 3 x 3 ft.

How to Keep a Static Pass Box Clean?

With its cubical shape body made in stainless steel, the static pass box is easy to clean and maintain. The following are the standard procedure in cleaning a static pass box:

  • First, switch off all electrical wirings connected to the static pass box.
  • Second, using a 70%IPA lint-free mop, wipe the static pass box from the inside.
  • Third, using the same material wipe the outside of the static pass box.
  • Lastly, the same material—70% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) mop, wipe both sides of the glass view door.

*Note: Do this procedure cleaning after end every end of operation and shift. And, in the event of damage or spills of an item being transferred

Static Pass Box 2


Why is Static Pass Box Needed in a Cleanroom?

The main purpose of a cleanroom is to provide utmost protection to the products and researches in the laboratory. The static pass box is the key to keeping the cleanroom neat and contaminant-free.

What is a HEPA filter in a Pass Box?

High Proficiency Particulate Air (HEPA), this feature is not available in a static pass box and can only be found in a dynamic pass box. This feature proves to remove 99.97% in the cleanroom that resulting in higher air quality in the facility.

What are the Important Precautions in Using Static Pass Box?

These are the things you need to remember in properly handling a static pass box.

  • Carefully open and close the door without using too much force in it.
  • Close immediately whichever door is open in the event that the alarm rings.
  • In instances that the static pass box’s indicator is not working, report immediately to the maintenance team. Do not use the static pass box in these terms.
  • Check the UV light is operating properly when both the doors as closed.
  • Do not ever try to open the opposite door when the other door is still open.

Static Pass Box 4

What are the Quality Classification Tests for Static Pass Box?

In general, the pass box must pass specific tests to ensure its quality. Since there are no specific qualifications for a pass box, a workaround using ISO 14644 is a good reference for audit.

  • Airflow Validation test

This method shows the actual airflow pattern all throughout the pass box. It is executed using a visible vapor source or a streamer.

  • Recovery Test

This test determines the capacity of the pass box to revert to its clean state after being exposed to contamination.

  • Microbiological Challenge

The UV efficiency is the one being evaluated in this process. A Petri dish with a concentration of Bacillus Subtilis is used to perform this test.

What are the Things to Consider in Purchasing a Static Pass Box?

These are the points to put in the account in purchasing a static pass box.

  • Ease in Cleaning
  • Easy Application
  • Air Tight Feature
  • Interlock Guard System
  • Durability
  • Air Pressure Drainage
  • UV Light Capacity
  • State of the Art Design

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