Stainless Steel Wash Basin

  • Whole Wash Basin Is Stainless Steel 304 1.5mm and 1.2mm
  • Wash Basin Inner Corner Arc Design
  • Knee-Operated Water Control And Soap Dispenser
  • Optional Infrared Sensor, Eye Wash Station
  • Optional One Station, Two Station or Three Station
  • Stainless Steel Wash Basin
  • Stainless Steel Wash Basin
  • Stainless Steel Wash Basin

Your Reliable Partner and Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Wash Basin

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Zonsteel stainless steel washbasin is the best designed for medical use. The use of heavy gauge stainless steel construction ensures durability. The stainless steel washbasins are knee-operated for water on and off. They also have a soap dispenser eliminating the contact with the basin. Its arc corner prevents bacteria from collecting.

The client can request other optional features to meet their special needs.

Zonsteel stainless steel washbasin has anti-splash and anti-noise as part of the design. The entire basin is made of stainless steel 304 material of thickness is 1.2mm, and the wash part is 1.5mm. Such a grade of stainless steel is durable to last for years.

Meanwhile, the most processing is bending, give the corner is arc shape lead to easy cleaning and prevent bacteria from collecting. Apart from normal welding, we use full welding for rest work. Compared to spot welding, full welding makes the welds much stronger.

Another standard feature is a knee-operated panel to control water on and off. It also the soap dispenser attached to the wash basin for washing your hands better.

Contact us to customize your Stainless Steel Wash Basin now!
(L x W x H) mm
Floor sinkZSF-001900 x 1950 x6301 station
ZSF-0021600 x 1950 x6302 station
ZSF-0032000 x 1950 x6303 station
ZSF-0042400 x 1950 x6304 station
Wall mounted sinkZSW-001900 x 660 x 5801 station
ZSW-0021500 x 660 x 5802 station
ZSW-0031850 x 660 x 5803 station
ZSW-0042400 x 660 x 5804 station
Supply free standing on floor type or wall mounted type
Arc construct, each cleaning
Whole structure 1.2mm stainless steel grade 304, sink part is 1.5mm
Silence type and anti-splash
Built-in thermostat, water temperature maximum 46 °C
Water-proofing mirror optional
LED light optional
Water heater optional
Sink surface be treated, more anti-corrosive, nicer looking
Laminar flow faucet head optional, independent faucet
Eye wash facility attachment optional
Infrared water control optional
Knee-operated soap dispenser optional, independent dispenser
Digital timer optional
Divider screen optional
1 year warranty and lifetime technical support
Packing method: film and wooden case
15-20 dasy delivery time
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Stainless Steel Wash Basin: The Complete Guide

The wash basin has a built-in thermostat that can be operated through a control panel. The water temperature is suitable for human use and can heat up to 46°C. In addition, there is a digital timer on the control panel to set the water running time. This will reduce water wastage. The faucet head is designed for both spraying or laminar flow. The soap is also set to dispense the proper amount.

Zonsteel stainless steel wash basin offers optional features. You can choose one station, two stations or three stations. It does not matter how many stations you have, as each faucet has a respective panel to control water flow and a soap dispenser. For the two and three station models, you can even choose a transparent partition to prevent splash from another faucet by other person using.

You can also choose an infrared sensor for the faucet, so you will have two ways to start water rather than using the knee-operated panel only.

One more optional feature is basin type. Free-standing on the ground or hanging on wall models. The choice depends on your water drainage convenience. For a hanging basin, it is installed 250mm from the floor.

The other features you can choose from including the mirror, LED light, and eyewash station.

Zonsteel stainless steel washbasin offers the best surgical solutions, it is durable, move convenient, and safer! Contact us today to customize your stainless steel wash basin.

Stainless Steel Wash Basin: The Complete FAQs Guide

Wash basins have been around for a long time. They are important pieces of equipment you need for washing your hands in different settings. Zonsteel is your best partner in making the best stainless steel wash basins. Let us see what you can get with such types of wash basins.

What is a Stainless Steel Wash Basin?

A Knee-Operated Stainless Steel Wash Basin

Figure 1 A Knee-Operated Stainless Steel Wash Basin

The stainless steel wash basin is like any other wash basin only that it is made of stainless steel and larger in size. Such a design makes it ideal where there is a need for proper sanitization before getting into a cleanroom or other applications.

The stainless steel material generally makes the wash basins durable even with continuous exposure to water. As much as some might be used to wash basins made of ceramic material, stainless steel material is also a great option to consider too.

What is the Purpose of a Stainless Steel Wash Basin?

It should be easy to understand the purpose of a wash basin as it is something you have interacted with before.

The Zonsteel stainless steel wash basin is best suited for medical applications. Surgeons can use it to wash up before entering the surgery room.

The stainless steel wash basin has several properties important for keeping the surgeon contaminant-free, as we will see later.

The same stainless steel wash basin can come in handy to work in areas that generally need the users to be clean. Let us say you want to get into a cleanroom, it would help to have a place to clean up before wearing the necessary apparel for the job.

What are the Properties of Zonsteel Stainless Steel Wash Basin?

A Surgeon Using a Stainless Steel Wash Basin

Figure 2 A Surgeon Using a Stainless Steel Wash Basin

If you are new to using the stainless steel wash basins from Zonsteel, you would want to know the properties each one can offer. Well, here are some of the notable properties.

✧  The wash basins are made of stainless steel material. This type of material is good in terms of durability. Even if the material is exposed to water all the time, it will remain looking good and durable.

✧  To help avoid contamination before getting into the surgery room, there are several operating modes. They include knee-operation and soap dispensing too. You never have to contact the basin, thus eliminating the bacteria from collecting on your hands.

✧  The wash basin is designed to be anti-splash and anti-noise. It will have a splash guard to ensure that water on one side does not splash over to the other side.

✧  The use of full welding as part of the construction is vital for ensuring that the wash basin is more durable than what you get with other models in the market. Compared to spot welding, this type of welding will also make the wash basin handle regular use more often.

✧  The model is bent using a CNC bending machine. The idea is to form arch-shaped corners. Such a shape makes it hard for the bacteria to hold onto the basin. Another benefit is that the wash basin will also be easy to clean.

The properties list can go on for long. What is important is that the stainless steel wash basin will be good for various applications that need regular washing of hands without further contamination.

Does the Stainless Steel Wash Basin Offer Hot Water?

Yes. The stainless steel wash basin features a thermostat essential for controlling the water temperature. If you need warm water, it would be dispensed at 46 degrees celsius. This should be a safe temperature for most people to wash their hands without feeling that the water is too hot.

How do You Control the Stainless Steel Wash Basin?

The Zonsteel stainless steel wash basins are operated with the knee as the standard feature. When you activate it using the knee, it will dispense the water and soap. You should have everything you need to wash your hands right away.

The wash basin has a digital timer important for controlling the running time of the water. This is crucial for ensuring there is no wastage of water. The soap dispensed is also the right amount enough to leave you with clean hands.

The faucet can be adjusted for different water flow patterns. It can either be spray or laminar. Always pick the flow you feel is good for proper washing of the hands.

Once you are done washing your hands, use the knee again to turn off the faucet and soap dispenser. It is easy to see that you will never have to contaminate your cleaned hands.

Also, there is the option of using the infrared sensor for faucet operation. This means that when you get close to the faucet, it automatically turns on. At this point, you will have two ways to start the water flow. This will make your stainless steel wash basin quite versatile.

Can You Get a Mirror as Part of the Stainless Steel Wash Basin?

A Stainless Steel Wash Basin Equipped with a Mirror

Figure 3 A Stainless Steel Wash Basin Equipped with a Mirror

Yes. Getting a mirror as part of the wash basin is optional. Some might need it, while others might not need it.

Still on the options, you can get with the stainless steel wash basin, getting an LED light is worth mentioning. The light will illuminate the wash basin when someone is using it in low light conditions.

Another important accessory is the eyewash station. The eye wash station should make the wash basin even more versatile. This is because it would now have a lot more uses other than washing your hands only.

What Options Do You Get as Zonsteel Stainless Steel Wash Basin Sizes?

Zonsteel stainless steel wash basin size is 900 x 1950 x630mm, 1600 x 1950 x630mm, 2000 x 1950 x630mm, 2400 x 1950 x630mm. That is the standard size you get from the manufacturer. It is worth noting that the size can be customized depending on the space available to set up the wash basin.

The wash basin is 1.2mm to 1.5mm in terms of thickness. This is to ensure that you can always get a strong wash basin, even for regular use. Since Zonsteel uses SS304 to make the wash basin, it should stand out for durability.

The thickness can also increase if you opt for a double-layered tabletop from the manufacturer.

How Many Types of Stainless Steel Wash Basins are Available?

A Stainless Steel Wash Basin with Multiple Stations

Figure 4 A Stainless Steel Wash Basin with Multiple Stations

The types of Zonsteel stainless steel wash basins are mostly classified based on the number of stations you want. The models are available as one-station, two-station, and three-station wash basins.

If you anticipate having many people using the stainless steel wash basins, consider models with more washing stations. For a low-trafficked area, then the one-station basin should be enough.

Remember that other than customizing the number of washing stations, you can also choose the body type, the leg material, and more other accessories.

Can You Use a Stainless Steel Wash Basin in a Kitchen?

Since Zonsteel makes custom-sized wash basins, it is possible to get one for your kitchen. As much as the primary audience is the medical world, it does not mean you cannot use the same for the kitchen.

Send the Zonsteel your kitchen dimensions, especially where you want the wash basin to be installed. The team will develop something custom for your kitchen or any other place you want to install such a stainless steel wash basin.

How Much Can You Spend on Stainless Steel Wash Basin for Sale?

Anyone who wants the best stainless steel wash basin for sale would want to know what kind of price they have to pay for the product. The good news about Zonsteel stainless steel wash basins is that they are within the affordable range.

The price largely varies depending on the size of wash basin you want and the quantity. Also, any additional accessories apart from the standard accessories can influence the price too. It is why you should consider requesting for a quote with all the details you want included in the wash basin.

The Zonsteel customer care team often responds to the requests fast. This means that you should end up with the quotations fast, mostly within 24 hours.

What is the Process on How to Clean Stainless Steel Wash Basin?

So far, it is easy to tell that the stainless steel wash basin is vital furniture to have in the hospital or any other place where there is a need to maintain cleanliness. So, what if you want to maintain it clean. Here are some ideas to get you started.

✧ It is advisable to rinse the stainless wash basin after every use. As much as the hands are not supposed to touch the basin, let the water run for a few more seconds to clean any dirt residues in the wash basin.

✧ The wash basin needs additional cleaning at least daily. You can have a team dedicated to cleaning the wash basins daily to leave them in good working conditions.

✧ When cleaning the wash basin, avoid using a cleaner with chloride or bleach. They can easily corrode the fixture. It is best to consider using mild cleaners.

Sometimes it is best if you follow the cleaning instructions from Zonsteel. This will ensure that your stainless steel wash basins will have the best look and durability over the years of use in the future.

Can Zonsteel Rush a Stainless Steel Wash Basin Order?

It is possible that sometimes Zonsteel comes across a client who needs the stainless steel wash basins done faster. The company can realistically tell you how quickly it would be able to deliver on the order as fast as possible.

Considering the company can deliver the orders within 15 days, many find it a good turnaround time even for the large orders. So, do not hesitate to find out if your urgent order can still be handled within a reasonable time.

Why Are Zonsteel Stainless Steel Wash Basins Made of SS304 Steel Grade?

A Cleaned Stainless Steel Wash Basin

Figure 5 A Cleaned Stainless Steel Wash Basin

You are likely to notice that most of the stainless steel products are made of SS304 steel grade material. This also includes the stainless steel wash basins. Why is this the case? Here are the reasons why the SS304 material is often preferred.

✧ This type of steel grade is highly durable. It would remain strong even with continuous exposure to some elements that might easily degrade other materials.

✧ The material can also stand up to high temperatures. It is why it could be a nice choice for different applications where the temperature might be high. It is still good for low temperatures.

✧ The material has excellent welding performance compared to other materials. It does not require preheating, and the weld can hold for longer. Since Zonsteel uses full welding technology, it means you end up with a highly durable joint between different parts.

✧ This steel grade is also excellent at corrosion resistance. This is thanks to the formation of the chromium passivation layer on the surface. However, you should always take good care of your stainless steel wash basin to help it last longer.

The properties can go on, but we already see why it is a popular material where durability is a crucial factor. So, you can pick the stainless steel wash basin, knowing that it would live up to your needs for durability.

Will it Take Long to Place an Order for a Stainless Steel Wash Basin?

No. If you are ready to place an order for a stainless steel wash basin, get in touch with the Zonsteel customer care team.

The team will guide you from the start of your order up to the end. The idea is to ensure that you end up with the best wash basin that suits your needs.

The team will guide you further if you ever want more information, such as the shipping schedule, actual delivery time, and more.

The customer care and sales teams respond fast. You can always have your answer about the order within a day. The official website also has a phone number that allows for direct contact with the team for a faster response.

Is it Hard to Conduct a Stainless Steel Wash Basin Installation?

An Installed Stainless Steel Wash Basin

Figure 6 An Installed Stainless Steel Wash Basin

The installation is not the hardest you will ever encounter. This is because it is like any other wash basin you might have come across before. If you find that the installation might not be easy, it is best to involve a professional such as a plumber. At least you would know that the wash basin would be installed correctly.

It is worth noting that the wash basin will have the installation instructions as part of the package. The aim is to make your job easier so that you can handle the installation easily.

Zonsteel still offers overseas installation. You might want to request for this when placing your order. This allows for proper calculation of the final cost of the whole project.

You will have access to the best technical team ready to help you get the best advice on installing, operating, and maintaining your stainless steel wash basin.

Can Still Use a Used Stainless Steel Wash Basin for Medical Applications or Cleanroom?

The stainless steel wash basin can be reused or recycled as other common furniture.  As long as the used stainless steel wash basin is complete and clean to own the functions you need, it can be used for other suitable applications such as medical, cleanroom, and so on.

It is very important to keep the used stainless steel wash basin clean enough for medical application or cleanroom, in order to avoid secondary contaminate when recycling the wash basins.

Is the Zonsteel Stainless Steel Wash Basin Resistant to Scratches?

As you know the Zonsteel wash basin is made up of stainless steel material, this material has the properties of rigidity and durable, so the wash basin is resistant to scratches.

But it does not mean that you can get the stainless steel wash basins damaged optionally, you should handle the wash basins carefully and keep them in good looking for long use.


It is hard to go wrong with the Zonsteel stainless steel wash basins. They are built to be durable, easy to use, protect you from contamination, and more. As such, it would be a nice option for the medical world.

Call Zonsteel today to get yourself the best deal on stainless steel wash basins. You can also get the best advice on which type of wash basin to get for your application.

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