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Zonsteel is a trusted stainless steel door manufacturer in China for more than 20 years. We ensure the highest quality stainless steel door with airtight features. It is available in single door, double open door, double sliding door, double auto sliding door, etc.

Zonsteel’s team has rich knowledge and expertise in the design, development, manufacture, and installment of your stainless steel door. Contact us immediately and send your customize stainless steel door. We are eager to help you boom your business!

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  • Clean Room Manufacturer

Stainless Steel Door

Specializes in Clean Room Panels, Clean Room Doors, Clean Room Windows, Modular Clean Room, Elevated Floor
Clean Room Stainless Steel Doors

It features such as maintaining the best air-tightness, pressure resistance, sound insulation, etc.

Custom Stainless Steel Doors

Zonsteel is capable of bring the best version of doors for your different applications.

Excellent Airtight Stainless Steel Doors

These are specially designed stainless steel doors commonly used in hospitals, food factories, etc.

Fire Rated Stainless Steel Doors

Fire Rated Stainless Steel Doors can keep people safe and minimizing property damage during a fire.

High-Speed Stainless Steel Doors

High-Speed Stainless Steel Doors for highly corrosive environments can be custom-made by us.

Interlock Stainless Steel Doors

Find and get the highest quality Interlock Stainless Steel Doors from us.

ISO Certified Stainless Steel Doors

Our products obtained international standards certifications like ISO, CE, UL, FSC-COC, etc.

Manual Stainless Steel Doors

This is available with a complete door frame and built-in door closer.

Silver Polished Stainless Steel Doors

This hygienic design and sleek appearance door are made of stainless steel and perfect surface treatment.

Swing Metal Stainless Steel Doors

We are your one-stop solution to your swing metal stainless steel doors needs.

Sliding Stainless Steel Doors

You can avail sliding stainless steel doors designs with a high-performing sliding door system.

Stainless Steel Door Designs

Our stainless steel door meets the hygienic requirements of various industries.

Why Stainless Steel Door Zonsteel

  • Advanced technology and machines in manufacturing
  • Sophisticated designs and features
  • 7 to 30 days fast delivery
  • 100% Durable and Versatile
  • Customized Stainless Steel Doors

Your No. 1 Stainless Steel Door Zonsteel

Zonsteel is your no.1 stainless steel door manufacturer, also specialized in door components fabricating including door closer, door window, lifting sealing strip, panic bar, kick strips or vent on doors, etc. Customize your stainless steel door with any size and color to meet your unique requirements. All products we provide have the right features for your cleanroom purposes. It delivers airtight features, intelligence, humidity control, and sometimes sound insulation. You can install it with 100% safe, reliability, stability, and convenience. You can guarantee to find and get high-precision and high-quality doors.


Zonsteel stainless steel doors can be achieved with impressive sealing performance, high value and quality cleanroom doors, firm and strong. When using this, you can experience the ease of setting up and ease of cleaning. We ensure that the door can stand up over for how many years of operation. Our company holds the advanced manufacturing line to produce your stainless steel doors such as Japan Motorum auto CNC multi-station punch press, Italy Prima Power auto punching machine, South Korea Double win test line, etc. All our stainless steel doors are well packed by pallet, with no damage during delivery and shipping.


We Are Professional Stainless Steel Door Component Manufacturer
  • Clean Room Panels
  • Clean Room Doors
  • Clean Room Windows
  • Modular Clean Room
  • Elevated Floor


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Zonsteel – Your Excellent Stainless Steel Door Supplier

Zonsteel is an expert when it comes to the manufacture of stainless steel doors for cleanroom applications. We have 20+ years of manufacturing experience that you can depend on. Avail of our stainless steel door at a very competitive price with the best functions.

Our stainless steel doors are commonly used in biopharmaceutical labs, precision electronics factories, hospitals, cosmetic factories, food and beverage plants, and more. Zonsteel stainless steel door is responsible for blocking the outside air and dust particles from entering the cleanroom. When you install this, you can sustain a clean room’s temperature, cleanliness, airtightness, and humidity.

Depending on the type of stainless steel door, Zonsteel is professional in providing you the finest one. It could be stainless steel single door, stainless steel double open door, stainless steel double sliding door, swing doors, rolling doors, stainless steel double auto sliding door, etc.

As your trusted supplier, we can provide you a broad range of options on stainless steel door’s size. It is available on standard single door size 900x2100mm, double door 1500x2100mm, and any other measures could be tailor to your specific need. If there is no special requirement, we can offer it in blue color.

We can use high-quality stainless steel material in producing your stainless steel door orders. You can choose whether stainless steel 316, stainless steel 201, stainless steel 304, and more.

Many customers preferred stainless steel 304 material. Because of its solidity and durability, it can live up to the various cleanroom needs. No need to worry about changing your door from time to time because it can maintain its integrity for longer. You will experience the ease of setting up and ease of cleaning. This can maintain a high level of cleanliness and maintenance.

Stainless steel door from Zonsteel has the overall structures need for the cleanroom door requirements. It maintains the best sound insulation, excellent air-tightness heat insulation, pressure resistance, thick door panels, and more.

Aside from stainless steel doors, Zonsteel offers a wide range of cleanroom doors you can choose from. It includes aluminum doors, melamine grease doors (HPL), and powder-coated steel doors. Zonsteel is your one-stop-shop solution for cleanroom doors requirements.

If you’re searching for a stainless steel door and unsure where to begin, message us today for further information. We are excited to provide the best stainless steel door that can maintain cleanroom integrity.

Talk to Zonsteel to learn more about such stainless steel doors and how you can get one for your cleanroom. Our sales service team is available 24/7 to assist your needs.

Stainless Steel Door: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Do you desire to have a stainless steel door at your specific applications, but you don’t have enough ideas about it?

Don’t skip reading this article. You will surely learn a lot about stainless steel doors, including their durability, advantages, cost, and many others.

Enjoy reading and learning!

What is Stainless Steel Door?

stainless steel door

The stainless steel doors are perfect for commercial and industrial applications. It is also valuable for high-style environments.

It is best applied in exterior and interior locations. 

What are the Common Features of Stainless Steel Door?

  • Accessible with an extended range of glass liters and louvers
  • Seamless or edge seam
  • 3 hours fire-rated
  • Type 304 and 316 vertical grain
  • Frames and welded jamb depths
  • Has about 1-¾ inches  thick doors

How Do You Clean the Stainless Steel Doors?

  1. Use a soft cloth or a sponge with a mild detergent and warm water.
  2.  Always wipe based on the direction of the grain. It helps avoid cross-grain scratchings.
  3. Rinse the surfaces with clean, warm water, and dry quickly to prevent water spots.
  4. Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

What Products Should You Not Use on Cleaning Stainless Steel Doors?

  • Steel wool
  • Cleaners contain ammonia
  • Tap water
  •  Bleach and other chlorine products
  • Harsh abrasives
  • Oven cleaners
  • Scouring powders

How Do I Choose a Stainless Steel Door for Business?

  •  Know your needs

Know how many stainless steel doors you need, how long you would like to use the said door, and where you will place it.

  • Consider your budget

The stainless steel doors have a budget-friendly cost. But you still have to consider the quality and quantity of purchasing doors.

Budget is the main factor when selecting the best stainless steel doors for your 


  • Required level of security

Find out stainless steel door applications, and decide what level of security you need. 

Stainless steel doors are one of the sturdiest and hard-to-break doors.

Placing it as an external door requires the highest level of security.

  • Consider the aesthetics

Adding more aesthetic flairs for stainless steel doors provides high security at the same time, good looks.

  • How long do you need it to last

Know how long you need your stainless steel door and when to replace it with another type. 

But if you prefer stainless steel door with glass, it may not last so long.

Does Stainless Steel Door Rust?

Stainless steel resists corrosion compared to other types of materials. 

It contains chromium and forms chromium oxide when opened to oxygen. 

The chromium oxide layer protects stainless steel doors from rust.

 But there are common causes why stainless steel door rust, such as:

  • Improper Cleaning

Not removing the dirt, improper rinse, and drying after cleaning forms iron. And if the iron is exposed to air oxygen-it causes rust.

  • Using steel wool for scrubbing its surface

The particles of steel wool will be embedded into the stainless steel door surface.

 Particles that, if exposed to moisture or humid air, rust forms.

  • Cleaning chemicals

When exposed to cleaning chemicals that are not applicable for stainless steel cleanings, it usually forms rust.

What Grade of Stainless Steel Door will Not Rust?

Because of nickel and chromium compositions, the 304-grade stainless steel-made door offers outstanding resistance from corrosion or rust.

What are the Factors to Consider When Buying Stainless Steel Doors?

stainless steel door

Cut-outs. Hiring a professional installer can help achieve your desired cut-outs for your stainless steel doors.

Coating. Make sure that your preferred stainless steel doors are perfectly coated according to your desire or need.

Some factories add PVC vinyl layers for a better look or color. 

But using PVC vinyl is harder to replace or repaint a color.

Scratching. The high-standard stainless steel door resists pets’ scratches but not metal scratches.  

Painting is the only way to fix it.

Is the Stainless Steel Door Better Than Wood Door?

Because of solidity and durability, both stainless steel and wood are standard materials for doors. 

Below are some of the differences between stainless steel doors and wood doors.

I. Cost and Efficiency

Stainless steel doors have a more negotiable price than woods. It is more efficient in energy, considering its high insulating values. 

II. Maintenance

Stainless steel doors need to repaint periodically to prevent moistures that cause rust. In contrast, the wood doors require to be refinished after one to two years for weather protection.

Wood doors reqiuires more maintenance but are more accessible to repair than stainless steel doors.

III. Style and Appearance

Stainless steel offers some style or design flexibility. It usually mimics wood doors designs. You can paint it with the color you desire.

Wood doors also offer an extended range of designs like stainless steel. You can customize or do carvings on wood doors designs.

IV. Durability and Security

Stainless steel doors are more durable and stable than most woods. It is more robust and not easy to crack by high forces.

Whatever material you choose, the quality of the door lock also matters. 

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Stainless Steel Door?

  • Corrosion resistance
  • It stays clean for longer
  • Preserve resale value
  • Superior durability
  • Common in the market
  • Fire resistance
  • Termite proof
  • More expensive than alternatives
  • Prone to collecting  dirt
  • Hard to fix scratches
  • Heavy
  • Difficult to make cut-outs

Is it Possible to Remove Rust from Stainless Steel Doors?

By using various solutions like baking soda paste, you can remove rust from stainless steel. 

You can also buy and use commercial rust cleaner for better results.

Ways on Making Baking Soda Solutions

  1. Mix baking soda(1 teaspoon) into water(2 cups).
  2. Put and rub the solution into the rust stain using a toothbrush.  The baking soda will detach the rust stains from stainless steel. The said solution will not damage stainless steel’s grains.
  3. Finally, rinse it. Use a wet paper towel to wipe the particular area.

What are the Applications for Stainless Steel Doors?

  • Commercial projects
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Sanitation
  • Chemical plants
  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Health care facilities
  • Institutional projects
  • Research laboratories
  • Refineries
  • Exterior in coastal areas
  • Sound resistance
  • Food processing
  • High style Architectural environments
  • Water treatments

Do Stainless Steel Doors Dent Easily?

Despite the sturdiness of stainless steel doors, they can easily be dented if struck by complex objects.

How to Patch Dents in Stainless Steel Doors?

First, you should consider the tools and materials needed for patching dents in stainless steel doors, which includes:

  • Putty knife
  • Auto-body filler or patching compound
  • Paint
  • Primer
  • 150-grit sandpaper
  • 120-grit sandpaper
  • 80-grit sandpaper
  • Paintbrush
  • Sandling block

Step 1. Prepare the door

Using scrub with detergent, clean, rinse and dry the dented area of stainless steel doors.

Sand it with 80-grit sandpaper, and wipe.

Step 2. Fill the dent

Using a putty knife, put the patching compound into the dented area and feather out edges.

stainless steel door

Step 3. Sand smooth

Let the filler dry. Sand the dented area with a flat block wrapped by 120-grit sandpaper. 

Smooth out the edges patch using 150-grit sandpaper. 

Step 4. Paint the patch

Just apply a very light coat of paint. Dry it and use the same light coat of paint again until the patch is no longer visible. 

What are the Parts of Stainless Steel Doors?

  • Head
  • Strike jamb
  • Door face
  • Hinge jamb
  • Strike plate
  • Lockset
  • Light
  • Core

stainless steel door

How Long Do the Stainless steel Door Last?

If you maintain and install the stainless steel door properly, it often lasts about 30 years or longer. 


The stainless steel door is best installed in exterior and interior areas. It is designed with a solid outer shell, which helps it overcome breakthroughs. 

The stainless steel door is consists of either polystyrene core or polyurethane combined with a steel skin surface.

The door with stainless steel finish gives hygienic standards, which is valuable for operations. It provides strength and security, which is essential for external door applications.

Most of the high-quality stainless steel-made doors are fire-rated.

After reading this article, you can indeed decide now with knowledge about stainless steel doors for any of your applications.

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