Softwall Cleanroom

  • Cleanroom Cleanliness 10-100,000
  • Cleanroom Size Custom Made
  • Easy Move and Relocate
  • Convenient Installation
  • Affordable Cleanroom Solution

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A Softwall cleanroom is the most affordable solution to creating a controlled particulate environment for your manufacturing process. Its framework, filtration system, and lighting can maintain the cleanroom’s cleanliness, temperature, humidity, and pressure.

Zonsteel softwall cleanroom could be designed for classes 10 to 100,000. These walls could also be fixed on floor or movable by casters. The softwall cleanroom could also designed to be the size you want.

The framework of softwall cleanroom is aluminum extrusion profiles, with epoxy-paint. It could also be powder coated steel column and beam. Wiring is installed in the posts.

The ceiling of softwall cleanroom is either 2mm thick power-coated metal of thickness, or 50mm thick honeycomb aluminum sandwich panel, or a rock wool sandwich panel. The ceiling frame can support people walking on it for equipment maintain purposes.

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1Clean Room Construction SizeExternal Size(mm)Custom made
Height(mm)Custom made
2StructurePower coated steelPre-cut, pre-drilled in Zonsteel factory, ship in kit
AluminumPre-cut, pre-drilled in Zonsteel factory, ship in kit
3Wall PanelsPVC curtainAnti-static PVC curtain
4RoofClean room sandwich panel50mm, 75mm or 100mm clean room panels, rock wool core material
Powder coated steel board2mm, size 600x600mm
5FloorConcrete BuildingEpoxy floor, PVC floor, levated floor
6DoorDimension2100x900mm, 1500x900mm other custom made size
InsulationPaper honeycomb or aluminum honeycomb
Door framePowder coated steel, aluminum, or stainless steel frame
Door leafPowder coated steel, aluminum, Melamine or stainless steel frame
clear acrylic
Power typeManual door, electrical door
Air tightAll around sealed with rubber, bottom with lifting strip
Qty1 pc or any quantity
7WindowDimensionCustomize, Maximum 2400x2200mm
MaterialDouble toughened glass, in middle filled with inert gas and desiccant
Aluminum frame or stainless steel frame, black color
Qty1 pc or any quantity
8LED LightSize600x600mm, 600x1200mm
QtyQty according to requirement
Mounting wayFlush mounted on ceiling
9Clean room equipmentAir Shower
Pass box
Fan filter unit
Heapa box
Clean room air filter
Sampling booth
Laminar flow hood
Commercial Ozone Generator
AHU unit
10OtherCertificateISO 9001, ISO 14001
Warranty1 year
Delivery timeNormally 15 days


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Softwall Cleanroom: The Complete Guide

Sealed LED lights are for lighting the softwall cleanroom. These lights are flush-mounted on ceiling. These energy efficient lights has a size that matches the ceiling grid. The LED lights quantity is calculated according to the client needs for the cleanroom application.

The softwall is anti-static and is made of flexible PVC. As for the colors, you either get white color or black colors.

The filtration system of the softwall cleanroom is based on your requirements. Zonsteel will always offer you the best quality equipment, including a silence HEPA box, and air handling unit.

Softwall cleanroom is easy to install. It is also easy to move with casters. And it is easy to relocate. Since it is affordable, softwall cleanroom can be widely used in various industries like medical, microelectronics, nanotechnology, scientific research etc.

Zonsteel softwall cleanroom delivery time is 15-20 days. Components are well-packed in wooden boxes. Our professional installation team is available for overseas installation. The costs includes return air tickets, board and lodging, and 100$ per technician or engineer per day. If you have local contractor, we will be standby for any questions during the installation.

Zonsteel is a professional softwall cleanroom designer and manufacturer. Contact us today for quote!

Softwall Cleanroom: The Complete FAQs Guide

Cleanrooms can help you achieve a lot as a manufacturing company or a pharmaceutical company. That is why more industries are finding it necessary to own a cleanroom. Well, the softwall cleanroom makes things even better. How better, you ask? Keep reading this FAQs guide to learn more about such a type of cleanroom.

What is a Softwall Cleanroom?

An Operator Using a Softwall Cleanroom

Figure 1 An Operator Using a Softwall Cleanroom

Not all applications will require setting up a full-scale cleanroom with complete wall panels. There is another option, which is a softwall cleanroom. The softwall cleanroom is characterized by having curtains to replace the wall panels. These curtains will be cut a few inches before the floor to provide enough space to exhaust the air used in the cleanroom.

Besides having the curtains as the walls, they will also have solid aluminum frame structures to support the air handling system located at the top of the softwall cleanroom.

The best part is that the softwall cleanroom can be available in different classes, so talking to Zonsteel can help you understand which class would be ideal for your needs.

What is the Difference Between Softwall Cleanroom and Hardwall Cleanroom?

The major difference between these cleanroom types is how they are built.

A hardwall cleanroom will have a rigid wall structure mostly made of insulated sandwich panels. The enclosed space will have air vents for exhausting air, depending on how the air handling system will be set up. Such a cleanroom will also hold a higher pressure differential necessary for offering better cleanliness levels.

The hardwall cleanrooms are the most popular because of their functionality. They can also be adapted to different applications better than using softwall cleanrooms.

The softwall cleanroom, on the other hand, is a cleanroom with a simple aluminum or steel frame structure with curtains working as the walls of the cleanroom. The curtains are mostly made of flexible PVC material that provides good durability even if you have to use the cleanroom more often.

The curtains are cut a few inches before the floor to provide space for exhausting the air that might be in the softwall cleanroom.

A softwall cleanroom would have a lower positive pressure compared to the hardwall cleanroom. It is why you would get them mostly used for cleanrooms that need lower cleanliness ratings. This does not mean that you cannot get a softwall cleanroom with the highest cleanliness rating.

What are the Applications of a Softwall Cleanroom?

Multiple Equipment in a Softwall Cleanroom

Figure 2 Multiple Equipment in a Softwall Cleanroom

You may have thought that softwall cleanrooms are not the top-rated options in the market. However, that is not the case if you start looking at the areas where it can be used. Here is a list of some examples;

– Medical

– Aerospace

– Pharmaceutical

– Universities

– R&D

– Biotechnology

– Microelectronics

As you can see, the softwall cleanroom would be ideal even for cases when a hardwall cleanroom is an option. The only difference is that the softwall cleanroom would be better in terms of portability.

What are the Features of a Softwall Cleanroom?

The softwall cleanrooms are increasingly becoming popular because of many features. Here are some of the reasons people would consider getting the softwall cleanroom.

– One of the reasons you would want to get a softwall cleanroom is that it is a plug and play model. This means once you get the unit, you will have everything necessary to set up the cleanroom and start using it right away. It comes with HEPA filters, a wiring kit, LED lights, and much more, depending on the manufacturer’s specifications.

– Another reason is that the curtains are made of flame retardant materials. The idea is to keep the environment inside the cleanroom safe for the users and equipment. The curtains are still static dissipative to improve their functionality.

– Many users should find it generally lightweight compared to other types of cleanrooms. Being lightweight means getting it from one place to another should be easy generally.

– The softwall cleanroom is generally easy to assemble. The package will come with all the instructions needed to install everything. As a result, it should stand out as an excellent option for impromptu cleanroom setups.

– The modular design of the softwall cleanroom makes it suitable for expansion later if you decide that is something you would want. Always let Zonsteel know more about your needs to ensure expandability is kept in mind when coming up with the softwall cleanroom.

– The softwall cleanroom is available in different cleanliness levels. The cleanliness level starts from class 10 to class 100,000. With multiple softwall cleanrooms available, you should find the right one for your application.

What are the Classes of a Softwall Cleanroom?

The Zonsteel softwall cleanrooms can be classified based on their cleanliness levels. These cleanrooms can be from class 10 to 100,000. So, depending on the class you want, Zonsteel will put measures into place to ensure that the cleanroom can live up to the air filtration levels you are looking for in a cleanroom.

What are the Types of Softwall Cleanrooms Available?

An Installed Softwall Cleanroom

Figure 3 An Installed Softwall Cleanroom

Zonsteel understands that people would have different needs for a softwall cleanroom. So, there are two main types of softwall cleanrooms available from Zonsteel. The two include fixed softwall cleanrooms or movable cleanrooms on casters.

If you feel like you need to move the softwall cleanroom more often, then putting it on casters can be a great option to save you a lot of time.

Is the Size of a Softwall Cleanroom Customizable?

Yes. Zonsteel will work with the client to help realize the correct size depending on the client’s needs. This is to ensure that the client can handle the projects better. Since the size is customizable, you would easily fit a softwall cleanroom even in tight spaces.

Are the Lights Installation Part of a Softwall Cleanroom?

Lights are always important for illumination. That is why the manufacturer includes sealed LED lights for lighting up the softwall cleanroom. These lights will be flush mounted onto the ceiling to ensure no dust can easily accumulate onto the lights, affecting the cleanroom integrity.

The number of LED lights you can set up in a softwall cleanroom largely depends on the cleanroom’s size. Some might need more lights while others a smaller number of lights.

LED lights are a welcomed idea since the LED lights do not use a lot of energy. Since many people are always trying to save on energy use, LED lights are a step in the right direction.

What Makes Softwall Cleanrooms a Top Consideration for Many?

At this point, you would be looking for the benefits of owning softwall cleanrooms. Here are some reasons for getting softwall cleanrooms;


Well, the softwall cleanrooms are also softer on your wallet than the hardwall cleanrooms. This is thanks to their minimalist design. Such a design means that you require only a few materials to set it up. Also, fewer workers are necessary to set it up and keep it running. So, it is possible to see how it will be affordable than the other types of cleanrooms.

Ease of assembly

Even when other cleanrooms are claimed to be set up within a few days or weeks, the softwall cleanroom can be ready for use within hours. Most of the time, the frame is what will take time to setup. However, once they are set up, the addition of curtains and other equipment should be easy.

Most of the time, Zonsteel will have everything prefabricated at the factory. The result is that there is a significant reduction in the time spent on assembling the softwall cleanroom.

If you feel your skills are not good enough to install the softwall cleanroom, Zonsteel can still provide you with competent technicians who can help set it up.


There is no doubt the frame is always the core of the softwall cleanroom. Zonsteel understands this, and that is why the frame is made of strong aluminum material. This type of material will not easily corrode even if it is exposed to the elements for long.

The other options for the frame include powder-coated steel columns and beams. Such materials are good for ensuring they can also handle the elements better while improving the durability of the softwall cleanroom.

The PVC material used to make the curtains will also last for longer. So, you are not likely to start replacing parts on your softwall cleanroom anytime soon.

Customization options

Softwall cleanrooms easily standout as the most customizable option than the other cleanroom types available. This is because such cleanrooms would be built to comply with what the client wants. One interesting fact about softwall cleanrooms is that they can work with HEPA or ULPA filters to meet different cleanliness levels.

The same customization works for the portability of the softwall cleanroom. This is where it can be part of an existing structure or a freestanding cleanroom. As such, you can set it up the way you want for it to meet your needs.

What are the Components of a Softwall Cleanroom?

Several Softwall Cleanroom on Casters

Figure 4 Several Softwall Cleanroom on Casters

The softwall cleanroom will have similar components as you would get with the other types of cleanrooms, with a few differences here and there. Here is a list of components you can expect with a softwall cleanroom.

– Fan filter unit

– All steel or aluminum frame

– Control panel

– Reinforced gussets

– LED lights

– Flexible PVC material (different color)

– Casters (optional)

The list can be longer depending on the type of softwall cleanroom you hope to achieve in the end. The team at Zonsteel can provide more information to help you customize your softwall cleanroom by adding more components to make it suitable for your application.

What is the cost of a Softwall Cleanroom?

The cost is depending on what you need included in the softwall cleanroom and the size. If you want more customizations, then you can expect the price to be slightly higher.

The best way to learn more about the expected price is by requesting a quote with key details of what you need to be included with the softwall cleanroom.

Can Softwall Cleanrooms Be Equipped with Temperature and Humidity Controls?

Yes. As we all know, a cleanroom has to work within a certain range of temperature and relative humidity. It is why the control panel will have the option of controlling the temperature, humidity, and much more.

If you are unsure how to use the panel, check out the product manual to learn more. From the manual, you can set several aspects of the softwall cleanroom depending on your needs.

What Materials Are Used to Make the Curtains of Softwall Cleanrooms?

Zonsteel uses flexible PVC material to make the softwall cleanroom curtains. These curtains can be white or black in color, depending on your choice. It is also worth noting that the curtains are anti-static to make it a safe and clean working environment.

Are the Softwall Cleanrooms Expandable?

The Fan Filter Unit on a Softwall Cleanroom

Figure 5 The Fan Filter Unit on a Softwall Cleanroom

Yes. This is probably the most common reason why people opt for softwall cleanrooms. They will always be an excellent option for expanding in the future if you want to include more room in the cleanroom.

Zonsteel makes it easy to expand the softwall by allowing for newer steel structures to easily connect to the existing cleanroom. If you want to expand the softwall cleanroom, talk to Zonsteel today for more information on how you can do it correctly.

Can You Rent a Softwall Cleanroom?

If you feel like a project is one-time, sometimes renting a softwall cleanroom might be necessary. Many companies offer the option of renting cleanrooms. So, take the time to see what types of softwall cleanrooms are available and if they can suit your needs.

You can always switch to buying a softwall cleanroom if you think more projects can be handled in it. So, always consider your needs first and budget before choosing to rent or buy.

What is the Durability of a Softwall Cleanroom?

If you consider the materials used to make the softwall cleanrooms, you quickly notice they are durable products. A good example is the frame structure. It can be made of either aluminum or powder-coated steel. These two are good in terms of overall performance and durability.

The same thing applies to the flexible PVC curtains. They will be functional while at the same time remain durable for many years down the line.

What are the Maintenance Tips for a Softwall Cleanroom?

Most of the time, the maintenance process will be featured in the manual of the softwall cleanroom. The idea is to help you easily work on the cleanroom better and help maintain it in good working condition.

The cleanroom structure would be made using powder-coated steel or aluminum material. Make sure to follow the wipe down protocols as outlined in the guide. Also, using mild cleaning agents is highly recommended for all surfaces.

Other than the usual cleaning, the other type of maintenance you might have to do is changing the fan filter unit filters and lights whenever they are damaged.

The HEPA lifespan, on average, is two to five years. It can be more depending on the environment. If there is too much dust in the area, the lifespan will be shorter. Also, the prefilter cleanliness needs to be monitored, and order replacements where necessary.

How Do You Troubleshoot a Fan Filter Unit of a Softwall Cleanroom?

A fan filter unit might have a few problems you need to know how to address. A good example is when the blower does not run. In such a case, here are the possible solutions to consider;

– Ensure the unit is connected to a power source

– Turn on the switch

– Look at the speed control. Ensure it is turned on

– Proceed to verify the power is available from the outlet

– Check to see if there is a loose capacitor connection

The other common problem to troubleshoot might be that the blower is running, but there is very little airflow. Here are possible solutions;

– The HEPA filter might need replacing

– The primary filter needs replacing

– Ensure the blower fan is running in a clockwise direction by viewing through the blower opening

In case you encounter more problems that need troubleshooting, Zonsteel is here to help.

What is the Delivery Period for a Softwall Cleanroom?

The delivery time is 15 to 20 days on average. Compared to other brands, this is one of the shortest turnaround times you can get for such an industry.

If you want several softwall cleanrooms, then it might increase the delivery time slightly. Nevertheless, the manufacturer will clearly indicate what kind of delivery time you can expect once the order has been approved and ready for production.

Can Zonsteel Setup the Softwall Cleanroom After Delivery?

Yes. Once the package has been delivered to the client, then an installation team can be sent to set up and train the staff on using a softwall cleanroom.

The total breakdown of the costs involved when requesting for this team will be sent to you upon request.

For those with local contractors to help with the installation, the Zonsteel team is still available on standby to offer help where necessary.


Looking at the guide above, you will quickly see why more people would consider getting themselves a softwall cleanroom. It is versatile, affordable, easy to set up, and more. All these reasons and more make such a cleanroom applicable to different fields. So, if it is something you would want, contact Zonsteel to start the process of getting yourself the best softwall cleanroom.

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