Semiconductor Clean Room

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  • Semiconductor Clean Room
  • Semiconductor Clean Room
  • Semiconductor Clean Room

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Zonsteel provides you EPC project of semiconductor clean room. In past years we acquired rich experience on semiconductor clean room design & manufacturing & construction & operation and maintenance. Followings are main consideration during our EPC process.

According to your product type and manufacturing process requirement on environment, we need to fix cleanroom cleanliness class, temperature, pressure and humidity. Zonsteel can do class 10-100000 semiconductor clean room.

The material of semiconductor is wafer, its high sensitive to particulate, easy to hold particle lead to your product short circuit or circuit break. So the most important is to set air filtration system, and use draught fan, blow designed clean air constantly to semiconductor clean room and keep room in positive pressure. Cause positive pressure can prevent outside particle entering.

Semiconductor clean room also consider constant temperature and humidity. Thus the draught fan pressurizing system have to work with HVAC system. The air conditioner must be turned on as long as the blower is pressurized.

Contact us to customize your Semiconductor Clean Room now!
1 Design Requirement If has existing wall, indicate which wall on floor plan, and wall size
If exiting wall need to finish with cleanroom panels
If wall need non-combustible
If any overhead obstructions exist
If ceiling need load-bearing
If need to meet any seismic zone grade
What’s the processing inside clean room construction
Required cleanliness grade, temperature, humidity
2 Clean Room Construction Size External Size(mm) According to customer requirement
Height(mm) According to customer requirement
3 Gown room/transition room External Size(mm) According to customer requirement
Height(mm) According to customer requirement
4 Roof/ wall Attach to Existing Building 50mm, 75mm or 100mm clean room panel
Steel structure 50mm, 75mm or 100mm clean room panel
5 Floor Concrete Building Epoxy floor, PVC floor or elevated floor
6 Door Dimension 2100x900mm, 1500x900mm other custom made size
Insulation Paper honeycomb or aluminum honeycomb
Door frame Powder coated steel, aluminum, or stainless steel frame
Door leaf Powder coated steel, aluminum, Melamine or stainless steel frame
Power type Manual door, electrical door
Air tight All around sealed with rubber, bottom with lifting strip
Qty 1 pc or any quantity
Color Customized
7 Window Dimension Customize, Maximum 2400x2200mm
Material Double toughened glass, in middle filled with inert gas and desiccant
Aluminum frame or stainless steel frame, black color
Qty 1 pc or any quantity
8 LED Light Size 600x600mm, 600x1200mm
Qty Qty according to requirement
Mounting way Flush mounted on ceiling
9 Clean room equipment Air Shower
Pass box
Fan filter unit
Heapa box
Clean room air filter
Sampling booth
Laminar flow hood
Commercial Ozone Generator
AHU unit
10 Other Certificate ISO 9001, ISO 14001
Warranty 1 year
Delivery time Normally 15 days
PDF Catalog

Semiconductor Clean Room: The Complete Guide

Semiconductor clean room air flow is normally from top to downward. The room layout and equipment layout must be designed to help the air flow, minimize the chance and time for particle to stagnate in the clean room.

Semiconductor clean room mainly uses anti-static materials. Zonsteel sandwich panel used for wall and ceiling is anti-static facing steel sheet. While the cleanroom construction is airtight and insulated, preventing humidity migration and prevent clean air leaking. Our insulation sandwich panel available with thickness 50mm, 75mm, 100m, 120mm and thicker. The core materials available with rockwool, aluminum honeycomb and PU. All those sandwich panels are fire proofing, rock wool panel can reach 4 hours fire rating.

Semiconductor clean room consider use air shower for personnel and cargo entry. Air shower can remove the particles on surface. While the cleanroom garment is important to protect air cleanliness.

Semiconductor clean room usually use deionized water to protect wafers from contamination. And use 98% or even 99.8% and higher nitrogen dry wafers.

Zonsteel take all the measurements to build your semiconductor clean room in designed condition. Ensure your production is running smoothly. Our cleanroom component includes wall and ceiling and accessories delivery time is usually 7-15 days. Cleanroom equipment includes air filtration and HVAC system is usually 15-20 days.

Zonsteel factory certified with ISO9001 and ISO14001. Our professional installation team will help on the assemble and commissioning, train the cleanroom operation and maintenance. Zonsteel provides you turnkey project!

Contact us today for any questions you have for semiconductor clean room. Our technical team is available to support you 24/7!

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