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Zonsteel is a leading portable clean rooms manufacturer and designer. We are certified following GB/T19001-ISO9001. We pledge to provide you with superior service and products. Our in-house design team can create complementary models from physical samples, drawings, or even ideas. You will not be disappointed in selecting us as your portable clean room manufacturer.

We are ready to manufacture parts and components for portable clean rooms of the highest quality. For our customers, Zonsteel can custom manufacture a variety of portable clean room products. If you’re looking for a supplier for your portable clean room project or order, please submit your information, and We will contact you with a quote.

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Portable Clean Room Manufacturer

The design extends from a portable clean room to an HVAC system, blueprints, architectural design, fire design, and electrical and plumbing.
Softwall Portable Clean Room

It is usually used as a positive-pressure enclosure and in a negative-pressure containment zone.

Modular Portable Clean Room

It allows for a simple, clean room setup also the flexibility of constantly expanding or relocating the room.

Hospital Portable Clean Room

Our Hospital Portable Clean Room features 70% air recirculation and 30% air exhaust.

Pharmaceutical Portable Clean Room

Zonsteel Pharmaceutical Portable Clean Room has an AL-cleanroom ceiling HEPA model number.

Dust-Free Portable Clean Room

This portable cleanroom is equipped with air filters to ensure that the incoming air is clean.

Customized Portable Clean Room

We can customize a portable cleanroom that features air purification system usage.

Acrylic Portable Clean Room

Our Acrylic Portable Clean Room features a bearing core component.

Class100 Portable Clean Room

This features superior alloy steel material and an anti-static acrylic soft and hard wall.

Standard Portable Clean Room

This features clean booth core components that are applicable in any industry.

Industry Portable Clean Room

This features engine, gear, and pump core components. It is a clean room type.

GMP Pharmaceutical Portable Clean Room

GMP Pharmaceutical Portable Clean Room is an engine core component and M12 tail margin.

ISO5 Portable Clean Room

Zonsteel ISO5 Portable Clean Room is excellent in a pharmaceutical or electrical application. 

Why Zoonsteel is Expert in Portable Clean Room Manufacturing

  • A 20-Year Veteran of Portable Clean Rooms
  • BIM Capability, Advanced Design Software
  • High-quality portable clean room
  • On-time delivery
  • Affordable portable clean room

Zonsteel- Your Primer Portable Clean Room Manufacturer

Zonsteel is a leading manufacturer of portable clean room products in China, with more than 15 years of experience. Zonsteel’s research and development department collaborated with CESE, a well-known Chinese portable clean room design company. Allows us to finish portable clean room EPC projects in the pharmaceuticals, food, and lab industries, among others.

Zonsteel portable clean rooms are a free-standing, rigid-wall, modular, prefabricated cleanroom solution with exceptional cleanroom performance and aesthetic appeal. Its prefabricated, modular design combines utility and flexibility to construct cleanroom solutions that will satisfy your demands now and in the future. Zonsteel manufactured HVAC systems in full compliance with GB 50019-2015, GB 50073-2013, and GB 50472-2008. With that, we can assure you the ensure you the correct output of portable clean room.

We Are Professional Portable Clean Room Component Manufacturer
  • Clean Room Panels
  • Clean Room Doors
  • Clean Room Windows
  • Modular Clean Room
  • Elevated Floor


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Zonsteel: One-Stop Solution Provider for your Portable Clean Room Manufacturer

In China, portable clean room is a significant manufacturer of portable clean rooms. We can ensure the highest quality portable clean room with the assistance of our expert engineer and technical team. Zonsteel’s specialized technology enables the manufacture of superior-quality portable clean rooms for your projects.

Zonsteel is a highly regarded manufacturer. We’ve received a great deal of positive feedback about our services over our 15 years in business. Zoonsteel can manufacture any portable clean room based on a sample layout.

Zonsteel collaborated with CESE, a well-known cleanroom design business in China, to complete a cleanroom EPC project for the pharmaceutical, food, and lab industries. The layout, building design, landscape environmental planning, road system, environmental protection, energy-saving design, fire system, water system, electrical system, and HVAC system were all part of the design. Zonsteel built the HVAC system by GB 50019-2015, GB 50073-2013, and GB 50472-2008.

In industries where small particles disrupt the manufacturing process, portable clean rooms making to eliminate these particles. A clean room can be various sizes and functions, Zonsteel can design portables clean rooms for you; open up to us and give details. We have our skilled personnel to assist you in giving suggestions to your portable clean room projects.

Zonsteel’s portable clean rooms are primarily used in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, defense, and energy. But if you have in your mind or any projects that needs portable clean room, we are always open for you. We can customize it based on your needs. Zonsteel personnel who work in the portable clean room receives extensive training in the theory of contamination control. The air handling system is the primary component of any Zonsteel portable clean room design.

If you’re not sure whether portable clean room is suitable for your application, Zonsteel provides excellent client service. We can highly recommend the appropriate portable clean room for your purpose.

Please get in touch with us right away if you have any questions or want to learn more.

Portable Clean Room: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Do you have some questions in terms of portable cleanrooms?

This article answers frequently asked questions regarding portable clean rooms.

This will guide and tell you more details that can satisfy your confusion.

Read the information below!

Portable Clean Room

Portable Clean Room

What is a Portable Clean Room?

A portable cleanroom controls the atmosphere that is prone to any pollutants like dust and other toxins.

The main purpose of a portable cleanroom is to reduce particulates.

Portable clean rooms are also called softwall cleanrooms or modular clean rooms.

They are widely used in different industries where hygiene or cleanliness are required.

A portable cleanroom is very convenient to use because of its portable feature.

What is a Portable Clean Room Used For?

Portable clean rooms are widely used in different industries where hygiene or cleanliness are required.

They extremely remove various types of toxins and contaminants.

What Are Protocols in a Portable Clean Room?

These are the following rules and protocols in a Clean room:

  1. Don’t let personal things enter the cleanroom, it is better if you leave them outside.
  2. Never eat, chew gum, or smoke inside the controlled environment.
  3. Do not bring or wear make-ups, accessories, or never use perfume inside the cleanroom.
  4. Don’t move too much and run in a clean room.
  5. Never enter the cleanroom if you are not feeling well.
  6. It would help if you covered your facial hair and your main hair.
  7. Follow the proper ungonwing or gowning policies.
  8. Exercise good hygiene.
  9. Never lean on the work surface.
  10. While wearing gloves, never touch your face.

Why Are Following Protocols in Terms of Portable Clean Room Very Important?

Following the portable cleanroom protocols and instructions are very important.

In this way, you can avoid any circumstances and problems inside the portable cleanroom.

It helps to keep and maintain your and cleanroom safety.

What Are Typical Applications of Portable Clean Room?

A portable cleanroom is applicable in different applications.

These includes:

  • Manufacturing industries
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food processing
  • Medical production
  • Electronic facilities
  • Technologies production
  • Inspection facilities

Portable Clean Room Design

Portable Clean Room Design

What Are the Main Features of a Portable Clean Room?

These are the following features and characteristics of a portable cleanroom:

  • Rugged and strong structure
  • Heavy-duty
  • Anti-static
  • Great dust-prevention
  • Concealed ducting
  • Cleanroom-grade

What Are the Different Advantages and Benefits of a Portable Clean Room?

The portable cleanroom gives an excellent advantage including:

  1. Short lead time
  2. Cost-saving compared with traditional cleanroom
  3. Better cleanliness control
  4. Reconfiguration
  5. Versatility
  6. Long filter life
  7. ISO approved
  8. Made from eco-friendly and superior materials.

Customized Portable Clean Room

Customize Portable Clean Room

Are Portable Clean Rooms Customizable?

The portable cleanroom can be customized according to your specifications.

You can add the following things in the portable cleanroom:

  • Storage tools
  • Workbenches
  • Cabinets
  • Ducted
  • Other furniture

How Much Portable Clean Room Cost?

The portable cleanrooms rates or price will depend on the factors.

It depends on features, additional components, and other specifications.

Most portable cleanrooms are inexpensive compared with traditional clean rooms.

What Are the Things I Need to Consider in Planning a Portable Clean Room?

In planning your portable clean room, you need to think about some factors.

It would be best if you consider the following:

  • Analyze your portable cleanroom demands.
  • Determine your portable cleanroom requirements.
  • Select the most suitable and fit ventilation system.
  • Plan well your portable clean room desires.
  • Choose the perfect materials for floors, walls, and ceilings.
  • Select the right furniture components for your portable clean room.
  • Which type of door or lighting system do you like
  • The number of windows, including their sizes

What Are Portable Clean Room Specifications?

These are the specifications of portable clean room:

  • ISO 5 Class 100 
  • ISO 6 Class 1,000 
  • ISO 7 Class 10,000 
  • ISO 8 Class 100,000 

What are The Best Doors for Portable Clean Room?

Choosing the best portable cleanroom door is complicated.

However, the following can help to choose the right and the best door for your portable cleanroom:

  • Choose doors with a flat surface

The best door option is that it has a flat and smooth surface. All flat surface doors are easy to clean and maintain.

  • High tightness level

Doors with high tightness ever are a great option. It makes them more durable and reliable.

  • Safety glazing

The portable cleanroom must be safe. You need to select cleanroom doors with high safety glazing levels making cleanrooms are safe and secured.

  • Antistatic surfaces

The antistatic doors are not prone to rums of any toxins. And it will keep the portable cleanroom hygienic.

  • Locking option

The best portable cleanroom doors have a secure locking option. This will give your workers the right authority.

How to Customize a Portable Clean Room Design?

You need to consider some essential details in customizing a portable cleanroom design.

Know your portable cleanroom requirements. Then analyze your desired furniture and components to add.

Always consider your exact specifications and details.

Then consider the amount of space and air you need.

Choose your features and finishes.

How to make Sure The Portable Clean Room You are Constructed are Suitable for Your Process?

Always work with an expert to meet your special and unique standards.

Choose a skilled and well-trained manufacturer or cleanroom maker.

It will help if you conduct screening or interviews before choosing the best portable cleanroom maker.

Then share your exact portable cleanroom details to do their job correctly.

How Wide Portable Clean Room?

A portable cleanroom comes in different dimensions.

Most of the portable cleanroom has 18 inches wide.

It depends on its class or specifications. You can choose a portable cleanroom according to your side sizes.

What is the Difference Between Traditional Clean Rooms and Portable Clean Rooms?

There is a difference between traditional and portable cleanrooms in terms of price.

A portable cleanroom is less expensive compared with a traditional cleanroom.

A portable cleanroom can be disassembled after use.

Moreover, the cleanliness specifications of portable cleanrooms are different from traditional ones.

In terms of features, a traditional cleanroom is permanent, while a portable cleanroom is easy to relocate.

Which Is Better, Portable Clean Room or Traditional Clean Room?

It will depend on your applications. 

If your application is for permanent purposes, then a traditional cleanroom is much better.

For temporary, a portable cleanroom is a right choice.

Are Portable Clean Room Useful?

A portable cleanroom is helpful in cleaning the environment.

It brings some health advantages for individuals.

Using a portable cleanroom will keep maintaining proper hygiene.

The portable cleanroom will reduce the risk of product pollution or contamination.

Who Can Benefit with Portable Clean Room?

Companies owners and employees can benefit from using the portable cleanroom.

Having a portable cleanroom, everyone can ensure that the environment is safe and clean.

Is a Clean Room Right for Your Business?

If you have a large business, the portable cleanroom will be the right option.

But for the companies or businesses that are starting out, a portable cleanroom is not the best answer.


Planning a portable clean room is one of the great ideas.

But you must know the factors and criteria to have the best portable clean room.

Now, you have enough knowledge in terms of portable clean rooms.

Always remember the information above!

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