Open Air Shower

Zonsteel specializes in open air shower manufacturing since 1999. We are providing top-quality and excellent service, from designing, development, installation, to after-sale service.

Our competent and skilled team is knowledgeable about open air shower development. We can help you build your open air shower according to your requirements. Please feel free to get in touch with us to custom your open air shower.

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Open Air Shower

Focus on design and manufacturing a wide range of open air showers in multiple sizes, styles, and material options.
Stainless steel outdoor shower

Stainless steel outdoor shower has durable and unique surface finishing and brass as core material.

Outdoor shower with foot wash

Outdoor shower with foot wash has brushed surface treatment, made from stainless steel with a single handle.

Freestanding outdoor shower

The freestanding outdoor shower is made with contemporary style and has multiple functions.

Cleanroom air shower

Cleanroom air shower has a brushed surface and uses ceramic as a core material.

Tri-head outdoor shower

Zonsteel createTri-head outdoor shower from 304 stainless steel and brass materials.

Stainless steel air shower auto open door

Stainless steel air shower auto-open door has an engine and motor. It has 220V to 380V.

Freedom enclosure white outdoor shower

Freedom enclosure white outdoor shower is made from stainless steel materials and weighs more than 380Kg.

Stainless steel outdoor pool showers

Stainless steel outdoor pool showers have a power of 1100W, 380V/50Hz.

Air shower with auto sliding doors

The air shower with auto sliding doors has an adjustable shower time from 0 to 99 seconds.

Modern open air shower

Modern open-air shower used HEPA filter H13 and utilized stainless steel 304 for construction.

FS3 outdoor shower

The FS3 outdoor shower has 750W power and weighs 350Kgs. This shower has 12 nozzles.

Custom open air shower (1)

The custom open-air shower has 380V/50Hz/3P power. The core components are PLC and motor.

Why Open Air Shower Zonsteel

  • 20 Years Open Air Shower Manufacturing Experience
  • Intense Research and Development Team
  • Customize Open Air Shower Products
  • One-Stop Solution for Open Air Shower
  • Deliver Your Orders On-Time

Your Premier Open Air Shower Zonsteel

Zonsteel is a competent open air shower manufacturer in China, focused on cleanroom equipment and furniture for more than 20 years. We offer a full range of open air showers at a more competitive price. Combining R&D capabilities and modern workshops, we can help you build your business. Provide a turnkey solution for your open air shower.

Zonsteel, as an open air shower supplier, offers complete in-house production, from laminating, fabrication, assembly, and so on. It is our advantage to handle all your open air shower needs. Contact us now; we provide 24/7 sales tech support.

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Open Air Shower Manufacturer in China

If you seek high-quality open air showers to enhance your space, you have come to the perfect place. We are providing a comprehensive line of open air shower styles for you to choose from. Any design you want, we can offer it to you. If needed, we will modify the open air shower to meet your particular needs.

Zonsteel is one of the premier companies in China that manufacture and supply the best open air shower. We are using two types of commercial-grade stainless steel – 304 and 316. All outdoor shower units come with installation hardware.

At Zonsteel, we provide you with the highest level of quality open air showers. Whether you need units for residential or commercial applications, you can find a good choice that meets your specifications. Get low-maintenance open-air showers and accessories for your next project.

Regardless, if you are a distributor, vendor, or customer, we will provide the best service to you, satisfy you in all ways. Exceeding the expectations of our customers is one of our goals.

Since 1999, Zonsteel dedicates itself to designing and manufacturing first-class open air shower units, endure harsh outdoor environments. It also prevents outside contaminants from entering the cleanroom. Zonsteel will play an essential role in maintaining the cleanliness of your space.

We have several styles and open-air shower accessories options available. Thus, Zonsteel offers full availability to customize the unit according to your unique technical projects. We can build customize open air showers with your material, style, size, and specific layout choice.

As one of the reliable open air shower manufacturers, we can provide the best customization options to you. With our production line and professional team, you can 100% guarantee satisfaction.

Zonsteel will help you obtain the best-quality open air shower and help you build a name in the market. Please feel free to email us at

Open Air Shower: The Complete FAQs Guide

If you’re planning to import an open-air shower from China, you need to consider its factors before purchasing.

In this guide, you will learn all the information about the open-air shower. You will also know how much it costs and how to install it.

So, if you want to become an expert when it comes to open-air showers, please read this guide.

What is An Open-Air Shower?

Most homeowners commonly install outdoor showers or exterior showers. It is widely used for different purposes. It can be used when you want to clean up yourself after exercising outdoors. After swimming in the pool, an open-air shower is applicable if you’re going to rinse off.


open-air shower
Open-Air Shower

What Are the Types of Open-Air Shower?

There are two types of open-air showers. It is mainly portable type and stationary type.

Portable Type

The portable type comes with a pedestal or single-hose. This single-hose is moving anywhere the hose will reach. It can also be attached to flexible hosing.

The portable type is applicable only in cold water. Tower showers or pedestals are hooking up to the line of outdoor plumbing. Also, it can offer cold and hot water. However, when compared to single-hose models, the pedestal is more like less mobile.

A portable type shower has a drainage platform. They are commonly the cheapest option. However, there are also pedestal models that have a similar price to stationary or wall-mount models.

Stationary Types

Stationary-type showers are mounted to walls. Usually, this type of shower has enclosures for privacy. They are also connected to outdoor plumbing supplies.

In terms of platforms and enclosures, stationary-type showers provide more versatility compared to portable batteries. For instance, the platforms and enclosures of stationary-type showers are fully tiled or made of wood.

Most stationary type shower has a built-in drain.

Where Can I Install My Open-Air Shower?

You can install an open-air shower in your landscape anywhere. You need to know the shower type and how you will use it before you’re up to the site selection.

For example, if your shower is for washing off by a pool, you can install it near the pool or deck area. But if you’re using a shower for washing off after walking or jogging, then you can install it near your back door.

outdoor open-air shower
Outdoor Open-Air Shower

How to Install Open-Air Shower?

Installing an open-air shower is simple. You can install it near your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room. Also, it can install on existing cold and hot water lines.

If you install an open-air shower far from your house, you need to run plumbing or dig a trench to the location. You can also use a hose that can supply cold water.

In most areas, the system of stationary shower drainage is required for building code. The open-air shower must install based on the unique specifications. It is to ensure groundwater protection and quality local water.

You can install an open-air shower on the outside. It can be connected to an outdoor plumbing system, garden hose, and other water sources. Additionally, the open-air shower is accessible as stationary and portable units.

When installing an open-air shower, you need to check your community-building officials. In that way, you can ensure your installation exceeds all protocols or regulations for your country.

open-air shower
Open-Air Shower

What Are the Uses of An Open-Air Shower?

An open-air shower is an ideal changing area and pool house cleanup. If you have hot tubs or pools, investing in an open-air shower makes your experience getting out and in a bit simpler.

When you’re rinsing, you will experience no dripping water in your house. You can change and dry with comfort in an open-air shower.

How Much Open-Air Shower Costs?

It depends upon the type of shower. For a wall-mounted open-air shower, the price ranges from 100 dollars to 500 dollars. For the standalone shower, expect to pay 500 dollars to 2,000 dollars.

How Much Open-Air Shower Installation Costs?

If you’re installing open-air showers, the cost differs considerably. You can pay from 500 dollars to 8,000 dollars.

Does Open-Air Shower Being Good?

An open-air shower is perfect for your guests. Aside from that, it can retain you from stress by keeping your interior bathroom clean if someone uses it.

What Are the Benefits of Installing an Open-Air Shower?

Installing an open-air shower can add value to your home. Here are the benefits of the open-air shower:

  • You feel refreshing
  • Ideal for pool houses
  • Easier cleaning up
  • Experience a beach-like feel
  • Ideal spot for cleaning up children
  • Add a thrilling outdoor site for children
  • Perfect place for cleaning dogs
  • Extended bathing spot
  • Perfect for guests
  • Make your showering very special

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when buying the proper open-air shower. However, Zonsteel can customize your ideal open-air shower to meet all your needs.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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