Mobile Cleanroom

  • Easy to Setup and Relocate
  • Custom Made Size
  • With Crucial Cleanroom Components and Equipment
  • Cleanroom Wall S/W panel, Acrylic Sheet, PVC Curtain
  • Frame Powder Coated Steel or Aluminum
  • Mobile Cleanroom
  • Mobile Cleanroom
  • Mobile Cleanroom

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Zonsteel mobile cleanroom can be quickly setup and easily relocated. It can extend in three directions of length, width and height. The controlled environment of mobile cleanroom cleanliness ranges from class 10-100, 000.

The temperature, pressure, humidity, and lighting can also be controlled to meet your designed operating conditions. It is widely used for industries such as materials testing, processing, and packing. The same is suitable for enclosing particle sensitive equipment.

Mobile cleanroom free standing on ground, as well as on casters or on a trailer. The one on casters will be in an existing building, with the surrounding environment being less clean. The one on the trailer can work as a mobile lab with custom made functions depending on the application.

Zonsteel mobile cleanrooms will have cleanroom components and equipment. This means you can start using it right away as the setup is done.

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1Clean Room Construction SizeExternal Size(mm)Custom made
Height(mm)Custom made
2StructurePower coated steelPre-cut, pre-drilled in Zonsteel factory, ship in kit
AluminumPre-cut, pre-drilled in Zonsteel factory, ship in kit
3Wall PanelsClean room sandwich panel50mm, 75mm or 100mm clean room panels, rock wool core material
Crylic sheet wall4mm solid crylic sheet, thickness changes depends on height
PVC curtainAnti-static PVC curtain
Polycarbonate sheet wallHollow PC sheet 20mm, thickness changes depends on height
4RoofClean room sandwich panel50mm, 75mm or 100mm clean room panels, rock wool core material
Powder coated steel board2mm, size 600x600mm
5FloorConcrete BuildingEpoxy floor, PVC floor, levated floor
6DoorDimension2100x900mm, 1500x900mm other custom made size
InsulationPaper honeycomb or aluminum honeycomb
Door framePowder coated steel, aluminum, or stainless steel frame
Door leafPowder coated steel, aluminum, Melamine or stainless steel frame
clear acrylic
Power typeManual door, electrical door
Air tightAll around sealed with rubber, bottom with lifting strip
Qty1 pc or any quantity
7WindowDimensionCustomize, Maximum 2400x2200mm
MaterialDouble toughened glass, in middle filled with inert gas and desiccant
Aluminum frame or stainless steel frame, black color
Qty1 pc or any quantity
8LED LightSize600x600mm, 600x1200mm
QtyQty according to requirement
Mounting wayFlush mounted on ceiling
9Clean room equipmentAir Shower
Pass box
Fan filter unit
Heapa box
Clean room air filter
Sampling booth
Laminar flow hood
Commercial Ozone Generator
AHU unit
10OtherCertificateISO 9001, ISO 14001
Warranty1 year
Delivery timeNormally 15 days


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Mobile Cleanroom: The Complete Guide

The cleanroom components include powder-coated steel or aluminum extrusion structure, ceiling grid, and a raised floor system.

The structure is precut and pre-drilled in the factory to make on site assembly easier. And the cleanrooms have various sandwich panel walls of 50mm 75mm and 100mm thick. The wiring is installed in the columns for LED light and equipment.

The aluminum ceiling grid normal size is 600 x 600mm, or 600 x 1200mm. This size corresponds with the ceiling tiles, FFU, HEPA box, and LED light sizes. The equipment will be flush mounted onto the ceiling making the mobile cleanroom interior surface flat and air tight.

The mobile cleanroom wall is available as an insulated sandwich panel, a transparent acrylic, a polycarbonate sheet, or a static PVC curtain. The door can be a swing steel door or an aluminum door. The cleanroom door and window will be already pre-installed on wall panels.

The equipment included in the mobile cleanroom are FFU unit, HEPA box, and LED light. All of the equipment from Zonsteel are high-quality, ISO9001 certified, and have one year warranty.

To offer the right mobile cleanroom, we need to know the room size, cleanroom purpose, and cleanliness class. Zonsteel mobile cleanroom is a turnkey project. This means it will be packed in kit with everything necessary for assembling it in a few days once on site. Zonsteel also provides an operation and maintenance manual, ensuring you run your mobile cleanroom smoothly.

The mobile cleanroom will also have a guide for the smart control system to monitor the particulate, pressure, temperature and humidity levels.

Contact us today with any questions you may have on mobile cleanroom. Our support team is available in 24/7!

Mobile Cleanroom: The Complete FAQs Guide

If you are in the market for a cleanroom, the chances are you will come across different types available. Well, a mobile cleanroom is one of the top options users might consider. That is what this guide is all about.

You would be able to learn more about mobile cleanrooms by the time you get to the end of the guide. Let us dive in already.

What is a Mobile Cleanroom?

A Mobile Cleanroom on Casters

Figure 1 A Mobile Cleanroom on Casters

A mobile cleanroom is a self-contained cleanroom designed to be easily dropped onto a trailer and moved to where it is needed. It can still be on casters inside an existing building. Because of such a design, many industries have found a use for mobile cleanrooms. They see them as great options when you do not have the time to set up a complete hardwall cleanroom in a new location.

What are the Benefits of a Mobile Cleanroom?

Mobile cleanrooms have been on the rise lately, and it is all because of the many benefits they can offer to the user. So, what are these benefits? Let us check them out below.

– The mobile cleanrooms are highly flexible. This is because they can be great temporary cleanrooms in different areas. Let us say you need to use the cleanroom in a new location for only a few weeks; there will be no point in constructing one from scratch when there is a mobile cleanroom available.

– Mobile cleanrooms generally offer the best mobility. This is because you can move the cleanroom from one location to another without much of a problem.

– Availability of mobile cleanrooms is not an issue. Zonsteel makes it easier to get yourself the mobile cleanroom even on short notice. You would not have to worry much about waiting for weeks to set it up when it can be ready for use within a couple of days.

– Another reason for opting for mobile cleanrooms is that they are within the affordable range. Let us say you are conducting research, but you do not have enough money to build a permanent structure. At this point, a mobile cleanroom would be the best option for you.

The list of benefits can go on, but you get the idea why such cleanrooms would be good for you or a company. The next time you need something affordable and still good to maintain your work’s quality, consider mobile cleanrooms.

What are the Common Applications of a Mobile Cleanroom?

The mobile cleanrooms are like any other cleanroom. It is why the applications will be common in either type of cleanrooms. As such, the mobile cleanrooms would be ideal for industries such as material testing, processing, and packaging.

So long the process needs strict cleanliness and particle count, then the mobile cleanroom could be a nice choice to consider. Its mobility also makes it easily adaptable to different applications you may have in mind for a mobile cleanroom.

How Can a Mobile Cleanroom be Customized?

Zonsteel has been in the cleanroom construction business for long to understand the needs of different clients. It is why you can always customize the mobile cleanroom to your liking too.

The mobile cleanroom can be customized mostly in terms of size. This is where you can extend the length, width, and height. This ensures you can have a mobile cleanroom of the right size.

That is not all, as you can still change the temperature, humidity, pressure, and lighting to meet the desired operating conditions. So, when placing your order, let the team at Zonsteel understand more about where you intend to use the cleanroom so that the customizations can be done correctly.

What are the Cleanroom Cleanliness Levels for a Mobile Cleanroom?

The mobile cleanrooms from Zonsteel are rated from Class 10 to 100,000. This means that for each application you might have, there will be the right cleanroom class for it.

If you are not sure what the classes mean, talk to Zonsteel for more information. This will help you pick the right class for the application. Some applications would need more cleanliness than others, so you have to pick the correctly rated mobile cleanroom.

What are the Types of Mobile Cleanrooms?

A Mobile Softwall Cleanroom

Figure 2 A Mobile Softwall Cleanroom

There are two main types of mobile cleanrooms that Zonsteel makes. The first option is a mobile cleanroom on casters. Such a cleanroom would be easy to move around when it is riding on casters. Its position can always change, depending on what you are working on in the building.

It is worth mentioning that the mobile cleanroom on casters will mostly be setup inside an existing building. So, it can be moved if other things have to be handled in the same space.

The other option as a mobile cleanroom includes setting it up on a trailer. The trailer option is loved for making it easier to transport the mobile cleanroom to different destinations. Once it is set up on a trailer, all you need is a truck for hauling it to different places without a problem.

How Long Does It Take to Set up a Mobile Cleanroom?

It does not take too long to set up the mobile cleanroom. This is because the cleanroom is pre-cut and pre-drilled right from the Zonsteel factory. As such, you should end up with an easy time assembling the mobile cleanroom once at the destination.

On average, it should be ready within a week, and you should start using it. For most people, this will work great for them to handle urgent projects while in the field.

Will the Mobile Cleanroom Have all the Important Components and Equipment?

When buying a cleanroom, you hope to have all the essential components and equipment to get started working on a project. In this case, the mobile cleanroom will have everything a cleanroom needs to start working right away.

Keep in mind that the equipment list can vary from one mobile cleanroom to another. However, there will be some that are common among all the cleanrooms. Here is a list to keep in mind.

– HEPA filters

– Pass box

– AHU unit

– Fan filter unit

– Laminar flow hood

– Clean benches

– Cleanroom furniture

Once the team at Zonsteel has all the information about the type of mobile cleanroom you want, it will be easier to incorporate the right equipment and components to keep it functional.

What is the Size of a Mobile Cleanroom?

The size generally varies from one type to another. A model on casters would have a varying size compared to the one on a trailer. The trailer option would maximum be a 40HQ size, which is less than 11.8m. For a trailer mobile cleanroom, you would know the kind of size you are getting on overall.

If you have to set up the mobile cleanroom in an existing building and on casters, then the ceiling grid’s normal sizes are 600 x 600mm or 600 x 1200mm. These sizes largely depend on the components you may want to include in the mobile cleanroom ceiling. Such will include the LED lights, HEPA box, FFU, ceiling tiles, and more.

The equipment must be set up flush with the ceiling to maintain the cleanroom integrity all the time.

What Materials Are Used to Make the Mobile Cleanroom Walls?

So, the various materials used to make a mobile cleanroom can determine its operation. Zonsteel uses insulated sandwich panels, a polycarbonate sheet, and a transparent acrylic for the walls.

It will depend on the part of the wall for each of the materials mentioned above.

One good thing about the insulated sandwich panels is providing an excellent environment for conducting your research. The best part is that you also end up with a fire and chemical-resistant construction.

Zonsteel can use different types of sandwich panels depending on what you will be handling. Some cleanrooms might need more insulation performance than fire resistance. So, there is the need to use the correct product for the job.

Other than the walls, you will also need functional doors and windows. The manufacturer uses swing steel doors or aluminum doors for a mobile cleanroom. All these materials are crucial for giving you the performance you have always wanted.

These cleanroom windows and doors will be pre-installed at the factory. This reduces the time needed to set up and start using the mobile cleanroom.

Is the Mobile Cleanroom a Turnkey Product from Zonsteel?

A Trailer Type Mobile Cleanroom

Figure 3 A Trailer Type Mobile Cleanroom

Yes. Zonsteel understands the importance of having a mobile cleanroom ready for use within a couple of days of setting it up. That is why the mobile cleanroom will be a turnkey product.

The packaging will have everything necessary for setting up the cleanroom once you have it delivered on-site. There will be no need to keep buying new stuff just to have the mobile cleanroom ready for use.

If you like, you can also request additional installation accessories when buying the mobile cleanroom. This means that the manufacturer will include even those accessories you might have bought locally to improve on convenience.

The product will also feature an operation and maintenance manual too. The idea is to help you run the mobile cleanroom smoothly. In case you have any questions, use the manual to understand the mobile cleanroom better.

How Hard is it to Use a Mobile Cleanroom?

Inside a Mobile Cleanroom Trailer

Figure 4 Inside a Mobile Cleanroom Trailer

The mobile cleanroom is like any other cleanroom you may have used before. The only difference is that it will be easy to move it around without too many inconveniences. So, make sure you use it as you would use other cleanrooms. This means that wearing the right outfit and remaining clean while you are in the cleanroom. All the important tips on how to use the mobile cleanroom would be in the product manual.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Mobile Cleanroom?

Maybe it is the first time you are buying a mobile cleanroom, and you are unsure what to consider. Here are some things to keep in mind.

– The application of the mobile cleanroom

– Ease of movement. Do you want casters or a trailer model?

– The size. This depends on the number of people who would use the mobile cleanroom

– The construction materials

– The cleanroom components

– Ease of maintenance in the future

What is the Process of Buying a Mobile Cleanroom?

The first step is to get in touch with the customer care team to purchase a mobile cleanroom. The team will request more information about which type of application you would be using with your mobile cleanroom. From such information, the team can help you customize the cleanroom to work great for the purpose.

Once everything has been discussed, you will get a quotation with the different particulars’ pricing to make the payment. It is generally a simple process. Also, the team at Zonsteel will help you throughout until the order is complete.

Is a Mobile Cleanroom Expensive?

An Operator Inside a Mobile Cleanroom

Figure 5 An Operator Inside a Mobile Cleanroom

Compared to other cleanrooms, a mobile cleanroom is among the most cost-effective options for anyone to consider. Do not worry much about the cost as Zonsteel has some of the best prices in the market.

Another thing you keep in mind is that the components and size can also determine the price. So, the various components you want to be included are outlined in the quotation for you to learn more about the final price of the mobile cleanroom.

Can You Expand a Mobile Cleanroom in the Future?

Yes. That is possible to do. You can always expand the mobile cleanroom to suit your needs. This is because the mobile cleanroom will be modular. This allows for quick expansion in terms of length, width, and size.

In case you have more personnel or cleanroom equipment to add, talk to Zonsteel to see how the expansion can be done.

The expansion is possible mostly for the cleanrooms on casters. The ones on a trailer can be limited. However, there can still be options once you talk to the manufacturer.

Does the Mobile Cleanroom Cost Include Installation and Shipping?

No. The cost of shipping and installation will be listed separately. Some people want to install or setup the mobile cleanrooms using local contractors. At this point, Zonsteel will not charge for the installation process. Also, the shipping cost will vary depending on the destination of the mobile cleanroom. So, the shipping cost is different from one client to another.

After everything has been discussed, you will get a quotation including everything from the cost of shipping to installation too.

What is the Warranty Period of the Mobile Cleanroom?

Zonsteel offers a one-year warranty on the mobile cleanroom. The idea is to assure you that the mobile cleanroom continues to work great over several months.

Always read and understand the warranty terms before agreeing to the conditions. This will help you to know where and how the warranty applies. Where you feel it is not clear, talk to the customer care team for more clarification.


Most people would find a use for a mobile cleanroom. It is all about picking the right type of mobile cleanroom and get to work as it is easy to setup. Other than the ease of setting up, the mobile cleanroom would also be cost-effective, among other benefits.

If you still have more questions on mobile cleanrooms after going through the guide above, get in touch with Zonsteel to find out how the company can help you get the right mobile cleanroom.

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