Expert Interlock Door Manufacturer in China

Zonsteel is a premier interlock door manufacturer in China. We offer a full range of interlock doors to meet your requirements. At Zonsteel, we have an expert R&D team specializing in the design, production, and installation of interlock doors.

Zonsteel also has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing the highest quality interlock doors. Thus, we have the full capabilities to provide for your needs. All our products are compliant with international standards and specifications.

  • Clean Room Manufacturer
  • Clean Room Manufacturer
  • Clean Room Manufacturer

Interlock Doors Manufacturer

Zonsteel offers the highest quality interlock doors to meet critical area requirements such as cleanrooms.
Cleanroom Electronic Interlock Door

We manufacture cleanroom electronic interlock doors with automatic lock functions. We manufacture products using stainless steel materials with excellent abrasion resistance.

Interlock Double Door for Cleanroom

Zonsteel offers an interlock double door for cleanroom using stainless steel materials. It features intelligent microcomputer control with a stable and safe system.

High Pressure Interlock Doors

Our high-pressure interlock doors offer an elegant appearance, excellent rust-proof properties, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, airtight, good seal performance, and easy to clean.

Cleanroom High Speed Interlock Door

We manufacture cleanroom high-speed interlock doors that feature wind resistance, low noise, airtightness, high-quality, dust-proof, and excellent design.

Automatic Radar Interlock PVC Door

You can choose the best quality automatic radar interlock PVC door at Zonsteel. It also features automatic function.

Airtight Interlock Door

Zonsteel manufactures high-quality automatic interlock doors with features such as adjustable hinges, VIP coating, automatic sealing up, bumper pad configuration, and more.

Remote Control Interlocking System Door

We offer remote control interlocking system doors with high speed and non-deformation.

Hospital Interlock Doors

Our hospital interlock doors feature automatic and manual operation. It comes with a seamless design observation window made from clear view glass panels. You can assure high-quality at a competitive price.

Interlocking Security Door System

Zonsteel offers an interlocking security door system with free design and OEM services. These doors are economical, multifunctional, stable quality, and reliable.

Insulated Interlocking Door for Hospital

Our insulated interlocking doors are suitable for hospitals and pharmaceutical applications. It features automatic function and hygienic metal modular design.

High Security Interlocking Door

Zonsteel focuses on creating high-quality and high-security interlocking door designs. These products come with custom sizes, automatic features, and enhanced reliability.

Interlock Automatic Doors

We manufacture automatic interlock doors with excellent appearance and design. It also features steady operation, simple installation and keeps your environment quiet and comfortable.

Why Choose Zonsteel Interlock Doors

  • Full design customization
  • Made from the highest quality materials
  • We have a solid technical department
  • One-stop and turnkey solution for your interlock door needs
  • 24/7 immediate response to inquiries

Zonsteel is Your Reliable Interlock Door Manufacturer in China

Here in Zonsteel, we have advanced quality testing equipment and a strict quality control team. Thus, you can assure that we control every step of your interlock door production. We also have third-party inspections such as SGS, TUV, and BV. To ensure the quality of the products, we guarantee full review before shipping through Salt Spray Resistance Test, Impart Resistance Test, and more.

At Zonsteel, we have more than 20 years of expertise in designing interlock doors. Our experience guarantees that we can provide you a full range of interlock doors for a broad range of applications. Zonsteel also provides OEM services for your needs. Customization of interlock doors is always available. Just send us your requirements, drawings, and specifications. Our engineers will work with you!

We Are Professional Interlock Door Manufacturer
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Zonsteel – The Best Interlock Door Manufacturer in China

Zonsteel is a rich-experienced manufacturer in China. We have more than 20 years of experience in the industry. As a professional manufacturer, we have total dedication to providing customers with the highest quality products and 100% satisfaction.

We provide a wide range of interlock doors such as Cleanroom Electronic Interlock Door, Interlock Double Door for Cleanroom, High-Pressure Interlock Doors, Cleanroom High-Speed Interlock Door, Automatic Radar Interlock PVC Door, Airtight Interlock Door, and more.

Our interlock doors offer convenient, efficient, and safe means of closing and opening doors in a controlled environment. It can help in preventing sudden loss of positive pressure in a cleanroom with interconnected entry points.

These doors also allow air purification systems and ventilation to work optimally. Thus, it can avoid cross-contamination in your cleanroom or production facilities. Our interlock doors are user-friendly, functional, and offer reliable control.

Whether you need complex or soft interlock doors for your cleanrooms or other facilities, Zonsteel can provide your needs. We provide budget-friendly yet highly efficient interlock doors. We will consider the size, frequency, temperature, and pressure of usage to meet your application requirements.

Here in Zonsteel, you can find the right solution for your interlock door needs. Our years of experience guarantee full capabilities in providing your needs. We are the trusted interlock door supplier of thousands of customers around the world.

You can assure that Zonsteel can provide a total solution for your particular protected area. Rest assured that we can produce state-of-the-art interlock doors. Here in Zonsteel, we have expert engineers to provide training, field installation, repair, and maintenance.

All our products are compliant with international standards and specifications. We have certifications from ISO9001:2015 to meet critical area requirements. To ensure the quality of the products, we guarantee full inspection before shipping through Salt Spray Resistance Test, Impart Resistance Test, and more.

Aside from interlock doors, we also manufacture other cleanroom equipment such as hospital room doors, x-ray doors, operating room doors, surgical scrub sinks, hospital walls, air shower tunnel, open-air shower, dynamic pass box, static pass box, and more. We are your one-stop solution to your cleanroom equipment needs!

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Interlock Door: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Do you want to accumulate additional information in regards to the Interlock Door? Be guided with the following legit sources through reading and understanding this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Guide.

This practical guide will undoubtedly give you clarification and precise responses to all your associated questions.

It incorporates educational information about the Interlock Doors and their definition, uses, materials, advantages, features, benefits, application, and other factors.

How to Define Interlock?

With a straightforward definition, an interlock is a state of being interconnected or joint of two objects or items. 

What is an Interlock Door?

Interlock is a door that incorporates connected double doors. Interlock doors establish, so that will lock the reverse door if one door is open. An interlock, often known as an airlock, can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

It usually uses magnetic locks and switches, which help endure extra-ordinary protection that grasps all the private documents and important things safe from unauthorized individuals.

An interlock’s purpose is to prevent two entrances from opening simultaneously, blocking air from passing from one compartment to the other.

Interlock Door

Interlock Door

What are the Materials Used in Configuring the Interlock Door?

  • Plastic
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum 
  • Reinforced-glass
  • Thermoplastic
  • Glass
  • Metal

What are the Different Types of Interlock Door Systems?

  • Airlock Control System. It is the most straightforward operational function where doors simultaneously open and close. A system that casually empowered most minor security operations. 
  • Free Egress/Secure Entry System. This type of interlock door system provides higher-tier security as opposed to airlock control systems. It highlights a system card that supervises and permits entry and exit uses.
  • Restricted Entry & Exit. It renders paramount safety through the entire building doors. In this system, the door can only unlock if ever there are sanctioned access requests. 

How Does an Interlocking Door Work?

  • Tough Opening Security. Centrally contributes a high point of management authority and entrance security. It also secures the highest resistance of physical reassurance from any blast and furious attacks. 
  • Safe Identification and Detection System. It specializes in high-technology detection systems ( biometric, codes, face recognition, fingerprints, optical system, body sensing devices ) that provide strict and explicit security.  
  • Tailgating and Piggybacking. It is expressly compatible in a restricted area with legal permission. 

Only an authorized person can benefit and progress the opening and closing of doors in an interlock door. 

Interlock Doors

Interlocking Door Function

Where Does the Interlock Door Frequently Install?

  • Cleanroom areas
  • Entrance
  • Exit
  • Gowning area
  • De gowning area
  • Staff offices
  • Hospital rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Bank
  • Buildings
  • Establishments
  • Lobby
  • Pharmacist

Different Installation Styles and Types of Interlock Door:

  • Airlock Control System. It is the most straightforward operational function where doors simultaneously open and close. A system that casually empowered most minor security operations. 
  • Free Egress/Secure Entry System. This type of interlock door system provides higher-tier security opposing to airlock control systems. It highlights a system card that supervises and permits entry and exit uses.
  • Restricted Entry & Exit. It renders paramount safety through the entire building doors. In this system, the door can only unlock if ever there are sanctioned access requests. 

Is the Interlock Door safe?

Interlock doors correspond with vital enclosure switches and locks that add security and safety against stealing, unnecessary entrance, and exit, threatening actions.

Interlock Door Features:

  • Functional
  • Programmable accessing device
  • High-magnetic locks and switches
  • User-friendly
  • Safe
  • Durable
  • Universal
  • Tamper-Resistant
  • Explosion-proof

What Certain Areas does a Safety Interlock Door is Suitable?

  • Elevated security against tampering
  • Uncontaminated in different environmental state
  • Accurate door guide
  • High welfare classification

Interlock Door Benefits – What are They?

These are the exceeding advantages of installing interlock doors to your existing offices, building, or establishments:

  • No demand for any expensive equipment
  • Escalate building security 
  • Lowers the chances of property loss and damage
  • Diminish the risk of danger, injury, or even death

What are the Unique Properties of Interlock Doors?

  • Metal detector
  • Double emergence exit doors
  • Light portal swing
  • Bulletproof glass door
  • Armored doors
  • Robust swing portal door
  • Double interlocks

What are the 2 Types of Interlock?

1. Safety Interlock

It appears how the programming instruction works. It keeps every individual away from unnecessary actions and unpleasant harm.

2. Non-safety Interlock

It is significant in ensuring stringent safety, security which prevents the equipment away from inadvertent operations. However, non-safety interlock comprises different types: mechanical, electrical, and logic interlocks.

  • Mechanical Interlock. It corporally connects with other devices.
  • Electrical Interlock. One of its core functions is to control the current flow of two or more devices and prevent the unnecessary turning on of some system devices. 
  • Logic Interlock. It is practical, especially when some devices are challenging to be connected for both mechanical and electrical purposes. Interlock Doors

Properties of Interlock Doors

What are the things to consider in seeking the right Interlock Door?

  • Environmental Convenience
  • Security Applications
  • Selectable Door Field 
  • Functional Sequence
  • Access Compatibility Control
  • Eminent Visual Indicator
  • Security and safety features

How often to Inspect the Interlock Door?

To maintain the consistent performance of the interlocking door, interlock doors are extremely suggested to check up and scrutinize the status of your interlock door at least once a year. 

What is the Function of Interlocking Door on the Grinder?

Interlocking doors can stop individuals from unwanted actions and behavior. It also has extra features which are essential in decreasing any possible hazard and risk. 

Where is the Safety Interlock Switch on the Door Located?

The coupled axis of device guard doors is fitted with hinge interlock safety switches.

Security switches are interlocking devices that protect humans and equipment by observing machine guards, doors, windows, gates, jaws, and other implements.

Safety Switches Types:

  • Safety switches on the switchboard
  • Controls to protect power objects
  • Portable safety switches

How Long Do the Interlock Doors Last?

Interlock doors purposely to be helpful for a decade of service. 

If you practice regular maintenance within your interlock door, its overall execution will remain consistent, leading to an elongated servicing operation.

Interlock Doors

Interlock Doors

How Much Does an Interlock Door Cost?

Interlock doors come with complex rates. Its prices depend on various measurements, thicknesses, and materials that suit particular applications. 

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