Impact Traffic Doors

With 20 years of manufacturing expertise in the field, Zonsteel can be your best partner when it comes to high-quality impact traffic doors. Operating in China, presenting a full selection of doors perfect for industrial, commercial, and more purposes.

Zonsteel’s strong capabilities enable you to have the most unique, latest impact traffic doors. We can manufacture several door units using top-grade raw materials. For more important details, contact us!

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Impact Traffic Doors

We are specializing in the impact traffic doors production since year 1999. You can totally rely on us!
250 Degree Swing Impact Traffic Door

Our 250-degree swing impact traffic door is energy-saving. Available at lower rates.

Commercial Impact Traffic Door

A commercial impact traffic door is ideal for institutional and commercial uses.

Double Swing Impact Traffic Door

A double swing impact traffic door is perfect for buildings that need barriers for public/ storage areas.

Durable Impact Traffic Door

A durable impact traffic door is an easy to install and versatile door. Available in many finishes.

High Impact Resistant Traffic Door

We can customized high impact resistant traffic door with your designs and layouts.

Impact Traffic Door for Restaurant

This is available in different material such as wood veneer, stainless steel, laminated, etc.

Industrial Impact Traffic Door

This is the best door solution for warehouse factories, ice factories, space divisions, etc.

Light Duty Impact Traffic Door

We can customize light-duty impact traffic doors according to your specifications.

Medium Duty Impact Traffic Door

We design medium-duty impact traffic doors to increase durability, safety, and reliability.

Retail Impact Traffic Door

The retail impact traffic door from Zonsteel is easy to install and maintenance-free.

Rigid Impact Traffic Door

Our rigid impact traffic door is suitable for general door purposes. A long-lasting, rust-free door.

Supermarket Impact Traffic Door

The supermarket impact traffic door is available in custom options and different finishes.

Why Impact Traffic Doors Zonsteel

  • Prime solution for your impact traffic doors
  • Strong QC and R&D capabilities
  • ISO-certified manufacturing company
  • Safe and fast delivery for your orders
  • 7/24 Tech and sales assistance

Your Leading Impact Traffic Doors Zonsteel

Zonsteel uses our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to ensure long-lasting, superior quality impact traffic doors and other products. We design impact traffic doors to increase reliability, safety, and durability. At the same time, it decreases the maintenance and energy cost. Whenever you need impact traffic doors, Zonsteel experts are just one call away!

As a leading impact traffic door manufacturer and supplier, we own an ultra-modern and advanced production line to develop your product requirements. With Zonsteel, we can provide a one-stop solution that 100% guarantees your impact traffic door durability and quality. For your further inquiries, please get in touch with us!

We Are Professional Impact Traffic Doors Manufacturer
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Your No.1 Impact Traffic Doors Manufacturer

Zonsteel mission is to engineer, manufacture, and design energy-saving impact traffic doors and more cleanroom equipment. We carry excellent customer value in performance, quality, and price. We can guarantee to meet every need of our customer. So, if you’re looking for a reliable impact traffic door manufacturer, Zonsteel is your best provider.

We offer impact traffic doors ideal for institutional, retail, and commercial applications. Any building that demands a barrier for storage or public area these are ideal—these enabling for pass-through of cart and pedestrian traffic.

Zonsteel Impact traffic doors are versatile retail doors. These are stainless steel, aluminum, wood veneer, galvanized steel, ABS outer finish, or laminated. Custom option for this product is also available for you at a competitive price.

This is an ideal door for general purposes. Maintenance-free while having long door service life. The best material for making exceptional doors in cold storage, space division, electronics factory, ice factory, warehouse factory, welding factory, machinery factory, fire protection factory, and other building areas.

Zonsteel’s experienced engineering team, skillful management, and sales team, enable us to create impact traffic doors according to your technical ideas and designs.

And also, we are using our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to ensure long-lasting, superior quality products. We design impact traffic doors to increase reliability, safety, and durability. At the same time, it decreases the maintenance and energy cost.

To supply our customers with exceptional quality products at a lower price is our company’s ultimate vision. Since 1999, we are commits to delivering good quality impact traffic doors with world-class standards.

If ever you have projects or businesses and need the best impact traffic doors, Zonsteel is your ultimate solution provider. We offer every impact traffic door design that conforms to ISO, CE, and GMP.

If you have inquiries, a skilled dealer network is 24/7Hours available to work with you. Contact now!

Impact Traffic Doors: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Impact Traffic Door

Zonsteel has great ability in manufacturing impact traffic doors at over two decades in the industry. Unique selections and designs for your final applications.

If you need impact traffic doors, Then Zonsteel is your reliable choice. This guide will show you different traffic doors capabilities and help you consider different options. Let’s check it now.

What Is Impact Traffic Door?

Impact traffic doors adapt different places also called swing doors and double-acting doors. It is an effective solution for healthcare environments for bidirectional movement. It provides a barrier between two rooms which are thermal or visual.

Impact traffic doors are performed by hands, forklifts, and impacted by carts. It is designed to open while banging in any machine that passes through and automatically closes in position.

What Is Double Action?

It is designed to open the door in both inward and outward directions.

It has no handles or levers to operate which are designed to open through impact.

According to its functions, impact traffic doors can be used for:

  • Increasing productivity: It allows movement acceleration of personnel, eliminating to stop, and to open/close.
  • Visual separation/noise containment: Impact traffic doors are used or can be installed between emergency rooms and operating rooms where it needs to be separated.
  • Simple Operation and environment control: It doesn’t need to be electrically operated, pneumatic, and even hydraulic to perform well.

What Does The Impact Traffic Doors Material Made of?

Impact Traffic Doors are widely made of two lightweight and durable materials like stainless steel and aluminum materials. They are one of the most recommended materials for swing doors or double-action doors.

Stainless Steel Impact Traffic Doors – For tougher impact traffic doors, stainless steel is recommended for construction. It is designed with various window shapes and sizes constructed with clear and durable acrylics with coated and black rubber moldings.

Stainless Steel Surgical Scrub Sink

Stainless Steel Surgical Scrub Sink


  • Composite wood core
  • Moisture resistance
  • Full height panels on both sides
  • Constructed ¾ door body


  • 75 thick sustainable
  • #1 door thickness
  • Full-length finish
  • Popular hinge
  • Clear acrylic window and rubber molding


  • Gasket
  • Upper hinge
  • Lower hinge
  • Hinge cover
  • Top pod
  • Jamb guard
  • Hinge roller
  • Notched Bottom Lesf

Aluminum Impact Traffic Doors – aluminum is a lightweight material suitable for impact traffic doors. Economical solutions constructed with .063 special alloy door body. Aluminum can provide the perfect amount of flexibility for durable impact traffic doors. It has standard panels with black rubber moldings constructed with various window sizes and shapes made of clear acrylics.

Aluminum Surgical Scrub Sink

Aluminum Surgical Scrub Sink


  • Aluminum door classifications
  • .063 aluminum thickness
  • Clear anodized finish


  • .063 door thickness
  • Tempered anodized door body on both sides
  • Hinge system
  • 9 x 14 standard window sizes and various shapes and rubber molding


  • Hinge roller
  • Top bracket
  • Lower hinge
  • Hinge cover

Other Impact Traffic Doors Applications

Aside from medical or healthcare applications, impact traffic doors are widely used for different establishments includes:

Restaurant Doors

  • Closing and double-dip upper guide
  • Rigid PIR foam core insulations
  • 20 microns with thermal break

Retail/Supermarket Doors

  • Great fire performance
  • Frame, coating, insulations
  • High-reliability hinge
  • Ergonomic lock designs

Industrial Doors

  • High fire resistance
  • Frame, insulation to energy saving
  • High-quality hinge and ergonomic lock designs

What Are Different Impact Traffic Door Features?

Frames – Adapt fixation to wall panels

Top Coating – Wide top coating collections with maximum durability for aggressive environments.

Hinges – durable and popular for intensive use.

Door Leaf – Compact coating, eyehole in the middle, excellent and strong resistance from humidity to scratches.

Colours – Variety of RAL colors.

What Are The Impact Traffic Door Advantages?

There are various impact traffic doors advantages for your final applications like:


Optimal impact traffic door functions, climatic, and hygienic excellent qualities.


Excellent features and mechanical resistance suitable for medical facilities and establishments even in corrosive environments

PIR Insulation

Thermal insulation and water tightness with traditional polyurethane core.


Keep emission low and high fire resistance.

Impact traffic doors are operated manually and are lightweight. They don’t need to waste energy to open and close positions. Easier and quicker installations save money, less maintenance or repair.


Impact traffic doors are simple and economical. It achieved perfect efficiency for your operations. Zonsteel offers impact traffic doors offer for various medical and healthcare facility purposes, request a consultation!

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