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Zonsteel is an old pro HPL door manufacturer and provider in China. You can find the most durable and sturdy HPL doors from Zonsteel. Whether you need a stylish and high-class HPL door, Zonsteel can provide you immediately. We have the most extensive stock of HPL doors that are ready to deliver and ship.

We can recommend you the best kind of HPL doors that are suitable for your applications. Zonsteel uses advanced manufacturing equipment to manufacture desirable HPL doors. We implement strict quality control to ensure that every part of the HPL door is in the best condition. You can guarantee a damage-free product from Zonsteel!

  • Clean Room Door
  • Clean Room Manufacturer
  • Clean Room Manufacturer

HPL Door Manufacturer

Zonsteel provides a professional HPL door solution for different applications. We specialize in clean room doors and clean room windows.
HPL Hospital Doors

The HPL hospital doors are easy to install. It can be customized with your superior design to suit your applications.

Laminated HPL Doors

These doors consist of compact laminated materials. They are durable, strong, and offer a long lifespan.

HPL Fire Rated Doors

The HPL fire-rated doors have good services and stable performance. This is a kind of door that will never be damaged easily.

Swing HPL Doors

Single HPL doors offer high protection and security. They are available in different sizes and designs.

Steel HPL Flush Doors

Steel HPL flush doors are one of the durable doors that have 4 sides. The thickness of this door is about 50 mm.

Modern Style HPL Doors

A modern style HPL door is a popular and in-demand door today. They are suitable for different applications and locations.

HPL Doors for Bathroom

The HPL doors for the bathroom are water resistant which means they are not easily damaged even if they are always wet.

8 HPL Hospital Surgery Room Doors

The HPL hospital surgery room doors have a unique structure and standard sizes making them the ideal doors.

HPL Hospital Doors with Steel Frame

The HPL hospital doors with steel frames are perfect doors available in different thicknesses, colors, and styles.

Multifunctional HPL Doors

A multifunction HPL hospital does truly meet architectural expectations. This door consists of high-quality components.

HPL Panel Doors

The HPL panel doors are subjected to high-pressure treatment to ensure the best quality and high performance.

Steel Embossed HPL Doors

The steel embossed HPL doors are reliable and stylish. They have rare and extraordinary designs.

Why HPL Door Manufacturer Zonsteel

  • Customized PHL doors products
  • 20 years of PHL door manufacturing experience
  • Professional PHL door exporter
  • Providing strong HPL doors
  • Competitive rates

Your Primer HPL Door Manufacturer Zonsteel

Zonsteel is a primary HPL door manufacturer and supplier. Zonsteel supplies an HPL door with perfect texture and attractive designs. Whether you need an HPL door, we have in stock that is ready to provide. Zonsteel has the most comprehensive selection of HPL doors that are suitable in various commercial and industrial applications.

Zonsteel is an expert HPL door manufacturer which can provide full support for your needs. We are capable of customizing your HPL door with a perfect appearance. As a confident manufacturer, we are very proud to offer our excellent service and quality product nationwide. You can always count on Zonsteel if you need professional HPL doors for your business.

We Are Professional HPL Door Manufacturer
  • Clean Room Panels
  • Clean Room Doors
  • Clean Room Windows
  • Modular Clean Room
  • Elevated Floor


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Zonsteel: One-Stop Solution Provider for Your HPL Door Requirements

Zonsteel specializes in manufacturing HPL doors and other doors. We can provide custom-made products that meet your standard and qualifications. Zonsteel offers you a one-stop HPL door solution that will satisfy your needs and surpass your expectations.

Zonesteel HPL doors consist of solid materials. Since the HPL materials are easy to maintain and clean, the Zonsteel HPL door is the perfect door that provides a cost-effective solution. These doors feature scratch and impact resistance.

Zonesteel HPL doors are stable doors even if the environment changes. They are also UV ray resistant, and as of that, these door colors will never fade quickly and maintain their colors uniform. The stains will not be rapidly attach if your door is HPL doors.

Our HPL doors have a unique design and attractive appearance. You look so social when you have an HPL door because these doors are more fashionable. When you are looking for elegant doors, Zonsteel HPL doors are one of the perfect solutions.

Zonsteel HPL doors are applicable in different applications like offices, classrooms, hospitals, and even homes. You will enjoy having the Zonsteel HPL doors since they are eco-friendly and have more substantial entries than others.

We have a wide selection of HPL doors, including the laminated HPL doors, HPL fire-rated doors, swing HPL doors, steel HPL flush doors, and HPL hospital doors. We also have a modern style of HPL doors and multifunction HPL doors.

If ever you need any of them, we are glad to provide them immediately. We have a large stock of HPL doors in our factory. You can expect that we will support even your urgent needs. 

As a professional manufacturer and supplier, we can export our HPL doors to different countries. No matter where you are, we can professionally serve you.

Get in touch with us to get outstanding HPL doors!

HPL Door: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before you purchase an HPL door, try to read this guide.

It has full of information regarding the HPL door, its usage, application, benefits, and other important facts.

If you want to be an expert on HPL doors, then this guide is for you.

Keep on reading!

HPL Door

HPL Door

What is HPL Door?

An HPL door is also known as a high-pressure laminate door.

This is widely used in the busiest environments, such as in schools, hotels, and malls.

HPL doors can be made from any material. 

It has a stylish and professional surface, making them an excellent choice for any application.

What are HPL Materials?

HPL contains paper and wood materials.

Moreover, HPL materials have a flat and smooth surface. They are available from 8 up to 12 mm of thicknesses.

HPL can work and sustain from 20 to 80temperature range.

What Different Types of HPL Doors?

There are the different types of HPL doors:

HPL Laminate Door Panels

The HPL laminate door panels provide excellent strength and high firmness. Its surface won’t fade or change easily.

Commercial HPL Doors

A commercial HPL door provides great security. It is suitable in any commercial building such as malls, supermarkets, and hotels.

HPL Hospital Doors

The HPL hospital doors have a professional structure and a simple installation system. They are widely used in different hospitals and healthcare facilities.

HPL Bathroom Doors

The HPL bathroom doors have a solid and strong structure. They feature water-resistant, eco-friendly, and easy to install.

What Are The Characteristics and Features of the HPL Door?

Due to its features, the HPL door is widely used in different applications. 

These are the characteristics of the HPL door:

  1. Anti-corrosive
  2. Durable
  3. Waterproof
  4. Fireproof
  5. Heatproof
  6. Environmental protection
  7. Anti-static
  8. Wide decorative options

What Are Different Colors of HPL Doors?

The HPL doors are available in a wide variety of colors. 

The colors of HPL doors are:

  • Tea green
  • Woodgrain
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Light gray
  • White

In addition, HPL doors can be customized with your desired colors.

What Are Advantages and Benefits of HPL Doors?

HPL doors offer various advantages during applications.

HPL doors advantages and benefits are:

  • Strong impact and scratch-resistant

HPL doors offer an excellent resistance again scratch and impact. Plus, this door has maintained its brightness and professional appearance for a long time.

  • Easy to install

Another good thing in terms of the HPL door that is it offers a simple and ease of installation. They can be installed with an inexpert and unskilled installer.

  • Easy to maintain and clean 

HPL doors are manufactured from superior materials which are easy to clean and maintain. You can use soft fabric for daily cleaning.

  • Hygienic properties

The HPL doors feature moisture resistance which makes them a hygienic item. They are perfect for placing in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

  • UV resistance and Stable light

Another advantage of HPL doors is UV resistance. They can extremely block and resist UV rays. They keep their best appearance, and their colors won’t fade easily.

  • Strong stain resistant

With HPL doors, the dirt slip and won’t penetrate. HPL doors have strong resistance from stains and or any unwanted dirt.

  • Aesthetic Appearance

The HPL door adopts a shiny, satin, and opaque finish. It produces a desirable and attractive appearance.

What Are Typical Applications of HPL Doors?

The HPL door is suitable for various applications.

These includes:

  1. Kitchen
  2. Office
  3. Bedrooms
  4. Bathrooms
  5. Schools
  6. Hotels
  7. Hospitals
  8. Healthcare facilities
  9. Cleanroom

Waterproof HPL Door

Waterproof HPL Doors

Is HPL Door Waterproof?

The HPL doors offer excellent resistance against water.

They can withstand wet areas, making them perfect doors for bathrooms and comfort rooms.

HPL doors won’t damage easily because of wet. It is made from durable materials that can sustain from water.

How Strong are HPL Doors?

HPL doors are manufactured from 1400 psi pressure, and it contains several layers.

As of that, HPL doors have strong enough which capable of long service.

It is made from durable materials which never damage easily.

How Long HPL Door Last?

HPL door’s life will depend on how to care for it.

If HPL doors are maintained regularly, they can last for many years.

Because of their durability, HPL doors can sustain from 8 to 10 years.

How Much Does HPL Doors Cost?

HPL doors can be offered at competitive prices.

The exact rates of the HPL doors will depend on their appearance, designs, sizes, and styles.

What are The Standard Sizes of HPL Doors?

The HPL door standard size is about 90 × 200, while the maximum, 90 X 210.

When in terms of thicknesses, it should be 24 mm.

But HPL doors can be customized according to your exact sizes depending on your applications.

What Are the Disadvantages of HPL Doors?

HPL doors have some undesirable characteristics or disadvantages like:

Limitations of Applications

Compared with other doors, HPL doors have limitations in terms of applications.

They are not applicable in all areas and applications.

To avoid any problems or circumstances, you need to install them consider their capacities.

Need to avoid extreme situations

HPL doors are designed with scratch-resistant and UV resistance, but it’s not good that they are always exposed to extreme sun heat.

Customized HPL Door

Customized HPL Door

Are HPL Doors Customizable?

HPL materials are easy to machine and customize.

HPL doors are capable of customizing in any design, style, appearance, and color.

You can get an HPL door according to your specifications and details.

What is the Difference Between Melamine and HPL?

HPL and melamine materials have some similarities, but these two materials also have differences.

The HPL contains 6 – 8 layers, while the melamine consists of 1 – 2 layers.

HPL is much durable yet expensive compared with melamine materials.

How To Choose HPL Doors?

Before you choose HPL doors, it would be better if you think of some classifications.

Consider the following:

  1. Desired specifications
  2. Analyze your applications
  3. Consider the size
  4. Choose the best design and appearance
  5. Color, if it would be matched in your place.
  6. Environment
  7. Total cost


HPL doors are the best option in limited applications.

Now, you have enough information and details regarding HPL doors.

Consider some important things to choose suitable HPL doors.

HPL doors can last longer if you take care of and maintain them properly.

Never forget the factors above when you plan to buy HPL doors!

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