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Zonsteel is your immediate solution for your hospital room doors. We are producing hospital room doors for over 20 years. Hence, the highest quality of hospital room doors is what we only provide to all leading markets locally and internationally. The hospital doors avaialble are steel door, stainless steel door, HPL door, glass door, medical lead protection door. Sliding doors, manual doors, sensor doors, interlock doors. For any quantities accepted to custom made door color, door size, door thickness and open type. Contact us today!

  • Hospital Room Doors -Patient Room Door
  • Hospital Room Doors - Lead Door
  • Hospital Room Doors - Hospital Sliding Doors

Hospital Room Doors

Zonsteel hospital room doors are the best type of room doors that meet local and international standards.
Sandwich Panel Hospital Room Doors

Zonsteel sandwich panel hospital room doors are ISO-9001 approved. It has complete strength composition and stable function, which is ideal for corrosion and damage assistance.


Transparent Bi-Folding Hospital Room Doors

It has a door thickness of 2.0mm and comes from custom length and width. It generates from the sturdiest selection of non-thermal break aluminum materials for uneasy breaking.


Hospital Room Doors - Medical Lead Protection Doors

Zonsteel’s medical lead protection doors leaf and inner frame are lined with lead plates to prevent radiation and impact.Shield X-rays and prevent the leakage of various harmful rays

Custom Hospital Room Doors

Zonsteel engages in producing custom hospital room doors that come with professional features. We can customize every version of custom hospital room doors depending on your requirement.  

Hospital Patient Room Doors

It has a simple structural element for easy installation: widely valuable in public, private, ICU, laboratory, and hospital rooms.

Hospital Room Doors - Glass Door

Zonsteel hospital room door glass door is fully accredited for healthcare, quiet and easy operation, afordable and reasonable price.

Manual Stainless Steel Hospital Room Doors

It manufactures through a strict process that meets the standard requirements—specified with high-strength foundation.  

HPL Unequal Double Hospital Room Doors

This hospital door with aluminum door frame and HPL unequal double door leaf, aluminum/paper honeycomb or PU foam infill.

Automatic Sliding Hospital Room Doors

It comprises the sturdiest aluminum or stainless steel rail. With high quality and durable motor. Most use for operating room.

Single Swing Hospital Room Doors

Applicable for easy pull and push applications. A typical hospital room door with specific models and sizes. 


Aluminum Frame Hospital Room Doors

It features a durable sealing frame gasket for its stability. Suitable in any door installation in pharmaceutical, laboratory, or hospital door areas.

Double Leaf Hospital Room Door

It is a lightweight door yet provides high-resiliency and long-lasting performance. It has a door thickness of 50mm and is easy to install. 

Why Choose Zoonsteel Hospital Room Doors

  • Hygienic conforming design hospital doors
  • Comprehensive hospital door types to choose from
  • Customize doors as per customers need
  • ISO CE certified hospital doors
  • 24/7 technical and support service

Zonsteel- Your Primary Hospital Room Doors Manufacturer

ISO CE certificated high quality and 15 days fast delivery time with affordable price

Hospital room doors are one of Zonsteel’s favorite and primary products. We specialize in manufacturing different sorts of hospital room doors with refined consultation, designing, manufacturing, shipping, installation, and after-sale servicing. 

Zonsteel has completed door production line, CNC cutting, punching, hole making, especially view panel making line, its patented line. The view panel is filled with inert gas and desiccant ensure no fog, and flush installed on doors.

Zonsteel hospital room doors come with different features. It can be a single or double door, double open, sliding, or auto sliding door, which comes from various colors and measurements intended for what you need. 

Zonsteel has rich cleanroom projects experence, knows which doors are best for where. In material, our hospital room doors includes power coated steel door, HPL door, stainless steel door. In function, its clean and antibacterial, anti-collision and anti-scratch. 

To fit for machine sandwich panel wall, manual sandwich panel wall, concrete wall, Zonsteel hospital room doors have corresponding door frames to match the wall. Ensure one side or both sides are flush with wall. Door frame is heavy and door leaf is light.

Zonsteel hospital room door comes with full set of hareware, the stainless steel handle, locks, hinges, sealing and bottom lifting strip. Options with door closer, view panel, push plate, kick plate, electronic interlock. Contact us today!

We Are Professional Clean Room Component Manufacturer
  • Hospital room doors specifications

    • Hospital room doors – Steel door
    • Hospital room doors – stainless steel door
    • Hospital room doors – HPL door
    • Hospital room doors – swing door
    • Hospital room doors – sliding door
    • Hospital room doors – glass door
    • Hospital room doors – half glass swing door
    • Hospital room doors – medical lead protection door
    • Hospital room doors – automatic air tightness doorBespoke:
      • Any RAL colors
      • Any hospital room door dimensions: Single door 750x2100mm, 900x2100mm, 1100x2100mm. Double door 1500x2100mm, 1600x2100mm, 1800x2200mm, 2200x3000mm
      • Door frame flush with 50mm sandwich panel wall, adjustable door frame fit for 75mm, 100mm wall.
      • Door frame fit for concrete wall.
      • Option with: door closer, inter locks, stainless steel lock, elbow lock, foot induction, access card.
      • Stainless steel push plate
      • Stainless steel tick plate


      • Good air tightness, bottom with lifting sealing strip
      • Insulated with rock wool, paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb or PU
      • Quite and easy operation
      • Safe transports
      • No panel sag during swing
      • View panel filled with inert gases and desiccant
      • Can installed on sandwich panel wall and concrete wall, with different door frame to match the wall thickness



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Zoonsteel- Your One-Stop Provider Solution for Your Hospital Room Doors

If you are looking for perfect hospital room doors with extraordinary features, Zonsteel is your ideal supplier to choose. We have the wealthiest servicing experience in hospital room doors production. Within 20 years, we continue to serve and offer a dependable solution for your business and projects.

Moreover, Zonsteel has advanced manufacturing production lines, and our elite engineers, designers, and architects who have the strength and intelligence to provide you with all your needed hospital room doors.

Zonsteel hospital room doors are helpful in the room doors industry. All of our hospital room doors come in different styles. Can install single or double door, double open, sliding or auto sliding door, revolving, swinging, and folding. It is also suitable in wardrooms, ICU, isolation rooms, laboratories, operating rooms, or any part of the hospital. You can purchase it with different measurements and colors depending on what you seek.

All of our hospital room doors are high-resistant, convenient, flexible, and enduring to use. It generates from the sturdiest raw materials, like aluminum alloy, stainless steel, power coated steel, HPL and other materials. We can allow you to send us your layout for the preferred hospital room doors design to give you your version for this.

At reasonable cost, you can now purchase the most durable hospital room doors. It is a huge help in providing additional security and prevention to all patience inside. We accept massive orders for hospital room doors and quick delivery time 15 days.

A satisfying and pleasurable hospital room doors service offered here at Zonsteel. We have this friendly and responsible managing team and staff who are 24/7 active in accepting all your orders, suggestions, inquiries, installation and any other questions about the hospital room doors. Zonsteel ensures that each of our customers can meet and build a win-to-win prosperous partnership with those who trust us.

Follow and check Zonsteel’s official website to further update the hospital room doors and other related products!


Hospital Room Doors – FAQs Guide

We’re going to talk about hospital room doors types, advantages, features, applications, and more on this topic.

This guide will help you find and get the most suitable hospital room doors that exceed your standards and requirements.

So, keep reading.

What Are Hospital Room Doors?

Hospital room doors are the different materials and different styles doors installed on all parts of hospital, like hospital entrance, exit, patient ward, ICU, hallway, X-ray room, test room, lab room, operating room, office room, bathroom etc.


Figure 1 Hospital Room Doors

Figure 1 Hospital Room Doors

These doors guarantee the patient’s safety and protection. It allows visitors, staff, and goods to move efficiently, smoothly, and safely into, within, and out of the hospital.

Hospital rooms may have more than one set, and each group typically covers all sides.

What are the Advantages of Good Hospital Room Doors Design?

  1. It plays a vital role in preventing cross-contamination
  2. Provide fire and x-ray protection
  3. Ensuring optimum operating efficiency
  4. Maintaining correct room pressures
  5. Offer unbeatable convenience and comfort
  6. Energy efficiency and interior comfort
  7. Perfectly balances patient visibility and privacy

What are the Features of Hospital Room Doors?

Depending on the material used in manufacturing, hospital room doors offer several features in many applications. Some are the following:

  1. Hermetic Seals
  2. Eco-friendly
  3. Compact design to save space
  4. Maximize natural light
  5. Easy to clean
  6. Anti-bacteria
  7. High-performing, long-lasting
  8. Streamline access
  9. Storm-rated and smoke-rated
  10. Easier and quick access to hospital
  11. Special features such as fire protection
  12. Radiation Shielding
  13. Sound reduction
  14. Weather-resistant
  15. Air-Pressure control
  16. Optimize traffic flow
  17. Customized configurations available

What are the Available Materials for Hospital Room Doors?

A wide range of materials is used for manufacturing hospital room doors.

The right type of material must select in manufacturing hospital doors.

There are many different types of doors available on today’s market.

Each with its own set of pros and cons.

Below, we list the common materials used and their properties:

Stainless steel panel

  1. Corrosion-resistant material.
  2. Good forming characteristics
  3. It provides a clean finish
  4. low maintenance cost.
  5. Offer extreme durability
  6. Easy to clean and maintain
  7. High strength
  8. Aesthetics
  9. Recyclability

Figure 2 Stainless Steel Double Door

Figure 2 Stainless Steel Double Door


Aluminum panel

  1. Durable
  2. Weather and stain resistant
  3. Offer a solid barrier
  4. Resistant to corrosion
  5. Most economical materials available on the market
  6. Low initial cost and long-lasting durability
  7. Offer high-quality thermal comfort
  8. Hassle-free Maintenance
  9. Available in a variety of colors


Figure 3 Aluminum Panel Hospital Room Doors

Figure 3 Aluminum Panel Hospital Room Doors

Compact panel

  1. Anti-impact
  2. Earthquake prevention
  3. Wear resistance
  4. Non-toxic
  5. Non-polluting
  6. Completely hygienic
  7. Moisture-proof
  8. Waterproof, mildew proof
  9. Heat resistant
  10. Chemical resistance
  11. Resistant to smoke
  12. Anti-static
  13. No radiation.

What are Hospital Room Door Applications?

Hospital Room Door provides durable and reliable use for all locations in hospitals and major medical centers including:

  1. Main Entrances
  2. Emergency Rooms
  3. Pharmacies
  4. Procedure Rooms
  5. Public Restrooms
  6. Sensitive Areas
  7. Operating Theaters
  8. Medical Offices
  9. Corridors
  10. Intensive Care Units
  11. Nursing Homes
  12. Healthcare Centers
  13. Isolation Rooms

What are the Different Types of Doors Used in Hospitals?

There are different types of doors used in hospitals, such as:

Healthcare Door

Healthcare Room Door helps to prevent cross-contamination. It can maintain exact room pressures and offer x-ray protection to hospital personnel and patients. This door is manufactured to exceed the demanding requirements of medical facilities, which operate 24/7.

Operating Room Door

It has a seamless and smooth design that ensures the operating room is airtight and has clean air.

HPL Patient Room Door

HPL, also called a fire-proof board, features a high rate of fire resistance. It is ideal in the patient room, OR room, and ICU room.

Hospital Sliding Door

It is used in a broad range of applications. Hospital sliding door is suitable to install inpatient rooms, x-ray rooms, or operating rooms. It is very convenient and provides smooth access due to its automatic access motors.

Hermetic Door

Rooms that have a critical need for the control of air leakage require hermetic doors. Hermetic sliding doors are designed with a track system and special seal gaskets that allow for tight sealing.

Revolving Doors

Perfect doors for health care facilities. These room doors are environmentally friendly and have exact diameter and speed to cater to the gurneys, walkers, and wheelchairs.

Swinging and Folding Doors

You can upgrade your existing doors with this swinging and folding door. It is designed with high-traffic automatic access and ADA -compliant handicap door openers.

Manual Swing Smoke Rated Doors

It has a bigger opening for moving beds and equipment.

Are Custom Hospital Rooms Doors Available?

Yes, of course.

A standard hospital door dimension is 900mmx2100mm,1500mmx2100mm, etc.

The sizes may vary depending on the applications.

For instance, the ward or patient doors must be between 1300mm*2500mm to facilitate the entry and exit of hospital beds.

But depending on your request, it can be customized to fit into your facility.

Manufacturers can specifically design excellent sound absorption qualities hospital rooms doors with windows while maintaining their lightweight features.


Figure 4 Custom Hospital Room Doors

Figure 4 Custom Hospital Room Doors

What Factors Should Consider in Buying a Hospital Room Doors?

It would help if you chose hospital room doors that offer safe and secure access for patients’ beds, patients, and staff.

It can be designed with access control systems.

Hospital room doors must exceed the strictest safety, meet international norms and accessibility quality standards such as:

  1. Meet stringent building codes
  2. Following ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 compliant
  3. It is vital to consider the efficiency of hospital room doors.
  4. It must be time and space savings for the convenience of patients and visitors.
  5. Consider the hospital doors with energy-efficiency features
  6. Enhance the comfortable patient experience
  7. Improve hospital efficiency
  8. Must make it from smooth best hygiene materials that reduce the need for cleaning.
  9. Aesthetics design hospital doors to soothe patients and visitors
  10. Hospital doors should have flat surfaces
  11. Components utilized in the door must withstand washing with different kinds of chemicals without causing damage.
  12. Doors and frames must be designed to handle the regular impact.
  13. Manufacturers with reliable service, dedicated staff 24/7 online assistance. 


A hospital room doors are essential parts of hospitals.

You must choose excellent styles and outlooks of hospital room doors.

In choosing hospital room doors, always remember the factors and criteria such as size, materials, design, cost, and features.

Hospital room doors life will depend if how they are maintained.

Choose Zonsteel to get perfect hospital room doors!

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