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Zoonsteel is the most well-known hospital door producer in China. We can manufacture any hospital door you require. Our stable technical department, advanced production lines, and ample raw materials supply enable us to provide production design capabilities, high-quality goods, and prompt delivery. For hospital doors, Zonsteel offers a one-stop shop.

Zoonsteel employs an expert production team to ensure the highest quality output. As such, if you own or are considering starting a business that requires a hospital door, please get in touch with us.

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Hospital Door

Zonsteel hospital doors are available in various materials, including steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and HPL.
Hospital Design Doors

Zonsteel hospital design doors is insulated, quiet, saft, intuitive operation. And options with manual or automatic type.

Automatic Hospital Door

Automatic hospital door is a sliding type, guide rail is high-strength aluminum alloy. Better ait tightness.

Swing Hospital Door

This swing hospital door is made of powder coated steel frame, and HPL door leaf.

Operating Hospital Door

Operating hospital door flushed installed on wall. Effectively prevent impact, no dust accumulation, and easy to clean.

Swing Door for Brick Wall

Wooden hospital door swing door for brick wall, option with steel door or HPL door, around sealing strip and bottom lifting sealing.

Safe Steel Hospital Door

It is a modern style single door and swings open style hospital door that has good sound insulation.

Manual Hospital Door

This manual hospital door is excellent used in hospitals. Smooth transition design,anti-collision, easy to clean.

Clean Room Hospital Door

This clean room hospital door is steel door, insulated with aluminum honeycomb, and view panel, SS hardwares.

High-Quality Hospital Door

This high-quality hospital door has a 30 to 32dB sound insulation coefficient and a 304 stainless steel handle lock. And kick plate.

Sliding Air-Tight Hospital Door

Sliding air-tight hospital door induced opening type and features particular security function.

Hospital Patient Room Door

Zonsteel offers you high-quality hospital patient room doors at reasonable prices.

Interior Room Hospital Door

This tnterior room hospital door features moisture-resistant and collision-resistant.

Why Hospital Door

  •      20 years of hospital doors manufacturing experience
  •      Anti-collision and anti-scratch, good air tightness
  •      Manual and automatic hospital doors option
  •      View panel no foggy
  •      Panel clean and antibacterial


Zonsteel- Your Primer Hospital Door Manufacturer

We design, produce, ship, install, running and maintenance your hospital doors

Zonsteel has built thousands of modular hospital doors in 20 years. We focus on design and production. The ability to control costs and quality is a strength of ours. With us, you get a one-stop solution for hospital doors, from consultation to installation and after-sales support. 

There are 300 employees at Zonsteel, including 25 structural engineers and architects. We use CAD, BIM, Revit, X-Steel, and PVDF. Zonsteel qualified for EPC. With that, we can guarantee to provide high-quality hospital door projects—a thorough check by our personnel to ensure the best and ideal hospital door for you.

Zonsteel hospital doors are highly airtight and good insulation. Hospital doors are available in various materials, including steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and high-pressure laminate(HPL). 

Zonsteel manufactures incredible hospital doors. We have a large assortment of hospital doors to choose from to receive what you need. There are three main hospital doors in Zonsteel : powder coated steel door, stainless stainless door, aluminum frame HPL door, glass swing door, medical lead protection door, automatic sliding door. 

It is suitable for sandwich panel thicknesses of 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, and concrete wall thicknesses. There is also a unique option for an interlock device on the hospital door.

Zonsteel offers a large selection of sizes for hospital doors. Standard single door dimensions are 900x2100mm, double doors are 1500x2100mm, and custom sizes are available.

If you’re looking for high end hospital doors, contact us today!

We Are Professional Clean Room Component Manufacturer

Hospital doors specifications

  • Hospital door – steel door
  • Hospital door – stainless steel door
  • Hospital door – HPL door
  • Hospital door – swing door
  • Hospital door – sliding door
  • Hospital door – glass door
  • Hospital door – half glass swing door
  • Hospital door – medical lead protection door
  • Hospital door – automatic air tightness door


  • Any RAL colors
  • Any hospital door dimensions: Single door 750x2100mm, 900x2100mm, 1100x2100mm. Double door 1500x2100mm, 1600x2100mm, 1800x2200mm, 2200x3000mm
  • Door frame flush with 50mm sandwich panel wall, adjustable door frame fit for 75mm, 100mm wall.
  • Door frame fit for concrete wall.
  • Option with: door closer, inter locks, stainless steel lock, elbow lock, foot induction, access card.
  • Stainless steel push plate
  • Stainless steel tick plate


  • Good air tightness, bottom with lifting sealing strip
  • Insulated with rock wool, aluminum honeycomb or PU
  • Quite and easy operation
  • Safe transports
  • No panel sag during swing
  • View panel filled with inert gases desiccant
  • Can installed on sandwich panel wall and concrete wall, with different door frame to match the wall



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Zonsteel: One-Stop Solution Provider for your Hospital Door Manufacturer

You are free to send us your specific selection of hospital doors, and we will do the rest. Our engineer team is professional enough to give you advice for your hospital door needs.

Zonsteel developed advanced machines for hospital doors, including the Italy-based Prima Power auto punching machine, the Japan-based Motorum auto CNC multi-station punch press, and the South Korean-based Motorum auto CNC multi-station punch press.

Zonsteel stainless steel hospital door locks are available in split or overall configurations; we also offer elbow operation configurations. On doors, you may install a door closer, panic bar, kick strips, or vent. All hospital doors will be securely packed in wooden boxes to ensure no damage occurs during shipping.

Zonsteel is strict during quality control to ensure you that you receive the best quality of hospital door. We also offer a free trial for you to check the hospital door for its functions and durability. We will continuously provide service, and after-sales. Our designer team will assist you for all the things you need in detail. We own the advanced technology to provide you with the best hospital door that you’ve ever wanted for your project.

Hospital doors are designed to keep outside air and dust particles out of the hospital. Zonsteel hospital door ensures that the hospital’s airtightness, humidity, temperature, and cleanliness are maintained.

Our capacity to provide clients with quality service is the key to our success. It is capable of performing a wide variety of tasks. Zonsteeel will always be able to provide you with the appropriate hospital door.

Additionally, the zonsteel company employs skilled engineers who are responsible for the design of hospital door equipment. Many clients, including individuals, large and small businesses, have chosen us as their primary manufacturer and supplier in China.

You can rely on us to supply you with high-quality hospital doors. BE OUR PARTNERS!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more details.

Hospital Door: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you bothering if what kind of hospital door is the best in this time of pandemic?

This article will guide you in choosing the right hospital doors.

Please keep reading this guide for your sake!


Figure 1 Hospital Door

Figure 1 Hospital Door

What is Hospital Door?

A hospital door is one of the important things in a hospital building.

It gives better security in the whole building and all people inside.

Hospital doors protect all valuable things, patients, and staff in the hospital.

It provides:

Safety and Convenient

Hospital doors give the best security for patients and employees. It is consolidated with the access control system.


Hygiene is the number one primacy especially in this time of the pandemic. Hospital doors with automatic can enhance hygiene and lessen the cleaning requirement.


With the help of the hospital doors, it gives solutions to lessen the consequential cost.

What Type of Doors are Often Used in Hospitals?

The preferred hospital doors are,

  1. Powder coated teel door
  2. Stainless steel door
  3. HPL door
  4. Swing door
  5. Sliding door
  6. Glass door
  7. Half glass swing door
  8. Medical lead protection door
  9. Automatic air tightness door

What are Different Types of Hospital Doors?

Operating Room Door

Operating room doors have a smooth and strong construction.

Perfect for public and private hospitals of any healthcare building.

Patient Room Door

Most of the patient room doors are made from fireproof materials. It gives the best high level of privacy and security for every patient.

Hospital Sliding Door

Hospital sliding doors are easy to close and open. They are widely used in different hospital rooms such as patient rooms, operating rooms, and x-ray rooms. 

Healthcare Door

The environment in the healthcare facilities is very important that’s why healthcare doors do exist.


  1. The frame is made of powder coated steel, stainless steel or aluminum alloy
  2. Its lock is made from stainless steel
  3. Easy to maintain
  4. Strong and durable
  5. Water-resistant
  6. Corrosion-resistant, anti-fouling

Lead Lined Door

This type of hospital door is used for the x-ray laboratory to protect against radiation from the x-ray. It is heavy-duty with a powerful motor to alleviate the noise.


  1. Available in different sizes
  2. It has a lead plate to protect against direct exposure to radiation

Hermetic Door

It is designed to block the exchange of air from outside to inside the hospital facilities. Usually installed in the operating rooms, laboratories, pharmacies, and others to maintain the hygiene’s in specific areas.

What are Hospital Doors Made From?

Hospital doors are made from different types of materials such as:

  1. Stainless steel is a strong material that is perfect for creating hospital doors. This material features corrosion-resistant and is easy to clean.
  2. HPL has a strong impact and scratch resistance. It has a unique structure and provides only simple maintenance.
  3. Powder coated steel has a durable coating making it ideal in manufacturing hospital doors. This material provides an all-around and high level of protection.
  4. A fireproof panel is best for hospital doors. This kind of material can sustain and withstand fire.
  5. Wooden look has unique outlooks and an attractive surface. Perfect for patients’ rooms, both private and ward rooms.

What Are The Standard Sized for Hospital Doors?

Hospital doors come in different sizes and dimensions. 

The hospital doors dimensions can be customized according to your design wishes.

Most hospital doors have the following sizes:

  1. 900mm X 2100mm
  2. 1500mm X 2100mm

What Are Different Kinds of Doors for Hospital Applications?

Many kinds of doors are perfect for hospital applications like:

  1. Sliding doors
  2. Automatic doors
  3. Wooden look doors
  4. Aluminum doors
  5. Swing doors
  6. Double doors
  7. Leadline doors
  8. Hermetic doors


Figure 2 Hospital Door Installation

Figure 2 Hospital Doors Installation

How to Install Hospital Doors?

Hospital doors require a simple and easy installation.

Make its sure the measurement of doors and door jam are fit.

Installing hospital doors require simple and ordinary tools.

These are the following tools needed to install hospital doors:

i. Door Level

The door level allows the installer to get an exact and perfect level. With this tool, you can ensure that the door is placed correctly.

ii. Hinge Tweaker

A hinge tweaker is widely used in adjusting doors and bringing doors back to their standard position. 

iii. Trim Gauge

A trim gauge uses to get the spacing between the door frame and trim. This tool can help you install doors perfectly.

iv. Winbag

Winbag is the cool tool that is needed to install hospital doors. This tool is inflatable shim and reusable.

What are the Differences between Hospital and Ordinary Doors?

Hospital doors and normal doors are both used at the same time.

But these two doors have a difference in terms of their usage, functions, and applications.

The equipment that needs to be used at the hospital doors must be able to avoid any chemicals, dirt, and infectious substances.

While normal doors, you can choose for any design.

Do Hospitals have Automatic Doors?

It depends on the capability of the hospitals, but most of the big hospitals use automatic doors particularly for isolation rooms, operating rooms, and other main entrances, ICU, public restrooms, patient rooms, and many more.

Automatic Hospital Door

Figure 3 Automatic Hospital Door

Also, it helps the staff to maneuver the equipments and patients to their respective rooms easily and quickly especially when it has an emergency.

It has different kinds of automatics doors for hospitals it includes:

Automatic Swing Doors

Most of the automatic swing door uses low energy and only required small space compared to other swing doors.

Revolving Doors

This type of door usually can be seen in the main entrance of the hospitals. With the use of these doors airborne disease can stop entering the hospitals. It is ideal for patients in a wheelchair, stretchers, and walkers for smooth flow.

Automatic Sliding Doors

This automatic sliding door is perfect for reception areas, wards, operating rooms when doctors and nurses don’t need to touch in order to open the door. Also, for better access and avoid any accidents

Benefits of Automatic Hospital Doors:

  1. High security
  2. Safe
  3. Comfortable
  4. Energy saving
  5. Quick and easy access
  6. Weather-resistant

It is Important that Hospital Doors can Close and Open Easily?

Hospital doors must be open and close quickly since hospitals are prone to emergencies.

It is important that all hospital doors are designed with efficiency and high speed.

How to Choose The Best Hospital Doors?

It would help if you considered some important things in choosing hospital doors.

Consider this flowing:

  1. Surface
  2. Designs
  3. Materials
  4. Features
  5. Efficiency
  6. Cost
  7. Durability

What are Hospital Rooms Need Doors?

There are many corners of rooms in the hospital where a door is needed.

  1. ICU
  2. Nurse Station
  3. Admitting Section
  4. Delivery Room
  5. Emergency Room
  6. Prayer room
  7. Comfort room
  8. Patient room

What Are Properties and Advantages of Hospital Doors?

Hospital door offers excellent advantages, including:

  1. Provides better security and privacy.
  2. Made from superior and strong materials
  3. High-durability and does not easy to damage.
  4. Scratch-resistant, fireproof, and high stability.
  5. Offers simple and cost-effective maintenance.
  6. Professional design and unique appearance.
  7. Gives proper hygiene
  8. Secured and safety
  9. Provides the best comfort for patients and employees

How Long the Hospital Door Lasts?

When the hospital doors are maintained, they can last more than 15 years.

It depends on the materials of the doors. 

Most hospital doors can last longer because of their durability and strong structure.

How Much Hospital Door Cost?

The hospital door rate will depend on the type of material used, design, sizes, and styles.

Hospital door is much expensive compare with normal doors.


Figure 4 Hospital Door Design

Figure 4 Hospital Door Design

Are Hospital Doors Can Paint with Different Colors?

There are kinds of hospital doors that can be painted.

They are capable of painting any colors based on the owner’s desires.

But in choosing the hospital doors colors, you have more things to consider, such as:

i. Patient 

A hospital door colors for patient rooms make patients feel like they are just home.

It is important that it be comfortable in their sight.

ii. Employee

When choosing a color for the door, it is necessary to consider the condition of the workers. Choose a color that does not affect their job.

iii. Color psychology

Depending on the door application, it must be appropriate with the function of the room.

What Are Different Hospital Door’s Colors?

There are different colors for hospital doors:

  1. Blue
  2. Yellow
  3. Mint Green
  4. White
  5. Peach
  6. Gray
  7. Blue


A hospital door is an essential part of hospitals.

You must choose excellent styles and outlooks of hospital doors.

In choosing hospital doors, always remember the factors and criteria such as size, materials, design, cost, and features.

Hospital door’s life will depend if how they are maintained.

Choose us to get a perfect hospital door!

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