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Zonsteel is a leading high-speed door manufacturer and supplier in China. Anytime your projects required flexible and rigid doors, Zonsteel high-speed door is your ultimate solution. We have more than 20 years of experience, making us capable of providing high-quality, high-speed doors that are right for your applications.

All our high speed doors are of good quality and long-lasting. We commit ourselves to offer customer satisfaction through high-end windows, doors, and walls. You can always count on Zonsteel!

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  • Clean Room Manufacturer

High Speed Door Manufacturer

Zonsteel has a total capabilities to surpass your expectations regarding the high speed door quality. Here are some types we offer:
Automation PVC High Speed Door

We manufacture a more durable and quality automation PVC high-speed door. 

Emergency Exit High Speed Door

The best quality emergency exit high-speed door for industrial applications. Available in RAL color finishes.

Flexible High Speed Door

Available at more competitive rates. Applicable to where the doors have to meet special requirements.

High Speed Door for Cold Storage

The high-speed door for cold storage is the best-selling door today. Applicable for freezers and cold storage.

High Speed Fabric Door

Our high-speed fabric door is ideal for the medical, beverage, and food industries.

High Speed Metal Door

The high-speed metal door is a soundproof, rust-free, and long-lasting choice for building.

High Speed Roll Up Door

Zonsteel offers high-speed roll-up doors ideal for supermarket sectors, refrigerations, etc.

High Speed Spiral Door

The high-speed spiral door is explosion-proof and durable for many industrial applications.

Shipyard High Speed Door

Zonsteel shipyard high-speed door is easy to open and close. Available in color black, yellow, red, and more.

Standard High Speed Door

We offer standard high-speed doors with high stable quality. It is made with sturdy materials.

Wind Resistant High Speed Door

The wind-resistant high-speed door is a unique, flexible door. It can fit your space needs.

Industrial High Speed Door

Our industrial high-speed doors are made from environmentally friendly materials.

Why High Speed Door Manufacturer-Zonsteel

  • 20 years of high-speed door industry experience
  • ISO & CE certified manufacturer
  • Fast and safe delivery for your orders
  • Professional design capabilities
  • 24/7 Hours customer support

Your Outstanding High Speed Door Manufacturer in China- Zonsteel

Zonsteel is the manufacturing company you can trust. I hope you collaborate and build a partnership with us. All our high-speed doors have several national honors, passed the ISO9001: 2015 quality management system, and get European CE safety certification. We can give you satisfaction through our products’ quality and services.

Anytime you require durable and more stable quality high-speed doors, Zonsteel is the manufacturer you can trust. We can provide the exact high-speed doors anytime and wherever you are. We make sure our range of high-speed doors meets your quality expectations. Feel free to contact us!

We Are Your Professional High Speed Door Manufacturer You Can Trust
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Your Leading High-Speed Door Provider in China

Zonsteel is the most respected and leading high-speed door manufacturers in China. Since 1999, we have been specializing in high-speed door production and other cleanroom equipment. We work to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

With more than 20 years of experience, Zonsteel is your ideal high-speed door manufacturer. Anytime you require a high-speed door, come to Zonsteel.

We understand how important to choose the right high-speed door for a specific application. These are one of the best doors to use. Zonsteel high-speed door has excellent features and characteristics to offer for your application.

You can have our high-speed door in different door colors such as yellow, silver-grey, white, red, dark grey, and more. It is available in customized shapes and thicknesses. Depending on your application, we can custom high-speed doors according to your designs, ideas, and layouts.

From product research and development, installation, and production, you can count on Zoonsteel engineers. Our solutions, including high-speed doors, cover many industries like pharmaceutical, food, textile, electronic, automobile manufacturing, chemical, modern agriculture, etc.

We choose the right material first in manufacturing high-speed doors. And then, we manufacture this equipment through the shearing process, punching, blanking, riveting, bending, packaging, inspection, etc. With our rich experience, we are confident to provide Zonsteel high-speed door products with the quality you adore.

Plus, we export various high-speed doors with complete accessories such as guide rail, wall bracket, chain, angles, cover box, etc. Our product range already reaches nationwide customers. Due to high-quality and exceptional services, we have become a reputable, reliable manufacturer in China.

All our high-speed doors have several national honors, passed the ISO9001: 2015 quality management system, and get European CE safety certification. Zoonsteel is a manufacturing company you can trust, hope you collaborate and build a partnership with us.

Zonsteel has unique capabilities to manufacture your ideal high-speed doors. If you want to learn more about our high-speed doors, don’t hesitate to contact us. Expect a fast reply within 24 hours.

High-speed Door: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you need further information in terms of high-speed doors, this guide is best for you.

This article gives informative answers to frequently asked questions about high-speed doors.

This guide discusses high-speed characteristics, features, advantages, applications, and other specifications.

Keep reading!

High-speed Door

High-speed Door

What is a High-speed Door?

High-speed doors have strong construction that can give a better operating speed.

It is a door that is widely used in any industrial application.

High-speed doors are designed to carry heavy usage.

Moreover, the high-speed doors give an excellent opening speed.

What is a High-speed Door Made From?

A high-speed door is made from a wide variety of materials.

PVC – All high-speed doors made from PVC materials have lightweight characteristics. They are easy to open and close.

Stainless Steel – This material is extremely durable and strong. Stainless steel is a perfect material to create a durable high-speed door.

Aluminum – It is an easily machined material that is ideal for fabricating high-speed doors. All high-speed doors made from aluminum are non-corrosive and have good heat conductors.

How Does High-speed Door Work?

The primary work of high-speed doors is to high close and open speed.

High-speed doors were designed with high working performance making them ideal in busiest facilities.

High-speed Door Design

High-speed Door Design

What Are the Main Features of High-speed Doors?

The main features of high-speed doors are:

  • Power-operated – some high-speed doors are operated with electrical power, which allows us to save more effort.
  • Sliding – high-speed doors designed with sliding parts, it makes them close and opens quickly.
  • Rolling – there are high-speed doors with rolling functions. This is perfect for any commercial and industrial application.
  • Safe – high-speed doors are extremely safe, making them perfect for pharmaceutical and other industries in which hygiene is needed.
  • Wind-resistant – it is a primary feature of high-speed doors. They have the full capability to resist high winds.

Other High-speed Doors Features Are:

  • High-cycle
  • Breakaway
  • Dustproof
  • Tight seal
  • Reliable

What Are Advantages and Benefits of High-speed Doors?

High-speed doors offer various advantages such as:

i. Increased Security

The high-speed doors reduce the risk of accidents. It provides better security of properties and personnel.

ii. Enhance Safety of Employee 

Having high-speed doors in facilities will enhance the safety of all employees. Due to its non-corrosive characteristics, it is making them an ideal at any factory or working area.

iii. Eliminates Loss of Cooling and Heating

The high-speed doors will keep maintaining the normal temperature where they are placed. They can control the losses of cold and hot air.

iv. Increase Productivity

Having a high-speed door in your facilities or factory is a great idea. It allows employees, staff, equipment, and product out or in easily.

v. Easy to Clean and Maintain

High-speed doors offer simple maintenance. They can be cleaned simply and most easily. No large amounts of money are involved.

vi. Cost Savings

 Reducing air conditioning costs is one of the best high-speed door advantages. It also reduces injuries and repair costs.

vii. High-performance

High-speed doors can close and open easily. They are designed with high performance and fast efficiency.

High-speed Door Installation

High-speed Door Installation

How to Install High-speed Door?

The installation of high-speed doors depends on your facility’s layout and designs.

The high-speed door can be installed horizontally or vertically.

It needs an expert operator to install the high-speed door correctly.

What Are Different Types of High-speed Doors?

There are different types of high-speed doors. These includes:

High-speed Roll-up Doors

High-speed roll-up doors are perfect for both outdoor and indoor applications. They are convenient and easy to use. It is a hassle-free door.

Automatic High-speed Doors

An automatic high-speed door provides greater efficiency. They can turn back automatically.

High-speed Commercial Doors

High-speed commercial doors offer a better speed compared with other doors. Suitable for hotels, factories, shopping malls, and other commercial buildings.

Self-Repairable High-speed Internal Door

This type of high-speed door has a metal frame which is commonly installed in warehouses, production plants, logistics hubs which masses of goods are being stocked.


  • Has auto-repair
  • Versatile door
  • Easy to repair and install
  • Provide utmost safety

Folding High-speed Door

It is perfectly fit for indoor and outdoor installation. Usually used for an industrial sectors like pharmaceuticals, logistics centres, and many more. It has a stop button for emergencies.

High-Speed Rubber Door

The high-speed rubber door is designed for heavy-duty applications. The rubber itself has petrochemical resistant and fits any harsh and extreme conditions. It has infrared that can self-reset and detect trouble.

High-Speed Fabric Door

This door gives maximum efficiency and solidity. It is easy to repair and maintain without losing much money for a replacement.

High-Speed Metal Door

The high-speed metal door provides excellent security. It only requires the least maintenance. This can be installed in parking garages, manufacturing, and auto dealership company, which needed high and tight security.

How Much High-speed Door Costs?

High-speed doors are much more expensive than normal doors.

The high-speed door’s rates will depend on its materials, designs, and features.

Most of the high-speed doors come at $15,000 up to $25,000 range.

What Are Parts of High-speed Doors?

These are the following high-speed door parts:

  • Fast polarized wiring
  • Integrated gear motor
  • Lock release system
  • Anti-scratch system,
  • PVC curtain
  • Bottom bar
  • Standard safety photocell
  • Sliding gasket
  • Modular balancing system

What Are the High-speed Door Problems?

These are the following symptoms to noticed if high-speed doors have a problem:

  1. If the door will not work, close and open it.
  2. When doors are not balanced or jerky.
  3. Undesirable or loud noise from the door while the opening or closing
  4. Broke door curtain
  5. Impact damage
  6. When bottom edges are damaged.

How to Avoid High-speed Door Problems?

When your high-speed doors have a problem, it is better to follow the suggestions below:

i. Always make sure each high-speed door part are working

ii. Make an action when you notice minor damage.

iii. Take serious regular maintenance.

iv. Replace the damaged parts immediately

How to Choose the Best High-speed Doors?

In choosing high-speed doors, you need to think of some things to consider.

First, to get a suitable high-speed door, think about your applications.

Then consider your climate environment if where do you place high-speed doors.

What Are Typical Applications of High-speed Doors?

High-speed doors are best in different fields and industries because of their advantages.

They are applicable such as:

  • Airports

Placing high-speed doors in airports will help everything function and run on time.

  • Pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, hygiene is very important. High-speed doors are perfect in this industry because of their safe and anti-bacterial characteristics.

  • Naval hangers

High-speed doors are also used in naval hangars. It allows staff to do their job efficiently and faster.

  • Supermarkets

High-speed doors are great for public areas like supermarkets. It reduces the risk of accidents or injuries and is also safe for individuals.

  • Car factories

Having high-speed doors in car factories will provide great efficiency, allowing to out or in the products, and equipment easily.


High-speed doors are an excellent choice in different commercial and industrial applications.

They can close and open quickly, and as of that, they are most often used for business industries.

When you decide to use high-speed doors, please always remember the important factors to consider.

To avoid high-speed door problems, follow the suggestion discussed above.

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