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Zonsteel is the leading Hepa air filter manufacturer and supplier in China. With exact 20 years of industry experience, we can help you achieve your unique projects.

Our strong R&D capabilities enable us to help your HEPA air filters to meet your expectations. We will also conduct a rigorous product inspection before shipping. Zonsteel is your go-to source for HEPA air filters. Send us your layout now, and we’ll make it come true. We are happy to work with you.

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Hepa Air Filter

Zonsteel can tailor-make any type of HEPA air filters size, design, material, features, shapes, and other specifications.
Activated Carbon HEPA Filter

Available in different patterns. We can custom the product with your exact design.

Aluminium HEPA Air Filter

Available in different sizes and thicknesses. It captured 99.97% bacteria.

Black HEPA Air Purifier Filter

Black HEPA air purifier filter functions up to 95% efficiency. Custom option is affordable.

Carb 500 HEPA Filter

Carb 500 HEPA filter can catch viruses with ≤0.3 μm sizes. It works with high efficiency.

Classic HEPA Air Filter

Zonsteel classic HEPA air filter offers 99% efficiency. We inspected each product before delivery.

HEPA Air Filter Box

HEPA air filter box are designed with different weights for various purposes.

HEPA Air Filter for Covid Protection

Each HEPA air filter for covid protection is retested several times before shipment.

High Efficiency HEPA Air Filter

Our high-efficiency HEPA air filter is relevant for commercial, residential applications, etc.

MD1-0022 True HEPA Filter

Zonsteel MD1-0022 true HEPA filter is made long-lasting and quality-guaranteed.

Premium Quality HEPA Air Filter for Covid Protection

A premium quality HEPA air filter is best to use as covid protection.


This ensures HEPA-grade performance. Available for lower rates.

Wall Mountable HEPA Air Filter

Wall mountable HEPA air filters offer 99% efficiency. One of unique cleanroom tools.

Why Zonsteel Hepa Air Filter Your Best Choice

  • Custom-made HEPA air filters
  • 20 Years of Rich Experience
  • The best solution for your projects
  • Professional design knowledge
  • Fastest Delivery Within 7 Days

Your Professional Hepa Air Filter in China- Zonsteel

Zonsteel is one of the primer HEPA air filters manufacturers and suppliers in China. For over 20 years of gathered knowledge, we are capable to make your design come true. Operating in our 100,000m2 factory area, we also own advanced production lines and an expert technical department for your product development. We have well-trained staff to assist you 24/7!

We, Zonsteel, are your one-stop HEPA air filters provider in China. We carry from design consultation, production, inspection to after-sale service. We are determined to give you satisfaction by launching high-quality products. We can deliver your orders within 7-30 days, depending on your orders.

We Are Professional Hepa Air Filter Manufacturer
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  • Clean Room Windows
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Your No.1 Hepa Air Filter Manufacturer in China

Zonsteel is a well-known HEPA air filter manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a complete line of HEPA air filter products. With 20 years of services and production experience, we can launch the highest quality HEPA air filter and other cleanroom equipment.

We are always happy to provide the products with the accurate design you wanted. For just at affordable rates, you can have the HEPA air filter without compromising the quality.

Zonsteel HEPA air filter is also referred to as a high-efficiency particulate arresting filter and high-efficiency particulate absorbing filter. It meets certain efficiency levels. It captured at least 99.97% of moisture, pollen, dust, bacteria, or even viruses which are ≤0.3 μm. Zonsteel is your professional HEPA air filter manufacturer in China, which you can trust.

Today, Zonsteel is proud to offer our award-winning cleanroom equipment, including HEPA air filters. When it comes to production, we are very experts since our founding. Because we believe every product is required to be researched, examined, tested, retested several times, and understood. We are obsessed with giving high-quality products and services, so allow us to help you.

As a leading manufacturer in China, we can provide HEPA air filters suitable for industrial, residential, and commercial applications. It is a quality proven for your projects and businesses.

Zonsteel can accommodate you through our vast array of HEPA air filters types and sizes. A custom solution is also accessible to fit your applications. Just send us your ideas before we start the production.

No doubt, Zonsteel will be your outstanding HEPA air filters manufacturer in China. The product offers HEPA-grade performance.

Here, old and new customers from all over the world are always welcome. If you need a custom solution, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are 24/7 available for technical support.

HEPA Air Filter- You Ultimate FAQs Guide

HEPA Air Filter

As a professional manufacturer, Zonsteel specializes in manufacturing different HEPA air filters. For more HEPA air filter information, this guide is a great help for you. Through this guide, you will know what to consider.

Check it out now and can choose the right HEPA air filter for your needs.

What Are HEPA Air Filters?

HEPA is an air filter that potentially eliminates 99.97% of bacteria, dust, pollen, and molds. It is used for heating, air conditioning, and ventilating as well.

High-Efficiency Particulate Air or HEPA is a pleated mechanical air filter that removes 0.21 microns.

It is a non-chemical product secured while filtering.

Standard HEPA Air Filters

Users are widely used standards HEPA air Filters such as:

H11- captures PM2.5, dust, small particles, and viruses. Excellent key to clean air.

H12- Tightly constructed making a composite surface for allergens and particles.

It efficiently traps 0.3 microns particles applicable for various applications.

Which HEPA Air Filters Commonly Used?

HEPA air filters are widely used for different establishments and public facilities because of the excellent particulate retention rate suitable for air purification applications. Here are some HEPA air filters applications:

  • Airplane cabins
  • Semi-Conductor Fabrication Plants
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Hospitals
  • Homes

What Materials Does HEPA Air Filters Made of?

HEPA air filters are safe to use because of the verified material used.

  • Non-woven fabric (Polypropylene)- it allows and provides excellent air filtration
  • Fiberglass- provides high performance for HEPA filters
  • Vegetal- Made from vegetable fibers
  • Synthetic Fibers- Specialized centered metals for industrial applications.
  • Animal hair- Effective longevity trapped even large particles.
  • Synthetic foams- or Polyurethane foam elements for unwanted air contaminants.
  • Coarse glass- High efficiency constructed from wet-lead featuring different capabilities.

HEPA Air Filter MAde

It is tangles and compressed together to make a sheet that is usually pleated for surface improvement.

HEPA Air filters are fibrous. It is widely made of fine glass fibers.

It has less than 1-micron diameters which glass threads are compressed to make a filter mat. It has 2,500 layers of glass threads.

How Does HEPA Air Filter Works?

The high-density filter fibers catch impurities that pass through in Direct Impaction, Diffusion, Sieving, and Interception when air is drawn towards the HEPA filter. When particles go straight, collide, and become trapped with fiber, this is known as direct impact. It has the same work but different performance. It works when compressed tightly to and stops small particles get through.

There are four different ways that HEPA air filters do when trapping contaminants. The following are:

  1. Direct impaction: it stuck or stick to the fibers sheets when it collides.
  2. Sieving: trapped between two fibers
  3. Interception- occurs and stick to the fiber when moving through.
  4. Diffusion: small particles get stuck around the fibers because of airflow.

HEPA Air Filter Works

Here are some particles examples that HEPA air filters can absorb:

  • 0005 microns pure oxygen
  • 3- 60 microns bacteria
  • 1-10 microns dust mites
  • 1-150 microns car emissions
  • 3- 12 microns molds
  • 3-40 microns spores

Does HEPA Air Filters Are FDA Approved for Corona Virus?

HEPA air filters can perfectly absorb particles that effectively capture 0.3 microns in diameter.

However, FDA approves the air purifier as an effective device to prevent coronavirus.

Engineering can’t show the answer if HEPA air filters are suitable for coronavirus prevention.

HEPA Air Filters

What Are HEPA Air Filters Pros and Cons?


  1. Captures all toxic contaminants
  2. Small particles are trapped in fibers
  3. Reduce user’s asthma and allergic reactions
  4. Improve performance


  1. Routine replacement
  2. Doesn’t remove odors
  3. Expensive
  4. Generates with noise effects

Does HEPA Air Filters Are Washable?

It cannot be washed, whether you use water or soap.

These air filters are capturing small particles that don’t need to wash and it is impossible to wash very small particles.

When to Change HEPA Air Filters?

HEPA air filters can perform up to 12 months. It is frequently replaced according to the following:

  1. Air pollution level. It shortens the HEPA air filter lifespan when in a wildfire or great concentration contaminants.
  2. Use of HEPA air filters. The filters will reach saturation levels faster if you use the appliance with HEPA filters frequently.

What Devices Are Using HEPA Air Filters?

HEPA filters can be found and used in a variety of appliances. They are mostly used to filter contaminants from the air. Water filters that meet HEPA requirements are also used in some cases.

The usage of HEPA filters is required for the following devices:

  • Air purifiers
  • Air conditioners
  • Car air purifiers
  • Microbiological laboratories
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Air cleaning systems

Does HEPA Air Filter Expensive?

HEPA air filters are cost from $16 up to $95 according to their quality and $50 to $1,000 according to the sizes and applications. Provides a long life span and is easier to maintain.

What Is The Importance Of Using HEPA Air Filters?

Air pollution is one of the environmental health concerns. HEPA air filters are one of the effective processes to prevent dangerous viruses through air contamination.

Assure to get certified HEPA air filter for effective air contamination process. It helps a lot of people who struggle with their allergies and suffer from dust or seasonal allergies.

Some purifiers include timers that you can adjust to your preferences.

What Are the Difference Between HEPA Type Filter VS True HEPA?

A true HEPA filter differs from a HEPA-type filter which differs in terms of price, density, and filtration performance despite the fact that they are both mechanical filters.

We’ll go through the fundamental distinctions between the two HEPA filters and what to expect in this post. Learn how to spot them in an air purifier and how to choose the right one.

HEPA Air Filter Differ

What is True-HEPA Air Filter?

Can absorb 99.97% airborne particles. It captures dust, molds, viruses, pollen, and more small particles with 0.3 microns.

The MERV rating of a real HEPA filter is 17-20. It can be found in an air conditioner, a vacuum cleaner, or an air purifier. True HEPA filters can’t be washed and must be replaced on a regular basis.

What is HEPA-Type?


A HEPA-type air filter is less effective than a True HEPA filter. It is gaining popularity in the field of air purifiers due to its inexpensive cost and comparable efficiency.

A HEPA-type filter captures particles as fine as 2 microns with a 99 percent efficiency rate or less.

They are different infiltration efficiency that captures different microns sizes. They are both filters more often for industrial air purifiers.

How Many Types of HEPA Air Filters?

HEPA Air Filter types

According to the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (IEST), HEPA filters are classified as A, B, C, D, E, and F. They have different traits and performances listed in the table below.

What Are The Benefits When Using HEPA Air Filters?

HEPA air filters are an excellent filtration to clean air and provide a fresh environment. It helps different industries be suitable not just for one device and function.

HEPA air filters are not just applicable for filtration systems. It is also suitable for vacuum equipment and other devices.

There are plenty of imitations in the market which is important to make assure you choose the right HEPA air filters. Make sure it passed the test which indicates in the filter itself.


If you wanted to improve air quality for various applications, Zonsteel is a perfect manufacturer for your HEPA air filter orders.

A little bit expensive but truly effective and long life span products for you. These are worth the money.

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